Gretchen Meets Mr. Long

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I’m very fortunate and I know it. By fifth grade, I knew how to play the system to get what I wanted. I found that certain actions by me necessarily resulted in predictable responses by others. So I became very proficient at manipulating people. It’s amazing how far a smile from a pretty girl can go. This is not to say that I never studied. I studied hard. But the more I learned, the more I understood how to achieve my goals in school and in life.

There have been a few setbacks, for sure. Nothing is guaranteed, and everything doesn’t come easy. My ambition has left little time for relationships. However, I’ve always been close to my sister Gretchen, who is six years younger. Mom died when she was only five and Dad never remarried. So, as a mother-substitute, big sister Jenny willingly helped her to achieve her own goals with encouragement and love.

Having graduated from nursing school, I was fortunate to find work in a hospital in my home city. It was hard work, but I enjoyed it. There were some sad times when patients were really sick, but those were offset by the patients who just need minor surgery or a little TLC to heal, recover, and go home again. My people skills and the shortage of qualified nurses worked to my advantage. In less than a year, I was head nurse on the night shift. There were normally only three of us to cover a 14-room ward of non-critical patients, so our jobs consisted of mostly monitoring and tending patients. On weekends, it could get busier; especially if we received transfers from another floor or from the ER.

We got our share of groping from randy patients who viewed us as sex objects. Some of them were so drugged up that they didn’t know what they were doing. Others were lucid, and offered to take me out when they got out of the hospital. Usually, I just smiled as I took their pulse and blood pressure, helped them to the bathroom, changed their bedpans, or gave sponge baths. With my acquired people skills, I helped most patients during a tough time with conversation that put them at ease. A soothing, sympathetic voice and handholding were usually sufficient for the female patients.

Sometimes though, I was a “naughty nurse”, helping a male patient to relieve his stress with more than conversation. The first time a patient took my hand and placed it on the sheet over his erection, I was shocked. I was forewarned, of course, and told repeatedly in my training to politely rebuff any such request for more than usual nursing care. That was fine for teachers to say, but out on the “front lines”, we were expected to offer treatment in the best interests of our patients. This left plenty of room for interpretation, as far as I was concerned. If I could help them feel better, wasn’t that part of nursing? This did not bother the other nurses. Some, I expect, chose to participate in similar actions. Most I knew chose to look the other way, or were busy with their own patient care. So, when a sponge bath turned into a hand job, it was all part of the job, as far as I was concerned. As long as I was the one to choose and the patient remained mum about the act, it didn’t bother me. In fact, I’ve seen so many erect cocks, I could write a book about them. Men are so helpless when they are aroused. They think they have so much control, just because they are bigger than most women. But it is the woman who controls them. Most women have no idea how much power they have when their man is hot to trot.

Gretchen was a senior in high school, getting ready to go to college. Her ambition was to become a veterinarian. She had interned with the local vet, who suggested that she could take over his practice someday. She had visited me at college several times over the years. On holidays and on long weekends, we had many late-night talk sessions. She complained that Dad seemed over-protective of her, restricting her activities, and bilecik escort enforcing a curfew. With long dark hair and a figure to be jealous of for her age, Gretchen was growing into a very pretty and desirable woman, but she was never satisfied with her dates. She complained that all of the boys were so immature, wanting only to fondle her tits and get in her pants. She confessed to being a virgin at 18 simply because she could not imagine a relationship with the “self-centered, egotistical, immature jocks or nerds” in her school. No wonder she thought she wanted to care for animals! I could sense her frustration, but reminded her that she would soon see a whole new world when she entered college.

One particular weekend, I was visiting her at home. We were drinking wine and talking about my work. I was still on the night shift. We had only four patients and it was pretty slow. One of those patients, John Long, was in for surgery on his shoulder. He was 30, solidly built, and easy on the eyes, if you know what I mean. I told her how John had said his name was Long John in the phone book, but he preferred to be called Jack.

I must have been a little tipsy when I told Gretchen about Jack, because I went on to tell her about how Jack “accidentally” exposed himself while I was taking his temperature.

“Really, Gretch, his cock just flopped out! Honestly, it looked like it was a foot long, with a big helmet head.”

“Oh my god, Jen,” said Gretchen. “What did you do?”

“I said, ‘Don’t look now, but we have a visitor!’ and pointed at his dick.”

“What happened then?”

“He said his “visitor” had a mind of its own and asked did I mind.”

“What did you say?” asked Gretchen.

“I said I’ve seen worse and reached to cover him up, but he grabbed my wrist and put in on his cock. He looked me in the eyes and started to rub my hand over his cock,” I said.

“You didn’t!”

“Yes, I did. And it wasn’t the first time I did that with a patient. But you can’t say anything, or I could lose my job.”

“Oh, Jen. Of course not. What happened then?”

“Well, he got hard real fast. It just got longer and thicker until it was poking up. I wrapped my hand around it and caressed the length. Like I said, I’ve done that before, so I know what a guy likes. He said ‘Keep going’, so I did.”

“Nobody could see?” asked Gretchen.

“No we were alone. It was night and his room is at the end of the hall.”

“So you jacked him off?”

I took another drink of wine and said, “Yes, I did. He was moaning and pumping his hips up through my hand as I was stroking him. I got some lotion from my pocket and applied it to both hands, warming it up. Then I pumped his big cock until I could tell he was going to cum. I used both hands to make him cum on his own belly.”

“Oh, wow. I wish I could have seen that!” exclaimed Gretchen.

Quickly, I replied, “You could if you really want to.”

Her eyes got wide and she said “How?”

“I can get you a Candy Striper outfit and you can come to the hospital. You want to?”

“Yeah. I won’t get you in trouble?”

“No, I can control what goes on there most nights. But you got to come tonight. He’s getting operated on tomorrow.”

“What should I do? Can I do what you did?” asked Gretchen.

“You can do anything you want,” I said. I’ll cover for you as long as you want.”

“OK then. Let’s do it!” Gretch was excited about playing the ‘naughty nurse”, I could tell.

I told her to be there around midnight and come to the fifth floor ward. I gave her instructions on where to find the Candy Striper uniform in our locker room. She showed up right on time.

“The uniform’s a little tight”, she complained.

“Don’t worry. You look great. He’ll love it. Here, open the top two buttons like this. You’ve manisa escort got a great cleavage. Let’s get him hot for you.”

“What am I supposed to be doing in there, anyway?”

“Start with taking his blood pressure and pulse. You know how to do that, right?”

“Sure,” Gretchen replied.

“After that, ask him if he needs a sponge bath. Even if he just had one, he’ll be sure to say yes. Here’s the sponge and pan. Pull the curtain around the bed. After that, you can do whatever you want. He’ll be putty in your hands! Well, not really putty, but you know what I mean!”

Blushing slightly, Gretchen took the stuff and walked quietly toward Jack’s room. She opened the door, softly calling “Mr. Long? I’m here to take your pressure.” She closed the door after going inside the room.

Jack was asleep as she entered, but aroused slowly in the dim light. “What? Oh not again! I just got to…” As he saw Gretchen, he stopped and stared. She was practically busting out of her uniform.

“Wait a minute. You’re not the regular nurse. Have I seen you before?” asked Jack.

“No. I’m Gretchen. Nurse Jenny said I should get your pressure.” Gretchen drew the curtain most of the way around the bed. After making sure the other nurses had assignments for the next hour or so, I took that opportunity to sneak into Jack’s room unnoticed by he and Gretchen. I wanted to hear, even if I couldn’t see what was going on behind the curtain.

“All right,” said Jack, practically drooling at my sister. She fumbled with the cuff, finally getting it around his arm.

“No too tight, Gretchen. You don’t want to cut off my circulation!”

“Sorry, Mr. Long.”

“Call me Jack. So, have you been at this very long?”

“Actually no, Jack. I just got this assignment. I volunteered for the late shift ’cause I go to school during the day.”

“You want to be a nurse, then?” asked Jack.

“I want to explore all my options before I decide for sure,” replied Gretchen. Finally releasing the cuff, she noted the numbers on the chart. She was losing her nervousness as she talked with Jack. His good nature helped put her to ease. His good looks helped too, I’m sure.

“Is there anything else you need, Jack?” offered Gretchen.

“Yeah. Maybe you could fluff up my pillow.”

“Sure. I can do that for you.” As she reached on both sides of his head, leaning over his face, he got a good look at my sister’s voluptuous chest. She “accidentally” leaned too far, dropping a breast against his cheek. “Oh, sorry,” she said, backing up.

“I didn’t mind at all,” replied Jack. “Actually I enjoyed it very much. You smell nice.” As he spoke, he moved the sheet to the side. His hospital gown was his only other covering. Curious about whether what I had said was really true about the size of Jack’s cock, Gretchen looked down.

“There is something else you can do for me, Gretchen, if you want,” Jack said as he saw the direction of her gaze. Slowly he pulled up his gown until the full length of his semi-erect cock was exposed. “I’ve got this itch, nurse. Can you scratch it for me?”

“Oh, Jack. You’ve got a big problem there!” she exclaimed. Unable to control herself from staring, she decided to move in again for a closer look.

“Go ahead. Touch me,” begged Jack.

With one hand, she reached out, the tips of her fingers lightly grazing the length of his cock. It twitched at her touch, moving like a thing alive. She grasped the shaft and held it softly as it continued to grow in her hand. Quickly, his cock reached full erection, pointing up as she held it. It was thick enough that her fingers did not meet around the shaft. Her other hand joined the first and began to slowly rub the skin up the shaft to the head. It’s got to be nine inches long and so thick! thought Gretchen.

“That’s mersin escort it, honey. Keep that up. That feels nice.” He reached out, caressing her shoulder, fingering the collar. Slowly, the tips of his fingers brushed across her neck, then down to the cleavage between her breasts. Reaching the buttons, he released one, then two, and then more until Gretchen’s unrestrained tits were fully exposed. Jack tweaked a nipple, cupping the whole thing before moving to its identical twin on the other side.

“That feels nice too,” I heard Gretchen whisper. “Now I know why they call you Mr. Long!” She actively pumped his rigid pole with both hands. As the first drops of pre-cum oozed from the tip, she spread the moisture over the head, sending shivers up Jack’s spine. Bending further over the bed to allow him to play with her tits, she lowered her head toward his cock. She gave it a light kiss and a lick; then she opened her mouth and took the slick purple helmet inside. Closing her lips around it, she alternately licked and sucked as she continued to pump slowly.

“Oh, honey. That’s so good,” whispered Jack. “Come up on the bed.” Gretchen climbed up, straddling Jack’s chest, facing his knees. This allowed Jack to see that she was not wearing anything under her dress. Quickly, he unbuttoned it the rest of the way, pulling it off and dropping it beside the bed.

I could see shadows on the curtain in the dim light. Their position on the bed and the sounds behind the shade go me hot. I began to finger myself as I listened to them make love.

Jack pulled her hips down until the golden globes of her ass were directly over his face. With two fingers, he spread the pussy lips, already wet with anticipation. Probing gently, he found her sweet spot. Pulling again, he had her lower her pussy to his waiting mouth. His tongue darted out, penetrated her moist lips, and began to move over her clit, as two fingers continued to probe inside her orifice.

Gretchen was losing control rapidly, as evidenced by her moaning and humping Jack’s face. “Oh, oh, oh,” she grunted as he licked deeper and faster. It was all she could do to continue to suck Jack’s cock as he expertly brought her closer to orgasm. Within a few minutes, Gretchen felt her own pulse racing as she approached orgasm. “Oh, oh, YEAHH!” she exclaimed as she gushed her juices over his face. He continued to lap as she came.

Ready to release his own juices, Jack said, “I’m gonna cum!”

Gretchen continued to suck as much of his big cock as she could get inside her mouth, as she pumped the shaft with both hands, encouraging him to release his spunk. She felt the slight pause in his humping as he pushed upward into her mouth. Suddenly, he was spurting great gobs of cum. She struggled to swallow, but was quickly overwhelmed with the volume. Releasing him from her mouth, the next white glob struck her forehead, dripping down over her eye to her cheek. Several more thick ropes of cum pumped from the head of his cock. As she pumped and squeezed, she could feel the large vein underneath contract to shoot spurt after spurt from the tip. Finally, the last of it dripped over her tiny hands. She bent back to lick the accumulated cum from his cock, swallowing then what she could not before. When he was clean, she turned to dismount. She used the corner of the sheet to clean her face.

Jack was grinning. “Honey, that was the best cum I can remember!”

“Thanks,” replied Gretchen, smiling back. “You’ve got a great tongue.”

“Maybe we can do that again some time,” hinted Jack.

“Let’s get you through your surgery first,” said Gretchen, not wanting to commit to anything. Stooping, she picked up and donned her uniform. The room smelled strongly of sex, which was an improvement over the usual sterile non-smell. I found that I had cum along with the two of them. I just managed to sneak out of the room before Gretchen threw back the curtain. Throwing Jack a kiss and a smile, she left.

Meeting her in the hallway, I asked, “Did everything work out OK?”

“Oh yes!” Gretchen replied. “Did it ever! Maybe I’ll look into getting a job as a nurse instead of as a vet. No animal can compare to that!”

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