Got Milk? – Delilah , Mac Ch. 10

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[6 Years Earlier]

It is lunchtime at middle school. 12-year-old Mac is sitting at one of the tables inside the cafeteria. Along with him is his small close group of buddies:

12-year-old David, who Mac has known since 2nd grade; 13-year-old Jesse, who was held back a grade (making him the oldest by a few months); and lastly, Phillip (the youngest, since he turned 12 the previous month), who got the nickname “Wingz” due to his love of hot wings.

Collectively, they called themselves the “Kliq”, as a tribute to their favorite WWE wrestlers, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. As with every other school day, they are currently talking about the recent events of wrestling. Mac munches on his almost-stale chicken nuggets as the rest of the crew listens to Phillip discuss the recent WWE events.

“Do you think CM Punk is gonna turn into a bad guy now? I mean, he just gave the Rock the GTS after Rock tried to save Cena” Phillip asks the others as he sips on his chocolate milk.

“I dunno, but I hope not, man. He was doing really great as a good guy since he became the champion” Mac replies.

Jesse smirks at Mac as he gulps down the last of his Pepsi can. “So what? Cena is like, THE guy for the company. And with Rock coming back, they are just setting up Punk to lose the title to Rock so Cena can fight him at WrestleMania again.”

“But that isn’t fair to Punk” Phillip says to Jesse. “I mean, he’s had that belt for over 300 days, and they are just gonna have him lose to Rock so he can just fight Cena again? He already beat Cena last year!”

David swallows his slice of pizza and chimes in “Psh… yeah, ‘Once In A Lifetime’ my ass! I’m getting sick of Cena!”

“I don’t think Cena really cares about your opinion, dude” Mac says to David, chuckling.

“Man, shut your candy ass up!” David says back at Mac, laughing. Mac shakes his head at him and says “Remind me to put you in the friggin’ Sharpshooter once we get outside.” Jesse laughs and says to Mac “Like he will. He’s too busy fantasizing about AJ Lee!”

Unbeknownst to everyone, Sandra, Phillip’s twin sister, approaches the group with a girl walking next to her. As she makes her way behind Phillip, she lightly smacks her brother on the back of his head.



“Hey, ugly, are you guys still talking about stupid wrestling or whatever?” she asks in a sarcastic manner. Phillip rubs his head, and astutely says to his sister “You know we’re twins, right? Doesn’t that make you ugly, too?”

That sly burn produces a lighthearted “OOOOOOOOOOH!” from the rest of the boys. “Haha, damn, good one, Wingz!” David says in acclaim to Phillip. Sandra shoves David on his right shoulder as he laughs, almost falling out of his chair. “Ugh, whatever! Anyway, I wanted to introduce you guys to my best friend here.”

“Wait, you have friends?” Jesse quietly says, which results in more playful laughter. “I heard that, Jesse! Shouldn’t you be in, like, HIGH SCHOOL by now?”

The new girl next to Sandra begins to laugh, but then catches herself. As David and Phillip begin to laugh at Jesse, Mac notices the outfit that the new girl is wearing: A black, brand-new-looking CM Punk T-Shirt, along with blue jeans, brand-new-looking low-cut black converse sneakers and barely-visible black ankle socks. Studying her, Mac smiles lightly, as he seems to be smitten with the choice of clothing she is wearing.

“Wait…” David says mid-laughing. “You said this girl is your best friend? How come we’re just meeting her now?” he asks Sandra. Sandra shakes her head at David and says “She just got transferred from a different school on the other side of town.”

“The real question is…” Jesse says, looking at the new girl, “how the hell did she manage to wear that outfit here to school? We have to wear school uniforms, don’t we?”

Slightly blushing, the new girl says to Jesse “Well, I originally wanted to make an impression on my first day, but Sandra here failed to mention to me that there was a dress code!” Sandra rubs her head in grief “Geez, I said I was sorry! I was just too excited to finally see you here, it just slipped my mind!”

“I’m pretty sure a lot of things slip your mind, Sandy. I’m surprised you remembered to breathe!” the new girl says while giggling, which causes another “OOOOOOOOH!” session from the so called “Kliq”. Sandra scoffs at her “Whatever, you wannabe ‘Diva’, or whatever they’re called!”

David leans in to Mac, and whispers to him “Damn, bro, this girl’s got some fire to her!” Mac nods back to him “No kidding, Dave, She’s pretty funny…”

“So… I take it you’re a fan of CM Punk, too…?” the new girl softly asks Mac, who almost doesn’t notice that she is talking to him. “Er, huh, um, w-what?” He stumbles as he looks up at her, her smile eradicating even the slightest negativity he has had for that day. The new girl giggles, and points at his wrist. “That watch you’re wearing… that’s aliağa escort a Punk watch, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yeah, yes… I got it when the guys and I went to a WWE show with my 2 cousins last December” he says, grinning and showing off his watch. The new girl smiles even wider “Whoa, that’s pretty badass, man! All I really got is this shirt. I ordered it online, and I figured it would be a good time to finally wear it today. I’m just glad it fits, hehe!”

Seeing how they both seem to be hitting it off quite well, Sandra shakes her head at the new girl and says “Anyway, these are the guys I was telling you about that hang with my brother. That’s Dave, Jesse and Mackenzie.”

Mac sighs, looking at Sandra as he stands up. “You know I hate being called that!” he shouts as Sandra sticks out her tongue at him. Offering his right hand to the new girl, he softly says to her “You can just call me ‘Mac’.”

The new girl smiles, and softly offers her right hand back towards his. “Delilah… but you can call me ‘Del’ if ya want. Hehe.”

Shaking her hand, Mac smiles back at Delilah and nods “It’s nice to meet you, Del.”

Delilah sweetly replies “It’s really nice to meet you, too.”

[Present Night]

Delilah bites her lip as she looks at Mac, feeling him stumble with his hands trying to reach for her spread out legs. As she curls her pantyhosed covered toes into each other, she teases him more with her words. “Yeah… that’s it. Take over me the way you want. I’m not going anywhere. You’ve been hard for me and my feet for all these years, haven’t you? Hehe, I can already imagine how hard and antsy you are…”

With deep, agitated breaths, Mac stares at her and says, “God… your feet… your f-feet…”

“You’re turned on by my sweaty feet, tiger? Hmm? All covered by my smooth pantyhose? You want them that badly?”

“Yes… y-yes…”

“Hehe… you wanna fuck them, Mac?”

“God, yes!”

Del softly pushes Mac back with her feet, and goes brings her legs back her way. Tightening the grip on her ankles, she begins to place her arches together. The pantyhose rubs easily against each other from the sweat, combined with the saliva it is drenched with from the previous worship session from Delilah and Mac. The arches finally connect, creating an innovated foot-vagina.

Delilah smiles, scrunches toes once more, and finally instructs him with a unique interest. “Go ahead, tiger… Fuck my feet.”

One whole year since the incident. One entire year of fear, doubt and uncertainty. One complete year of pain and regret. It all vanishes as Mac finally enters his hungry penis into Del’s awaiting arches. Delilah opens her mouth wide in awe as Mac groans immediately from the feeling.

This is all completely new and foreign to him; the softness of her feet, the smoothness from her pantyhose, and the dampness from the sweat and saliva. Mac’s penis becomes completely engulfed to the love, seduction and inspiration of Delilah’s feet. Grabbing her ankles along with her, Mac looks down and sees the Voltron-like connection between their hands, her feet, and his cock. This is it. This is what he has been waiting for ever since they met.

Delilah nods on and carries on with her dirty talk and instructions. She is so determined and aroused, that she is going to do her absolute best to please her boyfriend, along with herself. “Now… thrust. Get all in there.”

And thrust he does. Taking slow, but steady pokes, Mac quietly focuses as he begins to penetrate her sweaty feet. Delilah watches carefully, making sure that she has a secure grip on her ankles. She wants this to last as long as he could manage it, and it is obvious that she is enjoying every single second of it. She bends her legs apart more, allowing her feet to come closer to her face.

Delilah watches and studies the head of Mac’s hardened penis as it peaks through her arches, only to be swallowed back into her feet. It repeats the process, as if her feet were giving birth to it. She can hear him softly groaning, and that alone makes her blush with sweat even more. She feels a tingle inside her, as this is turning her on to the extreme. It was something new and exciting. And not only that, she gets to share it with the one person she loves more than anyone else. Her best friend. Her boyfriend. Her Mac.

Taking a groan-induced exhale, Delilah asks, “How do my feet feel, tiger?”

Mac grunts, enjoying his euphoric high “Ugh… so… so amazing…”

Del giggles as she licks her lips at him. “Do they feel like everything you thought about whenever you jerked off to them?”

Not ashamed anymore, Mac nods as he thrusts even deeper between her arches. “Fuck yes… I thought about them every day.”

“Hehe… what did you think about when you masturbated to my feet? Tell me,” she asks as she scrunches her toes hard around his cock, letting them take in the top of it as it slides çiğli escort in and out. Hearing him moan from that gives her an accomplished grin, and she feels him begin to thrust with more authority.

Grabbing her ankles even tighter, she asks again, “Come on, sweetheart… tell me…”

“Mnng…. uugh… I thought about… you playing with them in your flats at school… or at my house even…”

“What else…?”

Mac begins to increase his speed, pounding into her feet at an accelerated pace. This results with Del closing her eyes and opening her mouth wide once more, feeling the rush of pleasure flow through her veins. Mac answers her “Ugh… I remember one night, about 2 months ago… when I was over here and I spent the night…”

Delilah smiles and listens, feeling her back softly bash into the couch from his ever increasing force. “Uh huh… keep… going…” she says with deeper breaths than normal, allowing her toes to flex and curl teasingly around his thrusting cock. Mac shivers at the feeling of her wiggling toes, and Delilah smirks at him “Come on, say it…”

“You were… asleep, and I was… I was so horny…” Mac says as his penetration gets even more intense. Delilah could feel it, and she looks up at him again. “Hehe, I bet. So what did you do?”

He finally admits, “Uughh… I saw one of your white flats lying under the bed… I couldn’t… I couldn’t help myself, so I t-took it… and snuck into your restroom…”

Del whispers “Go on… tell me what you did to my flat…”

“I… I…”

“Come on, you can do it, Mac… tell me what you did to my stinky ballet flat…” She presses her feet together around his cock tighter, and she doesn’t let go. Mac bites his lip harder, and Delilah asks him again “Say it, tiger… what did you do to my worn out flat? Tell me… tell me with you did with it…”

Mac finally confesses “Mnng… after sniffing it, I just… c-couldn’t take it anymore… I took out my dick… t-took it out and then I forced it into the area of the flat where the toes go… then… then I squeezed it tightly around my dick…”

“Hehehehe… did you fuck it?”

That makes Mac thrust even harder, and Delilah her giggles. “Did you fuck my smelly flat in the bathroom? Did you have sex with it? Hehehe.” Mac finally nods, and he caresses her bent knees. Delilah shows a fake look of shock, and says “No wonder my flats are already so worn out! Haha! So how did it feel?” she asks, making her toes pop again.

She could feel the force gaining momentum, and she adjusts to it as best as she could. She knows that this was getting him even more riled up. She asks him “Did it feel good fucking my shoe?”

“All I know is, it was something I NEEDED to do. I was going crazy that night.”

“… Did you, like, explode in it?”

Mac was silent, unsure if he should admit that to her. She shakes her head, and says to him “Oh, come on and be real with me! You know you want to tell me, so just do it! Did you cum in my stinky shoe???”

Mac finally gives in, and admits “Yes… yes I did.”

“Hehe, how much was it?”

“A… a lot. I think… I think I almost filled up the heel…”

“Haha, oh, God! You’re such a nasty dork!” Scrunching her toes again, she asks him another question, “Have you jerked off since then?” Mac frowns as he softly says “No… it’s been kinda difficult ever since my… my parents started arguing. I never get the privacy or time anymore.”

Delilah frowns along with him, relating to his pain. “Damn… I can imagine how it is. Always stressed, and sexually frustrated… always gotta worry about who’s in the next room.”

Mac nods “Uugn…. yes… it’s been a nightmare…”

“I bet you’re just DYING to unleash all of that out, aren’t you?”

Mac nods softly, grabbing her ankles once again. Delilah smiles. “Hey, Mac…” Mac looks up at her. “Yeah…?”

“Hehehe… got milk?”

Mac looks at her with a confused gaze. Delilah laughs, and stares at his thrusting cock between her feet, giving him the obvious clue. She asks again, “Got milk for me, tiger?”

He finally gets the innuendo, and laughs back at her. “Oh, yeah… I got milk… lots and lots of it.”

Delilah chuckles and flexes her toes high. “Good… because I am going to make sure you get all of it out of your system by the end of the night. Remember… no holding back. I want you to be yourself, and I want you to take my feet the way you want to take them.”

Mac looks at her, getting a concerned look. “I… I don’t want to hurt you, Del…”

“I assure you… you won’t. Be aggressive. I can take it. My feet can take it. Take all that pain and anger out on my feet. Do it.”

Thrusting harder and faster, Mac completely succumbs to his own pain and pleasure, and gives Delilah’s feet a proper pounding. Delilah does not let up, grabbing her ankles tightly, and adjusting her back to the now hard alsancak escort bashing against her couch. She looks at him with a serious look, determined to bring out the foot beast in him. “Yeah, that’s it… do it, Mac. Fuck my feet. Fuck ’em nice and good…”

Mac closes his eyes and thrusts away, grunting with each penetration he creates. “Uugn… mnnng… onngg… uungg… MNNG… anng… nnng…”

There are more deep breaths from Delilah as she instructs him as best as she could. “Yeah! YES! YEAH! There you go! THRUST! Don’t hold back, tiger. Thrust! Come on… come on… give into your fetish… give it to me… keep going… do it… do it… fuck ’em… FUCK ‘EM!” She brings her feet closer to her, watching as they get punished by Mac’s desperate cock.

Mac quietly grunts, but shifts into a new gear. The thrusting now goes full speed, and Delilah’s back hits the couch hard, making the couch itself attack the bed behind her. As much as she tries to withstand it, the pleasure it induces becomes too much for her, and she finally yelps “UUGH! OH, GOD!!!”

Mac opens in eyes in concern and asks her “Are you okay, Delilah?!”

Delilah nods her head as she closes her eyes “Yes! Oh, yes! Please don’t stop!”

Doing as he promised her, Mac forcefully stabs her arches with sharp pokes, grunting once more as he feels her toes scrunch hard around his cock. “Uugn… guuh… ughh… mnng… fuck…”

“Ugh! Yes! Oh, God! Fuck! That’s it! Fuck my sweaty, stinky feet, Mac! Fuck the hell out of them! UGNN! Ugh!”

“Ugnn… Del… Del, I… I…”

“Yes… don’t hold back! Do it! Do it! Get it all over me! Please!!” she yells as she brings her feet closer to her face.

“Del… DEEEEL!!!!!! UGGGHHHHH!!!!!”

With powerful, passionate thrusts, Mac feels his penis twitch between Delilah’s pantyhosed feet as he finally shoots a desperate load of sperm. Blasts and streams of built up cum attack her awaiting face and her blouse covered chest. She does not flinch, or even dodge the blasts. Opening her eyes, Delilah groans as she still teases Mac. “Yeah! That’s it! Cum all over me! Cum all over me and keep fucking them!! Don’t stop, tiger! You can do it! Come on! Keep fucking my feet and cum all over them!”

The last few bits of cum streams ooze onto her pantyhose covered arches. Slowly, they begins to drip down to her heels, daring to fall below. As Del flexes and scrunches her toes with glee, Mac breathes hard as he still tries to thrust as hard as he can. Stopping for a few seconds to catch his breath, he knows that deep down, his hunger is still unsatisfied. And with Delilah giving him the best dirty talk motivation, he begins to feel his cock harden once again.

Delilah smothers the cum on her feet with her hands, getting her fingers glazed. This also shares the same fate with his own penis, giving it even more lubrication than before. Del begins to take her cum soaked hands and caress her breasts in her now soaked blouse, caressing even more cum onto them. She licks her lips, tasting some of his semen that attacked her face. “Ugh, this tastes so weird!”

Mac shivers at the sight of her tasting his semen. Delilah smacks her lips, and describes the taste “It tastes kinda like… ocean water. Hahaha!” She laughs, licking her lips more. Cum drools down from her forehead, landing on her nose. “That was quite a mess you made right here. But I might need a second opinion on the taste… Hehehe, got more milk for me?”

Gathering his thought, he finally nods. “Yeah… yeah, I got one more round in me!”

“Hahaha, good! Now come on… fuck them a little harder this time.”

“Just please don’t stop talking like that to me.”

“You got it, tiger. I’m just getting started!”

With one last deep breath, Mac feels his cum-lubricated cock return to full-on hard mode, and begins to pound into her feet once again. Cum falls off from her heels, landing on her white skirt. Delilah looks on as Mac pleases himself to her feet: At the rate he is going, she is definitely certain she is going to need new pantyhose after this. She hears Mac grunt quietly again, and begins the second phase of her dirty talk:

“Yeah, there you go. You thought this was over? I want you to fuck my feet until your legs give out! I want you to cum until you’re completely milked dry. I want you to cum all over my pantyhose, my outfit and my face again! I want you to keep fucking them even after you came. Until you can’t cum anymore! You got that?!”

She feels his cock muscles throb between her arches, and she scrunches her toes hard once again, making them pop against his thrusting penis. Only this time, she keeps them scrunched hard, making his cock work extra with its thrusting between the wrinkled soles.

Mac grunts once again “Fuck… uuhg… gnng… mnng… shit… Del… mmm…”

“Yeah… ugh… uugg… that’s it… feels so good. Uugh… fuck my feet, tiger… my feet are so gross and nasty. My sexy feet stink so bad… and they need to be fucked really hard…”

Delilah suddenly picks up one of her white flats next to her on the couch, and quickly brings it to her nose, sniffing away. Mac looks at her sniff her own shoe, and goes even faster. She knows just what buttons to push!

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