Good Game

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“That was a good game, too bad you LOST,” I brag to my boyfriend Brad.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah I let you win…as I often have to do just to keep you happy and to keep the peace,” he replies obviously peeved at the fact that his innocent little Debutante girlfriend had just kicked his ass in a game of co-ed singles tennis.

“Do you want to meet me in about an hour for lunch back at the club house, and then head over to Daddy’s to see their new gazebo?” I ask.

“Sure, that’s fine, I love you but I don’t think I can marry a woman who can beat me in tennis, Tiffany,” Brad whines to me.

“Yes you can, you love me, and you love it when I win because when I’m happy everyone’s happy,” I respond embracing him in a big hug and sweet kiss on the lips.

Brad and I had been dating for 3 years, since our junior year at Brown. We met at a college democrats meeting and I’d been there to support my father, who was running for state Senator. Brad had actually been there to meet me. He claims, after we’d started dating, that he’d seen me around campus campaigning and fell in love at first sight. I don’t know if he so much fell in love, as fell in lust; however in our circles my “look” isn’t that extraordinary. I have long, straight brunette hair, am about 5’6” with soft curves, and pert C cup breasts. Brad was actually my first real relationship, most guys think I’m too “goody too shoes” since I’m a politicians daughter at an Ivy League school with a country club membership. But Brad understands that all those things don’t define me, they’re just things I happen to have.

“I can’t wait to be Mrs. Bradley C. Emerson III, but right this second I can’t wait for a shower! I’ll see you in a bit, sweetie!” I yell as I head off to the women’s locker room.

The locker room was fairly empty because it was after lunch and most women have left by this time to pick up their children from school, or get their nails done or what have you. There were three other women there besides me, two of which were dressed and on their way out and one I don’t recall having seen before. She didn’t look like most of the women of Pine Hills and something about her screamed “sex” and I caught myself staring at her unintentionally.

“Tiffany! Sweetie, we must get together and do lunch or something I haven’t seen you since undergrad and now you’re marrying that fabulous Emerson man I know you must be ecstatic!” chirps Melody, an old Brown classmate of mine.

“Oh yeah, definitely call me sometime Mel, I would love to get together for lunch and some catching up,” I retorted. Knowing full well that this is just what women say even when they know they will never call, and never have lunch to catch up. “Mel, who is that girl over there, the blonde one with the white tennis skirt on, I haven’t seen her here before,” I ask.

“Oh, that’s Herman Allowitz’s daughter, she went to Wellesley remember? Oh what’s her name…Reagan, that’s it! Yeah she’s back in town now, don’t know if she graduated, but the story is that she really misses the Wellesley women if you know what I mean,” Melody whispered to me very matter-of-factly.

My eyes fell back onto Reagan; I traced her long tanned legs up her thighs and under her tennis skirt. I imagined what she must smell like, bursa otele gelen escort her sweet sweat and how soft and silky her skin must be. I could feel a tingling in between my legs and I knew my face must be getting red.

“Well Mel, call me, I’ve got to get in the shower before Brad sends a search party for me. Speak with you soon!” I say exchanging air kisses with Melody before she waltzed out of the room along with the other girls who were now fully dressed and apparently with Melody. It was now just Reagan and I in the locker room. I snapped out of my daydream and started to undress to get in the shower. I was pulling my hair up into a pony tail when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Those are nice,” I heard a soft buy breathy voice say as I whirled around to face who I knew must be Reagan.

“Ummm, what are? What are you talking about? I’m straight. I’m engaged see,” I stammered holding up my left hand showing off my sparkling three carat white diamond Tiffany’s solitaire.

“I was talking about your pearls. They’re nice, where did you get them from,” Reagan asked, obviously pretending to ignore the fact that I had just severely embarrassed myself by assuming she was coming on to me.

“Oh, my pearls! They were a gift. An um, graduation gift from my boyfriend, um my fiancé I mean. Yes, Bradley, that’s his name. My fiancé I mean.” I stutter, still nervous and not thinking clearly. She was standing so close to me wearing only a blue sports bra and her white tennis skirt. Her blond hair was pulled into a messy pony tail, and I could still smell the sun on her body. She wad intoxicating and I found myself closing my eyes in an effort to inhale her, saving the memory of her for later.

“Well they’re nice,” she said walking back over to her locker where she began undressing. First she pulled her bra up over her head and tossed it into her Polo bag. Then she let down her hair, it was perfectly cut, and blonde with strawberry blonde high lights. It came down a little past the nape of her neck. She then bent over to pull off her skirt. She was wearing a thong that was barely visible from the back, just the tiny white triangle above the split of her cheeks. Resting just above that triangle was a tiny tattoo of two cherries. The curve in her back was deep, and her legs went all the way up to her soft round ass. Her thighs barely touched, revealing her small tight pussy to me when she bent over to remove her thongs.

I knew I shouldn’t be staring but I couldn’t help myself, she was breath-taking. When she turned around to head towards the shower I immediately starting fumbling with my towel pretending I had been putting my clothes up the whole time. She glided past me to get in the shower.

“Come on Tiff, what are you doing? You’ve got to go; Brad’s going to be waiting on you.” I said to myself in an effort do divert my attention to showering, dressing and leaving to meet my future husband.

I step into the shower and hook my caddy onto the shower head, the steam rose in circles around me and I began lathering my hair apparently over my fantasy, and back into reality. That is until…

“Do you have anymore of that,” Reagan asks pulling back the curtain on my shower staring escort bayan at me naked. Her body was wet and dripping with water. I could see her front now and she had teardrop shaped breasts with small pink nipples that were hard, one of which was pierced. Her stomach was flat and toned and her hips were rounded but still showed off her magnificent hip bones which curved down to her pussy.

“Some more what, exactly,” I saw startled at my invasion of privacy as I rapid search my brain for ways to cover myself, realizing there was nothing there to do so.

“Some more of that shampoo, it smells amazing! I could smell it down in my shower and figured I would ask you if you could spare a little?” she asks innocently. She must have noticed my embarrassment because she added, “Oh sorry for just barging in, I’m used to being around all girls, and we always do stuff like this, I guess I just didn’t think…I’m sorry I’ll go.”

“NO!” I say immediately, and a little to excitedly. “I mean, no, its fine. I mean I played sports and stuff so it’s no big deal. Here you go,” I say handing her the bottle.

“Thanks,” she said smiling. “Do you mind if I just wash my hair here, and that way I don’t have to come back out in the cold to return your bottle?”

“No, um, that’s fine. I mean go ahead,” I say nervously as I move over to make room for the new body in my shower stall.

She took the bottle and squirted a small bit into her hand, and working it to a small lather she begins to work it into her short blonde hair. She closes her eyes, and starts massaging her scalp, working the shampoo into her scalp.

“Mmm, this tingles a little bit,” she moans with her eyes closed, smiling.

“Yeah its good stuff I got it in Martinique last summer,” I explain as I continue watching her. As she rinsed her hair out I found myself not wanting her to go, I wanted to keep watching her, keep following the water trickle down her neck to her stomach, down her pussy lips to her thighs. I found myself wishing I was water so that I could take the journey down her body as it did.

“Know what?” she asked precociously.

“What?” I inquire.

“This shampoo isn’t the only reason I came in here. You want me to touch you, and I know you do so I’m going to do both of us a favor and do it,” she said assertively. And before I could think, answer, or even blink she was kissing me. Her tongue felt so soft in my mouth. Her lips caressed my lips lightly but aggressively, and her tongue explored mine flicking very soft, and deliberately.

Kissing me, she walks me back against the wall of the shower and presses her body into mine. I can feel her nipples rub against mine and the heat from between her thighs warms me making me so turned on that I sneak a thigh in between hers. She raises my arms above my head and breaks our kiss to begin kissing down my body. She starts kissing softly on my neck and then down to my breasts where she sucks softly on my left, then my right nipple. Making sure to knead whichever one she isn’t sucking. With her other hand she plays in my hair, pulling gently. I am completely consumed with pleasure and I allow myself to succumb to her becoming electrified with ecstasy. Moving on from my breasts she mudanya escort gets on her knees and begins kissing up my legs starting at my knees. Her hands are gently caressing my butt and she continues up until she reaches my lips. She spreads my legs more and inhales me. I can feel my pussy getting hotter and hotter the longer she teases me. She delivers kisses along my lips and licks them softly up and down.

“Turn around,” she says.

I obediently comply and turn putting my ass in her face and begin rubbing my hard aching nipples up and down the slippery wet tile on the shower wall. She takes her hand and traces my ass crack before she separates my cheeks and begins kissing my sweet opening. She then begins flicking her tongue up down and around my hole pressing her tongue in harder and harder until she is eventually tongue fucking my asshole. Then she takes her finger and presses it up against my hole. Before I can protest she sticks it in and begins sliding it back out slowly.

“Oh my…ohhh Reagan what…what are you doing? I …I this feels so good. Oh GOD!” I sputter spilling with pleasure.

She answers me by increasing the speed that she pumps her finger in and out of my asshole. She then moves under me and begins licking up my juices that are now dripping out of my soaking wet cunt. With her one hand ass fucking me, she takes her other one and starts making circles around my clit sending a wave of pleasure through my body. She continues to lick my juices slipping her tongue in deeper and deeper into my hot, wet pussy. My body complies with her tongue and keeps getting wetter and wetter, she is sucking me, every drop is met with her tongue and every convulsion is met with more pressure. She begins to increase the pressure on my clit and is furiously licking at my pussy, tongue fucking me as I sit on her face. I feel body began to get weak as I start to cum.

“Oh goooooooooooooooooood Oh fuck, fuck, FUCK. Keep licking me, Ohhh God, keep fucking me. Harder, fuck me harder, I want to cum in your mouth forever!” I yell in compliance with my body’s wishes.

She sticks another finger into my ass as I cum sending another wave of passion through my body and more cum out of my pussy flowing into her awaiting mouth. She licks up my cum moaning into my hole. She begins to suck on my clit, while double fingering my ass hole, and I am still cumming. My legs are barely holding me up, and my eyes are closed, and my breath is short. She keeps sucking as my orgasm subsides and I sit down on the floor of the shower, no longer able to hold myself up. I sit twitching from the muscle spasms and I feel the hot water wash over my body relaxing me as I sit there in my haze of passion.

“Listen, thanks for the shampoo, but I have to go before my father accuses me of seducing Country Club royalty in the ladies room.” She says with an ironic smile. “Do you always play on Thursdays?” she asks.

“Yes… I mean Brad and I do, we um. We play co-ed singles and then have lunch every Thursday here,” I sputter.

“Well then it’s a date,” she says with conviction and walks out.

I finish showering and dry my hair, dress, and rush out to meet Brad. Still able to smell her body, and feel her tongue inside my crevasses.

“Tiff! Where’ve you been? I was worried you’d run away with some other guy and left me,” Brad said smiling, grabbing my hand as we walked towards the dining room.

“Brad don’t be silly, no other man could ever steal me away from you!” I say smiling to myself, knowing that was the honest to God truth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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