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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The day after his nineteenth birthday my grandson, Brandon came home early from his college class.

About an hour earlier I had serviced one of my regulars with both my mouth and ass.

I took a shower, put a light robe on and proceeded to my home bar. I poured me a three finger shot of Jack Daniel’s in a glass.

I was sitting on the porch bench swing sipping on my drink when Brandon came in.

He saw me on the patio and came to where I was sitting.

“Hi Ray,” (both he and his mother Myia call me by name rather than dad or granddad).

“Hi Brandon,” I responded, “you are home early are you not?”

“Yeah,” Brandon replied, “let me go take a shower then I will join you for a drink.”

Brandon and his mother moved in with me when he was a small boy. Myia, his mother, married again about four years ago and she and her husband Tom live in a townhouse about five miles from me. Brandon has a room there but he stays with me most of the time. Brandon had opted to stay with me as it has been his home since he was a small boy.

About thirty minutes later he came back out to the patio. He was wearing a robe and had a glass of Tequila and orange juice in his hand.

He sat on the swing beside me and sipped his drink. He was silent except for clearing his throat a few times.

I waited for him to say something and when I realized that he was having trouble forming his thoughts I asked, “Is something bothering you?”

He remained silent for a bit so I broke the silence. “You haven’t messed up and got a girl pregnant have you?”

He laughed slightly and replied, “No, far from that, I like guys.”

“Then you believe that you are gay?” I asked, “How well do you like guys? Have you been sexually active with them?”

“Well … yes”, Brandon responded.

“How long have you been sexually active?” I asked

“For awhile now,” he said.

“I see always with the same person?’

“No I have three friends that I play with and there is a man that lives close to the college where we sometimes stop on the way home.”

Silence permeated the air for a few minutes while we sipped on our drinks. My mind was busy contemplating on how best to pursue this subject.

“Have you ever been with a girl?” I asked, “Kissed one, felt one up?”

“Well yeah, I dated a couple of girls but when we started kissing and sort of making out it just did not feel right,” he replied, “But when I am with a guy it feels like it is right.”

“I see nothing wrong with you being gay,” I responded. “But I do think you should try having sex with a woman before you decide Kağıthane Escort that you are. You may find that although you like having sex with men, you also enjoy having sex with women as well. I am bisexual and sexually enjoy both women and men.”

I continued, “Does Myia know that you think you are gay?”

“No I haven’t said anything to her. I am also afraid of how Tom will react when he knows. I am hoping you will tell them for me.”

We fell silent for about two minutes as we sipped our drinks. Then Brandon laid his hand on my thigh, right next to my groin.

Brandon took a deep breath and looked me straight in my eyes, “Ray, … I want to have sex with you.”

This caught me by surprise and I stammered, “B… Br… Brandon I am very flattered that a young man your age would want to have sex with me. But I am your grandfather and that would be incest.”

“I didn’t think incest bothers you'” Brandon responded.

“Wh .. what do you mean?”

“I know you and my mother fuck all the time.”

“How long have you known,” I quietly asked.

“A long time … I often jack-off and fantasize that it is me fucking Myia instead of you, “he replied.

“I see,” I said as I looked in his eyes. He was staring at me with what can only be described as passionate desire.

I thought about what he had said and had to agree that incest does not bother me as long as everyone involved are old enough to make their choices.

I reached over behind his head and pulled his lips to mine. His lips opened and I explored his mouth with my tongue. Our tongues started dueling and I felt my robe pulled open as Brandon took hold of my cock, which was semi hard.

Brandon slowly jacked my cock as we continued kissing. With one hand on my cock he started massaging my tits, he gently tweaked the nipples as he did so. My cock is now at full attention … ramrod stiff and ready to go.

Brandon broke our kiss and slipped to the floor between my legs. He held my cock in one hand, cupped my balls in the other and examined my cock and smooth balls with his eyes.

He bent his head forward and licked the pre-cum from the slit of my cock that had started forming there. He kissed my cock head and then took it into his mouth. He then tickled and teased it with his tongue.

Brandon slowly eased my cock deeper into his mouth, he would back off a little bit then take more, working it deeper as he bobbed his head up and down on my cock. When he had my cock balls deep in his mouth he massaged it with his throat muscles.

He backed my cock out of his throat and keeping my cock in his mouth he started running his tongue up, down and around the shaft Kağıthane Escort Bayan as he sucked. He took my ass checks into his hands and pulled me to him in a pumping fashion … as he came down on my cock he pulled my hips toward him and when he backed off a little he moved my hips away.

Brandon maneuvered one of his hands beneath me and began fingering my fuck hole.

He managed to work two fingers into my ass as he vigorously sucked my cock. His fingers kept time with his bobbing head on my cock.

My cock started to twitch as I felt the cum roiling up the shaft. Brandon sensed that I was about to cum and rammed his mouth as far as he could onto my cock. He took the first two spurts straight down his throat then backed off a little and received another two in his mouth, as he pushed his fingers as deep in me as he could.

Brandon held my cock in his mouth, licking the head. When my cock stopped twitching he took it from his mouth and removed his fingers from my ass at the same time, leaving it feeling vacant.

He held my cock in his hand, licked the slit and kissed the head. He slid back up my body and pulling my head to him gave me a very passionate kiss. My lips parted in invitation and his tongue came in with a large gob of my cum.

We passed the cum back and forth several times until I swallowed it.

I lounged back on the swing, we were each embracing the other, Brandon resting his head on my chest.

Brandon broke the silence as he said, “That is something I have wanted to do for a long time.”

“And you do it very well,” I replied. “You are a very good cock-sucker, one of the best I have ever had.”

Brandon raised his head as he tightened his embrace on me and raised his lips to mine. As we kissed I rolled him over, then breaking the kiss I slid to my knees between his legs.

Brandon’s cock was hard as a steel rod. His cock is a good inch longer than my seven inches but the girth is about the same. A copious amount of pre-cum was pouring out of his slit.

I leaned forward, licked and slurped his pre-cum. I tickled his slit with my tongue, kissed around his head and up and down his hard shaft. I cradled his large, smooth shaven balls in one hand.

I worked my mouth back up his cock and engulfed the head in my mouth. I licked the spongy hard head in my mouth then slowly worked his cock deeper into my mouth. When his cock was balls deeep I had about two inches in my throat, I massaged it with my throat muscles as I ran my tongue up and down on his shaft and gently massaged his balls.

I sucked, licked and slurped on his cock for several minutes. His cock twitched and stiffened in my mouth, his Escort Kağıthane balls tightened and lifted as he began to shoot his warm cum into my mouth.He pumped six very large loads of cum into my mouth.

I swallowed most of his cum but kept a large amount in my mouth. I kept his cock in my mouth, licking and cleaning it as it twitched to a semi-hard limpness.

After I dropped his cock from my mouth I slid up his body and pulled his lips to mine.

His lips opened as they met mine. I slid my tongue into his welcoming mouth along with a large gob of his cum.

Once again we were snowballing cum … this time it was his. We passed his cum back and forth until he swallowed it. Then he ran his tongue into my mouth and searched for any stray remnants of his cum.

It was late evening when we finished sucking each others cock.

We prepared and ate dinner and had a couple more drinks.

Brandon and I are the only ones at home and will be for several days.

We decided that he will sleep in my bed tonight.

We went to bed early that night, each anxious to explore the others body more.

We lay on our backs with each of us grasping the others hard cock in one hand.

Brandon rolled slightly over pressing his open lips against mine. His tongue worked my lips open and we wrapped our tongues around the others in a dueling dance.

As he kissed me he took hold of one of my titties. He gently tweaked the nipple as he massaged it.

Brandon broke our kiss and lowered his lips to my tit, sucking the nipple into his mouth.

He suckled on one tit and then the other.

He left my tits and slowly kissed his way down my body to my balls. He took one smooth ball, then the other into his mouth and gently sucked on them, while slowly jacking my cock.

He left my balls and rammed my cock balls deep into his mouth. He sucked as he furiously pumped his mouth up and down on my cock.

I maneuvered him into a sixty-nine position and swallowed his cock. We were laying on our sides and Brandon clutched my ass cheeks in his hands and worked my hips back and forth in time with his mouth.

As I was fucking Brandon’s mouth, he kept time with his own cock in my mouth. We frantically face fucked each other for several minutes. As my cum started to roil up my shaft, Brandon sensed it and rammed my cock balls deep in his mouth.

As I started cumming Brandon’s cock head twitched and he rammed his cock deep as he could into my mouth

I shot three loads of cum into Brandon’s mouth and he emptied his balls in my mouth with six very large squirts. We kept the others cock in our mouths until they started going limp.

Brandon turned around on the bed and laid back beside me. He pulled my lips to him and we shared a very passionate kiss. When we broke our kiss Brandon simply stated, “Wow.”

“Wow is right,” I replied and pulled him tight to me.

We held each other in our arms as we fell into a sexually exhausted asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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