Good Neighbours in a Lucky Summer

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Good Neighbours in a Lucky Summer

Although most of my friends at the time claimed that they had carnal knowledge, I was somewhat sceptical, as I had never met any of the girls they had claimed to have had in this position or that position and was sure that most of it was wishful thinking.

As I was very shy it was very difficult for me to pluck up the courage to ask a girl for a date let alone anything more intimate.

I was about 5’10” and 170 Lbs mostly muscle as sport was my main out let for all of my pent up energy, I had been told that I was a handsome boy with long light brown hair and deep light green eyes protected by long eye lashes, but then that was my mum and she was bound to be biased. We lived in a large house, in a very exclusive and expensive are a of London, that had been converted into three flats, we live on the ground floor, the second floor was empty, as the previous occupants had decided to start afresh in New Zealand, and the third floor was occupied by an old couple that had been leaving there long before my family had moved in, Mr. and Mrs. Kein kept themselves very much to themselves and were very quite so that you never knew if they were in or out.

Things changed for me in a big way when the new tenants moved in.

I was doing a bit of gardening for my mum at the front of the house; our flat included both the front and rear gardens as part of the lease, when the removal van drew up followed by an old Daimler. As I looked up the most beautiful woman I had ever seen opened the passenger door of the car and begun exiting. My eyes almost popped she was wearing the shortest of skirts, no stockings or tights, and had gorgeous sun tanned long legs that didn’t seem to end without a single blemish. Once she had exited the vehicle and stood up looking at the house my hungry eyes took more of her in, she was about 5’ 9” in her flat sandals, she had a very trim waist approximately 26” and was wearing a low cut blouse that showed her ample cleavage, her breasts looked to be what I would say very well proportioned to the rest of her body, I would guess 34DD.

Her facial features looked as though they had been sculpted by a genius, thick pouting lips coated in a brilliant red lipstick, set in an oval shaped face with a cute nose whose tip slightly tilted upwards, very dark eyes almost coal black with thin eyebrows and eyelashes much longer than my own all this topped with long wavy raven black hair, hazarding a guess I would have said she was in her early to mid forties but her suntanned skin seemed so free of wrinkles or creases that I couldn’t be sure.

I stood there drawling as my cock sprung to life, I wasn’t the only one amazed by this woman’s perfection, the removals men were now out of the van and were looking straight at her and were obviously exchanges thoughts as to what they would like to be doing with her and I am sure it wasn’t to do with shifting furniture.

She strutted past me without a second glance and I was left in wonder and disappointment in her wake, I hadn’t really noticed her husband who was now standing by the removals van giving instructions or her daughter who tugged alongside her father. The husband was obviously much older, I’d say he was in his early sixties and looked rather frail and underweight, he was only about 5’6” and balding, however he looked as though he had been rather a handsome man in his earlier years and his voice seemed to boom as he gave instructions to the removals men, which was very surprising for a man of his size.

The daughter was a younger version of the mother and was about 16 years old. I was still day dreaming about her mother when she spoke to me, “Hi ya my name is Alison and we are moving in to the second floor, are you the gardener?”

As I said I am very shy with girls, but that is with girls of my own age or older and so I was very relaxed in her company, “No I am not the gardener.” I said smilingly “I live on the ground floor and we are responsible for the gardens and as they are only small and mainly lawn I do the gardening for pocket money.”

“Oh, I am sorry.” she said “I hope you don’t think I was being rude, it’s just seeing what a nice garden it is, I genuinely thought you were a professional gardener.”

God how old does she think I am I thought, I smiled at her and said “My names Paul and as I said we live on the ground floor, there’s me my mum and dad and the twins Kim and Oliver, they are about your age.”

Just then her father walked up to us and introduced himself, “I am Mr.Stolker, but you can call me Alex, I take it my daughter has already introduced herself and my wife’s name is Vera, do you do the gardening often?” he asked.

Alison giggled as little girls do and explained who I was at which her father apologized and went into the house with his daughter running off after him.

I didn’t see much of them for a few days, until Vera came downstairs and knocked on the door my mum answered the door and invited her in.

She walked in and if anything the skirt seemed shorter than before and my cock stood up in salute at kırşehir escort this sex goddess, she was wearing a jumper that did very little to hide the fact that she was without bra and had massive nipples.

“I haven’t been shopping yet and I was wondering if I could borrow a cup of sugar, once I go shopping I’ll return it.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, I have an extra bag somewhere, I’ll get it for you>” my mum told her.

As my mum went off to find the sugar Vera looked at me, I had sat down to hide the tent in my trousers, but was sure that her eyes were resting on my cock. “You must be Paul, Alison has told me what a good looking young man you are and I can see my daughter has very good tastes, but you look a bit uncomfortable Paul, can I help?” as she said this she run her tongue over her lips. “Uh no Mrs.Stolker, I am fine thank you.” “No Paul I won’t have it, you must call me Vera unless of course you feel I am so old that you can’t bring yourself to do that little thing for me.”

I was tongue tied for a second or two and was sure that I was as red as a beetroot, “OK Mrs. Stolker I’ll try and remember that.”

Thankfully my mother came back with the bag of sugar to save me from further embarrassment.

“By the way Jean, I hope you don’t mind me calling you Jean.” Vera said to my mum and continued before mum had a chance to reply, “I appreciate that the lease doesn’t allow for us to use the garden but would you terribly mind if Alison played in the garden from time to time and I did a bit of sunbathing on those few days that the weather is good enough to?”

My mum seemed at a loss as to what to say but eventually agreed

When Vera had left us my mum was tatting to herself about how a woman of Vera’s age should be wearing proper clothing if she is going to visit or at least clothing that covered a bit more of her body.

Alison begun to call on us regularly and spent a lot of time playing with the twins as they were all off school for the summer. She would come and chat to me while I was gardening or reading my books, she was a nice kid and I found out that Alex was not her real dad, who had left her and her mother shortly before she was born. Her mother came from a small village in the South of England and this being the early sixties it was frowned upon to be a single mother and I thought this explained the reason why such a beauty had married a man so much older.

One day about six months after they had moved in I was sat at the bottom of the stairs leading to their flat trying to mend Alison’s Toy Puppet and Alison was standing next to me, when her mum came down the stairs and stood a couple of steps above us. I looked up and saw my first real cunt; she was wearing a longer skirt than normal that flared out, and stood there with her legs parted wide. She was completely shaved and her cunt lips were engorged and open and I could make out little diamond droplets as though her cunt was sweating. My cock came to attention immediately and I wanted to grab her and fuck her there and then on the stairs like I remembered seeing in one of the porn films my cousin had taken me to see while on holiday abroad the previous summer.

Did she know I was looking straight at her cunt? Was she doing it deliberately? Was it a thrill for her to make me suffer like this?

I couldn’t answer any of these questions and just then she closed her legs.

“You’re a good boy Paul helping Alison with her toys, maybe one day you can help me with mine, would you like that?”

“Yes Mrs.Stolkkk, I mean Vera.” I said remembering her request.

It was only a few days later when she called on us to return the sugar, “Jean, do you thing I could borrow Paul to help me with some things I want to put away in some of the top shelves in the kitchen, as by the time Alex comes home he is too tired and we keep having to put it off. I’ll pay him of course she added.”

“Ok Vera, his not doing anything right now anyway.” My mum told her.

With that I was instructed to go and help aunty Vera like a good boy.

I followed her up the stairs; she was wearing what for her were very staid clothes. Once in the flat I noticed there was no Alison and asked Vera where she was.

“Alison has gone to spend the day with a friend so we are on are own, why would you feel safer if we had someone else here.” she asked.

“Ah I was just wondering Mrs.Stol..I mean Vera.” I said.

“Ok Paul I’ll just slip into something more comfortable and we’ll get to work.” When she returned I just wanted to jump on her and devour her, she was wearing one of her shortest skirts with a low cut blouse that seemed to be held up purely by her nipples, just the sight of her dressed like a complete slut almost made be cum, my cock was rock hard.

“Do you like my new blouse?” she asked in a casual way as though there was no problem being in a room and revealing almost all you have to a young red blooded virgin that’s gasping to be fucked with anything other than his palm.

“Ohh Ohh its great Mrs….Vera.” kocaeli escort I said wondering how I was going to hide my erection. “You don’t think the skirt is a bit on the short side do you Paul?” she asked. “Ah not really.” I said thinking any shorter and there would be no point to actually wear it unless it was to keep your waist warm

She knew how to tease, that was for sure, we begun tiding the kitchen and she would make sure that whenever opportunity allowed I was given a glimpse of her tits and her arse covered my small silky knickers just enough to make sure my cock stayed erect.

I wasn’t sure what to do maybe if I grabbed her and pulled her to me she might slap me and tell me I had the wrong impression and would tell her husband, but the stiffness is my cock was now becoming almost painful.

Thankfully she must have thought that she had tortured me enough and left the room on the pretext that she was visiting the loo, when she returned she said she would pack away in the top cupboard while I handed things up to her. With that she climbed the step ladder and I turned round to pick up the first box, when I turned round again I was staring straight at her cunt which looked freshly shaven and glistened with moisture. I just looked at it not knowing what to do next, “Why don’t you give my friend a little kiss Paul, I know she’ll like that and has been waiting for it all morning.”

I hesitated for an instant, not sure that I wanted to do that then my cock took over my thought processes and I leaned over and moved towards her cunt, the heat it was giving off was unbelievable it was as though I was putting my head into an oven. I kissed her cunt tentatively fully expecting to dislike doing it, I was surprised there was a smell but not an altogether unpleased scent, I kissed her cunt again and she egged me on “That’s nice Peter now lick it I am sure you’ll like it and if you don’t we can do something else.”

I liked the outer lips that were now puffed and then moved further in kissing and licking the outer lips, it surprised me as to how sweet she tasted and I begun to enjoy eating her hairless cunt. I was beginning to get really into it and was almost out of control when she pushed my head back, during this she had been facing away from me and had slightly bent over to give me access. She climbed down the steps and went back up and sat on the top step opening her legs wide so I could see all of her glorious cunt in all its splendor, “Now I can watch but be gentler with my friend otherwise she wont want to play and pay attention to your instructor and she’ll teach you how to eat cunt so that any woman lucky enough to allow you to eat her will be eternally grateful.”

I didn’t need to climb any steps, as the stepladder we were using was the perfect height for me to stand at the bottom with my face is line with her cunt. I went back to work heeding her request and gently kissed her outer lips and wiped them with me tongue using long thick strokes, she was now moaning softly and I pushed my tongue further finding her fleshy inner lips and licking them gently from top to bottom and alternating at regular intervals. “Oh yes that’s nice, suck on my labia gently.” she said “Oooohh suck …..the inside well, ooo yes that’s nice…” I was happy with her encouragement and continued, she held my head in place and instructed further “Moove yooour tongue uuup … that’s it can you oh yes .. can you feeeel that ….that’s it where your ttongue is thhhats my clit …lick the top ohhh good now suuck it.” I had found what she was talking about it was a about an inch long, which surprised me as I thought it was supposed to me small and searched for but this was definitely ant small and I had found it easily enough and I begun sucking on it.

“Paul….yourrr fingggers….finnger… me..” I inserted two fingers straight into her cunt she was completely soaked they slipped in with ease and I begun finger fucking her, I had a hand free and moved it up to her cunt and tried to insert two more fingers but this was difficult in the position we were in, I swapped hands, my fingers were coated in thick cunt sap and saliva juices I moved my had up and used my thumb to part her cunt more and my fingers brushed her anus it was as though she’d been electrocuted, “Yessss my arrrrse ….pllleeasee….” I wasn’t sure what she meant I lifted a finger and begun gently rubbing her anal entrance, it was throbbing I pushed the finger and felt her sphincter give way as my finger entered her anal passage and I begun fucking her with it. She was shrieking in delight so I brought the second finger, which was still wet with her cunt juice, and pushed it into her arse, her sphincter muscles sucked it in.

I was now fucking her cunt with two of my fingers and sucking her clit, while two fingers from my left hand were deeply imbedded in her anus, she suddenly let out a stifled scream, “Ahhhhhh…. Fuuuckk ..yeehhs …” and ejaculated thick creamy cunt fluids, which hit my chin and trickled down the outside of my throat. I quickly left her clit and pulling my fingers konya escort out of her cunt, covered the whole of her cunt into my mouth and begun sucking and licking her for all I was worth trying to suck out every drop of her nectar and still fucking her arse. She climbed down from her high and pushed me away, “That was good Paul I can see you’re a natural cunt sucker but I can’t manage any more attention on my cunt at the moment, so I think its time you received some education on these.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes she had just pushed her tits and was holding those wonderful orbs one in each hand, they were absolutely perfect and stood out firm with huge pointed brown nipples that were fully erect and begging to be sucked, I had never seen nipples that big in any of the nude pictures that I had seen and was awe struck, the areola was a very dark brown and covered about a third of the area at the top of each breast.

My cock was now very uncomfortable and was straining to be released, my balls were hard as rocks and were almost painful; she came down the stepladder and saw the tent in my trousers. She liked her lips, “Paul, you are a good boy, we’ll have to do something about that so that your able to concentrate on the next lesson.” She said it casually but there was no mistake as to what she was referring to as she glanced straight at my tent pole when she said it.

We made our way to her bedroom and she sat on the bed motioning me to go to her. I moved so that I was standing directly in front of her, she didn’t hesitate and went straight to my hips and pulled my track suit bottoms downwards but they snagged on my cock, she put her hand inside and gently pushed my cock back .so that she was able to lower them further, just the feel of her touch on my cock through the thin flimsy cotton of my Y fronts virtually had me releasing my load, she sensed this and moved her hand to the base of my cock and squeezed, “We can’t let that happen yet, think of the waste.” She said in a matter of fact way as if she was talking about a milk spill.

Once the tracksuit bottoms were down to below my knees she lent forward and liked the head of my cock, which was by now pocking over the waist of my Y fronts, “Nice I like fresh young cock, it’s so alive.” While saying this she lowered my Y fronts all the way done and my cock sprung out in front of me, I relieved myself of my bottom garments quickly without too much movement and stood there in front of her.

Putting her hands on my buttocks she pulled me close to her and took my 7” inch cock into her mouth, my cock is very thick but she didn’t seem to have any problem accommodating it, I was well aware that I wouldn’t be able to last long with all the attention she was paying to my member but she seemed to know exactly what to do and when to do it. She licked the outside and left large amounts of saliva all along the shaft then placing the head in her warm moist mouth she used her hands to masturbate my pole which was smooth and slick with the saliva deposited earlier by her tongue, while my cock head was in her mouth she would caress it with her tongue, whenever I reached a peak and was near releasing the fruit of my balls, she would immediately stop and squeeze the base of my cock, her timing always seemed to be perfect.

“Paul, has any girl told you your cock is absolutely delicious? I am going to swallow the whole thing do you think you’d like that?”

“Oh yes Mrs. Sto…I mean Vera, I think I would like that very much.” I said in a whisper. “Good,” she said “now just stand there and lets see how we are going to manage this.” She pushed me slightly away from the bed and knelt down in front of me, she turned to the side and opened a drawer by the side of the bed and took out a jar, I couldn’t tell what it was exactly, she opened it and placed it somewhere behind me, then pulled me to her and opened her mouth and placing her hands on my arse cheeks pulled me towards her dipping her head slightly to take my penis in her mouth. It was like entering a very warm but damp cavern, she stopped when about half my cock was in her mouth and seemed to adjust her breathing pattern, using her nose to inhale and exhale. I was very worked up at this stage and wanted to push my cock all the way in and use her mouth like a cunt, but, sensing this she place a hand on my stomach to stop me moving forward, my cock was now like a steel rod and at that stage where it needs release so much that it can’t open the appropriate valve, as though it has ceased and my balls were bloated like they had never been before and in fact ached, she had been playing with my cock for at least 30 minutes now and I had reached umpteen peaks during that time only for her to make me come down again, she was definitely in full control.

I was moaning and groaning and wanted her to finish me so that I could have my release. She however had other ideas and I felt her hand move to my arse hole and something cool touched my anal opening, This was then followed by a prod from her finger, I was not expecting any of this and my anal muscles clenched, I looked down at her as she looked up at me and her eyes seemed to be saying let me do it my way and you’ll enjoy it. I decided that after all the finger fucking I had done to her anus it was only fair she’d be allowed to do mine, after all if I didn’t like it I was in a far better position to stop her than she was to stop me.

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