Handcuffs and My College GF

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It had been an unbelievable day at the beach with my college girlfriend. 85 degrees, sunny, and as we drove back to campus, with white sand littering the floor mats, sun roof rolled back, skin glowing from the sun, Anne let me know that the night was going to be even better than day had been.

“I bought handcuffs” she said with a light giggle. I looked over to her, my eyes starting – as they always did – at her long tanned legs, past her jean shorts and her bikini top, to her glittering eyes, full of mischief and barely contained sexual excitement.

“When did you have a chance to buy handcuffs?” I asked, trying to stay casual.

Anne rummaged through her beach bag and pulled out a pair of metal handcuffs and dangled them playfully from one finger. “In the beach store, they’re kind of cheap, and they have a little safety lever, but I figured these could be fun tonight. We were just talking a couple days ago about giving something like this a shot, and”… here I can see her get a little nervous “I figure it’s a good place to start since they’re not really real”

We’d been dating for about 6 months at this point and this was the sexiest part of Anne’s personality. A slim 5’7″ with long legs and a runners body, she was cute-hot, the type of hot that lands a girl the lead role in a romantic comedy and you love showing off to your friends/family. Despite her innocence she had a huge sexual appetite which constantly was at odds with her inherent shyness creating the perfect set of criteria for a person like me to draw out her hidden naughty side. The slightly awkward but excited way she brought out the handcuffs fit in perfectly with her personality… and this was going to be good.

Getting back to campus we both went our separate ways to rest up after the beach, and get ready for a night out. I told her to give me the handcuffs because I wanted to end up in my room later that night – but the real reason I wanted them was for a little bit of a surprise.

After a quick shower I got back to my room, and after making sure my roommate was gone – there was a note on his desk saying he went home for the weekend – I took out the handcuffs and a pair of pliers and went to work on the safety latches. The metal was actually steel, and surprisingly strong, but after about 15 minutes I’d bent the latches back and forth enough times that they broke off. The “novelty handcuffs” Anne bought had just turned very real.

That night went pretty normally at first, we went to a frat party, I drank beer, she drank cheap champagne. We went to an apartment party, I drank beer, she drank vodka/tonics, and before long we were pretty well toasted and back in my dorm room.

I fucking love drunk sex. As soon as the door is locked behind us, we attack each other. Anne throwing herself into me, linking her arms up and around my shoulders and pressing her body into my muscular 6’2″ frame, making out with an almost desperate passion. I swing her around and push her against the door, never breaking contact with her mouth, my hands running up and down the sides of her body, over her ass pressed into a pair of tight-fitting True Religion jeans.

“I’ve been so fucking wet all night” Anne whispers through our linked mouths, her hands running down my chest, down my stomach, and to the zipper of my jeans. I’m rock hard, but I’ve decided that tonight is on my terms.

Before she can take the zipper down I take her wrists and pin them above her head. I transition both her wrists to fit into one of my hands leaving the other one free to grab the crotch of her jeans. “You’re mine tonight” I say as I rub back and forth. Anne lets out a low moan from the back of her throat, her arms trying to pull out of my hand and her hips involuntarily rocking back and forth into my hand.

I break contact and lead her back to my futon with a finger hooked into the waist of her jeans. I push her onto the Mattress. “Take off your shirt” I tell her as I open my desk drawer and pull out the handcuffs. She rips her shirt above her head and kicks off her heels. I cup her face with my left hand as my right reaches around and unhooks her bra in one smooth motion – one of my favorite tricks, and one that never fails to impress. Her tits are perfect, big B cups, high and tight, and the nipples are already rock hard.

I’m all business at this point, I reach down and unbutton her jeans. She reaches for me trying to unbutton my shirt but I push her hands away, I’m in control tonight. Hooking my hands görükle escort into her waist line I pull her hips off the Mattress and take the jeans down over her ass, then sliding them down her legs leaving her naked except for tight pair of grey panties.

She’s so wet at this point she’s completely soaked through, the dark patch a couple inches long highlighting her pussy.

Again she reaches for me, but instead I push her away and back down onto the futon so she’s lying on it lengthwise now. I take the handcuffs and latch her right wrist first. There’s a momentary pause, her shy hesitation comes back into play for a moment and she looks directly into my eyes. I slowly pull her arm up and underneath the arm of the futon. taking her other wrist and pulling it over the futon. I click the handcuffs closed and lean in to her ear. “You’re mine now” I whisper.

Anne takes in a deep breath, which pushes her tits up in the air as she tilts her head upside down to look at her wrists, her nervous shyness clearly showing, but I see that her hips are rocking up and down slightly, belying her excitement.

I take her chin in my hand and tilt it back towards me, and start making out with her hard. I can feel her body relaxing as my fingers trace figure-8s up and down her body. She shivers and starts to squirm. I play into it, tracing my fingers up her side, watching her move away from it, then down to her panty line, then back up, teasingly.

I take a t-shirt and drape it over her eyes so she can’t see what I’m doing. Breaking contact I move to my dorm fridge, taking out a tray of ice cubes. On my way back to the futon I notice my electric toothbrush propped on my desk and grab that as well. Kneeling next to Anne I start to run my fingers along her body again. She looks absolutely perfect, her long body stretched out along my futon in anticipation for anything I’m about to do to her.

Next I take a pair of tights Anne left in my dorm over the winter, long black and stretchy I can see these suiting my purposes perfectly. I take one leg and knot it just above her knee and drop the rest over the back of the futon. Kneeling down, I reach underneath and take the other end, drawing them through. Stretching the tights to their limit i wrap the other leg over the top of Anne’s other knee spreading her legs wide open and knot them off. She resists lightly but I can see her smile growing wide and mischievous under the line of t-shirt over her face. “Well this is interesting, what are you up to down there?”

I step back to admire my work. Anne is now stretched along the length of my futon, her knees spread apart, naked except for her soaking wet panties, stretched across the mound of her vagina. I take the first cube out of the tray and trace it lightly over her stomach, the reaction instantaneous, . “Fuck!” she screams, writhing her body away from it her hands jerking against the hold of the handcuffs as I slide the cube up her body. She’s shivering lightly, whether out of fear, or the cold, so I decide to take care of one of those and lean over, tracing my tongue in the path of the ice cube, I’ve never tried this before but her light murmurs of pleasure tell me I’m doing it right. I tease the cube along her nipple, making her arch her back, I then move it to the next nipple, my mouth following everywhere that it goes, enjoying they almost rhythmic writhing of her body and inaudible murmurs coming from the back of her throat.

I trace the cube down the inside of one thigh, and back up the other, teasing it around the line of her panties, watching the glittering wet trails I leave on her body. “Oh my fucking god Joe” she murmurs “touch my pussy, for fucks sake, touch my pussy.”

“Not yet, but I have something else you might like.” I say, reaching down for the electric toothbrush and clicking the button to on. I play it up along the mound of her pussy, at this point the fabric glistening wet, she does her best to thrust her hips into it, a slightly awkward motion with her knees tied apart, but sexy nonetheless. She’s doing everything in her power to move her pussy harder against the toothbrush, to feel the vibrations more intently but I don’t let her. Every time she thrusts her hips up I push them back down and take the toothbrush away for a few seconds, exerting more and more control over her. This goes on for several minutes, and she slowly learns the more she tries to fulfill her own needs, I take them away from her.

When i feel I have her under görükle escort bayan enough control I up the ante and slip the toothbrush under the line of her panties. The humming of the toothbrush takes on a deeper muffled tone as I position the body of the toothbrush in exactly the right spot by spreading her pussy lips over the fabric. The tightness of her panties is perfect as it’s holding the vibrating brush tightly against her clit.

For a moment it seems like she’s going to ride it out, but it quickly becomes apparent that the vibrations are too intense for her as she pulls against her handcuffs and let’s out a high yelp, gyrating from side to side trying to get away from the intense vibrations on her pussy. She moves her head around, shrugging off the t-shirt and looks up at her wrists, clearly having reached the threshold for this game. This is what I was pushing for, the point at which she tries to stop playing, and realizes that I am in complete control.

It takes nearly 2 minutes of her fumbling with the handcuffs, her hips moving subconsciously in a deeper and deeper rhythm with the vibrations, before she figures out my trick.

“Fuck, fuck… wait… you took off the latches?” She squeaks, her fingers having finally found the spot where the safety open latches used to be. Are you fucking kidding me?! She looks right at me, and sees me staring right back at her, finally coming to the realization that she is really trapped. At this point though, she’s past the point of caring, her voice gets lower “Are you… fucking… kidding… me…” she trails off and her eyes flutter closed as the vibrations of the tooth brush start to take over her body, her hips now pumping up and down, her breathing getting quicker and deeper.

I move back to the side of the futon, and taking one more looking at Anne’s face, eyes closed, chin tilting back, mouth opening wider and wider, I decide that my timing is right and slide the toothbrush out of her panties.

“Wha…. What?!” Anne says disbelievingly. “I was about to cum”

“Ya?” I say mockingly as I move my hand up the inside of one thigh, nibbling on her tit. “What made you think you deserved to cum yet?”

“Oh fuck” She says as she moves her wrists around again, looking for some way out of the handcuffs. I wonder if at this point she still thinks it was such a good idea to buy them.

I’m rock hard at this point, and the sight of my girlfriend on the verge of orgasm tied to my futon is too much. I take a hold of the waistband of her panties and pull hard, like I’m starting a lawn mower. I’m mildly shocked at my work as they tear off, leaving Anne completely naked now.

She’s looking at me with an intensity I’ve never seen before.

I unzip my pants and take out my cock. Putting one knee on the side of the futon I position my dick in front of Anne’s face. Anne is unbelievable at giving head, and just as importantly, she loves doing it. She eagerly cranes her neck and takes the first few inches in her mouth, sucking eagerly.

I reach down and start to stroke her pussy. I’ve never seen a pussy so wet before, I think, as I slide my fingers over her clit, every third stroke hooking them in to push inside of her, taking care to split my fingers apart at the top end of my stroke to avoid her engorged clit. Anne is getting into rhythm as she continues to slide her mouth up and down my shaft, whimpering with ecstasy. With my other hand I tangle my fingers in her hair, moving her head back and forth more aggressively, forcing her to take my full length in her mouth.

Back when we first started hooking up we would sixty-nine and put wagers on who would come first. If she came first she had to cook me dinner (usually Ramen) if I came first I’d usually end up giving her a half hour back massage. I’ve been going down on girls since I was 15, and at first it was no contest, my technique on her pussy getting her quickly to the point where she was unable to focus on the job at hand. Within a couple weeks though Anne had turned the tables completely around on me and would win handily every time, to the point where there wasn’t even any point in putting a wager on the outcome.

With her hands cuffed above her head, and her knees tied apart, she still hadn’t lost a step with her mouth, and within 5 minutes I could feel myself on the verge of coming. I pull my dick out of her mouth and position myself between her legs. I planned on playing this out longer, but making my girlfriend bursa escort come is one of my favorite past times and I just can’t wait.

Her pussy tastes great. First I isolate her clit and create a little bit of suction. It’s the size of a pencil eraser, and smooth in its tautness. I alternate between flicking my tongue back and forth over the surface and sliding the top of my tongue powerfully over it, like I was licking an ice cream cone. I insert my middle finger in her pussy and hook upwards, finding the smooth spot of skin on the ceiling of her vagina that tells me I’m on top of her G-spot and press nearly as hard as I can.

I abandon flicking my tongue, and concentrate wholly on moving the surface of my tongue in powerful circles over her engorged clit. Anne’s breathing is getting quicker and shorter and glancing upwards I can see that her eyes are rolled back in her head and her mouth is wide open. I take my fingers out of her pussy and reach my hand up to her mouth, putting my pinky on her lips and she sucks it eagerly.

This time when I reach back down, I use two fingers and include my pinky into the equation, sliding it into her tight little butt. She now has both holes filled and my tongue is gliding powerfully over her clit. Up until now almost every part of Anne’s body has been in motion, straining against her bonds, but now she’s purely taut, arching her back and thrusting her hips up into my mouth.

When she comes it’s like the end of the world. Normally we keep it quiet for the benefit of the rest of the dorm, but Anne is out of her mind. “I’m cummmmmmmming! I’m fucking cummming!” she screams, almost rattling the windows.

Now her hips are bucking and moving wildly. If her legs weren’t tied she would have rolled off the futon, but instead she could only move in about a foot radius.

A wicked thought crosses my mind at this point: what if I don’t stop?

Time to find out.

I move my head and my fingers along with the movement of her hips, not letting up on her pussy or her clit in the slightest. For at least half a minute I’m sure she barely noticed as wave after wave of her orgasm swept through her body. Pretty soon though she becomes more aware of her predicament and began trying to get herself away from my mouth. “stop… oh my god, stop!” But i keep on going, in exactly the same way.

Anne is completely helpless and can only slightly buck her hips, no more real power in movements as I redouble my efforts on her clit.

Her second orgasm isn’t as strong. Where the first orgasm ripped through her body like a force of nature, the second orgasm is more like a wave, moving through her body, rocking it up and down.

FInally I let her off and stop altogether to take a look at my work.

Anne is basically a puddle on my futon, her head rocked back, her breath deep and controlled, like she’d just finished a long run, muscles quivering in her thigh muscles.

I un-knot the tights keeping her legs apart, and her top leg falls on to the bottom leg, sliding back and forth against each other.

I take the key to the handcuffs and unlock her, massaging her wrists and looking at the deep marks lining them, glad to see they’re just indents and no bleeding.

Anne is in such a state of post-orgasm relaxation she’s completely pliable, letting me slowly turn her over and rotate her body perpendicular to the futon. She doesn’t even notice when I take her tights and wrap them around her wrists and tie the ends to the back of the futon.

She’s now kneeling over the edge of the futon, her hands tied in front of her almost in a prayer position, her tight ass thrust out behind her, and the bulge of her soaking wet vagina beneath that.

“Oh god, fuck me Joe,” she says, giving me the first indication that she knows what I’m up to.

I last longer than I thought I would. Maybe a solid 15 minutes of sliding my long hard dick in and out of her tight pussy. Every single thrust I make is accompanied by a whimpering moan in the back of Anne’s throat, harder and harder, faster and faster. Her third orgasm sweeps through her body and I can feel her pussy contracting tightly around my dick, setting me off. I come deep inside of her over the course of ten hard pumps, uncontrollable in my lust as I drive my dick as deep as I possibly can into her quivering vagina as she screams open-mouthed into the Mattress.

It was the best orgasm of my life.

That night, lying in bed together, I whisper in her ear “there’s going to be more of this my darling, you better get used to being tied up”

“That’s fine by me” she murmurs back. “Absolutely, fucking fine by me.”

*This is my second shot at erotic non-fiction, shoot me an email and let me know what you think!

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