Good Neighbors Ch. 23

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There are so many paths in life that one could take that sets off other things. I always thought about that many times, especially after I lost Missy. I met Missy at a restaurant where we were both working. It took about six months until we became friends and another few months before we started dating. I rejected other offers during that time. It was not because I stalked Missy, but because I felt like I was not ready. It would have been way different if I would have dated any of the other offers, but Missy was a wonderful woman. She allowed me to explore my fantasies to an extent and became a great partner.

It was a surprise to me how much Missy confided in my neighbor regarding those things. My neighbor referred to it many times during our times together. The fact she was so up front about her past before Mitchell was a surprise to me. She admitted that she was hurt before, and that Mitchell was her steady knight from courtship to his passing. There were still times she would come over just to talk and allow herself to grieve.

It’s one reason why I finally understood why she was not willing to move in when I asked. The house eryaman escort they lived in represented her husband to her. It was the solid recovery post, even after all the things we did. I figured it out although it took a while. It was at that moment when we were in bed together at her place that it finally clicked. I kissed her a little deeper when it hit. She looked at me lovingly.

“That was different, Romeo,” she said.

‘I just had a thought.”

I could feel her steady herself at that moment. Rather than let her get defensive, I kissed her again and wrapped my arms around her tighter. She started to loosen a little before giving me that look.

“What’s on your mind, Sport?”

“I’m an idiot.”

She laughed a little.

“You’ll grow out of it.”

We both started to laugh before we just lay there cuddling each other. There were no words. It was just pure romance. She lay with me, letting me hold her. After the argument and making up, it felt right. It was a little while before we were both asleep. I started to dream of Missy telling me everything was alright and her kissing me on the forehead like I had escort ankara always done to her. I could feel my neighbor stirring in my arms before I opened my eyes.

I saw her laying on her back, but still asleep. I was going to go back to sleep before I noticed I was aroused. I slowly slid on top of her and started to rub my cock against her lips. Her privacy was already wet before I slid the tip in before I whispered to her. Her eyes began to open, and she smiled at me. It was that smile I liked that told me to go in. I slowly slid inside her before I paused again to kiss her. It was a lazy kiss. It was the kind of kiss you give when you are not trying to be too forward. I started to stroke inside her at an easy pace. It was all about sharing with her versus trying to kink things up. It was one of my favorite things about her was that she could do both. As I started feeling my arms burn, she looked into my eyes before she smiled.

“Need me to take over, Stud?”

I slid out of her and flipped over. She slowly slid on top of me, sliding me inside her and taking over. My hands were on her hips as she slowly moved sincan escort on me. She took her time, savoring the movement before she leaned forward and kissed me softly.

“Is this okay? I was dreaming that he told me it was alright. I just had to; you know?”

I smiled at her before I kissed her back and pressed down on her hips. I could feel myself emptying my soul inside her. She kissed me deeply back before she slid off me.

“You had a similar dream, didn’t you?” she asked me.

“Before I woke up, Missy kissed me on the forehead.”

I started to tear up a little.

“When you seduced me, I didn’t even think about it. Mostly because we became so close before it happened. When we argued, I felt like I lost my world all over again. It was like she was telling me everything was alright.”

My neighbor turned towards me, her hair cascading over her chest.

“I never want you to call yourself an idiot again. You are learning things just like before. The only difference is that I am here. I am not sure what the future holds for us. All I know is that you are here now, and I want you here. Maybe not in my house twenty-four seven, but I am here for whatever we need. Whether you want to talk or fuck or whatever. Are you alright with that, Romeo?”

I leaned in to kiss her again before I held her close.

“I think I can deal with that.”

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