Go On without Her

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Cecil just wanted to be alone for the rest of the day. He simply had enough of relationships for now. He sat in the living room, watching nothing but daytime TV without even enjoying it in the first place. He finally turned it off when he saw the opening credits to a famous talk show. He checked the time on his smartphone. It was only one minute after two o’clock. He wanted solitude, but he also needed something to do. He needed another way to forget his ex-girlfriend.

Cecil decided to plug in his earphones to his smartphone. He searched through his audio files for several seconds. He was in the mood for some classical music, so he chose the Harp Concerto, composed by Reinhold Gliere. He stepped out of his living room and onto the balcony. He lived on the third floor of an apartment building. He had a clear view of the coast on a calm and cool afternoon. He had lived in Huntington Beach for most of his life, and he had no intention of exiting Southern California altogether. His ex-girlfriend, however, almost made him want to leave. He never imagined a woman like her to betray his trust. Nevertheless, he accepted that he would no longer have the heart to see her again. Now, he stood on the balcony and kept his composure stable while keeping his gaze on the beach.

The apartment he lived in was right across the street from the shore itself. He could see dozens of beachgoers having a fun time on the sand. Men, women, children, and even pets would spend the rest of the day swimming in the water, surfing on the water, playing a game of volleyball, receiving a suntan, or just taking photos and uploading them on social media to gain more attention from their friends. With cool temperatures in the first week of May, citizens from across Southern California had a good reason to visit the beach, especially on a serene weekend such as this.

Cecil looked to the left to see the famous Huntington Beach Pier in the distance. The thirty-six-year-old man felt lucky to have such a gorgeous panoramic view right in his own home. He sighed as Gliere’s Harp Concerto helped soothe his body and mind. The music did so much in keeping him sane after his inescapable heartbreak. He looked down at the street down below. He could see several pedestrians on the sidewalk. A young man looked down at his smartphone while making sure that he didn’t bump into anything in front of him. Two old ladies laughed when presumably sharing a humorous story. A teenager rode on his skateboard and almost bumped into the man on his phone. The street was a rather tedious observation according to Cecil.

But as he looked to his right, he noticed someone familiar from yesterday standing just several feet away from the apartment building. Enrique, a twenty-year-old man from Ecuador, stood still as he had set his sights on the other man. Cecil could easily recognize him with his long black hair that reached his chest. The younger man wore blue jeans and a sleeveless white t-shirt. Cecil didn’t know whether to smile or to just look away. But then, Enrique slowly raised his hand and waved at him. Cecil turned off his music. He knew that he couldn’t blame Enrique for anything. He didn’t know the truth for a long time as well. That is, until Cecil’s girlfriend made her confession yesterday.

Cecil took off his earphones and kept staring at Enrique, who still didn’t move. He did, however, give a look of concern. Cecil silently nodded. He understood. He used his hand as a signal for Enrique to come inside. The younger man nodded and stepped closer to the apartment. It took him only several seconds to disappear completely from the street as he entered the premises. Cecil put away his phone and stepped back into his apartment. He waited for the knock on the front door, which didn’t happen until a full minute later.

Cecil opened the door and found him standing just a few feet away in front of him. The younger man showed no signs of fear or amusement. His neutral expression kept Cecil from adding poorer judgements.

“Hello, again.”

Enrique replied with a sincere tone. “Listen, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry. I didn’t know that she already had you as a boyfriend. She never told me about you. So, I’ll have you know that I broke up with her yesterday. You won’t be seeing me again, that’s for sure.”

Cecil admired his honesty. “Well, thanks. But don’t think that you’re the only one without a woman. I broke up with her, too.”

“You did?”

“Yeah, we broke up last night, about an hour after I saw the two of you together. Consider the both of us being very lucky. We got out of a relationship that was doomed to fail.”

Enrique chuckled in a calm manner. “I still hope you don’t think of me as a piece of trash.”

“Well, I can see that you’re a good guy who was lied to. I can’t really say that I hate you.”

Enrique poker oyna gave a smile, which made Cecil more accepting of this stranger. He could see that Enrique could have very well been someone who had women lusting for him all the time. His handsome features, his light brown skin, and his calm and confident demeanor made Cecil see a sort of intrigue that he had never discovered before.

Enrique took a step back. “Well, I guess it’s time for me to go.”

Cecil shook his head. “Why don’t you come inside?”

“Are you sure?”

“It doesn’t hurt to find a new friend at this time.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Enrique stepped inside. Cecil closed the door and led him into his living room.

* * *

For the next hour, Cecil and Enrique sat on the sofa and began to form their own unexpected bond as a result of a woman’s infidelity. They realized that they shared similar interests: both men always enjoyed watching action movies, both loved listening to rock music, and both had always rooted for the Los Angeles Lakers since their childhood years. At one point, when Enrique learned of Cecil’s undying adoration for classical music, he replied that he would be willing to explore a different genre when he had the time.

That simple statement made Cecil feel even prouder that he met someone like Enrique. In fact, he couldn’t deny that he made the right choice in letting him in after a tough day yesterday. He was intrigued by Enrique’s honesty and awareness. And every time the young man gave a little smile, it made Cecil gain more appreciation for how the entire situation unfolded. He already forgot the disdain surrounding his ex-girlfriend’s infidelity. She became more of an afterthought.

The fortunate timing became more obvious when Cecil continued to have a casual discussion with his new friend. He couldn’t stop staring at Enrique. He was indeed a handsome young man, and his calm and clear-headed personality would have attracted the more sensible females available. At one point, Cecil quickly eyed him from top to bottom. He couldn’t help but draw his own attention to some sort of attraction. It must have risen from his own mind for a good reason. Enrique had the proper qualities for an unbreakable friendship. And that was when Cecil looked beyond for a more sumptuous flavor.

He couldn’t help it. In just a matter of minutes, he couldn’t take his eyes off Enrique. He managed to view him in a completely different manner in a short amount of time. He adored everything about the young man. So much so that he began to imagine a scenario that consisted of naughty antics in the bedroom. When Enrique’s smile grew bigger, Cecil wanted to see it again if he ever had the nerve to share a bed with each other.

Enrique suddenly remarked, “I seem to see a gleam in your eye. I’ll take that as a sign that we’re getting along just fine.”

Cecil nodded. “I can’t see that as a bad thing.”

Enrique brushed away a few strands of his black hair away from his face. “You know, it was hard for me to break up with her, but it was worth it. I’m looking forward to moving on to the next one.”

“I feel the same way.”

“And hey, who knows? Maybe the next one will be the exact opposite and will actually stay faithful this time.”

“The way you said that makes me think that I’d be the type that you’re looking for.”

Enrique chuckled. “After what we’ve been through, maybe it’s possible after all.”

Cecil still couldn’t look away from the young man’s fine features. His imagination continued to find some efficiency as his newfound reverie never ended. Seeing it evolve into reality had become the one wish that he truly hoped would come true.

Enrique looked around. “Where’s the bathroom?”

Cecil pointed at the hallway. “Use the one in my bedroom.”

“Thanks. I’ll be right back.”

Cecil watched him leave the living room and disappear into the hallway. Now, he sat alone, waiting for his new friend to return. But he had something else in mind. He stood up from his sofa and took the same route. He stepped inside his own bedroom to see the door to the bathroom remained closed. He could hear the toilet flush, followed by the sound of the faucet being used.

Cecil stood straight and waited. He needed to see Enrique again. He already surrendered to his new attraction. He forgot everything about his ex-girlfriend, and his concentration on a completely different target seemed unbreakable.

When Enrique opened the door, he seemed a little startled when he spotted the older man standing in the middle of the room. At first, he was frozen with confusion. But then, sudden curiosity must have replaced it. He showed off his little smile, which made Cecil more welcoming of his new appetite. He stepped closer while Enrique stood still. Both men must have canlı poker oyna understood what their minds went through at this time, seeing as how Cecil leaned in and gave the young man a kiss. Enrique showed no signs of struggle, which made Cecil continue with his new adventure.

Enrique wrapped his arms around him. He made the kiss so long and moist. Cecil could sense that the young man also couldn’t contain his own temptation. His embrace tightened as they no longer had someone else in mind when searching for a new companion. Cecil touched and caressed Enrique’s long hair. It almost reminded him of kissing a woman, but this time, his curiosity reached its peak as this unusual interaction with another man was something that he currently longed for.

He grabbed Enrique’s shirt and took it right off him before tossing it to the side. He looked down at the sturdy appearance of his chest. He touched it with eager fingers. He slid them down the skin, which remained warm and firm.

He whispered, “Now that’s beautiful.”

Enrique didn’t stop smiling. “Now it’s time to see yours.”

Cecil didn’t hesitate as he pulled off his own t-shirt and hurled it to the side. He was a well-built man, and it was obvious that Enrique was entranced by his masculine exterior.

He licked his lips and said, “It looks like I get to be her replacement.”

“I should say the same thing about me.”

They shared another kiss in their warm embrace. This time, with bare skin on top, the motions became more riveting. Their skin collision made Cecil even more susceptible to his newfound urges.

“Now this is really interesting.”

He reached down and undid his belt. Enrique did the same with his own. They pulled their pants and boxer shorts down. They kicked them away, and now the two men stood in front of each other unclothed. Both of their cocks stood erect, waiting for the next stage to begin.

Enrique almost gasped. “Yours is so big. You’re making me jealous right now.”

“Don’t be.”

As soon as they embraced, their cocks rubbed against each other. It could have been a weird feeling for Cecil, but he didn’t care for the unusual nature of their interaction. He just knew that he wanted more of it. He grabbed both hard cocks and began to caress both with his slow and careful fingers. He could feel Enrique starting to shiver in his embrace.

Cecil whispered, “Don’t be afraid. Just let it happen.”

He moved his fingers up and down the two magnificent erections, despite the slight difference in terms of their length. He just loved the feel of someone else’s dick rubbing against his own. He could hear Enrique breathing a little louder. He must have felt the tension rising. Cecil’s fingers experienced a smooth acceleration.

Enrique moaned. “Oh, it feels so good.”

Cecil didn’t stop. His fingers gained momentum. In just a few seconds, his fingers slid up and down as a fast motion. Both cocks soon underwent a growing sensation that might result in an instantaneous eruption.

Enrique rested his head on Cecil’s shoulder. “Oh, it feels just right.”

Cecil didn’t plan on stopping his fingers from stimulating both of their favorite instruments. But then, Enrique gasped. Cecil suddenly realized that his special ingredients came out of hiding a little too soon. He looked down to see semen spurting out of Enrique’s shaft and landing on both men’s abdomen and legs. He let go of both cocks and watched as the fountain made a bit of a mess on their skin. When it stopped, Cecil couldn’t help but laugh in amusement.

Enrique stepped back. “Sorry about that.”

Cecil felt no shame. “No, don’t be. This is what I like to see.”

His cock was still fully erect. He needed sustenance in the shape of Enrique’s obedience. He didn’t need words to describe what he wanted. He got on his own bed and lay on his back. He waited for Enrique to join him on their special journey to the unknown. It took only a few seconds for the younger man to get into bed with him. He kneeled right on top of Cecil’s hips. The tip of the rock-hard cock was right below him. He showed no hesitation as he lowered himself on top of it. He stared right into Cecil’s eyes as they acknowledged Enrique’s purpose in their new relationship.

His slid further down. Cecil’s cock was now deep inside his tight hole. He gasped and trembled at the infiltration. He had the look of a man stunned by the potency of Cecil’s cylinder.

“Oh, shit!”

He didn’t attempt an escape. He moved his hips and down in a slow manner. This way, his weak spot had been compromised. The dick moved in and out of Enrique’s hole. He didn’t stop moaning like a satisfied customer. He made it clear that he didn’t intend to make it brief.

“Oh, your dick is amazing.”

Cecil just had to lay still and watch as internet casino Enrique provided the right ingredients for a suitable stimulation of the senses. The Ecuadorian man continued to move up and down the cock. He grabbed hold of Cecil’s shoulders in order to keep his balance. He moved at a rate that seemed to satisfy both individuals at once.

“Oh, Cecil. I fucking love it!”

Watching him bounce in a playful manner made Cecil proud of this new discovery. It would have been another woman who did the same. But instead, someone of the same sex provided the perfect solution.

Cecil grabbed Enrique’s legs as the latter picked up speed. Cecil could feel his cock producing a stirring sensation that made its future ejaculation a permanent feature.

Enrique kept moaning. “Oh…Oh, I can’t stop. Your dick feels so good inside me.”

Cecil started to growl. His primal instincts had reawakened. He enjoyed the younger man’s submissive nature. He had completely forgotten about his ex-girlfriend owing to the passion that erupted in the bedroom.

Enrique’s hips were now quicker than before. “Yes! It feels so good!”

Cecil didn’t want it to end. He grabbed Enrique and rolled over. Now, Cecil was on top. Enrique wrapped his legs around the other man’s back. His amazement at this forward propulsion didn’t cease.

“Oh, fuck! Keep going! I want you to fuck me as hard as you can!”

Cecil did the right thing. He struck Enrique’s ass with his ravenous beast. His hips collided with the younger man’s buttocks, which produced a well-known smacking sound. The sound made Cecil keep going. That was the sound of both men accepting the change in their mentality.

Cecil could feel a drop of sweat forming on his forehead. “Oh, yeah. Take that dick and like it!”

His bed made squeaking noises as it vibrated to the tune of his rhythmic pounding. He didn’t care if his neighbors could hear. He wanted Enrique, and that was all that mattered.

Several minutes passed, and Cecil still didn’t show any sign of stopping. He waited for his withdrawal, which would transpire very soon.

Enrique reached the peak of his pain and pleasure. He squeezed his eyes shut and moaned like a true obedient bedfellow.

He screamed, “Let me have it! Let me have your cum!”

And then, it finally happened. Cecil squeezed him with his irresistible embrace. He growled as his own ejaculation had become a true statement. Every ounce of his semen made a fitting entrance inside Enrique, whose tight ass finally had a chance to relax after a deep penetration. Everything went quiet again. They reached their well-deserved finale in time for a fitting eruption from within.

Cecil kissed him on the forehead. “You were incredible.”

Enrique smiled. “I could say the same thing about you.”

They lay in silence, naked and moist. Cecil kept his cock inside him. He still wanted to savor the moment. Since this would be the first time he ever stuck his dick inside someone of the same sex, he surely found it to be quite unforgettable.

* * *

Fully clothed, Cecil stood on the balcony to watch the setting sun disappear into the west. A cooler breeze made its way further inland, giving every civilian another chance to bask in the Mediterranean goodness that Southern California was known for. The hazy sky completed the beautiful formation leading to the nightfall. Beachgoers started to leave the shore after hours of personal entertainment. Cecil kept silent as everything died down in Huntington Beach. He always had the time to see the sunset, but this time, he had a new companion to share it with.

Enrique, also fully clothed, stepped outside and joined the other man on the balcony. He did the exact same thing. He stood beside Cecil and watched as the sun slid further down the horizon amidst a thin haze obscuring its luminosity. Cecil looked to see the numerous strands of Enrique’s long hair floating and dancing in the breeze. It used to be his ex-girlfriend, but now this handsome young man had fully replaced her. Cecil couldn’t help but hold his hand and bring him closer. The two shared another kiss as the day ended with a definite change to both men’s routines.

As the fun and excitement in Huntington Beach died down, Cecil and Enrique embraced each other on the balcony. Having another man as a special companion seemed simple yet effective. Cecil had no more feelings toward his ex-girlfriend. Instead, he found new solace with the man she had seen on the side. He already forgot about her, and he made sure it would stay that way.

He whispered in Enrique’s ear, “I can see we’re going to get along just fine.”

Enrique chuckled in an innocuous manner as he hugged Cecil even harder.

They already promised to meet each other again tomorrow. In fact, Cecil hoped that they would see each other again for the next few weeks. Or for the next few years. Or, to be more precise, for the rest of their lives. Cecil could see a possible future with Enrique, and now would be the perfect time to start fresh.

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