Guilty Pleasure

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I recall my date one Friday evening with Darius. He pulled up to the curb in front of my condo at six-thirty. We had decided to go out for dinner and a movie. When he came around to open my door, I stretched up on my toes and puckered my lips for a kiss. He surprised me by reaching under my skirt and pinching my right buttock. Right there we decided to skip the movie, grab some dinner and a nightcap at a landmark restaurant, and follow up with a memorable night of sexual healing with Darius. I’ll give you a brief history on how we met before moving on to the nightcap and many hours of our sexual voyage.

I first met Darius at a fund raiser charity for children. He’s a big supporter and contributor to the organization. It was during his speech to the institute that he drew my attention. His very deep, distinctive voice is the type that commands attention. As I walked past him into the dinning room of the hall where the benefit was held, our eyes met. I was captivated, as if the words he spoke were for my ears only. I felt this incredibly force of nervous energy come over me as he ended his speech. We stood there staring at each other for what seemed like time without end before he came over to introduce himself.

“I’m Darius, he said.

“I’m Lola,”

“How often do you volunteer here?” He asked.

“I volunteer twice a month usually on the weekend to avoid conflict with work.”

We continued to converse during and after the fundraiser. He even assisted me and the other volunteers with cleaning and securing the building. He offered to give me a ride home in his long stretch limo, and I accepted.

There was no love making our first night, but after several dates we began a sweltering affair. Our love making episodes were always exhilarating. Darius and I both thoroughly enjoy oral sex; I especially enjoyed the taste and feeling of his hardness in my mouth. Being well endowed and experienced he made me feel alive and energized, but he loved to go downtown using only his tongue as a guide to my pink pearl.

His fervent kisses were enough to start my honey flowing, it helped to build up excitement for hours of foreplay. He certainly wasn’t a selfish lover either; he wanted to know how to make love to my body. I love a man intelligent enough to ask instead of doing what he thinks I want him to do. We communicated well and he paid attention to all my cues, and soon knew my body very well. With the tip of his finger, he’d slowly trace the contours of my body…watching and listening to my reactions. His smell was intoxicating and we wore each others scent after every lovemaking session. Our adult playtime kept the spice in the fiery poker oyna relationship.

I got a kick out of the mischievous pranks we played on each other usually during the most awkward times of the day. We’d take turns calling each other. My favorite time to call Darius was during meetings, and attempt to have phone sex with him. It made our sexual exploits much more pleasurable knowing we had lit the fuse to a carnal power keg with a tease at the work place.

Another favorite tease was a seduction dance I would perform for Darius. It begins with a slow ballad; I would sway my hips and motion with my finger tips while lip syncing in a silk baby doll I loved to showcase for him. After the dance he’d sit me on the bed and slowly stripped the nightie off of me before slipping between the sheets to make love.

Darius was amazing in bed and out of it. I lacked for nothing; if I wanted to go shopping for lingerie, he would take me so he could pick out the skimpiest material that left nothing to the imagination or the sexiest pair of shoes. Sure, I had my own money but if my lover wanted to purchase something special for me I had no problem with him buying it for me. Besides I have bought my share of sexy wear for him as well.

We had wonderful connections with the sale people of the lingerie stores and the adult markets. I was in shopping paradise with his credit card buying in high end name brand products. Sometimes I felt guilty after shopping, because I never expected to find a man so generous with his money, heart and love.

On this particular night, we decided to skip the movie and just had dinner and a nightcap a few blocks from Darius’ Penthouse. When we walked into the restaurant people began to clap and whistle while chanting his name. I was embarrassed by the attention he was receiving.

I whispered to Darius. “I thought it was going to be a quiet evening for us.”

“It will be my darling later tonight at my place.” He said.

I must admit a feeling of insecurity came over me as I watched the women try their best to seduce my lover as they leaned into his body in such a way that their breasts pressed against his arm.

“Oh you slutty bitches.” I thought to myself.

I guess the server felt sorry for me as he poured me a glass of the wine Darius had ordered for our table. As he poured the wine he quietly said to me.

“Just so you know, the women mean nothing to Darius. He only has eyes for the woman who shares his life.”

I smiled and thanked him.

He asked if there was anything else he could do for me. I told him no and thanked him again for the pep talk.

At that moment canlı poker oyna I felt a quieting calm coming over me as I sipped my wine and envisioned naughty things I would perform on my lover later that night.

Darius soon joined me and apologized for losing time with me.

I told him it was all right and we settled down to enjoy our dinner and wine.

After dinner, we went back to Darius penthouse for a nightcap and much more.

I went into the bathroom to freshen up while Darius fixed us a drink before retiring for the evening. I wasn’t sure if I should have another drink. I can’t handle alcohol well and usually if I drink too much I black out.

I returned from the bathroom to see Darius with a glass of red wine for me. I sipped the wine until I could no longer drink it.

It was time for making love with Darius and I wanted it now. After my sensual dance ended he removed my nightie to explore my body with his tongue. When he licked my skin, it was like an electric current zapped through my body…It felt so good.

Then it was my turn to make his body feel pleasure also. I’m good with my tongue and knew how to send tingles through his body. I started at the top of his head with small kisses and flickering licks to his chest, stomach and the inner thighs near his penis.

When I kissed the lower part of his stomach, I felt his hardness press against my jaw. It was so hard and hot but I ignored Darius’ pleas to take him into my mouth.

It was payback for ignoring me and flirting with the women at the bar while leaving me alone to entertain myself. I wasn’t about to let him know the reason I tormented his yearning flesh by denying him the sensations of my hot mouth on his cock but I knew why.

It wasn’t long before Darius grabbed my arms and threw me on to my back and dipped his cock deep into my womb. He moved from side to side, up and down until he had me begging for more.

It was then that he pulled out leaving only the head of his penis inside of me. The more I squirmed to get him to go deeper, the more he arched his back to avoid deep penetration. I had not used all of my womanly skills on Darius and knew he would have no choice except to release his juice inside of me. I continued to plead for deeper penetration but I was ignored.

He knew he had power over me and he was not about to let it go. So, I stretched up and slid my tongue deep inside of his ear. He lost his grip on power as I pulled him into me and made it happened. First at a slow pace, then at a fast pace he took me. I clawed at his back as my hips moved in sync with his body enjoying our erotic sexual healing.

Unfortunately internet casino for us, the relationship has caused a strain with his family and the charitable obligations. After awhile Darius wanted to be with me day and night but that wasn’t what I wanted. I felt smothered by his attention and became turned off by his lack of commitment to his responsibilities. His family had no tolerance for me because in their minds I did not come from good breeding and did not have the requisite education required for their son.

I knew it was time to end the relationship before it became ugly. I called Darius on his cell and asked him to meet me at my place of work. I wanted to talk with him and suggested a lunch date to talk things over.

Darius could see the concern in my face and suggest we take a ride instead of lunch. He knew a place we could talk in private; a little inn at the edge of town. It was a place where no one knew of him. Darius parked the car and went inside first. I knew what he was up to and reminded myself that the relationship had to end today. This was the day to let him go.

Darius walked back to the car with a key in his hand. When he opened the door to drive to the room he rented I told him I was bothered by his lack of respect for what I had to discuss with him.

He assured me we were only there to talk and nothing more.

I asked what was wrong with meeting in a public place instead of a secluded inn.

He had an idea why I wanted to talk but he wanted to convince me to stay with him.

I told him I wanted out, because of his parents and his sudden lack of attention toward his charity duties. I tried in every possible way to get through to Darius that I wanted to end the relationship. He refused to hear it and I felt things were getting too heated between us and stood up to walk toward the door.

Darius grabbed me by the arm and pushed me against the wall next to the door. My heart jumped into my throat while I struggled to break free of his grip. I yelled at Darius telling him he was hurting me.

He loosened his grip and apologized for hurting me. He asked me to stay and discuss the relationship with him. So I sat down on a chair next to the bathroom door. I was shaking from what just happened when I tried to leave him.

Darius was in bad shape. I told him even though I loved him too, he was smothering me. I explained that it felt as if we were joined-at-the-hip. The disrespect toward his obligations was disturbing to me also. Darius agreed to give me all the time and space I desired in the relationship. We made a promise to talk about any problems that might jeopardize the relationship in a non confrontational approach.

We made love that day and as we made love I felt serenity with Darius as his hands molded my body putting me in a trance. I closed my eyes and allowed his soul to bond with mine for a climatic ending.

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