Golf Club Wives Ch. 08

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“What do you want?” Mark asked as he downed his beer. He winked at the barmaid and made a play of ignoring Stan’s look of amazement and went on. “Don’t give me any of that amazed and hurt bullshit. Every time you invite me to the golf club for a drink it ether costs me or gets me into trouble.”

They ordered another round before Stan answered. “Yes it’s true I want some thing but not for me. I want you to help a young lad who has great golf potential but no money, no family support and no hope, unless he finds a sponsor like you who loves golf and is not short of money.”

He drained the rest of his beer and signaled for Mark to drink up and order another. “Anyway it’s not true that all of my invites for a drink have turned to shit. Christ lad you swore you weren’t interested in a stray root when I pointed out the available pussy down here. If rumors are true in recent days you have scored with more than your fair share of club women both married and single. Some of my more socially and sexually active friends tell me you are the envy of a lot of younger studs. So stop complaining, buy another round and shut up while I tell you about this young bloke.”

“His name is Peter Frazer. According to my wife he’s eighteen, and has just left school. He comes from a very poor family, his dads a drunk and his mother has had to struggle to cope financially while raising six kids. I’m told by Ruth and all of the women who went to the school championships that he apparently practices every day on the old neglected city council public course with an ancient wood and a five iron that someone gave him years ago. He doesn’t even own a complete set of clubs not even a putter and could not afford to play in the championships.”

“He has developed a local reputation amongst the junior ranks as a big hitter who loves the game and is modest about his ability. Most local golf kids who know of his financial and family background want to see him get a chance. That’s why a couple of boys playing in the tournament told Ruth about him and asked her to come and see him hit out at a local practice range where he picks up a few bucks for occasional casual work.”

“Ruth took a few of the mothers along before the tournament started. They gave him a bucket of balls and say he hit screaming drives one after the other straight down the middle of the fairway.”

“It would be fair to say if Ruth is any guide that he not only blew their minds away with his driving but he was so polite and well mannered that he won their hearts as well. Ruth has told everyone who will listen what a fine young man he is. My wife backs her up. She drove me crazy until I gave in and promised to talk to you. ”

Mark waited until Stan stopped talking to drain his glass. “Listen mate I run a business not a charity but I suppose I can always give him a job in one of my supermarkets. Tell your wife to see Sally and she can set it up,”

“I don’t think that is what the women have in mind,” Stan replied as he signaled for their glasses to be refilled. “They want him to have time to practice golf each day and play in tournaments. You have a store that handles sporting equipment. Could you give him a job there and arrange his hours so he can get a chance to practice his putting. My wife says he hasn’t had a chance to develop that side of the game because of the poor greens at the public course.”

“Without a putter and the money to pay to use better facilities, it is difficult to see how he learnt to putt at all.” Mark growled as he realised that he was becoming interested in the lad. “Get your wife or one of the ladies to bring him along for a hit out with me. If I like him and think he has potential, I’ll see what I can do.”

They sat drinking for some time before Mark spoke again. “It might work out just fine. I have been approached by the club to go into a joint venture setting up a new specialist golf shop. They want to locate it in that new drive in shopping center on the main road opposite the club house. If he is as good as they say he may be just the person we need to launch it amongst the younger generation.”

Mark met Peter the next afternoon and arranged for them to tee off together. He was immediately impressed with the sweet clean way Peter stroked the ball. “You not only hit long and straight, you have one of the best free flowing swings I have seen outside of the top pros,” he told the lad as they left the course. “You can work for me as a personal assistant for the next few months. Use the job as an opportunity to improve you’re putting while I work out something more permament.”

Darlene giggled with delight when Mark drove Peter to the club to introduce him around. “He is on my payroll to improve his golf but you can have him for a few hours a day to help you in the shop while your husbands away. He starts next week look after him for me. The first thing you can do is set him up with a new set of clubs.” He winked when Peter was not looking, licked Kolej Escort his lips suggestively and smiled. “Maybe when you have time you can take him in the back room and help him choose a couple of new outfits.”

Marks thoughts were full of his first afternoon in the back room with Darlene as he left Peter in her care. She had walked into the change room when he was half undressed and immediately taken hold of his cock and led him to a bunch of clothes in the storeroom. Brushing aside his protests she proceeded to seduce him while her husband was outside teaching a new golfer. When three of her friends disturbed them she had left him to whisper and giggle over what she was doing to her new lover before returning to enthusiastically finish what she had started.

Darlene didn’t waste any time. As soon as Mark left she looked up at Peter and laughed, “Come with me I’ll look after everything you need,” Peter laughed at her enthusiasm as she took his hand and headed for the pro shop. Inside she took him over to a display of putters,”look at these while I make a call.”

On the phone she spoke quietly to Shelia Jones, “Mark has employed a tall thin young six foot stud with what looks like an extremely large lump in his pants. He has blue eyes curly hair and is painfully shy. I suspect he will be a virgin but not for long if I have anything to do with it. He knows no one at the club so we can take him under our wing before those other vultures wake up to his potential. He’s in the shop. I will keep him entertained this afternoon. I suggest you call Martha and Julie and plan how we can share him.”

Peter was surprised when Darlene returned and stood close. He was more surprised when she placed her hand on his butt. “Tell me about yourself,” she whispered throatily as her hand stroked and squeezed his firm flank. Peter looked down at Darlene as his cock grew and unwound in his pants. He had no experience with women, never having had a girl or woman come on to him in this way.

He had spent most of his spare time working at a number of part time jobs or practicing on the city owned golf course at the back of his folks rented home. He never had time for girls and didn’t know what to do as Darlene’s hand moved to rub his now fully enlarged cock creating more havoc in his tight pants.

Darlene looked up and saw the concern in his eyes “don’t worry,” she whispered “I won’t hurt you. I want to show you that there is more to life than golf.” She took his hand and squeezed it gently. “Come into the back room where we can be more comfortable.”

Peter’s mouth was dry as Darlene’s heavy breasts rubbed against his arm and her hand kept squeezing and rubbing his cock through his pants until it was ready to burst. He was confused, scared yet excited, his mind racing. Shit, I’ve only just been given the chance of a lifetime; he thought as Darlene ran his zip down and released his cock. I don’t want to stuff it up over a married woman.

By the time he made up his mind to cry off it was too late. Darlene had his cock in her hand and had slid down on her knees in front of him caressing it and covering it with her mouth. He couldn’t stop a groan of appreciation escaping from his lips as she pulled back and licked its head. “It’s really big and beautiful, I have never kissed one this big” she whispered as she looked up at him and winked. “We are going to have a lot of fun together.”

On the bus on his way home Peter could not believe how fast things seemed to move once Darlene had his cock in her mouth. He blushed and straightened the lump in his pants as he recalled how this beautiful married woman had sucked and licked his cock. Her tongue flicking its head until his cum spewed forth into her mouth over her face and down her neck.

When he tried to apologise she had smiled telling him he was a naughty boy and pulled him down on the floor beside her. He was forced to straighten his cock in his pants once more as he recalled how she had slipped off her blouse and her bra letting a pair of big tits swing free. He licked his lips remembering how she had took his head in her hands and pushed his face down towards her tits and ordered him to lick her clean. He had been sucking her hard thick nipple when they were disturbed by the bell that rang when two male customers entered the shop.

Darlene slipped on her blouse and moved out to the counter. A few minutes later she slipped back and kissed him hungrily before pushing him towards the door, “Come back tomorrow love. Seeing the disappointment on his face she kissed him hard her hand groping his balls. “don’t be disappointed I will set it up so we are alone here in the morning. Come back and I’ll suck your beautiful cock again,” she took his hand and pushed it under her skirt between her legs. “And as a special treat I’ll teach you how to kiss my pussy.”

He was straightening his cock in his pants once more when he looked up Sincan Escort to see young Mrs. Carmichael who lived down his street watching him from across the busses aisle. “You seem to be having a lot of trouble with your trousers Peter,” she said a wide smile on her face. “What have you been up to?”

Twenty six year old Colleen Carmichael had felt herself grow a little hot as she sat on the bus watching Peter continually straightening the long hard lump in his pants. Her husband Andy was a construction worker who was working over a thousand kilometers away building on a remote mine site. She had just spent an afternoon out with some of her friends in the city and the combination of raunchy conversation alcohol and loneliness made her react to his obvious erection with thoughts of how she missed a night of love making.

Colleen had in the past just thought of Peter as a nice lad. He was always polite not cheeky like some of the kids in the neighborhood. She had never thought of him or any of the local kids in a sexual way. Smiling as he blushed and stammered, she thought it could be fun teasing and flirting with him. If he is a virgin maybe a mild flirtation will add a little excitement to his life and mine.

“I rarely see you on the buss you are generally out the back on the golf course. Have you been playing golf some where else today?” she spoke loudly to draw his attention as she crossed her legs letting her short skirt slide dangerously high up her thighs. Peter looked up as she spoke and watched in awe as more and more of Mrs. Carmichael’s long legs came into view.

He was forced to straighten his cock in his pants once more when it became constricted as it throbbed in response to the view. Looking up from her legs he saw that she was watching him and expected her to be angry. By god she will tell mum he thought as he blushed and turned to look out the window.

To his surprise Mrs. Carmichael spoke again. “Come and sit over here next to me, it will be easier to talk privately.” His eyes widened as her skirt rode higher when she moved over to make room.

Peter didn’t want to move over because he would have to clearly show that he had a horn. After some hesitation his manners made him realise that to say no would offend.

As he stood he was embarrassed to feel his cock tent in his pants standing out like a school house flagpole. He looked over at her and saw that her skirt had slid even higher giving him a glimpse of what looked like black panties. His cock lurched upwards in his pants at the sight and he decided to shove his hand in his pocket to try and drag it down. He was mortified when he realised that all his efforts tended to draw attention to the lump in his pants and highlight the size of his cock.

Colleen Carmichael watched Peter struggle to hide his erection. By god if that is all cock he is well hung for his age, she thought and slipped a button of her blouse undone to give him a better view down the valley of her tanned breasts.

Unable to hide his erection Peter slumped down in the seat beside Colleen and stared straight ahead wishing the bus would speed up so he could escape. But Colleen was becoming excited and had no intention of letting him escape. The size of the lump in his pants intrigued her. Surely it can’t be that big, she thought realizing that if it was it would be the biggest cock she had ever seen.

It was growing dark by the time the bus reached their destination. “I don’t like walking these streets at night on my own,” Colleen whispered as they alighted. When Peter did not respond she took his arm “will you be embarrassed if I walk home with you?”

Peter looked down at her touch and his eyes immediately were drawn to the size of her large firm breasts. “No, oh no,” he stuttered.

Colleen smiled, this was fun. She had missed a man’s company and the thrill of turning a man on with her charms. Her husband loved her to turn him on by little glimpses of flesh and sexy words. I wonder what Peter would do if I pushed him a little further she thought as she stumbled and pushed her breast hard against his arm and hand.

Without thinking Peter slipped his arm around her when he though she would fall, his hand sliding up under her breast. Colleen had been going to pretend to slip when her heel caught in a small hole in the pavement snapping it off and twisting her ankle as she fell. As she struggled to regain her feet she felt Peter lift her, his hands under and over her breasts. She turned her head to look at him just as she put a little weight on her foot and an excruciating pain forced a scream from her lips.

Her scream alarmed Peter who thought she was screaming because of his hands on her breasts. He blushed and stammered, “Sorry,” before he realised she was clinging to him with tears in her eyes. Realizing that she was hurt He picked her up in his arms like a baby and headed for her house.

In Yenimahalle Escort side her front door he carried her over and laid her down on a long couch. “You stay there while I ring the ambulance,” he ordered taking charge. Colleen groaned as she struggled to sit up.

“No don’t worry I’ll be alright. There are some pain killers in the bathroom cabinet.”

Peter blushed when he opened the cabinet and saw what looked like a big plastic cock on the shelf. “I can’t find any pain killers,” he called as he shut the door and exited the bathroom quickly. “I could go down to the corner store and get some but I still think we should call the ambulance so they can make sure nothings broken.”

As he spoke he knelt down and took hold of her foot. Holding it gently he anxiously watched her face to see if he was causing more pain. “Maybe if you get some hot water and we bathe it, that might help,” she whispered as he ran his hand lightly up her ankle.

By the time he heated some water and started to bathe her ankle Colleen was completely relaxed. She had forgotten her ankle and lay back on the sofa her skirt hitched high enough that he could see her tiny panties. In her slightly inebriated state she was enjoying the feel of his strong young hands as they gently stroked her leg. Feeling a little horny she had let her body slump knowing he could not avoid seeing the moist patch she could feel developing down there.

Peter spoke quietly, “you have some dirt and a mark on your knee do you want me to clean it off?”

Colleen wanted to scream yes do it but didn’t want to scare him off so she open her legs wider and tugged up her skirt before whispering, “I’m happy for you to clean up what ever you think needs cleaning I’ll leave it up to you, you are being so kind.”

Peter didn’t need another invitation. He quickly moved his hands up to commence cleaning her knees. His mind was awash with conflicting thoughts as his eyes devoured the sight of Colleen’s lush thighs and what looked like wisps of hair escaping from the sides of her tiny black panties.

Peters experience with Darlene in the pro shop that very afternoon had wetted his appetite for sex. Twenty four hours ago he would have run a mile before he thought of taking advantage of Mrs. Carmichael. But now he was as horny as hell.

The soft feel of Colleen’s thighs excited him. Now he could smell what he later would learn was the hot musty smell of a woman’s arousal That horny smell plus the sight of Mrs. Carmichael lying back with her legs wide open made him want more. He ran his hands higher and higher up over her knees and along the inside of her leg hoping she would do something, or give him some signal to let him know what she wanted.

Colleen couldn’t stop a moan of delight escaping from her lips. She closed her eyes as she lay back waiting to see how far young Peter would go. His gentle hands on her legs and the long absence of her husband plus the alcohol she had consumed whilst drinking with her girlfriends that afternoon had loosened her inhibitions.

But Peter was scared. He wanted to stroke higher but stopped short when he heard her moan. “Am I hurting you?” he stammered. “Oh no it’s lovely, thank you for taking care of me,” she whispered as she eased her legs further apart.

Colleen could sense Peter’s reactions to her body. She found his innocence attractive and interesting but it also found him a challenge because of his obvious sexual inexperience. She watched him closely through half closed eyes as she opened her legs wider until he could not miss seeing the wet spot developing in her panties. When he did not move his hands higher she thought maybe he will become a little bolder if he has a drink and whispered, “A drink would be nice, can you get me a scotch from that cupboard over there.”

Peter reluctantly left off stroking her legs to pour a generous scotch. “Have one yourself,” she called as she studied his long thin muscular body. Peter turned and caught her studying him. She giggled at being caught. “You are very fit, you are a little thin for your height but you have a great body,” Holding his hand for an extra minute when he returned with the drinks she decided to become a little bolder. “I think you should take your shirt off so it doesn’t get wet while you wash my legs.” She stared up into his eyes and licked her lips, “it will not only keep your shirt dry but it will give me an opportunity to see more of your muscles.”

Peter’s breathing was noisy in his ears as he gulped down his scotch and stripped off his shirt. My god I think she may want me to touch her pussy he thought as he slid down and resumed washing above her knees.

Making up his mind he quite deliberately let his hand stray higher up her thigh to see if she would protest. To his surprise she seemed to take no notice instead her hands ran up over the muscles of his belly and up to his nipples. “How old are you,” she whispered. “Eighteen,” he groaned as he slid his hand higher now reaching the edge of her black panties.

“Sweet eighteen and never been kissed,” she sang as her fingers squeezed his nipples. Remembering Darlene that afternoon he blushed, “only once.”

“My oh my, we will have to remedy that,” Colleen growled as she pulled his head down and kissed him.

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