Grad Student Ass Kisser

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Today was unlike most of Robert’s recent days. With one week left until he was expected to hand in the final revision of his thesis to the publisher of the journal, weekends and weekdays blended together to make these final weeks the worst of his grad school if not the worst of his entire life. Today though, was his thesis defense.

The latest revision was important, but today was make or break time with regards to his academic career if not his psyche. It was amazing and somewhat cruel that a panel of academically self-proclaimed elite professors was all that really stood between what seemed sometimes like an impossible dream and a grizzly nightmare. Hopefully his thesis committee had prepared him enough for what about to happen.

His committee was made up by three senior professors. Sal was a 60-something expert in Robert’s field and was his main thesis advisor. He was a man Robert had yearned to work for all those years ago when Robert had first embarked on this journey called graduate school. At this point, Sal was becoming a real hindrance to Robert’s forward progress though with little side projects seemingly constantly creeping into the main body of work.

Chrissy was in her early 50’s, was blonde with glasses, and had a real sharp wit to compete with the lusty curves of her body. In particular, her expertise on getting people published was a real asset to Robert, but he didn’t mind one bit getting to study some of her others assets, with her hips and round sexy ass often stretching her usual rather tight skirts in sexy ways. Denise was also in her early 50’s, but was a brunette and an athlete.

Where Chrissy was sexy and curvy, Denise was much shorter in stature at 5’2″ but if anything a little bit thicker. Her curves were probably there somewhere under her clothes, but she didn’t really dress at all womanly as Chrissy always did. Denise was a brunette and happened to be the female master’s champion for triathlons in the state. It was funny to think how this short woman with the dry sense of humor could most likely kick his ass in almost any athletic endeavor.

The actual defense of the thesis started out almost exactly how he’d visualized it. Denise had done a good job giving advice about how to conduct it smoothly. The opening words and Robert’s lecture portion went well which was a good thing as he’d rehearsed these pieces maybe six times on his own. He could have almost said everything in his sleep. To summarize two and half years of hard work into a forty-five minute lecture was almost sickening.

Alas though, Robert finished the conclusion and it seemed as though both of the ladies from his committee were pleased and he got a subtle thumbs up from Sal. So far, so good for Robert then, that is until the question period of the defense. The questions came thick and fast. Each question seemed to trump the one before it in complexity and length. Robert had heard that sometimes professors made thesis defenses the time to showcase their amazing knowledge of a topic but he certainly didn’t enjoy being on the wrong side of the discussion.

Carefully, Robert answered the questions using some of the tricks that Denise had shown him. He gave precise and exact answers where he knew the answer and was careful and vague on questions that he thought “might require further study in a future research project” just as he had been taught. Everyone seemed satisfied by his knowledge and he was given a passing grade by all members of the panel.

With the defense passed and over, Robert was beyond relieved. The walk back to his office to grab his wallet was a bit of a blur. It was almost as though he was in shock. The others were leaving their jackets behind because the walk was going to be a warm one so Robert did the same. The sun shone down on him like it hadn’t done in months. He walked as a man would with a literal huge weight lifted off his shoulders. He was exhausted and exhilarated at the same time.

They grabbed a table outside the restaurant and Sal ordered the first round of drinks. Beer hadn’t tasted so good to Robert in his life. He practically melted into his chair while his brain tried to comprehend the enormity of what he’d just accomplished. With the appetizers ordered, Robert was in a fully festive mood. He talked to the other three of his Latino heritage, how proud his parents and his whole family would be for him. His wife had been so supportive of him pursuing this stage of his education later in his life and he owed a lot to her and their kids.

After the second round was ordered, Sal finished it rather quickly and had to leave for a dinner with his wife and some friends. Since the ladies weren’t going anywhere, neither did Robert. They chatted on a truly personal level for the first time in months. Robert learned that both Chrissy and Denise had come to the school around the same time and that they were pretty fast friends.

He noticed them teasing each other quite a bit during the conversation and hadn’t really seen that angle from either of them before. It made güvenilir bahis sense that they were friends, but he’d never really noticed any sort of connection between them previously. Chrissy and Denise were both married with adult kids and they both spoke about how it had been fun finding ways to fill their lives with their kids out of their houses.

By the time the third round of drinks were downed by all three Chrissy ordered a round of tequila shots that were in her own words “to honor Robert’s Latino heritage”. Now Robert didn’t know about these other two but he was already starting to feel a little bit tipsy at that point. At nearly 6′ tall and 185 lbs, he was no small man. In fact, he was actually pretty well built due to his strict regimen of weightlifting and running. He wasn’t new to drinking either as his 41 years had seen a few fairly rough nights in the past.

Despite this, the ladies did not seem nearly as affected by the booze as Robert was feeling. Maybe the fact that he just gave the academic performance of his life made him more susceptible to the effects of alcohol than usual. The shot was downed fast by each person and almost immediately after the three glasses slammed down onto the patio table, the sky turned dark and large raindrops began to fall. They immediately headed inside to wait out the worst of the storm.

Minutes later and the worst of it seemed to be over. The deluge was replaced with a steady drizzle. The weather update on the TV playing in the bar area of the restaurant showed that the worst was definitely passed but that the rain wasn’t leaving any time soon. Robert had always been quite the gentleman, and since the ladies were going to have a hard time keeping up with him, he offered to run back to their building and retrieve coats or umbrellas for the ladies.

They were suitably impressed by his offer, but told him that they could use the exercise and the cool rain would do wonders for their hot flashes. They headed to the door and as soon as they were outside, each lady took a hold of one of Robert’s muscled arms and they started to jog back towards their building. The path was lit with lamps and had benches with flower planters every so often. They wouldn’t be stopping on a bench tonight though as the rain continued to beat down on them.

All of a sudden Chrissy stopped running. She was standing beside one of the planters and told the other two that she really had to pee. Apparently the cold of the rain and the running, combined with the 3 drinks + 1 shot that she just consumed had overloaded her bladder. Robert looked around but there was really no place for them to go. Their building was maybe another 200 hundred feet away and they were no closer to any other buildings or even walls to hide behind. Denise offered that Chrissy go in the planter located right beside her leg.

Robert thought this was a crazy idea as they were still quite exposed, but Chrissy didn’t really hesitate at Denise’s suggestion and backed up to the planter leaning slightly forward. She lifted and bunched her skirt the best that she could and started to squat. The problem was the planter was wet and Chrissy had her hands full of skirt. She asked Denise to come over and help.

To Robert’s astonishment, Denise walked around to the side of Chrissy and helped hold up her skirt while Chrissy squatted down and began to urinate into the planter. There was something about the two giggling tipsy professors that was getting Robert quite aroused. Soon he realized that he had seen her pull up the skirt but hadn’t noticed her pull down any panties. Was she pulling them to the side or simply not wearing any? He suddenly became quite aware of his own urgency to relieve himself.

He wasn’t one for public displays but by the time Denise dropped her pants and started to relieve herself in the same planter that Chrissy had just used, Robert decided that it was no longer a time to worry about decency. He unzipped and pulled out his smoothly shaved cock and urinated right beside the spot where Denise was still going. Robert had his eyes closed from the relief that emptying his bladder provided to him. He didn’t notice the looks to the two ladies were exchanging at the sight of his thick 7.5″ uncut cock. He was somewhat hard from the build up of pressure inside his pelvis, but also the sight of his two female committee members urinating in full view of him had been a pretty major turn-on.

When Robert opened his eyes as the flow started to slow, he noticed that Denise was done and was standing beside Chrissy. They were watching him. Denise mentioned aloud that Chrissy thought Robert had a wonderful cock. Robert was taken back by hearing his advisor say this about his other advisor. Denise told Chrissy that she would love to watch her take a quick little taste of it, if Robert was ok with it. Robert didn’t really respond but that didn’t stop Chrissy from quickly kneeling down in front of him and taking three slow slurps of his cock.

Chrissy told Denise that Robert tasted really sexy and that türkçe bahis maybe they should head back to Denise’s office and put that comfortable couch to good use. Robert couldn’t believe what had just happened nor could his brain wrap around what Chrissy had just proposed. As Robert put his cock back in his pants, each woman took to a side of him again, only this time they wrapped their arms around his back. Denise wasted no time before she let her hand slide down his back and squeezed his right ass cheek. Robert’s cock stiffened at this unexpected development.

On the way back to her office, Denise explained that Chrissy and her had been fooling around together with others or just the two of them for over 20 years. Robert looked over and noticed that Chrissy was smiling while Denise revealed their naughty past. He looked right at that wickedly smiling mouth, the same mouth that he had respected and listened to for years. It excited him so much to know that his cock had now felt the inside of that mouth.

Finally inside the elevator to the building, the three stood and Robert’s heart raced at the prospect of having the first threesome of his life with the two women her probably most respected in the world. Denise came around the side of Robert and took a hold of the back of Chrissy’s neck and pulled bringing the two women’s mouths together for a deep kiss. It was an amazingly erotic to watch the two older established professors pressing their mouths together in a sexy kiss. The sight of Denise’s tongue sliding into Chrissy’s mouth and the accompanying sound of their two distinctly different moans coincided with the moment when Robert became fully hard. The fact that Denise had just taken a rather bold and firm hold of his cock and balls through his pants may have also contributed to his sudden erection.

Once the doors of the elevator opened, they walked the short distance to Denise’s office and she unlocked the door. Robert had been in there many times before but he’d never sat on the couch nor ever noticed it before, so when Denise told him to have a seat on it he was a little surprised to see it. Denise then told Chrissy to strip off those wet clothes and to go lean over the arm of the couch so that Robert could have a proper view of her. Chrissy unzipped and discarded the gray skirt but left her white slip still on. Next she pulled off the sweater and revealed a white blouse underneath that was also soaked through.

Her cold and no undoubtedly turned on nipples were easy to see through the wet fabric of her her bra and top. She unbuttoned and removed the blouse revealing a very sexy lace white bra that would have been slightly see-through even without the rain having soaked just it. Chrissy then shocked Robert by switching the focus and pulling off the slip. She was most certainly not wearing any panties whatsoever and also did not have a hair on her body below her head. The sight of Robert’s 50-something professor’s tanned and perfectly smooth pussy actually literally made Robert’s mouth go agape.

When Denise offered to help Chrissy out of her bra, Denise also mentioned as if it wasn’t obvious to the both of them that Robert really seemed to like Chrissy’s special hairstyle. Chrissy let Denise remove the bra and explained that she had only recently found out about girls getting waxed down below. She had been shaving and trimming for a long time before it was in fashion and didn’t like the process as much as the result. Now that she had tried waxing she was never going back to the razor. Robert could not have cared less how the job was done, the sight of this woman, his respected and sexy advisor naked and completely smooth down below was such an amazing thing for him to behold.

Chrissy walked in front of Robert and then got up on the couch beside him, turning away as she crawled up onto the thick padded arm on the other end of it. She bent over at the waist and raised up her ass towards him. The already amazing curves of the sexy older woman were accentuated as she arched her back and pointed her ass out and up. Robert wasn’t sure what was coming next but he was in deep and along for the ride.

Denise then came over and stood in front of Robert. In his focus on Chrissy’s movements, he’d missed that Denise had stripped off everything below her waist. Her thick muscular legs were naked and smooth but the neatly trimmed dark brown curls revealed her different opinion on body hair. Denise seemed to notice Robert’s gaze and explained that real women have hair. She added that only little young girls like Denise don’t have any down there. Chrissy turned her head back from her position on the other end of the couch and pointed out that she was less than a year younger than Denise.

Denise laughed and then asked Robert if he wanted to touch her sexy womanly pussy. She didn’t wait for a verbal answer before she took his hand and began to guide his touch up her thigh and into the soft short curls just above her slit. She asked Robert if he thought a hairy pussy could still be a pretty pussy. Robert güvenilir bahis siteleri was in no position to deny how sexy her pussy looked and felt and he told her so.

She laughed and then took his finger and bent down to take it into her mouth. She sucked on it slowly and then thanked Robert for the compliment but pointed out that he was always thought of as a bit of a kiss ass. Guiding his now wet finger back down between her legs, she moved it down lower under the short mound of hair and towards her slit. Robert could feel she was already quite aroused and this was confirmed as the finger started to slide up and down quite easily using both her saliva and her own natural lubricant. She turned the finger over with her hand and guided it back to between her legs, obviously now in a better position to slide inside of her.

Robert began to finger his advisor, her pussy was tight for an older woman and very wet. She pulled his finger out of her after a few strokes and this time guided back to his own mouth. She told him she wanted him to have a little taste of her and he sucked the sexy wetness off his finger. Denise asked if he liked how she tasted. He told her that he did and she laughed again, telling him what a kiss ass he was. It was wild for Robert to have the intimate taste of this woman he’d respected for so long now lingering in his mouth.

Denise pointed out that since he was such a good ass kisser that she wanted to see him do it properly. Robert was puzzled by this until he suddenly realized that Denise was gesturing towards Chrissy. She was still bent over at the waist with her bare ass facing his body. He knew exactly what she wanted. He moved up onto the couch in a sort of crouched position and put his hands on Chrissy’s smooth round hips. He leaned in and kissed the soft white flesh of his blonde advisor.

Her skin was a bit cool to the touch, no doubt from the soaking they’d all just received, but at the same time the feeling of her beautiful flesh on his warm lips was so sexy. The aroma from between her legs was so sexy as were the moans he was eliciting from her. Denise for her part was encouraging him to keep kissing Chrissy’s ass, so he continued to do it at her urging. Suddenly Denise pulled up on Robert’s head by taking a firm grip of his hair. His face was moist from the multitude of kisses he’d been planting all over the older woman’s lusciously curvy pale white ass. Denise began to tell Robert that he clearly had no clue how to kiss ass after all. He was quite puzzled by the statement as he thought he was doing a pretty good job and apparently so had Chrissy.

Denise walked and stood at the end of the couch where Chrissy was still hunched over the padded arm. Denise put her hands just above her knees and slowly bent over, using her arms to help balance her while her ass stuck out towards Chrissy. Denise told Chrissy to kiss her ass. Chrissy took both hands and placed each one on Denise’s buttock and pulled them apart. Chrissy leaned in and began to kiss at Denise’s ass. Denise told Robert to get up and come get a look at how to properly kiss an ass. With Denise’s ass held so open by Chrissy’s hands, Robert could easily see that Chrissy was not just kissing but actually licking at Denise’s ass.

In fact, Chrissy was quite clearly licking right over Denise’s tight little asshole. Chrissy repeatedly licked between Denise’s ass cheeks and every time she passed over the tight little hole Denise let out a very sexy moan. Robert had only ever seen anal-oral sex in porn videos before so to be watching these two women that he looked up to engaging in such a naughty sexual act was mind-blowing. Soon, all of Chrissy’s attention was directly right on Denise’s hot asshole. Denise was very vocal while her friend thoroughly explored her ass with a warm wet tongue.

Denise told Chrissy to clean her really well because she had not had the chance to shower since her morning work out ended so soon to Robert’s thesis defense. Chrissy’s muffled moans showed that she was not at all displeased by this news. Denise then told Robert to take his clothes off and be ready. Robert had no clue what he was supposed to be ready for but was very eager to find out.

Once Robert was stripped, Denise pulled away from Chrissy’s wet mouth. Denise told Robert to take Chrissy’s place. Robert knelt down on the couch and got in a similar position that Chrissy had just held. Then, Denise backed up to him and Robert took a firm grip of the round sexy buttocks in front of his face and pulled them apart. Denise’s ass was still wet from Chrissy’s mouth, but soon it would be hard to tell who did what as Robert dove in mouth first. Robert had never even licked his wife this intimately before, and now he had kissed the buttocks of one advisor and was in the midst of licking the raw asshole of the other one.

Robert had a long tongue and Denise was audibly quite appreciative of it. Soon she was begging him to slide it inside of her. Robert did not hesitate and soon he was sliding his tongue inside her ass. That wasn’t quite enough for Denise though as soon she was ordering him to fuck her ass with his tongue. Robert did as he was told and loved that he was the source of the shrieks of pleasure coming from the other end of the woman he was pleasuring.

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