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Chapter One

Tammy and I had talked about Diane our neighbor and best friend many times over the last couple of years but we both knew there were problems in her marriage. In the beginning her husband Tory and I were pretty good friends but it was Diane that Tammy and I bonded with because we learned there were problems with Tory and his straying and drinking among other things. The three of us thought of ourselves as pretty liberal but also very mainstream in our lifestyles. We liked a lot of the same things and shared the occasional dirty e-mail or shady joke but that’s about all.

We were in our small backyard and there was only one fairly small area where we could have any privacy and still get some sun and that’s where we were. Her sunning in her bikini while I was in the shade reading in my nylon running shorts that hide very little, content in our little world. “Would you put some sun lotion on me?” She watched my smile grow so she added, “I’m serious.”

“Oh trust me, I’ll be very serious about rubbing lotion onto your warm and sexy body.”

“We just made love day before yesterday.”

“And your point would be?”

She was lying on her belly with her head turned toward me and she laughed and said, “Now behave because I want to finish with my tan.” I knelt down close to her and as I dribbled the cool creamy lotion onto her hot skin she gasped but held still as my hands went to work on her shoulders. “Mmmm, I love it when you do this for me.”

“I love it when I do this for you too.” I behaved myself long enough to cover her shoulders and arms and with her top already untied to prevent tan lines I explored and massaged my way down her back to her waist and then to that small scrap of fabric around her hips that made her bikini bottom. I forced myself to move down and do her feet and worked up her legs until I was once again faced with that tiny obstacle around her hips. I’d behaved my self long enough for my hands to work lotion onto her upper thighs and between her legs allowing my hand to bump against her warm mound and then let my fingers slip under her bikini and teased her lips. They were moist and I could see them in my mind as my other hand moved to her other thigh and soon joined in the action as she moaned and mumbled, “Mark honey you’re driving me crazy, now stop that. The sun can’t go where your hands are.”

“But you can’t be sure, maybe you’ll lie on your back with your legs spread wide.”

“Not unless you’re between them.” My cock was as hard as a post and worked valiantly to escape its nylon prison as I ignored her pleas for a few more seconds and used my lotion slick fingers to tease her anus. Her hips were starting to move and roll and she moaned again before pleading with me to stop and behave myself. I was pretty sure that if I ignored her pleas we would soon be making love in the backyard. That thought was cut short however when our doorbell rang.

“Tammy were you expecting somebody?”

“Not until two o’clock.”

“Well it’s five after.”

“It can’t be. Diane was coming over for iced tea and conversation at two.”

“Damn, well there goes my fun. I guess I better go let her in.” I headed through the house to the front door muttering to myself about my lost opportunity to make love to Tammy and opened my door. Diane was standing there smiling in a halter top and shorts so I said, “Hi love come in.” Then her eyes went to my pelvis and stayed there as she stood there without moving. I looked down and saw my cock as hard as ever and threatening to escape from its confinement.

She smiled at me then and asked, “Did I come at a bad time Mark?” I didn’t know what to do but I swallowed and managed to say, “Tammy forgot to tell me you were coming over.” Before she could comment I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her in as I stepped behind her saying, “Tammy’s out back sunning so I’ll just walk out behind you.”

She made it as far as the backdoor and then quickly turned to face me and brazenly looked between my legs again. My cock had gone down some but it was still much in evidence and there wasn’t much I could do or say. I had greeted her with an impressive hard on and it had decided not to leave anytime soon. Of course looking at her tight shorts clad ass as I followed her didn’t help matters at all.

“Mark would you rather I not stay?”

“You’re fine. Sorry about greeting you like that.”

“I’m not. I have to say that’s the most impressive reception I’ve ever experienced.” Then as we went outside she whispered, “I’ll just pretend that I was the one to cause you that problem,” and before I could absorb what she had just said she moved on and said, “Hi Tammy.”

Tammy was lying on her back with her bikini bra just laying over her breasts and said, “Sorry the time just got away from me.”

“That’s okay,” and she smiled at me saying, “Mark was taking very good care of me.”

“Good.” Tammy looked toward me and said, “Would you get us some iced tea?” Great, now I’d show both of them izmir escort my stiff cock but I looked down and realized it had gone down enough that it was still a bulge but not an obvious one.

“Diane are you going to sun too?”

“I can’t I didn’t bring my bikini.”

I calmly went over to Tammy and lifted her top off of her and tossed it aside saying, “Strip to your bra and panties, you’ll be a lot more covered than Tammy is now.” Both women were staring at me but I just smiled and went in for the iced tea. I knew Diane wouldn’t do that and I knew I wasn’t going to get any loving anytime soon so I decided to tease and aggravate them to keep my mind occupied.

It took me almost twenty minutes but with glasses of beverage and fortunately with a soft cock dangling between my legs I headed toward the backyard.

Chapter Two

I moved carefully so I wouldn’t spill the tall glasses of refreshments and made my way toward the women when I saw Diane. She was lying on her belly in her bra and panties. I had never even seen her in short shorts and the sight almost made me spill the drinks as I tried to walk and stare at her at the same time. They were talking about Tory, Diane’s so called husband and didn’t even realize I was approaching them. I heard Diane say, “Tammy I know he’s screwing around but I don’t know who with and I haven’t been able to find proof of it. I don’t think I ever told you but I almost had our marriage annulled less than twelve hours after the ceremony but I chickened out. Now I wish I would have gone through with it.”

“How long are you going to put up with him? It’s been two years of frustration and hurt for you.”

“I have a plan but it’s going to take time and I’ll have to be careful so he doesn’t catch on to it.”

“Well if Mark or I can help just say the word.”

“Thanks and I just may need your help before it’s over. Now let’s talk about something else and enjoy this warm sunshine while we can.”

“Good idea, they’re calling for rain for the next three days.” She looked around and said, “I just wish we had a bigger and more private yard.” Then she saw me and said, “We had given up on you.”

“Sorry I tried something new and it took me a little longer.”

“What can you do that’s new with iced tea?”

“Taste it and tell me what you think.” They turned onto their backs and sat up as I handed each of them a glass of my special brew. They both took long drinks to satisfy their thirst and Diane said, “What the…that’s not tea that’s booze.”

“That’s a Long Island iced tea.”

“Very tasty but it’s all booze too just like I said.”

Tammy blinked her eyes and held her breath and then said, “Wow we better be careful with these.” I pulled a chair closer to them and casually studied Tammy’s exposed breasts before looking over at Diane and toasted both of them saying, “To the two very sexy and special women in my life.”

Tammy smiled at him and said, “I’ll bet you never thought that Diane would actually strip did you.”

“I would have bet my paycheck that she wouldn’t in fact, but Diane honey you are hot and I thank you.” I saw her glance between my legs and at my quickly growing problem and then just blew me a kiss before taking another taste of her drink. I was smart enough to just sip my drink enough to make it look like I was drinking and watched as the women consumed their potent beverage. I didn’t expect anything to happen in the area of sex but I hoped the drinks would loosen their tongues a little. But then I never would have hoped to see Diane in her bra and panties either.

When their drinks were about half gone I said, “Diane you’re going to get tan lines honey.”

She smiled at me and said, “Well I can’t very well get naked can I?”

I returned her smile and without even glancing at Tammy asked, “Why not?”

Tammy just looked at me and said, “Nice try honey but she’s not drunk.”

“Oh well I tried. Okay here’s an idea. Diane you can put on Tammy’s bikini top. She’s not going to use it.”

She tasted her drink again and then said, “That’s a good idea except it wouldn’t fit me.”

“Just lay it over you like Tammy had earlier.”

Once again she glanced at my pelvis but this time she saw my now fully grown problem and said, “It wouldn’t cover very much.”

“Gee I hadn’t considered that. I’ll turn my back and you can make the change.”

I wanted to kiss my wife when she said, “I have to admit that’s not a bad idea.” I didn’t even wait for Diane’s answer. I sipped at my drink but this time I took a good long drink to steady my nerves.

“Mark you better not look.” I heard what she said but more importantly I also saw her eyes dance.

I quickly handed Tammy’s bra to her and we shared a quick glance. “I promise I won’t look just let me know when I can turn around.”

It was only a minute later when Tammy said, “It’s safe honey you can turn around.” When I did turn, my eyes went straight to Diane’s chest and almost alsancak escort choked. Tammy’s rather small B cup bra came up well short of it’s task on what I could only guess were Diane’s fairly impressive C cup breasts. I couldn’t believe it, I actually blushed and both women noticed. All I could do was take another long taste of my drink and try not to say something I shouldn’t. Then I noticed my drink was disappearing faster than theirs so I had to put it down before I got drunk and said or did something I might regret later. The three of us talked about different things and Tory came into the conversation again but only for a few minutes. Diane admitted that when he was behaving they got along great and had a lot of fun but that was becoming less frequent as time passed.

Diane and Tammy’s glasses were almost empty when Tammy said, “Diane you’re starting to get red.”

She looked down and said, “I guess I am, can I use some of your lotion?”

“Of course.” My reflexes were still pretty good so I grabbed the bottle of sun lotion and moved past Tammy and said, “I put it on Tammy just before you got here. Would you like me to do you too?” With my back to my wife I didn’t know how she was reacting to my suggestion so I was really pushing it but I smiled at Diane and waited while she looked at Tammy and then back to me and smiled.

“Thank you Mark,” and she carefully turned onto her belly. Why she did that I didn’t know because she was tanning her front but I wasn’t asking any questions either. This time I did look at Tammy as I told Diane, “You’ll still have some pretty visible tan lines on your hips, would you like me to fix that?”

“Mark honey I’m not taking my panties off.”

“Of course not, I have a safe solution to the problem if you’ll trust me.”

She looked at Tammy and then said, “Okay but you’ll have to deal with your wife if you’re not careful.”

“I know that all too well love, be right back.”

Chapter Three

I ran into the house and after rummaging through the kitchen for a few minutes was quickly at her side again and knelt down next to my nearly naked neighbor. I could feel Tammy staring at me so I was very careful with my movements and when my wife moved over to watch me I smiled at her and went back to work even more intent on being careful. I had a handful of twist ties so I selected one and a moment later I had bundled her panties at her hip and put a twist tie around it. I did the same to the other side and then tied them in two more places on each hip. She now had what amounted to very low riding French cut panties but I wasn’t done. Next I did the same thing to the part of her panties that covered her sweet ass. Diane bordered on full figured but she was solid and I had lusted after her many times. The back of her panties were now pulled in until they almost disappeared into the crack of her ass but not quite. I took a breath and worried that my hands were going to start trembling. Looking to Tammy for approval she just gave me a crooked smile so I smiled at her and said, “Okay now for some lotion.”

I started at her legs and worked my way up being very careful to only go where the sun could go but that did include her inner thighs. Tammy made sure I knew she was close by as my hands neared Diane’s now very visible camel toe between her legs as my hands moved over almost all of her sweet ass and slightly into her crack. My cock had been very hard earlier but I was certain that now it was setting records. I almost hurt and wanted to grab my cock through my nylon shorts or better yet set it free. I did Diane’s shoulders and arms next and with Tammy’s bra lying on the patio under her I was free to apply the lotion all over her back and down her sides until I felt the swell of her breast before retreating. Next it was down her sides to her now very brief panties. I let my fingers wander just under the elastic as my fingers teased down her sides. I wanted to tease Diane but I was the one that was going crazy with desire as my hands moved over her warm softness. First it was Tammy and at that time I wanted nothing more than to make love to her right then. Now I was doing almost the same thing to Diane but this time I wanted both women. As impossible as I knew it was I wanted to feel my hands and fingers make love to her and to feel my cock open her pussy lips.

Tammy knelt down next to me and whispered, “Okay lover have your fun but you better not go any farther than you did with me.” I looked over at her and smiled and winked and then pursing my lips tossed a silent kiss toward her. Did she remember I had touched and teased her pussy?

“Okay Diane my sweet turn over.” She was careful as she turned, holding the bra against her breasts but I got a quick peek at one of her nipples before she lay back and put her hand by her side. I bent over her and kissed her softly and asked, “Am I doing okay?”

She looked into me and nodded before she softly said, “You’re doing great” I did her legs up to her mid buca escort thighs and then her arms and belly before working up toward her breasts. Her eyes were closed as she said in a near whisper, “God this feels heavenly, I don’t care if you never stop. I made eye contact with Tammy frequently to hopefully let her know that I still loved her very much. My hands touched Diane’s breasts on the underside and then around to the sides and over the top. I had coated and massaged her breasts except for the tiny areas where the bikini top was but my fingers slowly coaxed that out of the way until she was exposed to my eyes and my fingers slid over her nipples and away several times. I took my time feeling her large breasts under my slippery hands as she looked over at Tammy before coming back to me. Our eyes locked as I teased her now hard nipples until the lotion finally disappeared and then I kissed them lightly. Her cheeks were flushed and she raised her breasts to my lips in an offering so I kissed them again and tasted them with my tongue before abandoning them and moved down toward her panties.

I picked up more twist ties then and bundled her panties in front until all that was covered was a thin line of nylon from the top of her panties down to her pussy and between her legs. Above her pussy the fabric was less than an inch wide until it neared her waistband and it flared at the bottom just enough to cover her pussy lips. I could see and feel her fine line of pubic hair and I wanted to lean down and kiss her pussy but I resisted that temptation. I went back to the lotion and did her upper thighs and between her legs as she slowly spread them for me. I studied her for a second and with her legs apart and her eyes closed she looked like she was offering herself to me. I looked at Tammy once more and saw no signs that I was to stop so I moved my hands until I was brushing against her warm soft pussy lips and her legs opened up even more for me. I couldn’t see a lot without moving her panties out of the way and I knew not to do that but my fingers went where my eyes couldn’t. At the moment I couldn’t remember how much Tammy and I had done so I was going for as much as I thought I could get away with.

Diane’s hips raised slightly to meet my hands as I teased her lips and felt her moistness. One finger slipped between her lips and Diane let out a moan and I saw her fingers curl into fists as I went deeper. Tammy whispered in my ear, “Don’t leave her unsatisfied.” I looked at her and she studied me. She didn’t smile but I knew she was okay with what I was doing so I slowly entered Diane with a finger and then added a second finger as my other hand went up to her left breast. She opened her eyes and studied me as I fingered her and pinched her nipple and she raised her head to look at my hard cock still hidden from view by that thin veil of now wet nylon.

I wanted her almost more than life right then as I finger fucked her and her juices coated my fingers and hand. Her hips were pushing up against my hand in a steady rhythm and she was almost singing a soft almost musical moan in time with my thrusts. Tammy was next to me and watched the proceedings as I coaxed and teased Diane toward her orgasm. I turned my head then and kissed my wife as my fingers plunged in and out of our neighbor and Tammy drove her tongue into my mouth as Diane moaned louder and pushed her pelvis up against my hand as she climaxed. I held my hand still then and Tammy watched as Diane’s orgasm released its hold on her. I took my fingers out of her and moved up to kiss her deeply as our tongues got acquainted.

Chapter Four

We finally settled down a little and worked on our drinks as Diane looked at me and said, “I’m surprised you didn’t just pull my panties down.”

“I wasn’t allowed to.”

Tammy explained saying, “I told him he couldn’t go any farther than he had with me before you arrived.”

“Oh so you two were…and you didn’t get to…”

“That’s right.”

“Oh God I’m sorry I’ll just pack up and go.”

Thankfully Tammy said, “No it’s okay. I mean for now of course.”

Then Diane brazenly looked at my now half hard cock and said, “And you were…with Tammy and then again with me without…um…relief, you poor thing.”

What could I say or do? Had I said anything of substance Tammy would probably have been mad but I couldn’t bring myself to say it was no big thing either because I still wanted to set my cock free of its restraints. Tammy stopped me from getting into trouble by saying, “Honey get us some iced tea and make it real tea this time.”

“Sure okay.” My cock refused to go completely down and I didn’t try to hide it anymore so I just stood up and retrieved the glasses and went in for the tea. When I came out the women were standing up and I studied Diane again and said, “Damn you’re sexy.”

“Thank you Mark.” I stood in front of her and handed a glass to her but before I could turn to Tammy she pulled my shorts down and let my suffering cock free. My own wife had jerked my shorts down and exposed me to Diane. I got an instant full erection as she stared at my pelvis and I stood there like a mannequin holding the tray for several seconds. Tammy came around and smiling at me took her drink and simply said, “Thank you honey.”

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