Handsome Ch. 30

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Chapter 30


It was Marco Abernathy, the huge, by that I mean, tall, and I mean he was a 6′ 10″ basketball player who had made All America Honorable Mention last year that persuaded me to go to the fraternity party.

I like to party, don’t get me wrong. But this type party usually sucks. It turned out I was right about that, but I’ll always be grateful to Marco for cajoling me into going.

Did I mention that Marco was Black? Oh, yeah, as the Ace of Spades. But maybe you’d guessed that already.

Anyway, we got there around ten, and everyone in sight was already drunk. The music was blaring and I was surprised the cops weren’t already there. Most of those attending were guys, and most of them looked like typical college dorks.

Obviously the majority were there with fantasies of finding a drunken girl who would make their every dream come true. It was just as obvious that they would be going home alone as usual with a hangover — after all, what was more appealing to a girl, albeit a drunken girl, than a drunken guy with acne slobbering over them with either vomit or beer breath, or both?

Marco slapped me on the shoulder and laughed. “Gonna find me some of that white pussy. See ya’ll later, Bree.” And all 6′ 10″ of him vanished into the crowd.

There were probably a dozen or so girls hanging around. Mostly little bitches there to try to prove to their friends they were partiers, but it was clear they were in way over their heads. At the other end of the spectrum were the college sluts, some of who were already topless, some already flashing their asses and pussies delighting the guys.

As I appraised the girls, I found that the majority ran true to form, which is to say they were decent to good looking, dressed a bit provocatively, with a few (other than the sluts) willing to keep an open mind should something positive come up. But most of them were there to test their skills in teasing the drunken guys.

For the first hour or so I just hung around and watched the ‘activities,’ as the guys chugged beer poured into their mouths with funnels while the girls danced with one another and the guys not involved in the drinking contests ogled them from afar. Although any girl who got remotely close to the ‘lookers’ risked having her ass grabbed while obscene suggestions were hurled at them by the other onlookers.

After four beers I had to take a leak, but when I opened the bathroom door I had to take a step back. The smell of vomit and shit was overpowering. Strewn on the floor were at least a dozen used condoms. That proved me wrong. Someone was getting laid.

The John was backed up, so I used the sink, wrote an ‘Out of Order’ note, dribbled the contents of a condom on the back of it then ‘taped’ it to the door, hoping there was another bathroom somewhere else in the house.

I made a wrong turn and wound up passing two bedrooms, both of which were occupied. In the second one I heard the distinctive voice of Marco urging someone named Helen to “Take it all!”

I smiled to myself and made my way back to the main living area and heart of the so-called party. There was a small group gathered in front of the couch and I wormed my way into it and saw two girls making out while the others urged them to s strip and really get it on.

The two ignored them, but continued making out at their own pace, and from the smiles they flashed when not kissing each other they knew exactly what they were doing. I wondered which group they belonged to: the teasers or the sluts.

Curious as to how far they would go, I remained in place. It didn’t take long.

Later on I learned their names, but for simplicity’s sake, I’ll tell you now. Kathy had the bigger tits. Anna was a size or two smaller but also well endowed. They each had long brown hair which they wore straight down to the middle of their backs. Anna had a darker complexion, almost olive when compared to Kathy’s paler skin tone, and that made the two of them look hot together. They were both tall, maybe 5’6″ or 5′ 7″. They each had tight low cut jeans on with Anna wearing a tight strapless tube top and Kathy a thin cotton tank top.

Anna seemed to be taking the lead. She and Kathy were kissing like two lovers, there had to be something between them that went beyond a typical friendship. It was evident to me and the others that Kathy’s nipples were poking through the thin material of her tank top. As soon as Anna became aware of it, she began to run her hands over Kathy’s top, circling her fingers around the nipples then cupping the breasts in her hands. Kathy responded by running hands over Anna’s bare shoulders, and then around her face and through her hair. Eventually her hands moved down to Anna’s breasts and both were fondling each other through their clothes.

A short brunette leaned against me, whether consciously or not I didn’t know, and a moment or two later I felt her breast against my arm. I glanced down at her and she smiled up at me.

“They’re hot, ain’t poker oyna they?” she said.

“Get in front of me, you can see better that way,” I told her, propelling her in front of my by putting my hand around her waist and giving her a little tug. Once in place, she moved her ass so that it fit up against my zipper. She actually purred when I cupped her breasts as we watched the girls play.

Anna’s hands moved stealthily down Kathy’s torso, teasing and tickling until finally she reached Kathy’s crotch. She pressed a finger against where Kathy’s pussy was hiding and began to rub her through her jeans. Kathy stayed on Anna’s boobs, massaging them, toying with her nipples for a short time, then pushed down the material until Anna’s beautiful breasts were exposed.

A few whistles came from the crowd. Everyone appreciated how full and firm they were, and without a trace of silicone. Her nipples were large and very hard at the moment from all the attention they were getting. Kathy’s hand could barely hold one as she cupped and toyed with it.

Anna was still working on Kathy’s covered jewel box, but evidently decided what was good for her was also good for Kathy, and reached up to lift the cotton tank top up to her chin, providing the onlookers with a view of Kathy’s best friends.

The whistle and shouts started as Kathy’s boobs popped out, especially in that they were bigger than Anna’s. Kathy lay back in the couch and let Anna kiss her neck and throat. I heard her moan despite the clamor going on around us.

Moments later, she was drawing on Kathy’s left nipple like a baby on a bottle. Kathy arched her back upward as Anna switched to her other boob, and while Kathy was reveling in the wondrous sensations that caused, the resourceful Anna had moved to the others jeans, which she deftly unsnapped and then unzipped while sucking Kathy’s boob. Kathy evidently understood what was happening and assisted Anna in removing her pants, revealing a sexy red thong that barely covered anything. Anna rubbed her pussy folds through the thong while alternating her mouth between Kathy’s breasts.

The short brunette had her hand on my hardon, squeezing it tightly while I played go-cart driver with each of her nipples.

When Anna pulled the thong to one side giving everyone a glimpse of Kathy’s well shaven pussy, I released one of the brunette’s nipples and slid my hand down the front of her jeans and sent a finger into her sopping wetness. She jerked forward, sending her ass crashing into my erection. Once I was assured she’d done no serious damage, I went back to exploring her dripping vagina.

Anna went to work on her girlfriend, working her middle finger into her slit while using her thumb to coax Kathy’s clit out from its hiding place. I decided to mimic her moves on the brunette just to see how it affected her. Kathy’s hips bucked against Anna’s knowing finger. The brunette moaned and bucked too; but not as violently as Kathy had.

All eyes seemed to be on the two girls. No one was paying any attention to the brunette and me, or so I thought.

At some point in the action, Anna apparently tired of teasing Kathy and dove head first into her snatch. A roar of approval went up from the on lookers.

“Fuck me!” the brunette squawked after turning her neck in a futile attempt to face me.

“Um, maybe later,” I said, and left her standing there by moving to the other side of the room and a place no female happened to be but afforded me a good vantage point of the action underway.

Kathy let out a load groan as Anna’s tongue flickered over her clit. Then Anna began lapping her like a dog, running her mouth up and down the others wet pussy while Kathy’s face contorted as she moaned and squeezed both her breasts.

I glanced around. There had to be forty or fifty people standing there watching them at this point. The brunette had found a nerdy freshman or sophomore, and was grinding her pubis against his leg while he had one of her breasts out of her wonder bra trying to figure out what to do with it.

Kathy grabbed Anna’s head with her hands and held her face tightly to her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she kept moaning. Suddenly her back arched up higher than ever before.

“Oh god, I’m coming. Don’t stop!” she cried. Her hips ground into Anna’s mouth as she moaned over and over.

“Fuck me Anna, oh yeah, suck the shit out of me!”

Her hands left Anna’s head and flailed helplessly in the air until another orgasmic wave crashed down on her. Kathy’s right arm dropped to the floor and her fingers dug deep into the soft carpet. A moment later she flung her head from side to side as the sensations generated by Anna’s tongue intensified.

“Coming!” she shrieked, and her fingers left the carpet and joined her other hand as they ensnarled themselves in Anna’s hair, forcing her even closer to her pulsing cunt.

I was impressed with how Anna had kept her at the edge, letting her come, then pushing it off, then bringing her back again. Anna had a definite canlı poker oyna talent, and I would remember it a few days later.

Finally, Anna raised her face away from Kathy’s sodden snatch and looked wearily around her. She seemed surprised at the number of onlookers.

Kathy collapsed on the couch, closed her eyes and apparently went into a deep, satisfied sleep. Anna made no attempt to wipe her face clean of Kathy’s juices, but kept her eyes downcast, not wanting to meet the eyes of those standing around her as she adjusted her top so that her breasts were covered.

It appeared that she wanted to return to Kathy and continue their oral activities, but Kathy was now out of it.

“Mind if I join in?” A tall, gorgeously proportioned brunette asked with a seductive smile.

“Sigourney! I didn’t know you were here!”

“We can’t use the couch,” she said calmly as if it were just the three of them in the room. “It would be impolite to oust Kathy right now. There’s a bedroom free upstairs, care to join me?”

She held a hand out, Anna took it, and followed her up the stairs with everyone else at the party except those passed out, or being violently ill outside or in the bathrooms right behind them.

“Let’s get naked,” Sigourney said almost whispering.

It took mere seconds to accomplish. I was very impressed with Sigourney’s body. Her face rivaled that of whoever the Clairol model of the month was. Her breasts while not overly large were succulent, and as enticing as any I’d ever seen. Her legs were sensational and served as the perfect complement to her jutting ass.

In short, Sigourney was perfection personified. I knew I would have to meet her. I knew I was already falling in love with her, and I knew she would not be an easy conquest.

They started with Sigourney running her hands over Anna’s back then fondling her ass. To my surprise, Sigourney’s eyes met mine as she slid a finger into Anna’s rectum, causing the girl to moan appreciatively.

I blew her a kiss and she returned it, and then heard her whisper to Anna, “Relax, honey; you’re going to enjoy this.” She moved her right hand over and let it rest on the smooth, silky junction of Anna’s legs. Anna closed her eyes and leaned back as she felt the sensuous warmth of Sigourney’s palm rubbing lightly over her pussy.

Sigourney smiled, moved her middle finger in and out of the others asshole while making small circles with the hand on her cunt. Anna moaned; her breathing became heavier, and she sank down almost totally relaxed.

I drew closer, smiling and framing the scene in my mind’s eye as Sigourney toyed with Anna. Sigourney kissed her, sucked on her pink eraser-tip nipples, and finally dropped to her knees and probed at her goodies with her tongue.

A red-headed guy I thought might be on the tennis team produced a ping-pong paddle and handed it to Sigourney, who was giggling and reluctant at first but made good use of the thing. She teased Anna’s ass with it at first, and then delivered a few hard, jiggly smacks that caused Anna to gibber like a schoolgirl.

I saw a shudder of expectation sweep through Anna. Evidently, Sigourney saw or felt it as well and couldn’t resist caressing the swollen, open lips of Anna’s cunt, causing her to jerk upward and cry out. Sigourney then performed an acrobatic move that ended with her straddling Anna’s face.

“Let’s eat!” she barked, and the two girls segued into as nice a 69 as I’d ever seen.

Maybe a minute or two passed before Sigourney raised her head from between Anna’s thighs and beckoned to me. “Yeah, you in the dark blue shirt; c’mon, join in!”

A roar went up from the crowd surrounding the bed as I clambered up to join them. I took a second to orient myself and took snuck a peek at Sigourney’s neatly trimmed pussy, and with a silly wave to our audience started licking and tonguing her ass.

Sigourney squealed with delight. Later she admitted she had thought I would stick my dick up her ass, or force Anna away from her cunt. But at that moment she squealed and shook her ass like a fish on a baited hook.

Now Anna benefited from all this, for Sigourney never let up on her and the squealing and shaking only served to arouse Anna more.

To give Sigourney a slight reprieve, I lowered my face and began alternating with Anna; each of us licking or sucking on Sigourney’s pussy. We quickly developed a rhythm that had Sigourney quivering with anticipation until, with a concentrated effort she managed to make Anna come and abandon Sigourney’s pussy, leaving me in charge as it were.

In my haste to get my dick in Sigourney’s mouth, I rudely shoved poor Anna to one side and reversed my position on Sigourney. Now my cock hung over her face as I licked both her ass and pussy in turn. She wasted no time in gulping me into her mouth, and by the first thirty seconds I knew my dick was in the mouth of an expert.

Anna refused to be left out of the picture. She attacked my ass; sending her tongue in a respectable internet casino distance on her initial try. There was no way I was going to last with the two of them working me over and I let it happen.

“Gonna cum!” I yelled, giving Sigourney fair warning. She was ready for me when I did, yanking me from her mouth and letting me shoot my load about a foot away from her onto the sheets and part of the pillowcase while the spectators cheered.

I rolled over on my back. The girls scampered off to the bathroom, shyly holding their clothing close to their breasts. Somebody handed me a beer, which I finished in two gulps.

I hopped of the bed, gathered my own clothing and followed the girls into the bathroom.

When I opened the door and walked in, Sigourney grinned at me then bit her lower lip. I memorized how she looked at that moment. There were dark locks of hair tumbling over her eyes, and her nipples stood poised to greet me. And so I grabbed her ass roughly and pushed my tongue into her mouth. She ground her pussy into me, and I broke off the kiss to seek out her right nipple.

Anna watched us as she finished dressing, then in a husky voice said, “You two better get a room; I’m leaving.”

I was already pressing my palm between her legs. I was rock hard already, raring to go. I used the notches of her pelvic bone as leverage, and ground back at her. Sigourney’s skirt shifted higher up her long, well-formed legs, then up past the satiny material of her panties. I dropped to my knees; saw the wet spot forming through the thin bikini underwear. I thought I heard a muffled whimper of desire.

She twisted and bounced her hips like a bitch in heat. The warmth in her loins reached the ignition point, and she began to bend her head from side to side.

“Oh God … do something … it’s driving me crazy…”

I knew women, and I knew that this was my only chance to control this exceptional woman or she would dominate me, or casually toss me aside when finished with me. I didn’t want that. Sigourney was a keeper. I knew it and had to be at my best to win her over.

“You’re going crazy, eh, well let’s see if this gets you off,” I said as I slapped her ass twice.

“Umm, lover, I really like that, but I really want a different kind of hardness at the moment.” Then she giggled, so I sapped her two more times. “You’re different…” she managed to say before I slapped her again. “Will you please fuck me?” Sigourney implored.

“Okay,” I said and dragged her by the arm back into the bedroom, which was now unoccupied.

After tossing her on the bed, I rolled her onto her back and stripped. She wasted no time in losing the few things she had on and I climbed on the bed and moved on top of her, supporting my weight with my arms on either side of her.

Ready or not, here I come,” I whispered. “Christ, I hope not. I want you to last for hours!”

I brought the tip of my cock to her moistened slit and touched it.”

“Oh, Christ, that feels so good.”

“It’s not in,” I said to tease her.

“I know that damn it! But it does feel good.”

I cocked my rear and drove it in.


Easing all the way out, I slammed it home again.


“What the hell are you a dog?’ I asked.

She took a moment to respond. “No, I’m not a damn dog. You just knocked the air out of me with that thing of yours.”

“Want me to stop?”

“Fuck no! Just…”

But I was already pounding back into her again.


This time I thought I detected a happier tone to the woofing.

Sigourney brought her legs up and wrapped them around my waist. That action took her clear off the bed and close to my stomach. We kissed feveredly while I mauled her lovely tits as she moaned contentedly beneath me.

I took my time with her, not wanting to hurry things, I would have preferred that this coupling last at least as long as she did; and so after a few rapid thrusts I arranged us so that I was flat on my back with Sigourney straddling me. We both moaned as she lowered herself down on my dick.

When she was fully impaled I cautioned her to remain still, and slowly stretched out so that she had no real choice but to lay on me so we were aligned limb to limb. I had her hold my hands and extend her arms out to her sides, and then lift her body like a snake ready to strike. I kept my feet flexed so that she could push against them with her toes if she required any additional leverage.

I was positive she had never done this before. A married woman I had been seeing off and on (no pun intended) was into yogi, and had taught it to me. The major benefits of the position were that while my hands continued to squeeze hers, Sigourney’s breasts were pressed against my chest, and we were thigh to thigh, so essentially, we were skin-to-skin over as much of our bodies as was possible.

More importantly, when Sigourney pushed with her feet, she achieved maximum clitoral contact as we bumped and boogied against one another’s pubic zones.

After she came the first time she kissed me. We continued kissing each other (it was rather easy, given our positioning) while she came at least four more times before she was begging me to alter our position.

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