Granny Dee and her Younger Lover Part 2

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Well this is part two of my rendezvous with Granny Dee

Since we first met I have texted Mrs Dee back and forth for a couple of weeks. Things have come up where she couldn’t meet, but we eventually worked out a time and place to get together.

Since our last meet I’ve been jacking off thinking about her quite a bit, probably more than I should let on. I’m sure it’s not the norm for most men to want to fuck old ladies, but for me it just turns me on. I love looking at older women wondering if they’d be down to fuck a younger guy. In my life time I’ve slept with four women in there 60’s. You have to put in the groundwork, it’s not a few messages saying wanna fuck and boom your in. Usually takes me a week or two of emails texts before they are willing to meet. Luckily for me all four have wanted to jump in to bed on the first meet.

There’s something about an older ladies body that I just find such a turn on. The way the skin on there chest wrinkles when leaning forward, or the veins on the backs of there legs when your lifting them up and about to slide your cock inside them. The soft skin and sagging tits, just love it all.

So back to granny Dee. We met at a motel about an hour and a half drive from me. This time there was no lunch or small talk, just about the sex. With her she’s not interested in any romance or feelings, just wants sex. From all the women I’ve fucked in my life, she’s the only one to be all about the sex.

So I greet her at her car and we walk to the room. She’s wearing a pink top and black skirt with panty hoes on. Her tits look huge. We get in the room and I give her a kiss and start feeling up her ass. Once we break the kiss, the shoes are coming off and time to get comfortable. She keeps her bra and panties on and I’ve still got my boxers on.

As she gets in bed I’m just taking in the sight of this sexy grandma. I make my way round the other side of the kingsize bed and lay next to her. There were no words spoken as we lock lips. It was hot, heavy and passionate. Our tongues connecting and hands all over each other. I feel her nails dig in to my back as I pushed my cock towards her pussy almost instinctively. My hands reaching into her panties and grabbing her soft ass, her hands grabbing in to me.

We break the kiss and I say let’s get naked. I slide out of my boxer shorts unveiling my already rock hard cock. I unclip her bra and let her huge soft tits fall out. I climb on top of her and start kissing her neck while kneading her huge breasts with my hands. She responds with a gasp as I start working my way lower. She knows where I’m going as my mouth connects with her small nipple. I start to slowly lick taking it in my mouth, and circling it my tongue. Her breathing and moans getting louder as I get a little more intense with my mouth. My mouth clamped on her right breast and hand on her left tit” title=”izmit escort bayan”>izmit escort bayan squeezing and twisting her nipple.

Her moans are getting extremely loud as I know it’s time to move lower and taste this old ladies pussy. I take my mouth off her huge tit and start kissing her soft belly and down past her naval. Her panties still on I take them by the sides as she lifts her ass and let’s me pull them down. I look her in the eye and put her panties to my face and inhale them. My head goes towards her old cunt as I spread her thighs. I lower my head towards her pussy admiring her dark red pussy lips. My mouth connects with her inner thigh as I can smell the scent from her love hole.

I moved my face and mouth directly in front on Dee’s pussy and rested my chin against her hole. My tongue moved against her clit as I started to lick and suck on it. I startled circling her clit back and forward, Dee was in ecstasy. She was moaning and grunting louder than last time as I went to work on her clit. I was lapping her clit and pushing like a fucking dog and she was loving it. Her breathing and grunting was getting louder and louder and without a fucking clue what she was about to do, she squirted all over my chin and in my mouth. I swallowed a small mouthful while spitting the rest out, and continued licking her. More juice gushed out her pussy as I continued licking more vigorously and intensely. At this point she was grunting like a wild animal as I kept licking. One final orgasm and her breathing slowed down. I stopped licking and started to gently kiss all over her pussy.

I moved up next to her as she lay there with her eyes closed catching her breath. “Where did you learn to do that” she said. I just smiled and said I enjoy it. I said I didn’t know you squirted like that. She explained that a woman has to get relaxed enough and it feels like they are going to pee. Most women stop, but if you let yourself go you’ll squirt. It was actually more of a gush which caught me by surprise, but fucking lit me up and turned me on like crazy.

As I lay next to her I felt her hand run up my thing and towards my cock. I was all the way hard at this point, but it wouldn’t take long to get me there. Her hand stroked me as she started to move. Her head was moving towards my cock and I knew where that was going.

Her mouth connected with cock and she began to lick and suck me. Watching this 67 year old grandmother suck my cock was a sight to behold. She took my cock deeper in her throat as she continued to blow me. I was trying my hardest to refrain from blowing in her mouth too fast.

At this point I was rock hard and the only place I wanted my cock now was deep in her pussy. I looked down at her and said let me fuck you now. She took her head from my cock and I motioned her to come to the edge of the bed. My favorite position is to have a woman get there” title=”izmit eve gelen escort”>izmit eve gelen escort ass as close to the edge of the bed as possible, almost hanging off as I hold there legs. Dee was now in the position as I moved my cock to her large, red swollen pussy lips. My cock slid into her already soaking wet cunt as I pushed balls deep. Ugh this felt fucking fantastic. I started to move in and out nice and slowly, enjoying every stroke of her cunt. All the way out and balls deep inside. I could see she was enjoying this too as I picked up the pace a little. In and out my cock moved, penetrating her over and over. Her tits bouncing up and down and her soft belly jiggling too.

I was getting very turned on at this point. Her legs held up and the dark veins on the back of her thighs showing. This turned me on even more. As I continue fucking her I start to think about her three kids older than me that have exited this pussy before I even existed. Yes call me a twisted fuck, but that’s where my mind went. Her husband at home that can no longer get hard and satisfy this sexy old lady. Her pussy was mine and I was getting really close to cumming deep in her old cunt. I was going to make sure she went home with traces of MY cum in that old 67 year old snatch.

I started to fuck Dee harder and harder, she moaned and grimaced as my cock ploughed her love hole. The sounds of wetness and my balls slapping against her could be heard as I was ready to blow my load. I let out a loud grunt “UGH” as I shot my first stream up her. A second and third stream quickly followed as I pumped her 4-5 more times. I slowed down, my cock still in her. Slowly I pulled out while looking down and watching. Her wet pussy lips sliding off my cock as it slid out. As my cock dropped out of her, so did a glob of white cum, it looked so hot.

I helped Dee up as she stood up. I need to pee she said as she got to her feet. She moved a couple of steps and then turned and said, “your cums running down my leg you know” I looked over and saw the mess I’d made and loved it.

Dee returned from the bathroom and collapsed on the bed next to me. We talked for a while about this and that as we recovered from the wild sex we both had. She was telling me about her grandkid about to set her driving test and other stuff. It was nice to just lay and chat for a bit.

I looked over at her and said, you ready for round two? She turned her head without saying anything and said Mmmmmm. I didn’t hesitate and made my way back to her soft plump tits. My mouth found her small red nipple as my lips and tongue made contact. Another Mmmmmm escaped her lips as I started to lick and suck on them. My hand moved between her legs as I sucked and licked a little harder. I found her mound and slid two fingers inside her warm wet snatch. She was soaking and could tell it was a mix of her” title=”izmit otele gelen escort”>izmit otele gelen escort love juice and my cum. My fingers slid in and out of her with ease as I continued sucking her old nipple. I gazed up and her and could see she was loving it.

I removed my mouth from her tits and made a B line for her pussy. I didn’t mess around this time and dove straight in. I shoved my tongue deep in her old love tunnel and started to lick our juices up. The taste and smell was fantastic as I licked and sucked on her. At this point was I was over the top hot for this woman. I pushed her legs back and found her tiny puckered ass hole. I moved my tongue to this spot and licked her ass like a man possessed. She responded with a gasp and a more soothing ahh. I worked her ass with my tongue and then started to push my finger in there. I was met with no resistance as my finger slide up her old ass hole. My mouth made its way back to her clit as I fingered her ass. It took less than a minute as her groans got louder and her hips began to arch. At first I felt a little hot liquid hit my mouth, but all of a sudden I was flooded. Dee grunted like a stuck pig as she came all over my face again. I slowed down and finally pulled my finger out her ass. There wasn’t anything on it, but I smelt it and could smell her ass on my finger.

My cock was rock hard again as I positioned my cock between her legs and shoved it deep inside her. She was still breathing hard as I just started to fuck her like a man possessed. I was horny as fuck for this old grandma and just kept pounding her over and over, jamming my cock as deep as it would go. She whispered the words “Oh god yes” “keep fucking me”. I held her legs up and kept pushing my cock in and out, my cock glistening with her juices on it.

I could start to feel my balls swell up as I continued fucking her. I knew I come cum at anytime, just let my sick mind wander to thinking about fucking my own mother like this. Again her old fat tits hung by her sides and soft belly jiggle. Three kids have come naturally out this pussy, that I knew from talking to her and no scar on her belly. All three kids now older than me as I got to fuck this old seasoned hole.

The thoughts, sites and smells were too much as I could feel myself about to cum. Three more thrusts and I exploded deep in her old worn pussy. I could feels streams and streams of hot cum shooting out my piss hole and deep in to this old lady’s love tunnel. Fuck me she felt and looked so good as I slowed down, making sure every last drop was drained from me.

I collapsed next to her and didn’t say a word for the next five minutes. We were both well and truly fucked and just getting out breaths back. I knew I was done, I didn’t have another one left in me if I wanted. We chatted for a few more minutes and she showered and left. I lay in the room for about a hour before showering and leaving too. The sheets were soaked right in the middle from her pussy, I had a quick sniff before leaving.

We did chat about meeting again and I’m quietly confident we shall have a third meet. TBC…

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