Hannah’s Pregnant Pleasure Ch. 02

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“Oh yes, that’s great…!” sighed Hannah.

Gentle, sensual pleasure crept through her being as she felt the magic hands on her back. Peace flowed along her limbs and she felt like flying. Sighing in ecstasy, she turned to face her friend.

“You have the best hands in the business,” she said to Laura as she pulled her shirt back down.

Laura smiled. “Yeah, but how much longer will I be in the business?” she asked peering down at her stomach.

Hannah was sat in the living room of her best friend’s house after having the best massage she’d experienced in a long time. Laura had been a masseur for as long as she had known her but she’d never used her services until recently. As her pregnancy had passed her sixth month, the back pain had started getting more intense and she found herself having to restrict her activities. At Laura’s suggestion though, she had gone to visit her friend only to find all her pains taken away by her magic hands. Since then, she had been coming for over a month twice a week. Any other masseur may not have been so understanding but Laura was different.

Voluptuous and dark haired, Laura was a direct contrast to Hannah’s willowy, redheaded frame. But she was still quite striking and had a reputation around the area for being something of a nymphomaniac. Hannah knew that her friend was very sexually active but most of the stories told about her were untrue. She’d done pretty much everything when she was at college and it took a long time for men to stop retelling the tales. Besides, very soon, her wild nights out on the town were going to come forcibly to an end. Below her large breasts sat her belly, eight months pregnant and still growing. Laura had managed to get pregnant from her ex-boyfriend earlier in the year and despite her initial reluctance, she had agreed to go full term with it. Grant, her then boyfriend had been pleased at first. But three months into the pregnancy, he decided to leave her for some blonde bimbo he’d been seeing behind her back. There were tears, fights and bitterness right up until the day that he left.

However, barely a month after Grant had walked out and she was back out on the town again. Unlike Hannah, who stayed at home and hid her form underneath baggy jumpers, Laura flaunted her new shape, adapting clothes where she could, buying new ones where she couldn’t. Plus, there was no way she would have been able to hide her belly anyway. After the doctor told her that it was going to be twins, she knew she was going to be huge. And she was.

“So have you finally stopped going out now you’re bigger than a bus?” asked Hannah as she turned to face her friend.

“Are you kidding me?” answered Laura as she settled back into the sofa. “The attention I get in a club now is incredible! The men just go crazy for my big belly. They all want to touch it, and you know I don’t mind that.”

Laura smiled, absently stroking her stomach. She’d disclosed to Hannah long ago what a massive turn on she found having her belly rubbed was.

“If I’d have known how men were attracted to pregnant women, I would have got up the duff years ago!”

Hannah smiled and tried to hide her face. The blush was spreading over her face as she thought back to last week with Alex the cable repairman. Too late though, Laura saw the look and clicked immediately.

“Looks like I’m not the only one to have found this out am I?” she smiled. “Come on, who was he?” Laura leant forward, or as forward as she could manage to listen to her friend’s tale.

“Some guy,” she started, slightly embarrassed. “He came round to fix my TV.”

“You banged the cable guy!?” cried Laura. “The one with the ponytail? He’s nice her is.”

Hannah looked up surprised. Did she know Alex as well?

“What? Surprised?” said Laura. “He’s been round to see me too. Has quite a thing about pregnant women it seems.”

“Laura, have you no shame?” she exclaimed, “you’re pregnant with twins for Gods’ sake.”

“Still no reason I can’t have some fun is it?” she replied. “Besides, I knew he’d banged you anyway. He was talking about you last week.” Laura had pulled up her vest and was rubbing her bellybutton. Talking about Alex and his big cock was turning her on.

“You’re still seeing him?” said Hannah, slightly jealous.

“Oh yes, he comes round every week bornova escort to service me,” she smiled. Last time I saw him he was telling me all about you though. I reckon he’d like to get us both in a three-way.” Laura smiled at her friend. She’d known her long enough to know what turned her on. Hannah may well have appeared to be a shy, innocent girl on the outside, but Laura had known her too many years to buy that image. She knew talk like this was turning her on but she wasn’t ashamed of doing so. In fact, it was exactly what she had intended.

“Oh stop it,” laughed Hannah, waving her hand dismissively. “I know I’m a little kinky, but not that kinky. Besides, despite what Alex may think, I’m not into women.”

Seeing her opportunity, Laura stood up as gracefully as she could for her size. Tugging at her tee-shirt, she lifted it up over her head, her large, soft boobs popping out into view. She stood in front of Laura, cupping her belly in her hands. She could see Hannah’s reaction was one of surprise but there was a tell-tale flush spreading over her chest that said otherwise.

“Are you sure about that?” purred Laura, smiling like a cat.

Hannah looked up at her friend as she stood, stripped to the waist in front of her. Laura’s large breasts stood out proud, her nipples tightening from being exposed to the air. All their talking about sex had made Hannah quite aroused and as Laura stood exposed in front of her, her sex began to throb. She had to resist the urge to touch herself as she admired her friend’s body.

Seeing Hannah shift in her seat, Laura leaned towards her, brushing her hair from her face and gently kissing her on the lips. Hannah smiled, not sure how to respond when her body did it for her. Opening her delicate mouth, she returned the kiss, Laura’s tongue caressing her lips and slipping inside. The feeling of her hand on her breast made Hannah jump at first but her rapidly hardening nipple betrayed the pleasure she felt. Laura’s large belly was rubbing at her own as her friend stood over her. Cursing the summer dress that she wore, she began to pull it upwards, the material bunching up beneath her boobs. Her gravid belly exposed, she could feel the curve of Laura’s pressing into her, the heat and touch of human flesh exciting her.

Feeling Hannah respond to her, Laura began to kiss her way down her face, her neck, tracing a path to her breasts. She kissed the available cleavage, her hands pawing at Hannah’s tits through the dress. She could feel her hard nipples, begging to be released and sucked and teased. In time, thought Laura. First she needed to be sure Hannah wouldn’t change her mind. Dropping to her knees, Laura’s mouth encountered Hannah’s belly as it sat, a huge dome rising from her body. She kissed and licked her way across its distended surface, stopping to toy with her belly-button, stuck out like a third nipple. As she nibbled at it, she dropped her hand to Hannah’s groin, gently feeling around the plain cotton panties that covered her pussy.

“Oh!” cried Hannah as Laura stroked her mound. “Don’t stop….!”

Laura smiled to herself. She had no intention of stopping. Hannah was horny and wanting, just as Laura had hoped. For years she’d been attracted to her but knew her prudish sensibilities would never allow a union between them. But now, deprived of regular sex and a slave to her hormones, seducing her couldn’t have been easier. She kissed her way around the base of Hannah’s belly, running her tongue along the line of her panties where a couple of ginger hairs could be seen poking out. Hooking her fingers around the knickers, she gently pulled them down, Hannah’s red-haired pussy finally hers. Hannah cooed as the air hit her cunt, Laura gently breathing on it as she took off the dowdy underwear.

Laura pulled herself upright, kneeling in between Hannah’s legs. Their bellies touched, the feel of Hannah’s bulge rubbing against Laura’s own was enough to make her moan in pleasure. Running her hands over the curvaceous surface, Laura descended on Hannah, drawing a line of kisses down her belly and towards her pussy.

“Laura,” she sighed, “I’ve never let a woman…”

“Relax hun,” said Laura, “I know what to do with one of these.” And with a wicked grin on her face, she placed her lips on Hannah’s cunt. buca escort

The moment Laura’s mouth touched the sensitive outer lips of her pussy, Hannah squirmed in pleasure. She was delicate to the touch, moist and ready. Laura knelt between Hannah’s pale thighs and let her tongue do the talking. Gently caressing her exposed belly, Laura kissed around Hannah’s outer lips, slipping her tongue gently beyond them, absently touching the tender nub at the top. Hannah moaned, one hand perched on the top of her friend’s head, the other rubbing the hard nipple that was poking through her dress. Never in her life had she experienced anything so good. Men had been down on her before, but Laura knew just where to kiss and tease. She knew Laura played both ends of the field, she’d confessed as much to her. The thought of making love to a woman had crossed her mind, but she never thought she’d see the day when her best mate was going down on her. But it just felt so good…! She idly glanced past her huge belly to see Laura’s face entrenched in her pussy. Laura’s hungry eyes spoke volumes as they connected with hers.

Withdrawing her mouth, Laura inserted two fingers into Hannah’s pussy, leaving her thumb idly rubbing against her clit. Hannah squirmed beneath her touch, sighs of pleasure escaping her. Laura leaned down and kissed her, the taste of Hannah’s pussy still on her lips. As she leaned over the supine Hannah, she felt soft hands cupping her breasts, a curious thumb brushing against her dark, distended nipples. Looking down, she saw Hannah had grasped her tits and was exploring them like a foreign country. Seeming a little lost, she took Hannah’s hands and placed them firmly on her own tits, pressing her nipples into her palms just the way she liked. Sighing in pleasure, she slid her hand back over Hannah’s massive belly and into her cunt again.

The sudden jab of Laura’s hands made Hannah jump but not in an unpleasant way. As she caressed her friend’s big boobs, she fingered the nipples, squeezing them slightly. After only a few minutes, small drops of fluid appeared, lubricating her hands as she slid them over Laura’s tits. Curiosity called to her, inviting her to taste it.

Laura was watching Hannah as she explored her body. She was moving against her hand as she pumped it back and forth into her body. She could feel Hannah’s body responding to her ministrations, her pussy contracting as she thrust her fingers deeper and deeper into her moist snatch. As much as she enjoyed watching her friend approach orgasm, she desired stimulation too.

Shifting so that she leaned over Hannah, she lowered her tits to her face, bringing her friend closer to what she desired. As Laura pushed harder on Hannah’s clit, Hannah stared at her friend’s large breasts as they hung over her. Inching closer and closer, she reached up towards them with her mouth. As she felt the turgid nipple pass between her lips, she felt the onset of a violent orgasm. Stimulated, she clamped down hard on Laura’s nipple, sucking with some force.

Laura gasped as her friend tugged on her tits, her hand wrapping around the back of Hannah’s head to encourage her closer. As she sucked, Laura yelped and jammed her fingers into Hannah’s moist cunt, pushing her thumb up against her clit.

Laura’s finger fucking finally pushed Hannah over the edge. She came, the wave of pleasure sweeping over her. Just as it peaked, Laura’s tits began to spurt forth milk into her mouth, the creamy substance filling her up so that it spilled over the sides and down her neck. Laura gasped at her sudden surge, the feeling of her friend sucking on her sending shudders down her spine. Beneath her, she could see Hannah juddering to a climax, Laura’s magic hands proving to be as good massaging pussy as they were at massaging her back. Just to make sure her friend remembered it, Laura pushed her thumb onto Hannah’s clit and rubbed it with a staccato motion. A guttural grunting from her tit guaranteed that she’d just pushed Hannah onto the next level. Watching her best friend grunt her way to climax was turning her on even more. As Hannah’s cunt-shattering orgasm subsided, Laura demanded satisfaction from her convert.

“Your turn,” she declared as she reclined on the sofa, quickly snapping open her maternity trousers.

Hannah çeşme escort sat up as the last ebbs of her orgasm drifted away. Despite having the best orgasm in years, she still felt aroused, the sheer naughtiness of letting her best mate fuck her meant her pussy was still warm with desire. Looking down at her friend, she took in the sight of Laura’s massive pregnant belly, her plump tits, her nipples erect and flushed red. Laura was calling to her with her eyes, playing with her breasts, offering them to her.

“I’ve never…” Hannah started.

“You’ll learn,” finished Laura. “I’ll teach you. Now come on, lick my pussy Hannah. Please?”

Seeking reassurance from her friend, Hannah slid her way down Laura’s body, running her hands over her distended belly down towards her cunt. Laura kept her pussy moderately shaved even this far into her pregnancy, her lips moist and inviting below a small covering of hair. She leaned towards it, the musky smell inviting her to come closer. Lightly kissing her outer lips, Hannah dared to run her novice tongue around Laura’s wet hole, gently lapping at its sides. Beyond her giant belly, Laura moaned, grasping her breasts with both hands and teasing her sensitive nipples.

“Lick my clit Hannah,” she groaned, “put your fingers in me!”

Obliging her request, Hannah pushed her first finger into Laura’s pussy, flicking her tongue over her sensitive clit. Laura squirmed in response, Hannah’s inexpert tongue setting off fireworks around her cunt. Her persistently pumping fingers were driving her wild but she longed to feel Hannah sucking at her tit again.

“Hannah, come here.” She beckoned. “I want to feel you against me.”

Pulling her bloated body up onto the sofa, Hannah kept her fingers in her friend’s cunt, her thumb gently rubbing Laura’s clit. Seeing the effects it was having on her, she pressed down, the tiny organ sending fire through her veins. Gently working her hips against her friend’s hand, Laura cupped one of her breasts and proffered it forth.

“Suck me,” she asked, “please?”

Hannah leaned down, taking Laura’s big nipple in her mouth once more. Barely had she began to suck when milk started to issue from it. Laura was squeezing her breast, gently massaging the area around the nipple as her friend sucked on it. She could feel Hannah’s big belly rubbing against her as she moved against the fingers entrenched in her pussy, the humongous mound pressing against her own gravid stomach. The feeling of their two pregnant bodies pushing up against each other was driving her wild. As Hannah’s fingers pumped in and out of her, she squirted milk from her tits, spilling it into the open and willing mouth of her friend who swallowed it greedily. Laura smiled to herself as she felt the beginnings of her orgasm built.

She was watching Hannah, the quiet redhead she had gone to school with finger her pregnant pussy while sucking on her tits, swallowing her rich milk. She’d always suspected Hannah could be dirty, now she had proof. She caught the eye of her friend as she nursed at her breast and saw lust in her eyes, a consuming lust that demanded satisfaction. Laura could feel her legs tremble, the impending climax rushing towards her as Hannah violated her pussy.

“Hannah,” she murmured, bliss almost overpowering her.

Hannah looked up from her sucking, her mouth full of warm milk.

“I’m…I’m cumming Hannah!” she squealed, “Kiss me! Let me drink my own milk!”

As the lightening bolt of pure joy shot through Laura from groin to brain and back, Hannah sucked a mouthful of milk from her tits and pressed her lips to Laura’s mouth. Laura opened her mouth to groan and milk spilled between them, thick and rich, overflowing her mouth and dribbling down her neck to run between her huge, heaving breasts. Left unfettered, her tits shot milk from them as she squeezed, the white liquid spurting between herself and Laura as their gravid bellies rubbed together.

Grunting to a halt from the monstrous orgasm, Laura looked down at her friend, covered in her milk from where it had sprayed her. Their motion had forced them almost sideways on the couch so that Hannah lay almost on top of her. Laura kissed her tenderly, the long build up having been well worth it.

“Mmmm,” murmured Hannah, “that felt so good…!”

Laura smiled again, proud of her new convert. As she stroked her hair, Hannah began to play with Laura’s rosy nipples. There was a tingling feeling still in her pussy.

“Laura?” she said.

“What’s up hun?” whispered her friend.

“Can we do it again? Now…?”

Laura smiled a wicked smile…

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