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On the Thursday Melody Parker had her pussy waxed. She had meant just to get her legs done and her bikini area defined better but Maria, who was doing her waxing, had disco songs playing loudly and she had pulled her dress off then tugged her thong to the side to show how much better bare skin looked and Melody had to agree it did look miles better. So, after a second glass of wine she lay back and endured the pain.

It was worth it and it would be back to normal before Friday evening when Bad Boys Week –end was going to start. Well that was what Maria had promised but as she hobbled out to her car Melody had her doubts about that. She drove gingerly back to the flat she shared with Bronwyn hoping she wouldn’t get told off by her.

As it happened Bronwyn, who insisted on a close examination of the suspect area, applauded her decision to have the Brazilian and as a mark of her support spread a fresh layer of lotion over it. They weren’t, as far as Melody had been aware, lesbians living together but as she lay, not wearing a stitch, stretched out with her heels on the ottoman and legs ‘comfortably’ apart she had an idea that she might need to re- think that assumption.

Not that she wanted any ideas of playing for the home team to raise its moderating new age head. Bad Boys Week-End was for hard bodied non PC, or new age, considerate, ‘was it good for you too’ real men to fuck you stupid. There were going to be a lot of guys there her parents would not have welcomed into their house. Fair enough she thought as Bronwyn used a wet hand towel to wipe her groin clean of the white ointment coating it instead with coconut oil which made it much more appealing in the series of high definition close up snaps she took quite shamelessly while an invisible force prevented Melody from clamping her legs together or even from organizing something to cover her womanly area.

A minute later Bronwyn had downloaded the lot on the Bad Boys site to join three or four thousand lurid photos from frustrated women all over the country plus a few who were coming from overseas. Melody was rather proud of them and glad now Bron had talked her out of covering her tits. The line of sight from feet up made them look jutty rather than saggy- which they were a bit. A ring or two would have looked good in her nipples as would one in her pussy but that was out of the question now.

Nerida, forty two, and a pillar of society had had hers waxed as well a few days before. She sympathized with this desperate slut who had got her ‘friend’ to put the photos up rather than posting selfies. Her waxing had been agony but all the same it was a wake up call as her mother had told her after hers had been done the last week end.

“If a mere waxing can stop you in your tracks what will a paddling followed by a gang bang in your ass hole do?’

Nerida had gone all wistful on that once her mother had gone- the way she had examined Nerida’s freshly waxed womanly area had had her unnerved. Surely it wasn’t normal for a mother to look at her daughter’s body like that and there had been absolutely no need for her to offer to strip off so Nerida could check her body out against her mom’s. What possible reason could she have for wanting to do that? So she couldn’t understand why Elspeth had got so tart with her when she has asked her not too.

In any event she had enough on her plate with the kids and Simon asking questions. Was she looking more attractive? It was a mantra really; of course she was: her legs looked sensational now and those yoga sessions combined with her vegetarian diet had her looking younger, lean and athletic. Her problem was: doing it on her own.

She looked again at this last, no second to last now, lot of pictures and studied the woman’s face. There was one clear one that hadn’t been shot over Pussy Alley and Nerida looked at it closely. There was something about her Nerida liked. She made a mental note to seek her out at the orientation meeting Friday morning.

The woman in the photos wasn’t getting the restful, revitalizing sleep she had wanted. Bron, she rather liked being called Bron Melody had found, had insisted on coming in with a selection of ice packs and placing them on the ‘area in question’ in order to provide relief from the pain. That wouldn’t have been too bad if it hadn’t been for her insistence she stay on sentry duty to make sure they were where they could do the most good.

Then she had asked if Bron liked being close to her pussy and Bron has scoffed.

“I hardly think so,” she had retorted.

There had been one of those awful silences then she doeda continued in a hurt voice to say she was just trying to look out for her and “if that was a crime well excuse me” and Melody felt dreadful. Then she had to plead with Bron to keep doing what she was doing but then Bron had added what she called ‘small area massage’ to her self imposed list of duties.

Melody gave up. It was quite nice ,now she thought about it and she didn’t need to get so up tight about every little thing. And so, later than she wanted, she did manage to go to sleep.

In the morning Bron lay across her pelvis dead to the world; for some reason her right hand was up under her nightie and she had a very pleased look on her face. More importantly Melody’s pussy felt wonderful; it wasn’t sore and it looked amazing. After all those goings on of the previous night she felt sexy and horny again.

She went and had a shower then just dried off and padded into her kitchen to make her breakfast. It was just a bowl of porridge with various nuts and dried fruit but it was quick to make and she loved it.

‘Wish me luck,” she called to Bron from the doorway as she was ready to leave.

“What? Oh shit did I fall asleep?”

“Yes you did. You must have done a great job last night Bron, thanks babe.”

“Hey, no worries, you know. Sorry if I sounded a bit intense…”

“No problem. It’s great to have someone who cares so much.”

“Well I do.”

“As a friend?”

“Of course as a friend; hey are you winding me up?”

“Just a bit. You sure you don’t want to come?”

“No I’ll be here when you stagger home,’ she said the words casually but her expression belied her voice.

“OK , bye, I’ll see you Sunday I guess.”

And she was gone. Bron could be fun when she felt like some girly time but she had wanted to stay focused for the week end. It wasn’t as if she would normally go for these sorts of primitive men so she had been wondering if it was really her until she had attended an “I was there” meeting to hear veterans of the last few Bad Boys Weekends and she actually came with her jeans on and no touching.

That had been it and the last three months she had been getting ready not, as you might expect, by going on the block or providing relief for recently released sex offenders but by doing her yoga and calisthenics so she stayed lean and flexible. The lady at the meeting had stressed flexibility and acceptance. She had practiced the first and hoped she would nail the second.

The hall was a few miles out of town and the cars were parked on the side of the road from a quarter of a mile out. She made a quick decision and parked behind the last in the queue. In her walking shoes with the heels and her slinky little outfit along with the essentials a girl had to have in a little carry bag she strode confidently, praying no one she knew would drive past, towards her destination.

The front of the hall was done in an old Master of Falconhurst style, big pillars, white wall boards and a set of steps across the full width of the building. The whole front was beautifully lit with men and women in uniform waiting to meet the ladies attending. It was deserted. Down the back end of the hall in gloomy light and accessed by walking across the soggy grass lawn that was now a quagmire was a single door that lead into a dark cold basement.

That was where they all headed because none of them wanted anyone to see them coming to a place like this. Melody’s shoes were muddy which she hadn’t expected and which ruined her hopes of being immaculate. She had to take them off at the doorway. It wasn’t anything to make a fuss over, she told herself, but she felt undermined- just a bit.

Once the place was so packed you couldn’t move the lights came on and everyone gasped then sighed. Melody recognized at least half a dozen women there and obviously they recognized her. Then everyone was saying hello to everyone else. A woman who told Melody her name was Nerida introduced herself and appeared to want to swap anecdotes about Brazilian waxes. Melody was about to brush her off to keep the focus for the coming event when this Nerida told her it was her first time, she had been getting by on her nerves up till then but now she was terrified. Oh and that she had picked her because she though they would have some sort of connect and she had thought going through the pain of a Brazilian might be it.

She was right and she was wrong. She was right about the Connect but wrong about what it was; in the dark when she was alone with her thoughts Melody eş değiştirmeli porno had admitted to herself that she was terrified of tonight.. It was a unity in terror and Melody embraced this kindred spirit. So they hugged and Melody let Nerida grope her bottom and when Nerida stopped because Melody wasn’t responding she insisted she really was enjoying it and really wanted her to keep doing it.

Suddenly from through the walls the heard the sound of half a dozen Harley Davidson Fat boys being revved and the women screamed. Hard bodied bikers in leather pants were in the next room- they had to be. There was a surge for the door and when the more timid Nerida and Melody got through they saw them: six Harleys on a stage with one hard bodied biker astride each one.

“Just getting you in the MOOD, ladies,” the one who insisted his name was Satan told them a little more theatrically than Melody was comfortable with but she put that to one side clapping and squealing with the best of them while aware of the furtive looks Nerida was giving her and wondering if Nerida might have been more interested in her than these six sexy bikers.

“If you would just head over to the registration tables and sign in? Any new comers, welcome, Megan over here will guide you through registration.”

It was about as exciting as enrolling for Line Dancing Melody thought only with that there was a really good chance you might enjoy yourself .She was getting into what her mother used to call ‘one of Melody’s bolshie moods.’

Kindred spirit Nerida was there too- like her shadow.

They signed in under their names for the week end. She was Saucy Girl and Nerida was Erotic Princess. Both laughed scornfully at their own names and wished out loud that they had thought of the other’s themselves. Then it was over to the side to get changed into their costumes and try to get near a mirror for a second or two.

Melody emerged from the huddle in very short chain link dress which stopped two inches above her legs. After much agonizing she had decided to start as she went on and so had dispensed with underwear. Her freshly waxed pussy (she wanted to be wanton enough to call it her cunt but that was too extreme for her with her up bringing and so she had settled for pussy) was on show and a group formed round her. They all wore ‘something’ down there which made Melody feel very uncomfortable.

It was an ongoing issue for Melody, her body, as it is for pretty much any girl ever born. Melody was an early shooter. Over one Christmas holiday break she went from one of the girls to a head taller which of course meant she dwarfed the boys too. She stopped as five foot six and a quarter if she stood up nice and straight with her shoulders back but she developed special height reduction techniques to sneak under the dreaded five foot five mark.

Now with the cluster of slightly more decently clad women than herself the old terrors came storming back.

“My fucking God look at you,” the lady in charge of the Gourmet Foods section in her local Supermarket gasped admiringly.

Melody glowed: Nerida nodded approvingly.

“I wish I had the balls to go bare like that. “

The shoulders relaxed.

“Well I guess it is a bit naughty, isn’t it?”

“No, no, not at all,” she paused and cleared her throat,” I don’t suppose seeing as how it looks well you know, so nice I might?”

She was saved by the organizers from the Stalags coming over to round everyone up and so they all had to saunter through into the hall. This was where the action would take place all though it might be a while before there were many of the hot guys who were definitely going to be there no mistake about that.

Most of the woman had taken a leaf from her book and were now sans panties. They all mingled, got drinks and tried to wonder what He would be like. All of them seemed to subscribe to the Marian Keyes, hot bodied hairy male God type with the hot simmering eyes combined with the ability to bring her to the limit then push her over.

It would be nice, Melody thought as she peeked out the curtains at the seemingly endless row of nicely cared for Girls’ cars, if there were more than six hot men coming. Nerida dragged her back to the group trying to make it plain to them all that she and Melody really were an item. She would rest her arm over Melody’s shoulders while standing beside her as if they were joined at the hip. then nod at her during conversations as if they were in simpatico sharing a memory.

Time passed. To be precise it inched genç porno past. At five they had the sumptuous supper ‘more than enough for everyone’ and polished it off before all of them were aware it was out. By six those who had gone too hard during the “if you like Pena Coladas and getting caught in the rain” session lay on the floor with no idea how they were ever going to get up. Melody and a small group were still dancing by now though they were into the slow sexy stuff but as they all wanted to dance with Melody they had released Nerida’s vice like grip on her however it was plain they weren’t just ‘filling in time till the main event.”

Then it happened; the men arrived. There were twenty and if they were hard bodied, Melody thought in yet another of her ‘bolshie moods’ then Tom Cruise was a six footer. The music started, the lights came on and the original six started their routines. It was a fucking Girls Night Strip Show. The thing was that no one complained. None of them really and truly actually wanted to be fucked stupid. Oh sure they wanted to dream about it and talk about it but there was too much control in their lives to want to step outside their nice insulated comfort zones so they were happy acting now like depraved sluts and yahooing the girls who did get a fuck.

Both Melody and Nerida did and Melody thought her one was really good- although the condom he had on it took the edge off a bit. Nerida maybe put too much effort into her fuck unnerving her guy in the process but all in all they agreed, sharing heroine status in their group, it had been a really good night.

It was actually half past nine on the first night and Melody couldn’t wait to get home. After she and a whole lot of others left by the front door in their street clothes refusing pass out stamps the organizers did try darkness but no one left was all that interested and some of the guys had a gig to get to by ten thirty that paid better than this so it wound down to a little fuck session with half a dozen women getting what the other hundred and something had been promised but didn’t really want.

Melody said good bye to Nerida at her car. There was someone else she told her nodding ruefully then adding that Nerida was someone she would never, could never, forget. A passionate tongues and all kiss, a not too hard punch on the arm and she was in her car. Nerida watched her until the little car was out of sight. She just felt hollow.

Melody cruised home with the radio off alone with her thoughts. Bron would be in bed or watching TV curled up on the sofa. Here it was, barely late on the first night and she was going home already. Well it just wasn’t her- she knew that now- and she couldn’t wait to get home and make herself a late supper.

Really though she wanted to be with Bronnie and she hoped her friend whom she had treated horribly now she thought about it still wanted to know her. She wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t she thought nervously.

As it happened the red head from their group stopped to talk with Nerida whom she fancied something rotten. She told her how hot she was and asked where she learned all her moves. The long and the short of it was that Nerida followed her home. Neither have left their families but they have an understanding. It’s flexible and undemanding; it works for them both although sometimes Nerida’s mind goes to that Melody she met at that crazy weekend (“we just went wild” she says as if she wasn’t immensely proud of her ‘once in a life time’ experience) and she wonders ‘what if.’

Bronnie was waiting in the doorway and Melody had a mad image for a second of how she would have looked if she had waited till Saturday.

She had made a real effort with a new pale pink robe, her make up would have looked great if it wasn’t for the streaks and a few strands had worked free from her chignon. And she was hugging herself.

“What are you doing out here?”



And then Melody was hugging her and the strong, assertive, guiding, Bronnie shook with the force of her sobs. It was what she wanted, Melody realized, bearing her lover up on her chest and letting her cry.

They went inside a little later on.

“What’s this? ” Melody asked softly.

“I just hoped you might get home a bit early, that’s all,” was all Bronnie could mumble- well a girl has her pride.

She had put a red and white check table cloth out with Chianti bottles as candle stick holders. The candles had burned pretty low and the lasagna she had made because Melody had told her once that she loved Italian was just a bit dry.

They ate together.

“I hated tonight,” Bronnie told her plate.

Melody nodded; she hadn’t really enjoyed it. No, truth, she had hated it and all the time wished she had been back here with Bronnie.

“Meet anyone?”

“No one I think I’ll keep in touch with.”


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