Good Day, Better Night

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Amy giggled and closed the bedroom door behind her. As she walked down the stairs and out the front door she marveled that she had been able to pull this off so far. She was glad she had such an understanding boss… she giggled again, thinking about what she’d had to do that day so her plans would work out…

She went to her boss, Max to ask if she could leave a few hours earlier than usual. He told Amy he didn’t care if she left for the rest of the day–with pay, but there was something he wanted her to do first. Max had always talked very frankly with all his employees, and it seemed as if no subject was taboo, but it was still a shock for Amy when Max told her he wanted to watch her get her pussy eaten–while he fucked the woman who was doing it, Brenda. He said he knew Brenda occasionally liked women, and he wanted to give her a little something extra today. “You’re about the same size as she is, and you have really nice tits. I know she likes brunettes, so you’re just her type.” He seemed equally surprised when she quickly agreed. “You must have something very special planned for the rest of your day,” he said. “Come back to my office in 30 minutes.

She knew that he was having sex at the office with one of her coworkers, Brenda. That was common knowledge throughout the company. But Max didn’t know that Brenda and Amy were having sex with each other, frequently on the bearskin rug in Max’s office. Brenda had laughed at how Max always wanted to do her on his desk, even though she had mentioned the rug more than once. “I would love to have him fuck me where I’ve rolled around with you!” she had told Amy. “He thinks I am so hot for him that I wouldn’t look at anyone else. Little does he know, I like sex better with you than with him… It’s just that you can’t give me a raise!”

When Amy went back to his office and knocked, Max opened the door quickly. “You two know each other from around the office.” was more of an assumption than a question. Both of you know what I want, and I don’t have much time before my wife is expecting me, so let’s get to it.” There was nothing on his desk as he gestured toward it impatiently. “Amy…”

Amy took off her clothes and got up on the desk, her legs spread toward one end. Max looked at her shaved pussy for a minute, licking his lips. “You’re lucky I know you’re very happily married, honey, otherwise I would eat that sweet looking pussy myself.” Instead he pulled Brenda over and she leaned over the desk. “You get started, ladies, I just want to watch for a minute or two.”

Brenda leaned over the desk between Amy’s legs and began to lick her pussy, taking slow licks from between her wet lips up and over her clit. Max stared at the two women for a few minutes, mesmerized by the sights and sounds before him. Amy began moaning at the familiar touch of Brenda’s well-practiced tongue. Max took his pants and under shorts off. His cock was sticking straight out in front of him, and he began to slowly stroke it with the rhythm Brenda was using to lick Amy’s aroused pussy.

Amy watched as he stroked himself, a drop of pre cum already forming on the tip. He walked over behind Brenda and nuzzled up close to her ass. She felt, through Brenda’s tongue, her reaction as Max slid his cock inside her. Suddenly Brenda’s rhythm changed as she was pounded from behind by Max. Amy could hear him grunting with each thrust. It sounded like he was going to cum immediately, but he kept pounding and pounding into Brenda, which made her mouth rock up and down over Amy’s wet slit. She spread her legs even further apart, and began grinding up into Brenda’s face. She knew she was going to cum. “Aaaaaahhhhh…” was all she could vocalize as her pussy began to spasm. Amy was bucking uncontrollably, crying “Oh! Oh! Oh!” as Brenda sucked her throbbing clit into her mouth and kept tonguing her.

“Oh, fuck! That’s so hot!” exclaimed Max as he watched Amy cum. “My dick is so hard. Do you like that, Baby?” he breathed in Brenda’s ear as Amy spasmed under her unrelenting mouth. “You’re so wet. I want to feel you cum around my hard cock. I want to hear you scream out your cum with me pounding your wet pussy. And I want to hear Amy cum again when your pussy explodes…”

Brenda reached down and began rubbing her fingers over her own swollen clit. She had been in threesomes before, but somehow knowing that Max didn’t know she and Amy had done this before added an element to everything. She knew she could get Amy to cum two or three more times if they wanted. She loved to lick Amy’s pussy until her tongue just couldn’t move any more, but Amy had often outlasted her, licking and sucking on Brenda until her whole body was in a constant orgasmic quiver and she had to stop her. Brenda moaned against Amy.

“Oh, Yes! That’s it Brenda. I know you porno indir want to cum. I can feel your pussy getting so slick. I know you’re so close Baby…” Max moaned.

Brenda moaned louder, her fingers flying over her clit, made slick by the juices Max was working up with his relentless thrusting. That put Amy right over the edge again. She added her own moans to the mix and began thrusting up into Brenda.

“Oh, yeah, Amy.” Max groaned, “doesn’t her mouth feel good on you…”

“Oooohhhh, yesssssss…” Brenda cried out. “I’m cumming, Max! Oh, fuck me harder! Harder! Yesssssss!”

Max obliged by slamming into Brenda even harder, her whole body being rocked by his fucking. He groaned loudly, then just stopped. His body rocked as he held her hard against him.

“Uuunnnnnggghhh…” he moaned, then “Oh shit!” Max leaned against Brenda and put his hands on the desk to steady himself.

Brenda slipped out from under his arm and sat down in his chair. They all three breathed hard for a few minutes then looked at each other and grinned. Amy was the first to speak. “Whew!” she said. “Don’t you just love it when everybody gets what they want?”

They all laughed, and then Max looked at his watch. “Pardon me ladies. Linger as long as you like, then take the rest of the day to *ahem* enjoy yourselves. I have to go meet my wife.” With that he took his clothes into his adjoining washroom and left them. After he was gone, Amy and Brenda talked over their plans for the rest of the day, then left to carry them out.

Ron walked in the front door after work that afternoon and stopped short. There was a red rose lying on the floor. A trail of rose petals led around the corner, up the stairs and to the bedroom he shared with his wife, Amy. There on the bed was another rose and a note. The note read: Darling husband, I have made some arrangements for our evening, but I had to attend to some of the details personally. Please meet me at the hotel bar on fourth street at 7:00. Love, Amy

“This is different…” thought Ron as he went to the kitchen, still holding the note. “I wonder what she’s up to?” He found dinner warming in the oven. While he ate and showered, he kept wondering. Amy usually left sweet, rambling notes that told him everything he could want to know about where she was going and what she was doing. Ron had to admit he liked this little bit of mystery.

Ron was at the hotel bar at a few minutes before 7:00. It was pretty full, and the only place left to sit were a few stools at the bar. He ordered a drink and looked around while he waited for his wife. It looked like hotel clientele, a business crowd of mostly men, passing a little time in a strange city. Ron checked his watch. He had been waiting for fifteen minutes already. Usually Amy was right on time, something he had always liked about her.

At 7:20 Ron was starting to really wonder when a woman entered the bar. She was blond, very shapely, and wearing a stunning red mini dress that emphasized her cleavage. Her breasts seeming on the verge of popping out of the low cut neckline. He wasn’t the only one looking at the woman. It seemed like every man in the room had his eyes on her chest. Her lips were painted very red, and looked very inviting. He imagined for a moment how those red lips would look wrapped around his cock as it slid into her mouth. He felt his cock twitch at the thought. He guessed every man in the place was thinking the same thing. The woman’s face was made up very exotically, and she looked very hot and ready for action.

As the woman crossed the dimly lit bar, Ron couldn’t believe it. He not only knew her, but it was his wife, Amy! She approached the stool next to him and asked if she might sit there. “Of course,” he stammered out, a bit shocked still. Every man in the place watched as she climbed up on the stool beside him and crossed her long legs. Her skirt rode up high on her thigh, enough to see the red garter attached to the top of her stocking.

Ron recovered enough to ask Amy if she’d like a drink. “I’d love one,” she said, talking just a little bit louder than necessary. “But you don’t have to buy me drinks to have your way with me, Honey. You’re cute, and I like you already.”

The people within hearing range couldn’t help but stare. Amy laid her hand on Ron’s knee and slid it slowly up his thigh. “You ARE looking for a good time, aren’t you?”

He swallowed hard, aware that everyone nearby was looking at them. This wasn’t anything like his wife, and it was making him so horny. He could feel his cock swelling in his pants just looking at her. He couldn’t believe the way she was talking! She was really playing it up for their audience, and he knew any man in the room would love to be right where he was.

“Well, rokettube I was waiting on someone,” Ron told her, getting into the game and making sure others could hear. “but now that you’re here, I may have to change my plans.”

Amy took a card out of her purse. “Why don’t you call your friend and tell her you changed your mind. Here’s the key to my room,

402. I’ll be waiting.” She laid the card down on the bar, stood up and walked off before Ron could even pick up the key card.

Every male eye in the place was on her as she walked out of the bar, her sexy ass hugged by the short red skirt, hoping to get another glimpse of garter. Then those eyes turned back to Ron. He stood there, blown away by the woman who had just walked away from him. A man sitting on the other side of him said, “Hey, if you don’t want to go for it, I’ll make her happy!”

Ron stood up and followed her. He felt the envy of the other men as he went to meet his sexy wife. He was grinning from ear to ear as he pushed the elevator button for the 14th floor. The whole scene had been so totally out of character for Amy, who had never done anything wild like this in the five years he had known her. He was very excited as he wondered what else she had in store for him.

The card worked smoothly in the lock to room

402. The first thing Ron noticed was the shimmering candlelight filling the room, the second was the aroma of roses. There were petals strewn from the door to the bed. The blankets were turned down and the sheets were covered in rose petals. There was a blindfold on the pillow, black ribbons trailing strikingly across the red petals. He imagined placing it over Amy’s eyes, and her having to guess where he would touch her next…

The bathroom door behind him opened and he turned as Amy walked out. She still wore the blond wig, but had taken off her dress. Her body was magnificently displayed in a red bustier, her nipples rosy and aroused atop the lace, with the red garter belt and sheer black stockings. She still wore the red stiletto heels she walked into the bar with. Ron groaned out… “oh, Baby, you look so hot! I want to fuck you so bad!”

“Would you do something for me first?” she asked him, smiling sexily. “Would you let me blindfold you?”

Ron was surprised again, but he agreed. He took off his clothes and sat on the edge of the bed. His cock was already rising in anticipation as Amy put the blindfold on him and told him to lay down. The rose petals felt cool against his back, but immediately warmed. The scent from the crushed petals was sweet. Amy straddled Ron’s chest and slid her hands up his arms, raising them above his head and to the sides. Suddenly he felt something cold encircle his wrist and heard the snick as a metal cuff closed around his wrist.

“What is this?” he asked Amy.

“Relax…” Amy replied as she snapped a cuff on his other wrist. “This is going to be good…” She took the blindfold off and tossed it aside. “That was just so you wouldn’t stop me from restraining you. Now you can lay back and enjoy the show.”

Ron heard the bathroom door open, and into the room walked another woman. She was just a little shorter than his wife, also very sexily built, wearing a peach colored bustier and garter set that contrasted nicely with her dark hair and tanned skin. Ron could not believe his eyes! He turned and looked at Amy. She smiled at him and walked toward the other woman. “Ron,” she said as she took the woman’s hands and placed them on her breasts, “this is Brenda. She and I are very good friends.”

Brenda began rubbing her hands all over Amy’s luscious breasts, finding her nipples and tweaking them between her fingers. Ron was stunned as he watched his wife do the same to her friend. He and Amy had discussed the possibility of a threesome many times, but he never thought anything like this would happen. As far as he had known, her interest in other women was only because he had wanted to see it. But it looked like they were very familiar with each other’s bodies.

Amy reached down between Brenda’s legs and rubbed back and forth in her wetness a couple of times. She made eye contact with Ron before she brought her fingers to her lips and sucked them into her mouth one by one. She heard him groan and smiled. She knelt on the floor and pressed her face into Brenda’s pussy. Brenda parted her legs and put her hand on the back of Amy’s head.

“Oh, yes, honey, lick me…” Brenda moaned. “You know I’m always ready to cum with your tongue.”

So it was true! Ron was not sure what to think now! He was helplessly restrained with two sexy women in front of him, but they were turning to each other! He couldn’t help but be very aroused at the sight of his wife on her knees licking porno another woman’s pussy, though. It was something he had fantasized about for years, and it looked even hotter than he had imagined. He could see her mouth really working on Brenda, catching a glimpse of her tongue every once in awhile, licking across Brenda’s clit and making her shudder.

Amy wrapped her hands around behind Brenda and began rhythmically squeezing her ass as she stroked Brenda’s pussy with her tongue. Brenda was moaning loudly, one hand on the back of Amy’s head and the other working back and forth between her own erect nipples, pulling and twisting them. Suddenly she stiffened and cried out, “Oh yes, Amy, that’s it… I’m cumming… yessssssss…”

Ron could feel his cock throb as Brenda came. Amy just held on and kept her face pressed into Brenda, sucking on her clit as Brenda rocked back and forth. Then Amy buried her face deeper between Brenda’s legs, sliding her tongue the whole length of her pussy over and over again. He could see her face getting wet with cum.

Amy turned and looked at Ron. She stood up and walked over to the bed, smiling. She knelt next to him and kissed him, her face sticky and wet. She plunged her tongue into his mouth and he could taste Brenda’s cum on her. He licked all around her lips, savoring the taste of a another woman’s cum on his wife.

“Mmmmmm…” she responded. “You like that?”

“Oh, yes, Baby, you know this makes me so hot!” Ron replied. “I want to fuck you both.”

Brenda walked around the bed to them. “But I want to lick your wife’s pussy and make her cum,” she said smiling at him. “And you’re just going to have to watch.”

Amy got up so Brenda could lay down on the bed next to Ron. Then she crawled over the top of Brenda so that her pussy and ass were over Brenda’s face, just inches away from Ron’s face. If he wasn’t cuffed to the bed, he could lean over and lick her, but instead he just watched as Brenda reached up and pulled Amy down to her mouth. He watched as Brenda ran her tongue from his wife’s clit all the way to her ass hole. Her tongue circled around Amy’s ass, making her squirm, and then he saw it slide between her pussy lips and into her. He groaned at the sight of his wife being licked by this other woman. His cock was throbbing, and he could feel it oozing pre cum as Amy began moaning and grinding her pussy against Brenda. He could imagine Brenda sucking on her clit and rolling it around with her tongue. He knew Amy liked to have her clit sucked on. He could see her pussy getting wetter and wetter, her juices dripping down over Brenda’s face.

Ron could not see what Amy was doing, but her head was down, and he could tell she was licking Brenda to another orgasm by the way Brenda was moaning. He could feel the two women bucking and shaking against him, their moans a beautiful noise as they both came. As soon as they stopped writhing together in their simultaneous orgasms, Amy moved over so her pussy was right over his face. He could see her cum glistening on her lips. He reached up and licked the cum off her pussy, sliding his tongue inside her to get all he could of her sweet flavor. When she moved off of him, his face was wet with her juice. His cock was so swollen, so aching for attention.

As if they knew exactly what he needed, the two women positioned themselves on either side of Ron. Brenda took his swollen hard-on into her mouth, sucking it right in as far as it would go. He groaned, and then groaned even louder as Amy sucked one of his balls into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue, then the other. The sensation of their two mouths on him was almost more than he could take, but Ron held on. He didn’t want to cum so quickly. It felt too good.

Amy joined Brenda as she ran her lips up and down the length of his cock. Sucking and licking him, he could imagine their lips and tongues meeting around his hardness. Brenda moved down began licking his balls, under them, and all the way down to rim his ass with her tongue, while Amy took his cock deep into her mouth and began really sucking hard, drawing him in and out quickly. Ron began pumping his hips up and down, his cock rock hard, as the two women sucked and licked at him. His hands buried in Amy’s hair, Ron groaned. “I’m going to cum! Suck me hard, Baby!”

He felt a wet finger enter his ass and his cock exploded. “Aaaaaagggghhhhhh…” Ron groaned as his orgasm swept over him. His cock spasmed and his whole body rocked as he came. His cum filled Amy’s mouth and she kept sucking and swallowing until his balls were empty.

He watched Amy and Brenda kiss, sharing his cum, as his body shuddered a couple more times. He still wanted to fuck them both, but after that orgasm he knew it would be a few minutes before he could even lift himself off the bed. Amy uncuffed him and he reached his arms down around both women and drew them up to him. He kissed them both and then lay back, feeling a stir within even after all that had happened, as the women pressed their bodies against him.

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