Happy Hot Tubbers

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James and three of his best friends loved to get together for hot gay sex, but they could have had a problem doing that. All four of them had been high school classmates and were in their first year at the local university; each of them was living with his parents, and was partly still in the closet. Their other close friends from high school were aware of the sexual orientation of the four young men and accepted it with no reservations, as did most people who knew them as students at the university. However, their parents were all prominent in a local church, and had spoken out strongly against homosexuality, calling it “The work of Satan,” or similar phrases. They never would have understood the needs of their sons, and certainly would not have allowed them to indulge in gay sex at home, so some other place had to be found.

A motel or hotel room could have been used, but they were quite expensive, and none of the men wanted to risk being seen in such a place by a friend of his parents. They solved the problem by using the hot tubs available to the public and located on campus. The cost was much lower than a motel room would have been, since a room in the establishment was only taken for a short period of time. Even more important than the expense, it was in a convenient location and safe, because nobody would see them except other students, who were much more broad minded than their parents about people’s sex lives.

So it was that early one Saturday afternoon, James, Daniel, Joseph and Moses took a break from their research and studying in the university library and met at the entrance to Happy Hot Tubs. Each man paid one fourth of the total charge in advance and was given a fluffy, clean towel and an air pillow with a cotton pillow case, and James was entrusted with a key having the room number stamped on it.

It was Room 6, one of the larger ones available, because there were four of them, rather than the more usual couple. They had been there before, so they knew the room would be furnished with a full size metal bed with a mattress covered in waterproof ticking and a cotton sheet. One end of the rectangular room included a shower area with two heads protruding from the wall, and the bed was on the opposite end. The head and one side of the bed abutted the corner, and there was a pair of metal supports with a bar between them near the foot.

The bar was for hanging clothing, and a space about two feet wide was between it and the foot of the bed. The four young men quickly stripped naked, each one undressing himself, and hung up their towels and clothing, using the wire hangers provided. Completely naked, they headed for the shower to get a quick wash before beginning their carnal fun. The purpose of the shower was to keep the water in the tub as clean as possible, and they did wash themselves and each other, but they all had full erections from fondling and sucking each other’s cocks before they were ready to climb into the bath.

James knew what he wanted, and he dunked his body in the hot water before pulling himself out and sitting on the edge of the tub and holding his cock upright. Moses wanted the same thing, and he approached with his mouth open and stopped with his hands resting on James’s thighs. The handsome young man with the curly black hair looked up at the seated man and smiled.

“You know, I especially love doing this with you,” he said before leaning forward and starting to lick the head of James’s hard cock.

He didn’t say any more than that, because his mouth was too busy with more pleasurable and important things than talking. Moses started by nestling the head of James’s cock between his lips while his tongue licked the head, paying special attention to the slit. After a minute of those gentle caresses, he leaned forward, letting the whole shaft slide into his mouth, opening up his throat to take the entire length, until his nose and lips were being tickled by his friend’s light brown pubic hair. He stayed like that for a few seconds, while his tongue laved its hard roundness, before slowly drawing his face back until just the head was between his lips again, and looking up at the grimaces of pleasure flickering across James’s face.

Of course, they weren’t the only ones who went from the needle spray of water to enjoying the pleasures of male flesh. While still in the shower, the rather pudgy Daniel had bent over and spread his ass cheeks so Joseph could wash him there. Joe intended applying his tongue to that area, and wanted his friend’s ass to be squeaky clean first and, when it was, those two men climbed onto the bed, with Dan lying face down, his pillow under his waist and his hands on his cheeks, spreading them again, while Joseph knelt between his legs and leaned forward.

Joe’s hands rested on the cheeks of the ass he loved so much, and he carefully spread them, exposing the clean pink hole at the center. He leaned forward and began by licking the puckered area, casino oyna starting at the left of that pink hole itself and slowly caressing under and up the other side and above it. Still paying homage, he drew his tongue down across the object of his desire. Joseph continued his licking for almost a minute, stroking up and down and across until he was ready to have his cock, which was hard and ready, succeed his tongue as the body part used to express his lust and affection.

All four of the young men in the hot tub made a point of practicing safe sex, even with each other, and Joe got up to remove the small plastic squeeze bottle of Aqualube and the supply of condoms from his jacket pocket, rolling one onto his cock and leaving the others piled on a corner of the bed. He was ready, so he knelt again between Daniel’s legs to squeeze the tip of the bottle into the small hole being held open and squeeze in a good dollop of the lubrication. When he was sure he had squirted in enough, he closed the bottle, left it with the other condoms, and inserted a finger to carefully spread the Aqualube all over the interior of the ass he would be fucking.

Dan sighed happily when he felt the cool liquid gush into him, to be followed by his friend’s long finger. Knowing Joe’s latex-clad cock was being covered with more of the Aqualube, he continued holding his ass open and moaned in bliss when he felt the blunt tip pressing against the slick place he was making available. He knew the stiff shaft of his friend and lover was long and thick, just what he wanted, and his ass was already squirming in anticipation of the great fucking it was about to get.

Joseph was just as happy. He was very fond of Dan and knew his friend’s ass was tight and smooth, just the kind of place where he loved putting his cock. With one hand, he held his hard shaft, preparing to guide it, while the fingers and thumb of his other hand reached between the smooth cheeks to pry open the small hole. With the tip of his cock centered, he gave a short, firm push and grinned when he felt it wedge inside and heard Dan’s sharp intake of breath. Seconds later, he thrust forward again and almost an inch of the hard cylinder crammed its way into the place where it was so welcome.

His cock was in deeply enough he no longer needed to guide it, so Joe placed his hands on the soft, plump hips in front of him and thrust forward again, driving another inch of his shaft in. Dan wanted to take a more active part in the fucking, so he removed his hands from his ass cheeks and pushed himself upright, so he was kneeling in front of the man who had half his shaft imbedded. Joseph saw what he wanted to do, so he waited until his partner was in the right position and thrust forward again, burrowing most of the rest of his cock in the tight, oily hole. On the next stroke, Joe pushed back to meet it, and they ended with the entire shaft in the place where it would do the most good. Both men squirming with pleasure, they stayed in that position for almost a minute.

The other two men were just as busy, and were enjoying themselves just as much. James was sitting on the edge of the hot tub and leaning back to rest his weight on his hands while Moses stood in the water, leaning over with his elbows on his friend’s thighs. He was slowly bobbing his head, engulfing James’s cock with his mouth and releasing it. The four men had rented the room for two hours, which they hoped would be enough time to thoroughly relish what they were doing with each other.

Moses especially reveled in what he was doing, the way Jim’s thick cock spread his lips so well and filled his mouth. Even with the first stroke, he had given deep throat, because he loves licking the entire length of a long shaft, such as that of James, and he even likes the feel and the scent of the clean pubic hair that was tickling his lips and nose. He especially likes knowing the man he is sucking off is getting pleasure too, so he watched the writhing of his friend’s body and the grimaces of joy flickering across his face.

James was indeed getting pleasure, some of the most he had ever received in all the times he had shared a room in the public baths with his companions. From practice, Moses was getting better at sucking cocks. The pressure being applied by his lips was the perfect amount, and the young man’s agile tongue was sending thrills of joy through Jim’s body. He could already feel his climax approaching, and told his friend about it.

“That’s great, Mo. I’m almost ready to cum.”

Moses was happy to hear that, even though he already knew it from the way the organ was throbbing in his mouth. He stopped giving deep throat and made sure the end of Jim’s cock was poised over his tongue at the end of every stroke he made. He wanted to be sure he caught the semen so he would be able to fully relish the taste and texture before swallowing it. Suddenly being in more of a hurry for that to happen, he sucked faster and canlı casino made sure his lips formed a seal over Jim’s shaft so none of his delicious cum could dribble out.

“Oh! Oh! Yeah! Oh, god, that’s good,” James exclaimed as his climax welled up inside his body. “Ahhhh,” he sighed as it erupted.

Moses caught the first gob of cum on his tongue, right where he wanted it, and kept sucking. He knew there was more for him, and he wanted every drop. His efforts were rewarded when James ejaculated two more times, both gushes landing right where the first one had. He continued stroking with his mouth, not because he expected any more semen, but because it felt so good. Finally, he stopped and swirled the three gobs of cum inside his mouth, relishing the flavor of the viscous man juice, before letting it slip down his throat.

There was even more available, and he took James’s cock out of his mouth and licked it like a child licking a Popsicle, until he had cleaned off the outside. With that all gone, Moses placed his thumb right in front of Jim’s scrotum and his fingers on the other side of his cock and slowly drew his hand toward his mouth, catching all the delicious cum that oozed out. When he was through with that, he treated the second mouthful as he had the first, until it also slid down his throat. Moses doesn’t like to waste any more cum than he can help, especially when it’s from Jim’s cock.

While their friends were reveling in the great blow job, the other two men were enjoying themselves just as much, but in a different way. Joseph was slowly driving his cock into Daniels ass, impaling his friend all the way to his own pubic hair with every thrust. Dan was fucking back to meet every stroke, loudly moaning from the excruciating pleasure radiating out from the path of the big, hard cylinder in his ass. His prostate gland was massaged with every stroke, both going in and backing out, and his pleasure hole was stretched wide. It felt so fabulous, his body was rocking from side to side and his moans of bliss were starting to end in whimpers.

Joe was having just as much fun as anyone. Dan’s ass was tight, especially the ring of muscles at the entrance, and gripped his cock every time he drove it in, releasing when he drew back. He had used plenty of Aqualube, more than he actually needed, and it was working perfectly. There was no friction at all, just the feelings of tightness and slickness. He could feel his powerful climax approaching, and he plunged in and out slowly, wanting to delay it for a while, because the fucking was so great.

Daniel’s cock was just as hard as anybody else’s, and he reached under his body to start stroking, intending to bring about his climax. “Let me do that, Danny,” the man who was fucking his ass suggested, and he reached for the stiff cock that was swinging to and fro in time to his thrusts into the man.

Somebody else interrupted him. After being sucked off, James wanted a taste of cum too, and he crawled onto the bed to lie in front of Dan and take the hard cock into his mouth. In the pattern the two men had tacitly worked out, Joe drove his cock in and his partner fucked back to meet him and, when he drew back for the next stroke, Daniel moved forward. James adapted to that tempo, opening his mouth and being fucked there when Dan thrust forward.

Moses wanted in on more of the fun too, so he climbed onto the bed and knelt behind Dan. The plastic squeeze bottle of Aqualube was lying there, and he picked it up and began preparing the place he found so inviting. The owner of that ass, when he felt what was happening, removed his hands from Joseph’s hips and reached back to spread his cheeks. Moses prepared him the same as had been done earlier to Dan, and placed his cock in the same position as Joseph had done. He gave a hard thrust and the head wedged through the ring of muscles at the edge and into the tight hole. Joe moaned in joy at the waves of pleasure washing over his body from what was happening simultaneously to his cock and to his ass.

Three of the men stopped their fucking and sucking to give Moses time to get his entire shaft imbedded in Joseph’s ass, and he took his time. After a series of short, firm thrusts, his cock was in the place where it was eagerly desired, massaging the prostate gland of his partner while his pubic hair tickled the insides of his cheeks. With that, everybody resumed what they had been doing, and quickly set up a rhythm.

Over and over, Moses drove his shaft deep into the ass of Joseph, who plunged his into the same place of Daniel, whose stiff cock was made welcome by the mouth of James. All the men moved slowly, and nobody saw any need to say anything, except for their moans and sighs and other sounds of delight. They continued pleasuring each other, and they all felt their climaxes building, until Daniel made a happy announcement.

“I’m just about ready to cum, you guys,” he informed the others, especially kaçak casino James, who would be getting a mouthful of the semen that was about to be shot from his cock.

The man at the end of the line began fucking faster and, as a result of the ensuing chain reaction Danny responded by plunging his cock harder and deeper into James’s mouth.

“Oh! Oh, yeah!” Dan exclaimed as his climax bubbled up and erupted.

He shot a gob of cum into the mouth wrapped around his cock, and the men behind him continued fucking. Twice more, bursts of semen gushed into Jim’s open mouth and, when there was no more forthcoming, the recipient of the treat became more active.

Until then, he had been passively allowing his mouth to be fucked, but when Dan’s cumming was through, James reached over and held to the base of his friend’s cock to milk out all the semen he could. Applying strong suction with his mouth and squeezing gently with his thumb and fingers, he sucked out everything from the inside and licked all the juices from the outside. After getting every drop of cum available, he swirled it around in his mouth, relishing its flavor and texture, before letting it slide down his throat. After swallowing, he slid off the bed and got into the hot tub to relax and slowly stroke his cock until he could start doing more fucking or sucking.

The other men continued, and Joseph was the next man to realize his climax was imminent. It had been building for some time, and he knew he was on the verge of cumming. He didn’t say anything, but he did start driving his cock harder into the tight, slick ass of Dan, who fucked back just as hard to meet it, while his own cock, which was still semi-erect, swung back and forth. Moses started fucking faster too, matching the more rapid movements of the man whose ass felt so good to him. All of them grunted and moaned and whimpered of their pleasure, but Joe was the first one to cry out his delight.

“Oh, my god, that feels good,” meaning both the hard, thick shaft buried in his ass and what was happening to his own cock. “Oh! Oh! Ahhhh,” was the loud cry of joy as Joseph ejaculated into his condom.

He collapsed forward, and Dan also slowly fell forward, and the two men ended up in a happy pile. Moses, his cock imbedded deeply in the ass that felt so good, lay on top and began rapidly driving his cock in and out of Joe. The sounds of his friend’s cumming had intensified his own mounting climax, which was no more than a few minutes from exploding. That was as long as he continued fucking Joseph, until his orgasm welled up from everywhere on his body and erupted. He shot one big wad of cum into his condom and kept fucking until he had ejaculated again. Knowing he was through, at least for a while, he lay on top of the pile of happy young men until his cock slipped out of the ass that had felt so good.

Moses was the first to leave the pile. The others soon followed, and all of them went to take a quick shower and to dispose of their condoms by leaving them by the edge of the shower drain. They were not being sloppy; that was how the management preferred to have them discarded, and their maintenance staff would sweep up such refuse and dispose of it. The reason for their showering was to wash the leftover Aqualube from their asses and legs before getting into the hot tub where they would lounge while deciding who would do what and to whom.

James already knew what he wanted. “Who wants to fuck missionary style?” he asked his fellows.

“I do,” Moses announced and, when nobody else put in a claim, he went to the bed to get a condom, his pillow and the Aqualube.

He set his pillow on the edge of the tub and sat on it with his feet dangling in the water. After James waded through the hot tub to join him, he handed his friend the condom and the bottle of lubricant and lay on his back to wait for the preparations to begin. He did not have a long wait. James first rolled the prophylactic onto his cock and next inserted the neck of the bottle into Moses’s ass and squeezed in a big dollop. Because of the existing wetness, not as much was needed as had been used while fucking the other men, but Jim inserted his finger to spread it anyhow, and covered his cock with the lube.

With his ass ready, Moses adjusted the pillow under his hips and started to raise his legs. James reached under his partner’s knees and helped with the raising until the ankles were resting against Jim’s shoulders and Mo’s hands were reaching around his ass to spread his cheeks. Holding his stiff shaft with one hand, James leaned forward and moved closer until the end of his cock was pressing against the oily hole that was his target. One thrust wedged the head between the fingers holding open the oily pleasure hole and between the edges and into the adjacent channel. James sighed happily at the tightness of the sphincter and remained in that position for a few seconds.

Moses was receiving tremendous pleasure too, and his body was squirming, as if to say “Come on, come on. Give me the rest of your cock.” When Jim followed that silent request, Mo pushed forward off his hands, wanting to be impaled by the entire shaft.

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