Hard As Ice Pt. 01

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I can’t explain how the idea first came to me, but it instantly appealed in the most bizarre way. I was sitting in the lounge, which looks out onto the garden through large French windows, as snow fell in a steady flurry of thick, fluffy flakes. As I sat and sipped my tea, these flakes piled up, slowly amassing into a thick, crisp blanket of snow. By the time the snow ceased, late at night, it was about ten inches deep, and had a lovely crunch to it underfoot.

My parents were away that day, and would be until the next day, meaning that the most absurd ideas came to me. I certainly do have a thing for exploiting my solitude: wanking all over the house, jerking off with my sister’s panties, sticking anything from sharpies to cucumbers up my boypussy and prancing around the house in makeup and lingerie…all these most exhilarating, outlandish things that explore the many, varied facets of my sexuality. But today was different. I have always been attracted to the human form and the warmth of flesh, but as the snow kept falling, it poker oyna seemed to me a particularly novel medium for my sexual release. I could picture myself on all fours, thrusting my hard cock into the deep snow, and I knew I had to do it.

I was outside now, and it was approaching midnight. The sky was bare, and the snow glowed white in the moonlight. It was bracing cold, but I was determined to go through with this, so I hastily stripped naked. My cock leapt out, growing smaller and harder in the cold, while I felt my scrotum tightening into a wrinkled ball-shape. My nipples, too, grew hard as goosebumps covered my rapidly-paling chest. My feet were frozen to the bone, and the snow reached just beneath my knees at this point.

However, the cold was not facilitating an erection, so I had to tease my cock with a few strokes of my fist while flickering my hard nipples with my fingers. Hastily getting down on all fours, letting my cock point down to the snow, I started to sink. At first the snow resisted, but my cock sank canlı poker oyna down into it. I relished in the crunching of snow beneath the unstoppable force of my rock-hard penis, but the cold was already starting to set in, chilling my cock to the core. I started thrusting now, fucking the deep layer of snow, my cock digging a large hole with its relentless strokes. The very top of my dick, the soft area that surrounds the cum-slit, was tingling delightfully with the cold, and my balls were in a lovely sort of pain as my scrotum tightened and squeezed them.

For what seemed like an eternity, I fucked the snow in my garden with powerful, wild strokes. Every so often, I’d have to move on from my own mangled patch of snow to a new, virgin patch which could give me that lovely crunch as I defiled it. But eventually, the cold and the need to cum fully set in, and I had to finish off. The snow didn’t offer the same resistance as a cunt, mouth or asshole, making it impossible to reach orgasm. Therefore, as I knelt, naked, in internet casino the snow in my garden, I started jacking off furiously. My cock felt as cold and as hard as ice in my hand, and I loved the feeling. Soon, I could feel orgasm approaching, and a burning warmth emerging in the pit of my stomach, radiating from my freezing balls. I groaned loudly as warm cum raced up my cold penis, spurting out in lurching ropes that splattered onto the snow. I grinned at seeing my own white cum picked out against a sea of white, the two shades standing out against each other. Then I returned inside with a big smile on my face, and sat by the fire naked, letting the flames restore life to my cold body. I watched my dick loosen with the heat and elongate, and my balls relax. With a big smile, I turned back to watch the snow keep falling.

From a high-up window in the house next door, one last light burned on even in the depths of night. There, standing with a grim smile of determination and a furious hand working away in her panties, stood Alice, the neighbour girl. And there, before her, was a camera, the green light by the lens blinking ominously as it set its eye on my freshly-defiled garden. It had seen everything, and now was plotting its vicious game.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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