Guess My Fantasy

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This is a story of My wife, her female lover and myself at a sex club. There is a lot of sex with men and some lesbian action. If this is not your cup of tea, please pass it by. For all others, if you want another chapter, please let me know.


This was the first time I watched the new game show, Guess My Fantasy, on cable TV.

From what I could see, each contestant talked about themselves and were asked three questions by each panelist, who was made up of three people from the audience, in order for them to guess the contestant’s fantasy.

If the panelists guessed the fantasy, the contestant was given the opportunity to live it out or take a prize. If the fantasy wasn’t guessed, the contestant went home with nothing.

I watched the new show as none of the contestants won their fantasy or a prize. However, I found the premise to be interesting, especially the fantasies, which the contestant had to reveal at the end if they didn’t win.

The next time I saw the cable show, the panelists guessed a young man’s fantasy of him having sex with a female in the audience. The man decided on taking a prize, which turned out to be a boat.

The next time I watched the cable tv show, a woman won and wanted to live out her fantasy of being on an island alone with three men.

The tv station arranged for the woman and three men to go to a deserted island for a week. All necessities would be provided for them and their time there would be recorded.

That week, the four people were flown to a remote island and dropped off.

After a week there, they were picked up and brought back. Their video of their stay was shown a week after they came back.

As the woman was on stage with the MC, the video was shown. The audience applauded when they saw the woman fucking each guy for the entire week.

After that, I decided to apply to be on the show. I wanted them to guess my fantasy of being at a sex club with my wife and a female friend of ours.

A few weeks later, the exchange izle I received a letter from the tv station that said I was going to be a contestant. The letter indicated the day and time I had to be there for the taping, which was going to be in two weeks.

The day finally arrived and I went to the tv station. They prepped me and did my make up and got me ready.

I was the first contestant and the three member panel was in place. I was introduced and told to tell the audience about myself. After that, the panelist started asking questions.

Panelist 1 was a middle aged woman and she asked me:

1. Does your fantasy involve other people? I answered yes.

2. Does your fantasy involve a woman? I answered yes.

3. Does your fantasy involve more than one woman? I answered yes.

Panelist 2 was an older man and he asked me:

1. Does your fantasy involve your wife? I answered yes.

2. Does your fantasy involve a female friend? I answered yes.

3. So, your fantasy involves you, your wife and a female friend? I answered yes.

Panelist 3 was a younger woman in her twenties and she asked me:

1. Does your fantasy involve the three of you having sex? I answered yes.

2. Would you be having sex with them in a special venue? I answered yes.

3. Would the three of you be having sex with others around you. I answered yes.

After all the questions were asked and answered, there was a short break so they could deliberate and come up with my fantasy.

Ten minutes went by and everyone was again in place.

The MC asked the panel if they knew what my fantasy was and they all answered yes. The MC asked them to reveal my fantasy.

Panelist 1 stood up and said, “the fantasy is for the contestant to take his wife and another female friend to a sex club.”

All eyes turned to me and the MC asked me if that was my fantasy. I looked at him and told him that was my fantasy. The audience applauded.

The the family pile izle MC then asked if I wanted the fantasy or the prize. I looked at my wife in the audience, who had the camera on her, and she nodded her head to take the fantasy. So I told the MC I wanted the fantasy.

The MC said they would make all the arrangements as soon as they knew the female friend I wanted to join us.

I told him I wanted my wife’s friend, Lady G to go with us.

My wife, Laura, is 5’7″, 125, brown hair, brown eyes, 36c tits, a nice shape, legs that never end and is bi.

Our friend, Lisa, is 5’8″, 135, long black curly hair, brown eyes, 38d tits with huge nipples and a real nice inviting ass. She is bi and my wife’s lover.

Over the next week, the arrangements were made for the three of us to go to an exclusive sex club where we would be filmed for the time we were there. Lady G, my wife and I had to sign release papers, which we did. One of my requirements was that our faces would not be shown, which they agreed to.

The day finally arrived and we were picked up by limo and taken to the club. Two camera women followed us inside.

As soon as we got inside, members of the club met with us and congratulated us.

We were shown the locker area for us to disrobe in and secure our belongings.

One of the rules of the club was that all people must be naked while there. So, the two camera women had to get naked if they wanted to stay.

The two of them talked it over and one decided to leave, while the younger one, Becky, stayed. She removed her clothes and secured them with ours.

I had to admire the young woman who had to be in her early twenties. Becky was a red head with a nice shape and firm breasts. Her red pussy was nicely trimmed.

She followed us around the club and into the first room which had two couples already fucking.

I asked Lady G if she wanted to fuck while my wife watched. She didn’t the first lady izle answer but got down on the mat and spread her legs. Becky was right there filming it all.

As soon as Lady G was ready, I mounted her and slipped my cock deep into her cunt as Becky filmed us.

It didn’t take me long before I shot my load into her cunt. As I dismounted her, my wife went over to her and lapped up my cum from her cunt, while Becky filmed it all.

We went to another room where there was one woman being fucked by four men. My wife said she wanted to go in, as did Lady G.

I watched my wife and Lady G go over to the men and soon the two of them were on all fours as each guy took turns fucking them doggie style. Becky made sure she filmed it all. By the time the guys finished, cum was flowing out their cunts and down their legs.

As I watched my wife getting fucked, I could see moisture on Becky’s thighs and I knew she must be dripping wet by now.

The women didn’t even clean off the cum as we left the room.

The next room we went into had two ladies making love to each other and I knew this was the room for my wife and Lady G.

They moved over to where the women were and started kissing. Soon, the two women joined them, kissing them and feeling them up.

One woman took my wife and one woman took Lady G and the four laid down next to each other.

Becky kept filming the four of them playing with each other. Pretty soon, each woman was on top of another woman, grinding their pussies together.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Becky put the camera down as she went over to join them.

The four women practically attacked her and each had their way with Becky.

I went over and joined them and took Becky aside and mounted her. My cock easily slipped into her wet cunt.

It didn’t take me long to cum and I shot my hot cum into her cunt. When I pulled my cock out, the four women went over to her and lapped up my cum from her cunt.

After that, the three of us and Becky left the club.

The next week I was invited back for the showing of the film from the club.

As I sat on stage, the film was shown and the audience roared their approval.

The MC said that was the best fantasy they ever saw and invited me back.

Maybe next time, I think my fantasy will be even better.

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