Gym Sock Smother

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“I have something for you” She said, as he entered the room. She was sat on the edge of the bed, still wearing her skintight gym wear that accentuated her body. A curled finger beckoned him towards her, a coy smile on her face. When he was almost at her she halted him with her hand.


And he got on his knees. He could feel the warmth of her bronzed legs on his face.

“Further down.” She said, and he bowed his head so it touched the floor next to her running shoes. She tapped the side of his face with her toe playfully.

“On your back.”

He Obeyed, and rolled over, looking up beside her calves to her face that was looking down at him, an evil grin playing on her lips. She stayed poised like that for a moment, enjoying his torment, and then crossed one leg over the other, so that her shoe swung above him, brushing the tip of his nose.

“Take it off.”

He did so slowly, savoring the moment, untying the laces and easing them apart before sliding the shoe off. He could feel the warmth on his face as her ankle sock hung just a centimeter above him, could smell her delicious scent.

“Your balçova escort present.” She said, and lowered her toes towards his mouth, stroking across his face, and then back, parting his lips to push inside to let him taste her. He sucked on her toe, sending tingling pleasure up her leg and she lay back on the bed, enjoying the attention her foot was getting as she continued moving it around across her partner.

His heart was aching in his chest as his tongue felt the warm fabric. She was toying with him, he knew, and he loved her for it. Her toes seductively danced slowly around his face, playing with each of his senses, taking control of his pleasure. Resting across his eyes, letting him focus on the scent, then pinching his nose, showing him her perfect arch centimeters above his eyes.

She lifted her other foot to dangle over the first and he felt the pressure on his face increase, and jolts of desire ran down his spine, tingled on his body as a sweat of delight broke out on his skin. Her second running shoe now swung just above his eyes, close enough to kick him if she decided to.

“Take bayındır escort off the other shoe.” She said, her voice sleepy, dreamlike, and he did so. She now placed both her feet on his face, smothering his mouth and allowing only small breaths to be taken though his nose, the scent strong in his nostrils. He stayed in this position as she idly twitched her feet, sometimes allowing him breath, sometimes cutting off his air supply completely, before mercifully returning it to him. The pleasure was disorientating, he did not know how long he lay there, every second was stretched with the beauty of her feet and her smell.

The power she held over him was intoxicating, every breath she allowed him was a gift, every taste an experience to be savored.

“The socks.” She whispered, and he obeyed, rolling them down her feet as she held them hovering above him. He studied her smooth soles, the curve of her instep. His ears were ringing with the beating of his heart. One foot came down over his eyes, and then slid forward so his nose was under her toes. With them she pinched his nose, bayraklı escort forcing him to open his mouth to breath. She allowed him a few breaths before her second foot slipped between his lips, cutting off all air.

He touched her toes with his tongue. Maybe if she liked what she felt she would be merciful. He fed his tongue between her toes, sucking gently. She still did not give him air. His already pounding heart was beginning to struggle. He closed his eyes, focusing on breathing slowly. Her toes wriggled in his mouth and he ran his tongue around them tenderly. His heart was hammering. He twitched involuntarily. She giggled, and suddenly her feet were gone, she was sitting up, looking down at him, her chin resting on her hands, an innocent pose. He gasped deep breaths into his lungs.

Her eyes travelled slowly down his torso, inspecting his skin, the definitions of his muscles. Then further down. She grinned. Above him, she slid to sit right on the edge of the bed, and stretched her long leg out. It came down slowly on to his throbbing member. The pleasure was almost too great. She stood slowly, her foot remaining where it was, increasing the force pressing into him. Twisting the ball of her foot slowly she brushed his tip with her toes. He almost cried out, desperate for release.

“Stay exactly where you are,” she said, taking her foot from him. “I have something else for you to worship after my shower.” And she was gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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