Happy Holidays

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I really wasn’t sure about coming all this way for Thanksgiving, didn’t want to interrupt your holidays with your family, but you sounded so sweet on the phone the other night that as soon as we hung up, I called and booked a ticket. I caught my breath when I first saw you at the airport, I’d forgotten how wet you make me with that simple, crooked smile.

The ride back to your house and the ensuing night are all a blur – all I know is that the stolen kisses in the kitchen and the furtive groping coupled with all the wine I had with dinner have only served to heighten my desire for you, and I know that if I don’t get you alone soon, feel you inside me again, that I’ll explode.

We’ve waited through a movie and the news and just when I didn’t ever think your dad was EVER going to go bed, he yawned and stretched, patted you on the head as he walked out of the room and said goodnight.

We pretended nothing was happening and made a big show of going to our respective bedrooms and wishing each other goodnight loudly enough so that your parents could hear, and each closed our doors with a solid thud. What they couldn’t hear, however, was when you whispered to me that you’d come get me in an hour.

My heart was racing when I heard your knock on the door, and I eased it open as quietly as I could. You reach for me, kiss me, slide your hands under the silk camisole I’m wearing and then push it up to expose my breasts to your eyes, lips and tongue. You bend your head forward and lick each of them, the sandman izle then let my top fall and take my hand.

It feels almost like we’re in high school again, sneaking from one bedroom to another while your parents are asleep, knowing that the slightest misstep will give us away in this creaky old hallway. I’m trying to stifle giggles, but I’ve always been bad at that, and I can tell that you’re getting a little frustrated with me. “Jesus, shut UP,” you whisper, “you’re going to get us caught!” I’m trying to, I really am, but it’s hard, and the harder I try, the more difficult it is.

“You’d better control yourself,” you say as we creep past your parents’ bedroom door, “or I’m gonna have to gag you or something.”

That helps a little, but not much, because for some reason, that turned me on a little. “Oh yeah?” I shoot back, “what’re you gonna gag me with cowboy?” and I dissolve back into giggles.

“This,” you say, as you push me against the wall and shove your tongue into my mouth again. “That enough?”

“Nope,” I say, “you’re gonna have to do better than that.”

“Fine.” You push down on my shoulders until I slide down the wall to my knees and in the dark, I can barely make out your big cock an inch or two in front of my face. You push it towards my mouth, but I won’t open for you. “Open your mouth and swallow my cock, bitch,” you say, and when I open my mouth to protest, you move forward and push yourself between my lips.

I the snow girl izle stay still, not moving my head at all and let you move your hips back and forth, fucking my mouth. Your hands are in my hair, tangled and pulling just a little because you know I like it. I’m not one to kneel idly by while the action happens, so I grab your dick in one hand and pull my mouth off, pumping slowly with my hand while I circle the head with my tongue, focusing in on the sweet spot right underneath. You’re my favorite kind of lollipop, and I lick you, suck on you and give your big, hard cock a thousand little tiny licks and kisses. You’re the one groaning now, and though we’re right outside your parents’ door, you don’t stop, even though I try to shush you.

“Don’t make me gag YOU,” I tease, and you grab my head and shove your cock back into my mouth, in and out and in and out and I can feel you getting even bigger on my tongue. I take you all the way into my mouth and swallow you as you start to come, thick, hot spurts in the back of my throat.

You pull me to my feet and kiss me, and I feel your cock between my legs, still hard. You pick me up and as I wrap my legs around you, I feel you slip inside me, hot and hard. You’re holding me up against the wall, so you’re controlling the pace, pumping harder when you want to, slowing down when it suits you. “Give me your tits,” you whisper, and I lift them up to you so you can bite the nipples hard.

You the spencer sisters izle pull out, step back and sit me down on the high window seat in the hallway, pushing your cock into my mouth again and I taste myself on you. You let me suck your big shaft for a minute, then pull me into your room and lay down on your bed. “C’mere,” you say, and I do, climbing over you to slide down on your dick. “No. Come HERE,” you insist and pull my hips toward your face.

You push your tongue deep inside me, licking my slit, sucking on my clit and my first orgasm hits hard. I lean back and close my eyes and I’m there, writhing and bucking my hips in my pleasure. I’m trying to be quiet, but it’s not easy, I don’t want to, I want to scream.

“Fuck me, please fuck me,” I whisper, and you push me off you, onto my knees and position yourself behind me and thrust in, all in one velvet stroke. You feel so fucking good, so fucking big inside me, and you’ve got me by the hips, thrusting hard into me, once, twice, ten times, and I know that you’re gonna make me come again. And again.

You smack my ass once, and I know from how hard you’re pumping that you’re getting close again, too. You tell me that you love the way my cunt grabs your cock, that you love me, that you need to come, can’t hold it any longer. I start to come, I feel your dick twitch, feel you come too, and it feels like we’ve climbed the mountain together and leapt off the other side and we’re falling, falling, but it’s so fucking good I want to do this forever.

Neither of us speaks for a few minutes, we’ve just collapses onto the bed in a heap and there’s no sound but our ragged breaths. We fall asleep together, tangled around each other, but before the sun comes up, you’re shaking me softly and I stumble back to my own bed, sleepy and sore.

I can’t wait for tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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