Good Vibrations

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Big Tits

Right! I have finally done it! I have ordered my first vibrator. I was so extremely nervous when the package arrived at the office in a non-descript brown cardboard box. While signing for it I was blushing so hard that the delivery guy probably thought I was having a stroke!

For most of the day the box sat there on my desk, and I was sure that everyone had suddenly developed x-ray vision and could see exactly what was inside the plain packaging. When the day was finally over I grabbed it and practically ran to my parking space.

Once safely ensconced in my car I finally started to relax.

It all started the previous week. Nancy and I were sitting outside having our lunch on a gloriously sunny day. At some point she leaned over conspiratorially and whispered “Denise, how long have you been single now?”

After giving it some thought I replied that it must have been about 4 or 5 years now. “That long?” she gasped. “But how are you dealing with stress without a man?”

I thought that it was quite a strange question and commented that I didn’t need a man right now.

“No, but how are you dealing with things in…you know…the bedroom?”

Again the question confused me. I had nothing to deal with in my bedroom!

“Denise, do I have to spell it out for you? How are you, you know, relieving pressure?”

I finally caught on. Başakşehir escort bayan “Oh! Gosh, I…um…oh!” I stammered.

Nancy gave me a pitying look. “You should get yourself a vibrator. I have one for when Frank isn’t around and it sure helps! But don’t go for a cheap one! They are just nasty and stop working after a few uses.”

I was sure that by now I was blushing so much that I looked like an angry tomato!

“But, but, do I have to go into a…you know, a sex shop? I don’t like those!” I stuttered.

Nancy laughed and said “No silly! Just order it online! And they deliver discreetly these days. No-one will know!”

And so, after lunch, I marshalled my credit card and, after a brief search, ordered one that had good online reviews. And so the wait began.

After getting home I quickly hurry to my bedroom and remove my new acquisition from its plain delivery packaging. That is when I realised that the actual packaging was a lot more risqué. It had a picture of a buxom brunette staring seductively at me on the cover. I swallowed hard. What have I gotten myself into?!

I finally take it out. It is a soft, pale lavender and has a pleasant silky feel to it. It has an egg-shaped section with a cable leading to a control unit. Only two buttons; an on/off switch and a function selector. I carefully Escort Bayrampaşa insert the batteries and try the on switch. It immediately buzzes like an enraged wasp and, with a squeak, I throw it down on the bed. There it lies angrily buzzing away. I am sure that the whole neighbourhood can hear its angry drone!

After a few seconds I realise that I am being silly and that the buzz is actually quite subdued. I turn it off again and read the packaging.

“For vaginal use only,” I read. Right, like I was going to try and swallow it or something!

Suddenly a small packet falls out of the packaging. “Personal Lubricant” it proclaims. As I stand there looking at the toy and lube in front of me, I start wondering if this was such a good idea.

“Don’t chicken out now, Denise!” I tell myself. “You’ve come this far!” I give a deep sigh and start undressing.

I am finally naked and lying on my bed. After tearing open the packet of lube I apply the clear slick fluid to my vagina. I’ve never masturbated before so the feel of this cool fluid on my inner parts makes me gasp. For a while I lie there gently spreading the lube all over my clit, enjoying the pleasurable sensations. Clearly I have been missing out on quite a lot!

“If it feels that good with my fingers, what must it be like with the toy?” I wonder. Beşiktaş escort

I pick it up and turn it on. The buzz feels like it is making my whole hand come alive! But what to do now? The packaging didn’t give much advice apart from the obvious piece on where to use it.

“Oh well,” I think and press the humming device against my clit. I immediately go cross-eyed and start gasping! It feels like all the energy in the universe is focused on my clit! I yank the toy away. That was intense!

Come on, it can’t be that difficult! Thousands of women use these!” I scold myself.

Maybe I was too eager to get going. I shall try again but softer this time. With some trepidation I gently place the buzzing egg against my clit. This time it feels much better! Wave after wave of pleasant vibrations travel through me. I have never felt anything like it! I start moving it gently and a moan escapes my lips. This is incredible! After a few seconds I can feel a strange, wonderful sensation building. I am still pondering this awesome feeling when my first ever orgasm hits me.

I cry out, riding a wave of ecstasy. Please don’t ever let this end! I forget about everything around me, the sensations running through me consume me completely. It is pleasure like I have never experienced before! I gasp and moan and cry out while incredible sensations flood through me.

After a while the sensation fades and I let the toy fall out of my hand. It lies on the bed, still buzzing, while I try and get my breath back. Tentatively I reach for my clit and moan as I make contact with my still pulsing self. What a feeling! I pick up the toy again. After all, I have 6 more settings to try…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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