Gwen’s Party

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I first met Gwen at a dinner with friends. She had just moved from out of town. Gwen was a total knock out, a tall leggy redhead with 36D breasts, a cute face, bright eyes, and pale skin. That first night she and I flirted a bit, but it never went anywhere. I didn’t see her again for nearly a year, and when I did it was another dinner. Gwen had gotten married to another friend of mine, Charles, since I’d seen her last.

Even through that dinner though Gwen flirted with me, and she did it right in front of Charles. I’d known Charles for years, he’d always been a very sexual active guy, and from what I’d heard about Gwen she was also promiscuous. A few weeks after that they had a house warming party at their new place. Charles had always had wild parties, and sure enough within an hour there was porn on the tv and half the people had half their clothes off.

Things got hotter as the night went on. I moved to the kitchen from the living room where I had been watching two women (only one I knew) making out. They both had their shirts off and were massaging each other’s breasts while shoving their tongue’s into each other’s mouths. In the kitchen there was a woman on her knees rubbing her face against a guy’s cock through his pants. Apparently she had been dared to make him blush, and she quickly succeeded. Even without taking his pants off, or his cock out, she managed to get him rock hard. I didn’t recognize her, but I found out her name was Janet and that she worked as a stripper for bachelor parties.

Later on the game of truth or dare had moved to the living room, about two dozen people appeared to be playing. Beth, another friend, was on her back on the floor. Beth’s bare tits were being sucked by two guys, a third guy was kissing her, and a fourth guy had his hand down the front of her unbuttoned and unzipped jeans. Beth was moaning loudly, gyrating her hips against the hand in her pants, her hands were on the back of the heads of the two guys working their tongues over her tits while, and she was shoving her tongue into the mouth of the guy kissing her.

After a few minutes the group on the floor broke and it was her turn to dare someone. As Beth sat up I saw that both of her nipples were pierced, something I had never suspected. Beth turned to Charles, her bare tits still exposed, and dared him that he couldn’t get Gwen off in front of everyone. Gwen had been sitting on his lap, but he pushed her up so she was standing in front of him. Reaching around her he unbuttoned her jeans, lowered the zipper, and slowly slid her jeans down her legs. She was wearing a black, lacy thong and as Charles helped her step out of her jeans I noticed that she had a small patch of red pussy hair neatly trimmed and barely concealed by the thong. Charles then ran his hands back up her legs, hooked the sides of her thong, and in one smooth motion dropped it to the floor.

Gwen was standing there, in front of everyone, wearing only her lacy, black bra. She turned to face her husband, exposing her ass to everyone, and bent over to take off his shirt. As a result we all got a good view, all the way up her legs to her exposed pussy and ass. Though many people at the party had their shirts off, and some of the women had their bras off, Gwen was the first one at the party with her pants and panties off. She stayed bent over for only a minute before she got her husband’s shirt off, at which point he turned her around and pulled her back onto his lap. He kept his legs together, which forced hers apart, so by the time she was sitting her legs were spread wide exposing her pussy and clit to everyone.

Charles reached around her with one hand and started fondling her pussy, running one finger over her clit while spreading her pussy lips, holding onto her hip with his other hand. Gwen leaned back against him, closed her eyes, and started moaning softly. His finger worked back and forth across her clit, every now and then he applied a little more pressure and she jumped, then he would work downward şişli escort and slip his finger into her pussy. As his finger disappeared inside her she wiggled a bit on his lap, rocking her pussy against his hand.

Everyone in the living room was watching intently. Though she was moaning it was obvious she wasn’t cumming, which was the dare, and that’s when Beth spoke up, “You’re almost out of time Charles, and she hasn’t gotten off yet”.

Gwen brought her head up and looked back at everyone, “I won’t be able to get off unless someone helps out”. It was as much an invitation as a challenge. I was standing close by and Gwen reached her out and grabbed my hand. She pulled me to her and put my hand on her tit, still covered by her lacy bra, and then she pulled me down and kissed me deep.

As her tongue pushed into my mouth I heard Beth say, “That’s not fair, it’s my dare”. I broke the kiss with Gwen and looked up to see Beth coming across the room. She got to where we were and took my hand off Gwen’s tit, then pulled Gwen’s bra down exposing her D cup breasts, and leaned down to suck on one of Gwen’s nipples. Gwen guided my head down to her other tit and I started licking her other nipple. Just a minute of Gwen getting her breasts sucked and her pussy fingered was enough to push her over the edge. As she came she moaned loudly and bucked her hips against her husband’s hand, holding my head and Beth’s head against her chest, “Ooohhh… ooohhh…”.

After she finished cumming Gwen reached back and unhooked her bra, dropping it to the floor with her pants, freeing her large breasts to hang in front of her. It was now Charles’ turn to dare someone and he shot right back at Beth, “Alright, I dare you to get my wife off in front of everyone”.

Beth and I had backed off a step, but now Beth moved back to Gwen and dropped to her knees in front of Gwen. Beth wasted no time in pushing her tongue, also pierced, right into Gwen’s pussy. I watched as Beth dug her tongue between Gwen’s cunt lips, flicking it back and forth across her clit. Beth’s hands were high on Gwen’s thighs, massaging them gently, holding her legs open. I looked around the room to see what everyone else was up to.

A couple of my friends (Ara and Josh) were on the couch, both of them naked now, watching Beth and Gwen. Ara had her hand wrapped around his cock, jerking him off, while Josh had his hand buried between her legs fingering her pussy. In the chair by the TV, porn still playing, Janet was giving a lap dance to a guy, while the guy she had embarrassed earlier was watching her. Dave and Ruth were in the doorway to the kitchen, Ruth on her knees sucking her husband’s cock.

Gwen, Beth, and Charles shifted which made me look back at them. Charles moved out from under his wife and took his pants off. Beth continued to work her tongue over Gwen’s cunt. As Gwen sat back on the couch she reached out to me again, hooked her hands into the top of my pants and pulled me to her. Gwen quickly took my pants down and sucked my cock into her mouth while reaching out and grabbing her husband’s cock.

Becca, who as far as I knew had slept with everyone in the room at least once, moved behind Beth and started taking Beth’s jeans off. Becca was already naked, in fact I think she was the first one at the party with her shirt off. Unlike Gwen and Beth, Becca had a tight little body to match her 18 years with small tight B cup breasts and a shaved pussy. Beth wiggled out of her pants, she wasn’t wearing panties, and Becca laid down on the floor between Beth’s legs as Beth lowered her pussy onto Becca’s face.

Gwen was really sucking on my cock, fondling my balls, and stroking my shaft. She came on Beth’s face, grinding her pussy against Beth’s wiggling tongue. Her orgasm distracted her from sucking my cock, and her husband took advantage of her temporary distraction to shove his cock in her face. Beth slid down and was now in a sixty-nine position with Becca on the floor in front of the couch. I was stroking my cock watching the two girls eating each other’s pussies when Gwen reached out and grabbed hold of my stiff cock.

Her husband was kneeling behind her on the couch working his cock into her pussy when Gwen starting sucking on my cock again. She was bouncing on her husband’s cock while running her tongue up and down my shaft, sucking my hard cock between her lips occasionally taking it all the way into her mouth. She started moving more, pushing back harder against her husband, and then she came. My cock popped out of her mouth as she moaned. I stood there for a minute watching her cum, her huge tits bouncing beneath her.

Beth, still grinding her pussy on Becca’s face, sat up and looked at me, “Becca hasn’t cum yet, maybe she needs some cock”. I moved away from Gwen reluctantly, and kneeled down on the floor beneath Becca’s open legs. Becca arched her legs and back, bringing her cunt up to the level of my cock. She was still dripping wet from Beth eating her out, so my cock slid easily into her. I started pounding into her pussy right away, holding her legs up to keep her in line with my thrusts. Beth came almost right away, watching my hard cock slide into Becca had pushed her over the edge, which in turn made Becca cum. She bucked wildly on my cock, pushing her hips up and down to get me as deep into her as possible.

I was getting close to cumming when Beth leaned over and started kissing me, never taking her pussy lips away from Becca’s exploring tongue. Beth reached down and started massaging Becca’s clit, back and forth in time with the thrusts of my cock. This only prolonged Becca’s orgasm, it was obvious she didn’t want to move but was so lost in cumming that she couldn’t help it. She pushed hard against me, burying my cock deep in her cunt, and that was enough to make me cum. I grabbed Becca’s hips and held her against me, emptying my cum deep in her pussy.

Spent, I sat back, and slipped out of Becca’s pussy. Beth immediately bent back down, putting her head to Becca’s cunt, and started lapping at my cum dribbling out. I stood up intending to go to the bathroom and clean myself up, but Gwen stopped me. Gwen took my cock in her mouth and started licking Becca’s cum off. Some guy I didn’t recognize was behind Gwen now, pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. After a few minutes Gwen and the guy with her on the couch shifted position. She pulled away from me, he sat down, and then she sat down on his cock.

I looked back around the room and saw Janet. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist, her shirt and bra gone, through she was still wearing her fishnets, heels, and a pair of red crotchless panties which left her neatly trimmed patch of dark hair and cunt exposed. Janet was grinding her ass against some guy’s lap, his hard cock rubbing between her ass cheeks. The guy she had embarrassed earlier was standing next to her, still fully clothed, she reached out and grabbed his hands and put them on her perky tits. She didn’t even slow down rubbing her ass as she did it.

The door to the bathroom was open only an inch. I wanted to clean up a bit still, so I pushed the door to the bathroom open and stepped inside. Dave, Ruth, and some guy I didn’t know were already inside. Dave was sitting on the edge of the tub, his cock buried in his wife’s ass, while the other guy had his cock buried in her pussy. Ruth was rocking back and forth, held up by Dave, the motion causing both cocks to pump in and out of her. I stood there for a minute watching and my cock started to get hard again as Ruth came, “Ooohhh… fuck!”

Janet poked her head in the bathroom, the embarrassed guy was with her and she had one hand firmly wrapped around his stiff cock. When she saw what was going on she got excited. “Oh… this is good for you”, she said to the embarrassed guy, “Ruth has always been a triple input gal”. She pushed past me and dragged the guy behind her into the bathroom, it was getting crowded so I stepped out. Janet got the guy into position at the tub and guided his cock into Ruth’s mouth. Ruth’s moaning was immediately stifled, but she was getting louder, as she continued rocking to work the (now) three cocks in and out of her. The embarrassed guy was obviously uneasy in the situation, but Ruth was really sucking his cock. She brought her hands up and started massaging his balls and stroking his shaft.

As Janet backed out of the bathroom, smiling at the scene in front of her, she bumped into me making my cock jump. Janet was petite, with a tight body, exactly what I expected from a woman that strips at bachelor parties. She looked back at me, and smiled, “Looks like you’re ready for some more”, she said as she reached down and gently stroked my cock. We moved into the kitchen, there was a couple at the table I didn’t recognize, the guy was sitting on a chair and the woman was kneeling in front of him running her tongue up and down his cock. Janet got up to the table and bent over it, her fishnet covered legs stretched tall by her heels.

She still had on the pair of crotchless panties, I could clearly see her wet pussy lips poking through her neatly trimmed hair. I stepped up behind her, she reached back and guided my cock into her pussy. As I started slowly sliding my cock into her I felt her tense up. Janet’s cunt was really tight, being a petite woman it wasn’t surprising, she must have had some discomfort as I pushed into her. She gripped the table with both hands, pushing back against me to work the whole length of my shaft into her. After a minute she started moving back and forth, using the table for leverage, working my cock in and out of her. I reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back on it. Her head came up, she moaned loudly, and she started bucking back against me faster and harder.

“Fuck me”, she moaned, “shove your cock into me”. The couple across from us shifted, the woman got up and bent over the table, mirroring Janet’s position. The guy stood up behind her, shoved his cock into her making her yelp, and started fucking her. I fucked Janet in rhythm with the couple across from us, the table bouncing beneath the women. Janet came hard enough I had to let go of her hair, she pushed down onto the table and rammed her ass back against me. I pushed my cock into her deep and came. I grabbed her hips and slammed her back into me and held her there. It took forever for me to empty my balls into her, but I did eventually finish cumming. Janet was kissing the other girl across from her, both still pressed against the table. Apparently the other guy had cum too, but I hadn’t noticed.

I pulled out of Janet and she said, “I’m going to go check out the bathroom”. She disappeared down the hall. The girl across from me motioned me toward her. I got to the other side of the table as she dropped back to her knees. Taking my cock into her hand she started licking up and down the other guy’s cock, sucking her cunt juice off of it.

After she had cleaned his cock she looked up at me and said, “I’m Michelle”, before sucking my cock into her mouth. She sucked on my now limp dick for a few minutes, lapping up all of my cum and Janet’s pussy juice, never once taking her hand off the other guy’s cock. When she finished I sat down on a chair there in the kitchen, had something to drink and caught my breath.

Gwen came into the kitchen to get something to drink and saw me. “Oh, glad you’re still here”, she said to me. She was still naked, there was a slick trail of cum dribbling down her leg. I took her hand as she stuck it out toward me and she pulled me up out of the chair. “I want to take you upstairs to our bedroom, Beth has some ideas for you”. I followed Gwen up the stairs, watching her ass wiggle the whole way. We turned into the master bedroom at the top of the steps, and Beth was inside bent over the bed. Her hands were tied behind her back with silk, her ankles were tied to the bed posts forcing her legs to be spread wide, her cunt and ass completely exposed. As we stepped inside Gwen closed the door behind us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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