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This is a little fantasy. I should apologize to girls who play team sports for the implication that they all are bi or lesbian. I know they aren’t, but guys can wonder, especially when they see them swarming to embrace a scorer. I guess the girls could think the same about men, when they see them piling on the guy who just scored a goal. Someone else can write that story.

* * *


Charlie’s hands were over her head before the announcer’s call reached her ears. She turned and ran to embrace Cat, who had kicked the cross pass Charlie had headed passed the fingertips of the goalie. Cat was racing to embrace her. Only moments after they embraced, the rest of the team was hugging them both, all of them trying to get a hand on them. Charlie’s goal had won the game in front of the host team’s fans. The two of them almost lost their footing in the exuberant crush of their teammates.

As Charlie caught her balance, she felt a hand on her breast. That didn’t surprise her; that had happened before in that situation when she had made a goal, and she had made many. Someone’s hand had just slid there when the whole team so enthusiastically wanted to congratulate her. A couple of times it seemed like half the team had been lying on her. When a hand had slid to her breast, it slid away again.

This time it didn’t! Fingers were holding her breast through her jersey and sports bra. Whose fingers? Someone’s behind her, and they still were. She didn’t mind a teammate’s holding her breast, but not on the field! Could the someone feel that her nipple had popped out in her palm?

Charlie knew that her nipples and breasts were larger than those of her teammates – except for their tall goalie’s, but which one was still holding her breast?

The referee urged them to break up to continue the last few minutes of the match.

In the locker room and under the showers, Charlie – Charline – glanced around, still wondering whose hand it could have been. Not Cat’s – Catherine’s, since they had been facing each other. Could it have been one of the two new young members on the Under-23 team? They both had seemed a little shy, however. Charlie chuckled silently to herself with the thought that even if they seemed shy, it couldn’t surprise them that the girls on the team washed each others’ backs – and more sometimes after the coach had disappeared. Those two had transferred from another club, had not been on the Under-21 squad, like most of the team. Charlie knew that went on after the younger team’s training and games.

That had surprised her back then, especially the first time someone’s fingers slid around her side and rubbed the side of her breast. A girl wanted to touch her there?! That had been when she joined the Under-19 team. The older girl on the team had wanted to touch her there, and not just there, as Charlie discovered after their first game away. By then she had understood that the girls on the soccer team didn’t just like boys. Maybe some of them really didn’t, but – she rationalized – if they liked to do something with girls, why shouldn’t she also, better than nothing, if there weren’t boys around. It wasn’t just better than nothing, also better than with the couple of boys she had been in bed with, and she liked to do it as much as she liked someone to do it to her. Had she with all the girls on the Under-19 team?

Then she had discovered that the Under-21 boys were great fans of the Under-19 girls. Had they all wanted to see more of her because she made so many goals or because they liked her breasts? They had, not all of that squad, not even the whole first team, but a few of them. She liked boys just as much, liked especially that they were better than the teenagers she had slept with before. But her teammates were always there, in the shower, sharing rooms on trips, and they tasted better. She didn’t discover that until she was on the Under-21 squad, then having fun with the boys’ Under-23.

Those two new girls must know all about that. Of course they must; they both had shaven pussies, like most girls on the Under-23 squad. In Charlies’s Under-19 squad, they all hadn’t shaved, but that had been a few years ago. She recalled the first time her nose had been tickled by that older girl’s brown pubic hair, and then by the redhead’s. Hers was really red. When she and a couple of the others joined the Under-21 team, they saw that most of them shaved. Big girls now, adults, they did too. Nice smooth pussies, sweet tasting pussies. She had learned to enjoy sucking a cock, but pussies tasted better – all of them. Once they had had an orgy, after their last game of the season, drinking, all crowding in two rooms in the hotel. Had anyone seen them flitting naked in the corridor between the rooms?

All that had been going through her mind under the shower. Cat had started washing her back, sort of a tradition that the girl who made a goal would be washed by the one who had assisted. Charlie’s goal was the team’s https://www.escorthun.com third one in the game, so the back-washing had started with the three pairs, the other girls waiting almost respectfully before they chose a partner. Charlie smiled at seeing the two new girls together, and chuckled with a nod, when Cat’s soapy hand found her breast – not for the first time after a game. She suddenly remembered her question about whose hand had held it after her goal. he and Cat weren’t roommates, but they knew that that they would be bedmates.

Then Charlie was washing Cat’s back, smiling at her roommate, who was washing another teammate. They both winked. Charlie couldn’t remember having seen those two together, but didn’t worry about how the rest of the squad would pair off. Sure, the two lesbian couples were together, but the rest of them weren’t particular. Hadn’t they all paired off one way or another since they had been Under-19?

Charlie’s hand slid unhesitatingly around Cat’s side and cupped around her small, very firm breast, her fingers then squeezing her aroused nipple between her fingers. Cat nodded with a chuckle. Charlie moaned softly, feeling her pussy go moist. Why did they have to wait until after dinner? She did something she had never done in the shower before. Her other hand slid down around Cat’s waist, onto the bottom of her tight stomach, and then her fingers slid down, feeling the stubble of Cat’s pubic hair. Cat responded with a surprised “hmm!” but her hips rocked up, inviting Charlie’s fingers to slide further. She squeezed Cat’s breast and let them. They had been there before, but not under the showers with others around.

Cat couldn’t really want her fingers to rub down past the start of her slit? She could? Her hips rocked up again. Was her pussy as aroused as her own? Charlie pressed Cat’s hips back against her own, rocking them up against Cat’s ass – tight, firm ass – but it rocked up again. It really wanted Charlie’s fingers to explore further? If Cat’s pussy was as aroused as her own? Her fingers were eager to find out. Too hell with what others could think. Maybe they weren’t looking.

Cat moaned, and her hips twitched, but she blurted out softly: “Fuck! But not here!”

Out of the corner of her eye, Charlie noticed heads turning down the row of showers. Reluctantly her hand slid up. She turned her head with a wry smile, seeing that others were washing each other in pairs, a couple also fondling breasts, but none as far along as she had been. They all snickered softly, smirking. A girl, whom she knew from being together since they had both been on the Under-19 squad, grinned and said: “Maybe we would have too.”

She was also holding her partner’s breast, and her other hand slid down. Her partner chuckled with a slight nod, but she grabbed the hand and drew it back up, murmuring: “But not here.”

There were more chuckles and nods. Charlie suddenly wondered if the person who had designed the clubhouse with just a dozen showers for twice as many girls had anticipated how they all would wash and what they would then want to do.

They did. They quickly finished their showers and dried themselves, exchanging smirks, chuckling when they all didn’t put on a bra under their shirts. Cat grinned and rubbed her fingers over Charlie’s breasts, making her nipples pop out, then tweaking them and winking at the other girls. Charlie nodded with hum and murmured: “Just not here.”

There was a chorus of agreeing hums as they all hurried to finish dressing, and then rushed to the bus to return to their hotel. Charlie and Cat found a seat in the back, sitting with their hands on each other’s thigh, their fingers rubbing, creeping down a little and creeping up . When they saw that the girls in the seat across the aisle were doing the same, they all nodded with smirks, and the fingers of four hands crept up closer between eight thighs. Cat’s thighs twitched together, and she murmured:

“Don’t make me go wet – not yet.”

“Or you, me, not yet,” Charlie replied, squeezing Cat’s hand between her thighs and licking her lips. Then she moaned softly and held her breast, rubbing a finger over her aroused nipple. Cat noticed and moaned, then chuckling and murmuring:

“Too late; I am already.”

“Me too,” Charlie agreed, pinching her nipple, as her other hand slid the last bit right up in Cat’s crotch.

Cat’s thighs clamped together but then relaxed, inviting Charlie’s fingers rub. Her thighs twitched apart, inviting Cat to arouse her. Her fingers did. They were both looking straight ahead, exchanging almost silent moans. Then they heard one of the girls across the aisle chuckle and murmur: “Ours are too.”

They both glanced over and saw that the other girls’ hands were just as deep between the other’s thighs. They all hummed with smirks, and their thighs twitched. Cat murmured: “Gonna be good.”

They all nodded with moans and looked ahead again. During the last few minutes to their hotel, their fingers were less active, but their thighs twitching together on them. Charlie murmured:


“You too.”

“Um-hmm! And you taste so good.”

“Not better than you do.”

“Mmmm!” they both responded with growling moans.

Charlie hoped that how wet her pussy was wouldn’t show on her Bermuda shorts when they got off the bus, then wondering if all the other girls had been doing what she and Cat and the other two had been. She hoped so, confident that her roommate understood that she and Cat were going to be in their room, only vaguely remembering that her roommate had been with someone else under the shower. That had always worked out.

As the bus was slowing down at the hotel, she rubbed Cat’s pussy again and felt her fingers rub hers. They both knew what they were going to do. Of course, Cat’s pussy tasted good, “so good.” They all did, but she always thought that the one she was about to lick tasted best. Cat’s was going to, and hers was for Cat. How many times had they tasted each other’s pussy?

They were getting off the bus. Charlie’s question to herself was uncomfortable. Shouldn’t she know how many times she had enjoyed sex with someone, not just Cat? How many goals had she made on a pass from Cat? But that hadn’t been the only times they had been in bed together. It couldn’t have been, a few times after just training. She blushed at the thought that she didn’t know, and more at her related question: how many girls’ pussy had she tasted?! Not all the ones on the Under-23 squad – not yet. Not yet?!

Who had been holding her breast after her goal? Had she tasted all the girls on the Under-21 team? She didn’t think so, but the Under-19 team? She snorted. She didn’t think so, but for sure all the ones who had been good enough then to be with her on the Under-21 squad.

She almost chuckled, recalling that the few of them had celebrated a reunion when they were accepted on the Under-21 squad. She had to chuckle out loud, recalling that that was the first time they had had group sex, not just one on one, three of them, four of them. While she had been licking one’s pussy, another one had been licking hers, and someone way down on the bed had been licking hers.

That hadn’t been the only time that happened, There was no way she could count the times and ways she had licked other girls’ pussy. Too many? Not enough, when there wasn’t a cock for her to have in her pussy or to suck? But now, right now, she wanted to lick a pussy and have hers licked, and she knew that Cat could and would as good as she could wish.

In the hotel lobby, the girls all tried to act normal, exchanging comments about the game and that they would meet for dinner. While they waited for the elevator, with their backs to the lobby, they then smirked, however, not just Charlie and Cat and the girls they had seen in the bus. The ones nearest the elevator crowded into it, more than the number of passengers on the sign, but they weren’t as heavy as the average weight that number was based on. When the door closed, they all chuckled and hands moved, in the crush rubbing the first firm ass they found. Charlie felt two on her ass, only one of them Cat’s. Could the other one be the hand that had held her breast after her goal? Another time, if it was, if that girl was wanting to do more with her.

Right now one of hers and Cat’s hand were clasping their hips together, Cat’s firm breasts pressed against her softer ones. Could Cat feel that her her nipples were hard? Could she feel that hers were, or just knew that they were? The elevator door opened, and they all crowded out, separating in pairs with calls of “Till dinner.”

That reminded Charlie that after dinner she would be sleeping with her roommate for the trip, sleeping with her the way they had the previous trip together. She wonder who Cat’s roommate was, couldn’t remember whom she had slept with that trip. That didn’t matter; they both – and their roommates – just loved pussy, almost anyone’s, and loved cocks just as much. She knew Cat also did from talk after being together a couple of times, confirming that they weren’t lesbians. They both had admitted that they hadn’t liked that the one or two girls they had slept with had made more personal remarks, not just that it had been so good, but that it had been so good with them.

It sure had been good with the ones Charlie had been with; girls like that should be able to do it better. Were their pussies – undefiled by a cock – somehow more delicious! They sure had tasted good and been tight around her fingers – like her own had been after she deflowered herself. But those girls couldn’t know how much better a cock could feel in their pussies.

Charlie had to unlock the door to her room. Cat rushed in, pulling up her polo shirt, then turning to grin at Charlie. Cat’s aroused nipples in the middle of her firm breasts made Charlie forget all her thoughts in the corridor. Her own nipples were poking bulges in her shirt. Before she could strip off her shirt, Cat moaned and said: “I want to suck them.”

That wasn’t the first time Charlie had heard Cat say that. The first time she hadn’t been so direct, waiting till they were both fondling the other’s breasts. Now Charlie knew what she meant, knew how she wanted them to start. Her pussy was wet again in anticipation, even though she know that they both were first going to suck breasts and how. Cat’s firm ones stood up, even when she was lying on her back, especially when her nipples were aroused, and Charlie’s hung down, when she was over her. She had glance back at them their first time and had been very pleased to see their nice, full form and her aroused nipples – before one had disappeared between Cat’s nibbling lips and felt her licking tongue. Then her lips and tongue had been trying to return the arousal her nipple had felt. They were both moaning as they pushed their shorts and panties down, kicking off their sandals:

“Nipples,” Cat murmured, tearing her eyes away from Charlie’s so aroused one to turn and whip back the covers on the the nearest bed. She dropped down on the bed, well down on it. Charlie nodded with a moan and joined her with her feet at the headboard, leaning down over Cat.

Their mouths found a nipple, and they both moaned deeply, and one of their hands found the others breast, grasping it, and then fingers were trying to emulate what their mouths were doing. Not good enough; one of them urged the other one to suck and lick her other nipple. With soft chuckles, they both did, then moaning again. When Charlie’s thighs twitched, Cat’s did, more than just twitching, wagging, and Cat’s hands slid back on Charlie’s ass and urged her to move down over her.

They had been there before; they both nodded with a final lick and suck, and Charlie almost dove down over Cat, burying her face between her thighs – finally the taste of her so wet pussy! Was her own dripping over Cat’s mouth? It was wet enough to be dripping. Her tongue was delighted to find that Cat’s was wet below her opening, and more delighted to feel Cat’s tongue in hers.

Pussy was just so good! She grasped Cat’s hips and rolled them both on their sides. Even though they were both so aroused, she knew that Cat also enjoyed resting her head on her thigh. Even though they were both making the other’s hips twitch, it was so good that way, better for the one on the bottom, not having to raise her head to do what Cat’s eager tongue was, like her own was.

What was it like for Cat’s tongue to lick her pussy – not just Cat’s tongue, all the others? She would love to be able to lick her own pussy. She knew how good it tasted – long before she tasted another girl’s. Then, after she had, she had used a mirror to look at her own and compared it with the ones she had licked. She didn’t repeat that experiment, remembering the lovely young pink ones, thinking that they looked more attractive than her own. Then, however, she recalled the other pussies that looked more like hers – also like Cat’s did – and that not just Cat’s had been juicer than those younger, pink pussy.

Should a girl who liked cocks just as much have so many thoughts about pussies, she wondered, admitting to herself that she did, at least when she was licking and tasting one, especially one that she knew was going to spurt in her her mouth. The cocks always did, of course, now that she let them and appreciated how good it was for them, but she really loved to feel a pussy squirt, and to feel her own squirt and feel and hear whoever was making it, like she was looking forward to tasting and feeling Cat’s squirt in her mouth.

Did she like being able to play with her inner pussy lips, or did she prefer a pussy with smaller ones? Were those girls more virginal? Nice thought, but they all – the few like that – weren’t, especially the one who had been with her that time when they both were with the Under-23 guys.

Had they really been licking each others pussies with the guys watching? Not for long had they just watched! Had it only been the four of them? No, the shy guy had been there, younger, not from their club, not coming up through the younger teams. The girl on her team had almost had to seduce him. Shit! She had slept with him too! He sure wasn’t shy then – thanks “sister” – licking and fucking as good as the other guys on the Under-23 squad.

God, she loved sex -.with anyone. any way, when a girl was doing for her what she was doing for her, and Cat was. They both knew what they wanted, to give each other squiring orgasms. Guys couldn’t always do that.

Charlie clutched Cat’s ass to her face and sucked and nibbled where she knew Cat wanted to feel it, and moaned, when Cat did the same. Fuck! They could do it so good! Not “fuck,” but just as good, just as arousing, just as satisfying!

It was for both of them. They both moaned, extending their thighs, that had been quivering and rocking their twitching hips. After another long moan, Cat murmured:

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