Hanson House Ch. 04

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Anal Creampie

Amanda presented herself for her first class in “anal” feeling excitement and trepidation. She’d thought about what the instructor had told the students at dinner. Being trained to serve a dominant with her bottom was important. Amanda was determined to master this skill because she knew she’d want to be able to serve and please in every way possible.

Still there was a concern about whether she could take a cock up her bum. She wasn’t even sure about objects. Amanda had seen enough porn to know some women could manage it. There would be no regrets about being made to learn about anal play. Amanda just could not stand the idea of failure.

Again, there were two instructors present. This time Mistress Candace was in charge. There was also a male instructor – Master Stuart. Amanda reminded herself there would be a practical element to these lessons. She wondered whether that would mean the students would have to take Master Stuart’s cock in their bums. That started her thinking about the older man’s cock and how big it might be. Amanda had to force herself to focus when Mistress Candace started talking.

“Nearly all our students worry about anal. Some are even scared of it. That is unless you are one of those young women who has already spent time playing with your little hole and sticking things into it.” Candace studied the faces of the students for a moment until she seemed satisfied that no-one in this group had done such a thing. “No matter. Its a completely healthy thing for a young woman to do.”

“Let me stress to you that it is a completely normal thing for a woman to experience anal. Vanilla women can enjoy anal sex, so why not you my dears. A submissive expects to have her anus used by her dominant.” She smiled at them.

“You will give your anal passage to your dominant so that you can serve them totally. I am sure I don’t need to explain that any further.” The students all shook their heads.

“Your dominant can choose to use your back passage whether they are male or female. The male will, of course, want to introduce his cock to your passage because he will receive direct physical pleasure from it. His cock will feel so much pleasure in your bottoms. It will feel very different from using your cunt or your mouth.”

Candace paused briefly. “Being used anally of course is not just about total submission. I want you to tell me the other reasons why your future dominant might want to fuck you in the bottom.”

The students shuffled uneasily. One, Kris, spoke up to offer “Mistress, its to give the submissive a feeling of humiliation. Sometimes humiliation is what a submissive needs to feel.” Both instructors smiled and nodded their agreement. Candace pointed out that “if there is any humiliation involved it can be enhanced, especially if your dominant chooses to allow others to use you anally”.

Was there any other reason? Another student spoke. “Anal sex is considered by many people to be dirty and taboo. Having our back passage used regularly reminds us as submissives that w are beneath our Master.”

Candace smiled again. “That is sort of true. It also explains why both male and female dominants are likely to want to use your back passage.”

“Do not forget either,” she continued, “that your dominant may wish to give you pleasure from time to time. A lot of women enjoy sexual pleasure from being used anally. One or two of you might even learn to orgasm from being fucked in your arse.” That brought looks of surprise from the students and another big smile from Candace.

As the class really got underway they were all required to remove their skirts. Then the students were made to pair-up and their first lesson was how to inspect the anus. Each student was required to bend over and pull their butt cheeks apart so their partner could look closely and touch their anus with their fingers.

That first activity was humiliating for all the students but they didn’t flinch. Accepting humiliation of this sort would become totally normal for them in the future.

There were seven students in the class. Due to the odd number Candace chose to partner with Amanda. Master Stuart then moved about the room, watching how the students were performing and giving small tips to help them improve. Amanda felt pride at being able to spread her arse cheeks for the lovely Mistress. Sensing that Stuart was behind her, watching, gave the young woman an extra twinge of excitement.

Then everyone was required to swap places. “We like to start with getting you accustomed to being touched back there,” explained Candace. “There is no reason why you young women should not also learn how to touch others as well.” Those who had inspected now had to bend and spread. Amanda found herself staring at the butthole of the lovely Candace. She enjoyed it very much. Amanda also saw the older woman’s cunt lips poking out from between the instructor’s thighs. She thought of the “masturbation” class and wondered how often the Mistress Ümraniye Escort gave herself such pleasures.

Next the students were sent to the side of the classroom where a table held some small tubs containing strange instruments. “Hygiene is a critical element to successful anal play. With a trusted partner it is a simpler matter. However, most of you will not have given your passages a proper clean this morning. While you are in this class we will always ensure you are properly cleaned so as to protect everyone.”

For that reason the students were introduced to the rubber douches placed on the table. Candace gave careful instructions on how to fill the bulbs with water of the correct temperature. The students were shown how to apply a small amount of lube to the tip. Then they were instructed on how to introduce the douche into the anus of their fellow pupil.

“Go slow at first. Do that every time you squeeze the bulb. Once the anus adjusts you can use some extra force. Also be sure you find the direction of the anal passage. You need to insert the tip along the length of the back passage and not make a new hole inside your classmate.”

Again everyone had to take turns kneeling and being penetrated. Everyone had to hold still as they felt the warm water being squirted into their bowels. There were a few sounds of surprise. The students were novices at anal activity but none of them had ever imagined receiving even a simple enema. Amanda went first and stuck her arse out proudly so she could receive her first ever anal insertion.

Everyone took at least three loads of water and then had to suffer the terrible indignity of shitting it out into shallow buckets. The sounds were terrible and the smell was almost as bad. Someone let out a huge burst of wind and that caused a fit of giggling amongst the students.

Attendants came in and changed the buckets. Amanda wondered what they must make of the sight of all these semi-naked young women sticking rubber nozzles into their bottoms.

Amanda also had to take her turn learning how to administer an anal douche to Candace. Luckily it seemed the instructor had no qualms about being exposed and allowing a student to penetrate her bum. Amanda gave it her total concentration but she seemed to master the task easily enough. It helped that Stuart came over to offer some words of encouragement.

“You may feel a little sexual arousal while being cleaned,” Candace told them. “Again, this is completely healthy. You might want to practice this method when cleaning yourself in the shower each morning. It will also assist you later on when you will learn how to receive a full enema.”

Everyone moved back to the centre of the room before Candace resumed her instruction. “Cleaning is something that will become part of your daily routine. Or your Dom may wish to clean you. You’ll learn more about that with enemas next year.” The instructor had the students make up their pairs again.

“The best way to start anal play is to prepare the anus to accept being penetrated. Obviously you young ladies can expect to be receiving the penetration. But as you have learned already, at Hanson House we prepare you to give and receive. So you will now practice licking and being licked on your clean anus.”

At a signal from the Mistress half the women bent over their chairs and the other knelt behind them. These were special chairs and they allowed the students easily to bend forward and display their buttholes. Amanda went first and eagerly pulled her arse cheeks apart before Candace gave the order.

“The tip of your tongue on the anus, ladies. We will learn about full rimjobs in another class. Today you are just giving a gentle tongue fuck. Get plenty of your saliva on your tongue and wiggle the tip of your tongue on top of the anus. Take it slow when you are licking the anus because you want to get it warm and soft and ready.”

Everyone had to lick and be licked several times. It was a disgusting act for most of them. Yet the students soon learned that they enjoyed it, the giving almost as much as the receiving. The fact they were in front of a group of women and holding their bottoms wide open no longer mattered as much as the act of arse licking.

The girl next to Amanda gave a soft moan as her anus felt her partner’s tongue. Candace offered that “of course this is also a good way to receive some initial pleasure ahead of being fucked in your bottom”.

Amanda moaned, too. She couldn’t help it. Obviously the older woman was very experienced and knew exactly what she was doing. Amanda had never touched her own anus and now she wished that she had. Amanda hoped that an obedient submissive would be licked there on a regular basis.

When they swapped Amanda rushed to get into position for the Mistress. It was so erotic to watch the older woman spread her own butt cheeks. Amanda didn’t hesitate to stick her tongue against the little brown hole. She İstanbul Escort tried to deposit as much saliva as she could and, in between licks, she tried to force the tip of her tongue into the anal opening. Mistress Candace moaned just a little and that made Amanda smile at her achievement.

Master Stuart took a turn as well. His role was to receive a tongue fuck from the students. He stripped off and positioned himself on a chair. The young women were nearly beside themselves. Some of them had ever been so close to a naked adult man before this.

“Never mind his cock”, scolded Mistress Candace. “This class is about anal, not cock worship. Its important you are comfortable licking a man’s arse as well. You need to know a man can enjoy it the same as you because one day you might find it is required of you.”

The pupils lined up to take their turns. Each member of the class was permitted to give a long, slow licking to the male instructor. It was their responsibility to gently spread the male instructor’s cheeks. This was a reminder that even in these special classes the males were superior and they, the prospective submissives, had to provide proper service. Every one of them was smiling broadly when she finished her turn. None of them failed to notice Master Stuart had a raging hard-on.

“Right get back to your pairs,” ordered Candace. “Pull on a latex glove and apply a small amount of lube to your index fingers.” As the girls complied the instructor continued. “Gloves are an important hygiene measure for both the giver and the receiver. We will always use them in class. Outside of class, you and your partner may choose not to use them. I assume your dominants will generally not use gloves.”

The “receivers” all took up their positions on their chairs. Everyone knew what was about to happen. Candace gave the order and half of the students pressed their index finger against the exposed anus of a classmate. Once more there were soft moans as the young women responded to having their smallest holes subjected to a sensual touch.

“Use your fingertip just the same as you used your tongue,” called out the instructor. “Its just the same. We want the anus soft and pliable. Ready for penetration. Slow and gentle rubbing against the orifice is what we need.”

It occurred to Amanda that her cunt was so close to the Mistress’ finger she could just as easily finger both holes. She tried to put that thought out of her mind. The trouble was that when the students swapped positions Amanda was now rubbing her finger against the anus of her instructor and had the same thought – if only she could finger both holes at once.

Fortunately the distraction didn’t seem to affect Amanda’s technique on the Mistress’ anus. That might have been cause enough for some kind of punishment. Amanda noticed that the older woman’s anus seemed to move in response to the gentle lapping. It was almost as if it was opening and closing, winking at her, inviting her in deeper. She tried to put it out of her mind and concentrate on her task.

Once everyone had had several turns rubbing a fellow student’s butthole, Mistress Candace decided the class was ready to go to the next step.

“What do you think Master Stuart? They’re all doing very well. We might try a little finger penetration.”

“I agree,” said Master Stuart. “It seems all the students have the knack of using just enough pressure. I think it would be good to see how well they can accept an intrusion.”

Candace called all the students to attention. “Right, this usually is something we leave for the second lesson in this class. But you seem a very talented group so we instructors have decided to jump ahead.” The women all looked at each other with small grins.

“Fresh gloves everyone,” called Mistress Candace. “Just a little bit of lube again. If you can manage this step OK then you’ll be permitted to try it on other girls in the class. Please remember to use a new glove for each anus.”

Amanda and the others resumed their positions on their special chairs. They reached back to spread their cheeks wide. Then, with each one holding their breath, the “givers” slowly pressed their fingertips against the arsehole of a fellow student.

“Go slowly,” called out Candace. “Each of you will now slowly, slowly and gently, force the tip of your finger into the anus.” There was a pause while each student complied. The slight moans and the sounds of movement told of the reactions of the students as they had their arseholes penetrated for the first time. Not Amanda though. She had to wait while Mistress Candace supervised the other students.

“Good. Some very tiny movements now. Wiggle the fingertip in the anus. Do it slowly. stretch her a little and let her get used to having something inserted in there.”

Someone close to Amanda cursed and she supposed that classmate wasn’t enjoying her first anal experience.

“Ladies who are receiving,” called Anadolu Yakası Escort out the instructor, “might want to rub their clitoris. The extra sexual stimulation will be good for you and also might distract you a little from any discomfort.”

The cursing and moaning seemed to stop but some heavy breathing could be heard. The clitoral play must have been doing the trick. It meant the students were no longer holding their arse cheeks open, but for novices the clitoral pleasure was more important. Amanda, still waiting her turn, wondered if she was also supposed to be touching herself.

“Good,” continued the Mistress. “You ladies using your fingers need to listen closely. If you concentrate you will feel the anus begin to soften ever so slightly. That means it is ready for the next step. With experience you will be able to finger the anus easily. However, this being your first time we will use a different method.”

The instructor spoke slowly and clearly. “The receivers will push out, as if you are trying to empty your bowels in the toilet. The givers, when you feel the anus move, that is your signal to press your finger in deeper. This time up to the second knuckle.”

To Amanda it all made anal seem so complicated. At the same time it made anal seem even more enticing. If the skills were so difficult to master then they would be prized even more highly by a dominant. Ever ambitious, Amanda knew somehow she would become an anal expert so as to win the highest grades at Hanson House and be the best prepared for her future role.

“Keep rubbing those clits my dears,” called out Candace. It was time for the fingers to be inserted fully. All the pupils held their breath once more as Candace called out “now ladies, push out now”. Three young women moved their muscles as if trying to expel their shit and three more pressed their fingers further into the open anal cavities.

There were groans of protest, perhaps even pain. “Work those clits young ladies. Remember, if you need a distraction you need to play with your clit to increase your sexual response to penetration.”

The instructors had assured the women that it was natural to be penetrated “back there”. It didn’t feel that way for the students taking something in their bottoms for the first time. Inside those virgin holes the fingers of their classmates felt hard and cruel. The stretching brought a dull pain, if only for a few seconds. Everyone was aware of being vulnerable to the woman behind them who was forcing their finger into that small place.

Whatever was being done, Amanda could hear only the groans of protest as three young rectums were opened and tormented by foreign objects. “Alright ladies, your fingers should be fully inside the anus and the rectum,” said Mistress Candace.

“In a moment the muscles will begin to relax as the passage starts to become accustomed to being filled in this way. That is the time to give a little extra stimulation so you will give some pleasure to them. Slowly try to stroke your finger in her anus. You only need to move a few millimetres because you are all still learning.”

Mistress Candace placed her fingertip against Amanda’s puckered little hole. She leaned down close to Amanda’s ear. “You too, my little dear. Push out for me now.”

Amanda did as she was bid and instantly felt the instructor push a finger all the way into her little hole. There was a sharp pain as her sphincters were forced open too quickly. She knew Candace had inserted her whole finger in one single thrust. Her groan was of surprise as much as discomfort. The instructor whispered in her ear. “You are a talented student I am told. I know you can take more than the others even on your first time.”

The pupil knew that the instructor was right. The tiny sense of panic had dissolved as quickly as the pain in her bottom had faded. She had taken a whole finger. Her arsehole had been filled up. The sensations were so alien but Amanda realised that this was only the beginning.

“Push out again now my lovely. Lets see how much you really can take.”

Amanda obeyed again and this time she felt something larger invade her delicate backdoor. With a small grunt she took two fingers in her bottom. The pain this time was sharper but again passed quickly. Fortunately for Amanda the instructor had used a little more lube with the extra finger. Amanda placed one hand on her clit and began to rub it hard. It helped to banish the pain more quickly.

What Amanda felt most of all was the sensation of needing to use the toilet. There was no lasting pain. Actually, to be stretched in this way was rather pleasant for the young woman. She had been shocked to have two fingers jammed into her rectum without warning. As she became accustomed to the invaders, she realised it was rather a pleasant sensation to feel so full back there.

Soon the students were ordered to swap places. The entire routine was repeated. Mistress Candace went to supervise again.

The strange thing was that Amanda was not allowed to change position. For her it seemed there would be no chance to practice administering a finger to a student’s anus. Amanda was about to enquire as to the reason when she felt Master Stuart touching her hole.

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