Graduation Party

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I was going to be leaving for college in a couple of months, and so my parents decided to throw a graduation party for me and my friends at my house. All my friends were there, including the guys from the football team and people I’d known since I was a little boy. I had a good time dancing and hanging out in my backyard while my pops was on the grill. It was great that my parents somehow managed not to embarrass me this time.

I decided to go for a quick smoke break and started walking through the woods behind my house. I walked for a few minutes until I came to my favorite spot, a small clearing with a couple of fallen logs. There were beer cans and other stuff from me and my friends hanging out here. I sat on one of the logs and pulled out the smoke that I got from my cousin. I rolled it up and took a hit, closing my eyes and relaxing. I heard a sound behind me that made me open my eyes. I turned around to see my friend Cassie coming through the trees. She was a light-skinned cutie, mixed Black and Japanese. Today she was wearing a yellow and orange button-down blouse, shorts that showed off her nice, round ass, and sandals. I smiled when I saw her coming.

“What’s up, Greg?” she said, smiling back at me. “I saw you walking over here and figured you’d be getting’ a smoke.” She sat down next to me and I passed her the blunt. As she breathed in the smoke, I could smell the flowery perfume that she often used. I looked over at her and stole a peek down the top of her shirt. Her top buttons were undone and I could see the top of her cleavage. I looked away before she could see me peeking.

We sat on the log, smoking and bullshitting. At one point, she slid out of her sandals and put her feet up on my lap. I decided to be playful and lightly tickled her feet. She laughed, telling me to stop, but not really meaning it. When the blunt was almost finished, Cassie took it and inhaled deeply. Without blowing it back out, she gestured with her finger to lean closer to her. I did, and she placed her lips kütahya escort against mine. We opened our mouths and she blew the smoke into my mine. She pulled back and let me exhale. We sat there for a brief moment before I leaned in and kissed her again. I enjoyed the taste of her lips and tongue.

Without even thinking, I reached my hand down and started rubbing her thighs. She moaned softly into my mouth. Cassie then moved her lips down and started kissing on my neck. I felt my dick getting hard and took her hand and placed it right on my crotch. She started rubbing my cock through my pants, making it get even harder. At this point, I lifted her up and sat her on my lap facing me. I undid the buttons of her blouse and pulled her shirt off, letting it fall to the ground.

Cassie was wearing a black bra, and I could see her nipples poking through it. I started kissing on her chest. She pulled my head closer to her, putting my face right in between her tits. I reached up and pulled down the straps of the bra. Her firm tits popped out, exposing her light-brown nipples. I flicked my tongue over the left one, teasing her. My hand ran down her smooth back before reaching her ass. I cupped it in my hand and gave it a squeeze. Cassie leaned her head back and moaned. I moved my mouth over to her right nipple and brought it into my mouth, lightly sucking it.

“Bite it, Greg,” she pleaded. I lightly bit her nipple. She moaned even louder. I started playfully nibbling on both of them. This started her rocking her hips back and forth, grinding on my hard dick. Cassie stood up off my lap and pulled my shirt over my head. She leaned down, kissing on my chest while she unzipped my pants. She reached in and pulled out my cock. I could feel my shit throbbing in her hands. Cassie placed her shirt on the ground under her on got on her knees. She wrapped her soft lips around my cock and started sucking it. I moaned as she slowly bobbed her head up and down, letting my malatya escort shaft slide in and out of her mouth. Cassie knew how to give me good head. She moved her tongue in circles around my head, sending shivers down my spine. I put my hands on the back of her head and played with her brown hair. Cassie began humming, making my dick vibrate in her mouth. I could feel my whole body getting tense. My left hand reached down, gripping the log. Cassie let some spit dribble down, making the blow job wetter. She bobbed her head faster, her full lips sliding along the length of my dick. My breathing became faster and more shallow.

I felt my leg muscles tighten. I grunted a warning to Cassie as I bucked my hips and exploded, shooting my cum into her mouth. She kept her lips around my cock, gently sucking every warm drop that came out. I leaned back a little on the log, a feeling of relaxation washing over me. Cassie stood up, licking her lips. She looked into my eyes and smiled. “I haven’t done that in a while,” she said, grinning.

I reached up and pulled down the zipper of Cassie’s shorts. I slowly pulled them down, my hands running over her hips and thighs. She stood there, topless and only wearing a black thong. I pulled her closer and gently kissed her full pussy lips through the material. I could smell the scent of her cunt. I opened and closed my mouth slowly, teasing her pussy. Cassie’s legs quivered. I used one of my hands to gently spread the lips of her pussy and licked the inside of her walls. The sweet taste of Cassie’s juices filled my mouth. I put my mouth over her clit and gently sucked on it, using my tongue to flick over it. Cassie moved her hips, grinding her warm pussy into my face. I moved my tongue down and placed the tip of it in her warm hole. I held my tongue straight and started moving it in and out, fucking her pussy. Cassie began moaning louder.

With my face buried in her warm snatch, I reached up and around Cassie, grabbing batman escort her ass. I slowly spread her ass cheeks and used my finger to play with her ass hole. Getting played with from front and back started sending Cassie over the edge. She started grinding her hips faster. I felt her juices starting to drip down around my mouth. Reaching up with my free hand, I shoved two fingers into her hole and started finger fucking her. Cassie couldn’t take anymore and gripped the back of my neck. I felt her nails digging into me as her cum leaked down my chin and around my fingers.

By this time, my dick was hard again and I was ready for more. I stood up and turned Cassie around. Standing behind her, I bent her over and placed the head of my hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. I felt her reach down and guide me in. I roughly shoved my dick in, my groin slamming against her round ass cheeks. Cassie let out a yelp. I grabbed her hips and started fucking her, sliding my hard tool in and out of her soft, wet pussy. Her cum covered my cock. Cassie started moaning my name, begging me to keep going. I looked down and watched her ass jiggle every time I rammed in. The sunlight shone on her bare back and ass while we stood there fucking. I slid my left hand around her and grabbed one of her tits. I pinched and teased the nipple. Cassie screamed out “Yes,” and begged me not to stop. I pulled her nipple a little harder. Cassie started moving and grinding her hips, throwing her ass back at me. We both started breathing faster and deeper, almost at the same time. I felt my balls get tighter. I leaned over a little bit and wrapped an arm around Cassie’s waist, trying to pull her closer. “Cassie, Cassie,” I moaned as my dick got even harder. I felt the pressure build up and shoved my cock deep in her pussy as I exploded. I felt Cassie’s pussy walls pulsing as I shot my warm load deep inside her. She let out a long moan as we both came down off our sexual high. I waited until I was done cumming before I slowly slid my dick out. My shaft was glistening with our cum. Cassie stood up and turned around to face me. She reached down and gently grabbed my cock.

“Thanks, Greg, I needed that,” she said with a wink. We quickly got dressed. As Cassie started back towards the party, I smacked her on the ass with a smile and followed behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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