Goldie Pt. 03: A Man with Golden Penis

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Goldie Part 3 – Prison Life, Solitude, a Family’s Sexual Affair

Here in the penitentiary I’m alone in my cell. Those of us on death row don’t have roommates or more precisely, cell mates. We don’t have shoe laces or belts and although we could easily hang ourselves with the sheets or even a de-threaded pillow case. Maybe the warden wants us to be creative if we attempt to commit suicide. Shit, it would be easy to slit your throat with one of the loose sharp bed springs if you’d wanna. Me, I have no intention of taking the easy way out. I’m here till they shoot the shit into me. Texas uses lethal injections—which don’t always work, but in the end they will get you just the same.

I prefer being here on death row to being in with the general population. I spent over a year in the general population while awaiting my brief trial. My lawyer was a nice liberal woman but totally ineffectual. When we were alone she’d cry and give me a quick hand job or if the guards were away she’d even blow me. Fact is she’d a make a better whore than a lawyer.

She tried to do a good job lawyering, but she just wasn’t up to proving my case. I always thought you had to be proven guilty and in America, if you were innocent you would in the end be vindicated. What I learned was in the end you will be butt fucked. The public thinks the real punishment of being incarcerated means you don’t get to have sex. Believe me, more fucking and cock sucking goes on in jail than in any of the bedrooms in the suburbs.

I remember when we were four to a cell. The two black guys would be jerking off several times a day, that is until by accident they stuck a gay Mexican bitch in with us. She was too stupid or unprepared. Instead of telling the prison authorities that she was a gay tranny and being transferred to the gay section of the prison, this tranny tried to pass as straight. Of course, Willie and Leroy figured her out pretty quick and took advantage of the situation. By the end of the week she got transferred out and some young long haired kid took her place. He didn’t fair much better but he adapted and survived. Of course I wanted to complain about my cell mates sexually predatory behavior but you don’t try to play hero and intercede unless you want to wake up with a shiv (made out of a sharpened spoon) in your gut while you are bleeding to death. In prison you just keep your mouth shut, unless someone bigger than you stuffs his cock in it.

When they found me guilty I was moved from the general population and placed here on death row. It’s basically solitary confinement, although you can talk to prisoner in the cell next door around the wall and see him with a mirror, if you want to. Most of these guys are crazy so it’s best to keep to yourself. Once a week they let you out into a narrow cement space where you can walk around if you wanna. The high point of the week for me was not the exercise yard but the hour I get to visit the once a week with the prison shrink, a fifty something lady who looks like someone’s grandma but I guess the testosterone in the air gets to her as well.

She made it clear from day one that she believed me when I said I was innocent. She says she will help me if she can. But every good deed turns out to be quid pro quo and I have to fuck her on every other visit, right there on her desk. She just pulls her panties to the side and I just roll on in. She’s not much for oral when it come to blowjobs, but she insists on saliva lube, the natural way she says, like my tongue came from Whole Foods or some other yuppie place. So I’ve got to bend over and lick her pussy till it’s wet enough to take the old golden penis up the old pussy tat as she calls it. She said she was going to write up my golden cock for the medical journal. She’s has spent hours examining it and know it better from head to stern than I do, even the bottom of it that I can’t even see unless I hold it up to a mirror. She’s said she has never seen another cock like mine. She that 90s show izle has examine it in rigid detail and had taken hundreds of photos of it including its entrance and exit from her pussy. I don’t know what medical journal the photos are going to be in, but I sure am waiting to read that article.

Yeah, there is a bit of a faint urine smell on her pussy cheeks but we don’t have shower stalls in the shrink’s office and we do have a locked door to avoid prying guards, although I’m pretty sure they can smell what goes on when they come in at the end to unshackle you for the long walk back to death row. But look, beggars can’t be choosey and fucking grandma is better than fucking some guy dirty ass. She says fucking is a form of therapy that helps the nerves relax, I guess I go along with that. I call it “my fucking therapy.”

Anyway, enough with prison stories, let me get on to what happened after I got fired from the Joy Garden where someone managed to roll that old safe out the door. I figure it had to be two guys but turns out they got these special safe dollies that jack up the safe and away they go.So who knows?

I was sitting in Mario’s Pizza joint late one night, over on Main Street, my red motor bike parked in the front outside. I knew Mario’s daughter years back from high school and she was working in the kitchen but the night was slow and they were near the two o’clock quitting hour. Margarita came out of the kitchen, her hands all caked with pizza dough and her forearms slick with olive oil. She was unusual for an Italian, instead of dark hair she had red curly hair and a big cheeky face covered with freckles. Like most Italians she had a full set of knockers. When she saw me sitting at the bar drinking a lonely beer, she started right in,

“So how’s it hanging Goldie”

“Same as always Marg.”

“Where you working man?”

“I just got fired from the Joy Garden where I was acting security, but some one hoisted the safe I was supposed to be watching.”

“How’s that?”

“I could tell you Marg but you don’t wanna know. Anyway, I’m out of work and I afraid the repo man is gonna come and take back my bike.”

“Oh yeah, is that yours parked outside?”

“Yeah, I always wanted a red one.”

“Way cool dude!”

“I know.”

“Listen Goldie, the Mex kid who worked here washing dishes and doing clean up left to join the army, you could have his job if you wanted.

“Hey thanks, that sounds real good, like I could really do that.”

She patted me on the back, “Come back tomorrow around 4pm, I’ll see if I can fix it with my dad.”

“Thanks Marg, you’re a lifesaver.”

So I started work at Mario’s, her father passed me off as a Sicilian, he said down there in the toe of Italy the folks were dark and mixed up with the A-rabs and some of them looked just like me. He said to keep my mouth shut if the Mafia guys who came round every once in awhile showed up as they didn’t like my kind, “a moolie”, around their food.

“No problemo sir, I no spica di inglis.”

“Just keep your mouth shut kid, those guy don’t fool around.”

I worked my ass off over the Christmas holidays. The place was jumping. Once in awhile I’d have to get get some drunk at the bar who was mouthing off to Margarita out the door, I’d just grab em by the seat of the pants and march em’ out the door. One guy pulled a knife on me but was too drunk to use it. I whipped him into a hammerlock and he dropped it on the sidewalk out front. After that Marg called me her hero.

After New Years things slowed down considerably. Marg and I would have the long conversations and I could see she was beginning to fall for me. She had broken up with her high school boyfriend who had been cheating on her, I didn’t mention it to her but Walter had been a frequent visitor at the Joy Garden as well.

Now the only problem was Mario, her dad, he was insistent that she marry an Italian and in fact he planned to import the 1619 project izle a distant cousin to carry on the family name. If I wanted to keep this job I had to be sure Mario didn’t know about this budding romance in the back room where the pizza dough was rising and our temperatures as well.

It all came to a head around the second week of January. I was helping Margarita mix the dough in the back room where the temperature was turned up to facilitate the dough and yeast mixture to rise. Playfully, Marg grabbed a handful of warm dough and threw it at me, I didn’t respond but then she grabbed another handful and stuffed it down the back of my shirt. Well you can imagine, what went on next, each of us flinging dough until we ended up in tear of laughter lying on the haft empty sack of flour, our faces and clothes white with dust and sticky with dough. I tried to pull it out of her hair and she out of my shirt until we were both naked above the waist.

“I’ve fallen in love with you Goldie.”

“And I with you Marg.”

Her big breasts were covered with white paste so I knelt besides he and started to suck them clean. Her hands opened my pants and she laughed,

“Your cock is covered with white flour.”

But that did not stop her from swiveling around to suck it clean which put her dough strewn pussy with her bright red pubes right over my mouth.

Of course with her sucking my cock and me licking her pussy more than the dough was rising. She’d sucked me very close to my cum point when I pulled out of her mouth and twisted so I could stuff what she called my Italian sausage between her legs, right into her honey pot, although she screamed when I entered, she soon accommodated all of it and grabbing my big right ball she urged me to cum inside her, which I did, and as if I filled her with my sticky cum juice, she kept squeezing my balls and shouting,

“More, I want more.’

Little did I know that Mama Leoni, her mother was watching this whole lover’s wrestling match through the tiny window that separated the dough rising room from the ovens.

The next day when I came to work Mama Leoni cornered me and ordered me into her small office. I had no idea what was coming next, but Mama certainly did. She wasn’t an unattractive woman even though she had, I guessed twenty years on her daughter, which would have made her thirty- eight or forty. She had the same big tits, maybe even bigger then Marg but a bit of a belly as well. She came from the old country and her English was sprinkled with Italian curse words.

“I see what you do to my daughter you lousy Moolie, vai fun-gul, but I gotta say your “cazzo” is the biggest and prettiest “cazzo” I ever-a seen in-a this here fucking cunt-tree. Since I’m a hear two hours before-a my-a daughter gets here, you gonna come into my fuc-king office as-sa soon as-sa you get-ta here an-a since-a you a-here today we a gonna start-a right now.”

I didn’t realize how strong these Italian women are, I guess lifting those 50 pound sacks of flour give the muscles you wouldn’t imagine”

She grabbed me by the neck and pulled me forward into her lap where she flicked open her skirt and pulled down her bloomers all in one motion. My head was like a homing missile nearing it’s target, I saw a big black curly mass of dark hair between her plump thighs and a faint reddish pink mass below it. I had little choice but to demonstrate the same lingual skills that she no doubt had admired the day before. I have to admit she was clean but she had an overpowering taste of pungent pussy and sour sweat that I after I finished servicing her hung on my face like a stink cloud from my forehead to my chin for hours, even three soapy scrub sessions in the bathroom didn’t get the stink off’a me and a lot of it was unreachable as it was way up high inside my nose.

Hoping her daughter didn’t get wind of it, I kept my distance and ever rubbed some of the garlic pizza sauce under my nose to hide the 7 lives of lea izle the smell.

So we went on like this for about six weeks. In the mornings I had to placate her mom, either orally or with my golden cock and in the late night sessions I had to satisfy her daughter. It soon became a bit much. I sure kept away from Mario as well but a chance encounter with him on the way to the bathroom put things onto a downward turn.

I had finished servicing Mama Leoni orally that morning and Mario, who usually didn’t arrive till the evening stopped me as he was coming out of the bathroom. I was rushing in to wash up from the pussy juice but he grabbed me by the shoulders and said,

“Which one of my girls is you fucking?”

I thought he was joking but he pulled me close to his big Italian sniffer and said,

“Oh yes, I know that scent, that’s Mama’s pussy.”

I froze with fear.

Mama told me you were getting it on with Marghera as well, boy oh boy, you are a busy boy.

He grabbed me by my arm and dragged me after him.

“Come into my office, we are going to get to the bottom of this and see if we can keep this all in the family.”

When we got into his office, he pushed me inside and locked the door. He reached into a drawer and I figured he was going to pull out a gun and shoot me. Instead he pulled out a jar of vaseline, and said,

“Seeing as I just got out of the crapper, you should have an easy time.”

“Easy? I said, with what must’ve been a quizzical look on my face.

“Easy time fucking my ass boy, with your golden prick. You think I never noticed?”

Now I’d been told most Italian restaurant waiters were gay and I know Mario worked for years at his uncle’s place but I never even thought of the possibility he was a “bisone” (gay) or bi or whatever. I had no idea if he had the same predilections then as he was demonstrating now. He walked around in front of the desk, dropped his pants and underwear and squatted so as to spread his ass cheeks and then rammed a big gob of vaseline right up his ass hole.

“What am I supposed to do?”

“You’re gonna drop your draws, stiffen up your big dick and stuff it right down here, either that or I’m gonna pull my pistol out of the other drawer and blow your fucking brains all over this nice clean wall. The choice is yours, when I done butchering you we’ll have Swedish meatballs on the menu for the whole week, Chisto maybe for the whole month.”

“You- you wanna get fucked, right now?”

Yeah, fuck me standing up you mooli, fuck me here in my office just like you fucked my wife and daughter. “

“I love your daughter, your wife made me do it.”

“Just shut the fuck up and fuck me you son of a moolie bitch.”

So, against my better judgement, but wanting to keep the job and not loose Marg as my girlfriend, I figured I better do what I had to do. And I must admit, a strange thought went through my head as I imagined me and Mario running the pizza joint together and me being his son-in-law with a bunch of little kids around us.

So I grabbed the old guy by the waist and started to plow into his ass, seeing that his wife and daughter were draining my balls, it took quite a while to get to that moment when I squeezed him tight and dropped-shot my first cum right up his ass.

That is exactly when the shit hit the fan, the door unlocked and there stood Marg with the key,

“Why is the door la—la locked? Oh my God, what are you two up to. Oh no, my boyfriend fucking my dad, oh God no.”

And at exact moment I pulled my cock right out of her dad’s ass with a loud plop and as I turned to face her the last gob of cum shot out of my golden cock and hit Marg right in the face.

Well, as you might expect it, I was persona non grata after that dog and pony show and I was out looking for a new job the next morning.

Is it any wonder they found me guilty? Just my luck Margarita somehow ended up on the jury and although I told my lawyer there was bad blood between us, the liberal chick lawyer said, “oh don’t’ worry, we find local business people tend to be very understanding,”

And with that she unzipped my pants and gave me a hand job under the table. I’m sure Marg would have voted to hang me if that was still possible under the laws of the great state of Texas.

-End of Part Three-

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