Hairy Godmother Ch. 01

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I always had a crush on my godmother Susan. She was Mom’s best friend and she looked very glamorous. Her looks belied her age even though she was nearly forty. I had seen her since the day I was born literally and the tall statuesque brunette was the subject matter of my childhood fantasies. Uncle Bob though was balding and though he was my godfather too he was immersed in his business. Aunt Susan was my favorite she would take me with her to the bar and anywhere else and she really dotted on me. She lived in Boston and when I had to join one of the Ivy League colleges there it was but natural that I spent a lot of time in her lovely home. She had long silky black hair, almond eyes, full breasts and rounded hips that had me fantasizing of her naked body. Once I had seen her changing and I was rewarded with the luscious view of her white breasts pushed up by her cotton bra. I felt the stirring in my pants.

They had a pool in their home and the first time I saw in her in her bikini I was amazed. She was by the swimming pool talking on the mobile when she turned towards the house and shouted to Maria the help. She raised her arms and showed me the most hairy pits I had ever seen. It looked so different and the dense black growth in her unshaven underarms made her so desirable that I had an instant erection. My fairy godmother had turned into a “Hairy Godmother”. Maria who was standing a few paces away looked at me as I shamelessly moaned and even the distance of a few paces had reduced with my pole sticking out towards her a few inches. She looked at me and smiled as I turned away embarrassed. “You like Madam’s bushy armpits” Maria said. I nodded red my face turning red “I love women with jet-black bushy underarms it really is very erotic”. “I have hairy armpits too” she said “let me see what Madam wants and I will Ümraniye Escort take care of this monster” she added giving my erection a squeeze as she went out. I looked out and saw Aunt Susan facing the house still on the cell. Even though her arms were pressed to her sides long tufty hair poked out from the sides

Maria came back and dragged me off to her small room next to the kitchen. She said that aunt Susan want come back for more than an hour and hat she had told her that she was going for a bath. “Let me take care of your problem” she said laughing. The busty Hispanic was quite a number as she closed the door behind us. She was unbuttoning her dress. It was a light blue uniform that completely hid what was beneath it, but as it came off I saw two enormous breasts being contained by a very basic bra that seemed inadequate for the job. Her armpit hair was coarse and very long as she put her arms behind her head. “Am I hairy enough” she said.

I was enchanted by her hirsuteness. The jet-black hair filled her entire armpits and seemed very enchanting. Her panties were similarly basic and her thick pubic hair bursting out from the sides. She held out her hand as even more tufty hair showed out of her bushy armpits. I complimented her on her bushy armpits. I said “How hairy your armpits are I have never so much hair in a woman’s armpits.” She seemed pleased by my comments and she said, “You mean even more than Madam’s”. I looked at her large, round breasts, which were barely covered, her nipples erect under her bra. But was amazing was the hair growth, which ran like a rug from her tummy down her pubic mound, disappearing between her legs. In fact the hair on her mons hung down like a carpet. It was the hairiest pussy I had ever seen. I was longing to tongue the long beautiful bushy Anadolu yakası Escort pubes as I felt myself grow harder just watching her

She pulled my belt out of my pants and ran the palm of her hand across my bulge. She gasped as she felt the length and thickness of my cock. Her hands moved up and fumbled with the buttons. Maria tugged my pants down and then grabbed my boxer shorts. She pulled my boxers out and down, watching my huge erect cock fall out.

“That’s it you hairy whore, go on suck my cock. She took the tip of my member into her wet sexy mouth and slid it easily in and started to suck it slowly first. I was impatient having seen the woman of my dreams in her hirsute glory as I pushed my prick deeper into Maria’s mouth. She bobbed up and down on my meat, sucking and stopping and sucking and stopping. I was so engorged that I was almost fucking her mouth and it looked like she loved it. Her hairy underarms were dripping with sweat as the thick coarse tufty hair in her furry armpits bunched up as I slid my fingers into her rich armpit forest. It felt moist and slippery as I tugged on the heavy hard hair in her bushy armpits.

I start thrusting in and out of her mouth. She looked down at my cock and looked back into my eyes. She begins sucking faster. The noises she makes while doing this have me on the edge of cumming in her mouth. She moans and never stops sucking me while doing this. She pulls of her mouth from my cock and lies back on the bed and spread her legs wide. My hands clamp down into her furry underarms feeling the profuse growth of hair in her furry armpits. It seems like an overgrown hedge, which hides the hollows of her armpits. Her breasts are superb and I sucked the large pale areolas and her nipples while my tongue lovingly trails her thick pit İstanbul Escort hair. Her outer lips were deep pink and swollen with passion. I spread them further and feel the hard nest of hair at the junction of her thighs and stare at her luscious vulva.

“Get on top of me and fuck me with that big cock.” She begged me She looked so cute and so damn sexy laying back with her legs parted waiting for me to mount her and fuck her bushy cunt. I could feel her hand grip my cock and pull me ahead to line it up with her wet hairy pussy. I slowly worked my thick cock back and forth until I was buried balls deep in her hairy cunt. She is quite different from the women in college. She is a real pro as she takes me in easily. So I took long hard deep strokes pulling out just so the tip made contact with her swollen lips and then all the way in so my balls were slapping tight against her ass. “Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned, taking in more of my penis.

I start licking her armpits and ask her why her armpit hair is so coarse. “I used to shave my armpit hair regularly till Raoul my first boyfriend made me stay hairy. That’s why the heavy pelt in my underarms is a lot coarser though even Bob like my coarse tufty armpit hair” I looked at her in awe and said, “You mean Uncle Bob fucks you”. She smiled and said “He loves hirsute women and that’s why Madam doesn’t shave her armpits; he likes them hairy”. I look down at the long strands of hair and it must be more than 6 inches long and grows in her entire pits. I fuck her with a new burst of energy, and then she screams as a wave of orgasm passed through her throbbing pussy.

She can sense that I am cuming. “Don’t cum in my pussy I am not on the pill” she says “put your cock in my mouth I will suck you off”. I was not complaining and I silently obey. She starts to suck me hard. The cum was boiling up and my knees began to buckle. An explosion of cum followed a moment of strange calm and silence from my cock. I felt the cum jet into her mouth and her tongue and lips pulled yet more of it from me as she swallowed in hard gulps. Then I hear Aunt Susan….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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