harry potter and the snake charm

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Valdamort set in his chair in the up most room of the riddle house, to which he had been force to flee back to after a run in with Dumbledore. He curled his long skeletal fingers around his wand, immersed in his dark thought. Worm tail had been gone for far too long. He had sent the sniveling coward to Hogwarts to spy on Harry potter in preparation for his latest plan. Valdarmort would punish him for keeping him waiting and kill him if he came back with news that he couldn’t keep Harry from leaving the school. Valdamort knew once Dumbledore was gone Harry in one of his stupidly valiant efforts would leave the school. If every thing went as planed he would have Harry begging for death in a month.

“Nagini!” said valdamort in parsletounge.
“Make yourself known.”

A huge python slithered out of a hole in the floor and rapped itself around the back of valdamort’s chair.

“Are you ready for our little game my sweet.” he said.

Nagini nodded, flicking her tongue.
A loud sound like the backfiring of a car echoed through the room and worm tail appeared, his decrepit form bent in a low bow.

“master I have returned with good news.” he said.
“Good then I won’t have to kill you but you’re still late!” hissed valdamort.

Worm tail fell to the floor screaming. Valdamort gave his wand a light flick and worm tail lay still and silent.
“Forgive me my lord, but the mud blood, her cat.” worm tail groveled
“I do not care for your excuses rat, is the boy staying at school or not” said valdamort.
Worm tail crawled to his feet and nodded.
“Minerva McGonagall scolded him for even thinking it.”
Everything was falling into place all that remained was nagini. Valdamort ignored worm tail as he whimpered as he stood and walked to the center of the room. “Harry is lonely. He misses Sirius and he needs a father figure a male companion other then the red head. I will send him this and more.” he said raising his wand. It was the perfect scheme, send nagini into Hogwarts to befriend Harry and gain his trust, and then crush him.
“The beauty of a veela enchantment of a mermaid and the ferocity of a basilisk. All in the body of a teenage boy. I can not wait to see the out come.” nagini coiled her self in front of her master and hissed loudly. Valdamort pointed his wand at her and hissed
A jet of blood red light shot out his wand tip and engulfed nagini in flames. Her body twisted and turned in the flame, become something else something almost human. When the flames died where once a python set now was a young boy. His hair was long and black and fell in thick curls around his shoulders; his shocking dark green eyes were the only thing still snake like about him.
“Nagini stand” said valdamort. The creature that once been nagini staggered to his feet.
“Nagini speak” the young boy opened his mouth and in a low sweet trusting voice said.
He was perfect, this was to be the week link in Harry potters chain of life.” worm tail fetch…. Nero yes Nero, fetch Nero something to ware.

Harry potter set in the common room of Gryffindor tower packing his trunk. Ron already done and helping him find random thing he might need. If McGonagall wouldn’t let him leave he would sneak out. “Where are we going again” said Ron his brown eyes looking into Harry’s. “I’ve said it at least two times already” said Harry. Wrestling Ron to the ground. “We’re going to my parent’s house then we’re going to find valdamort and kick his snake eyed ass.”
“Oh” said Ron as Harry let him up. The two boys finished packing then went down stairs. Hermione was waiting a thick spell book clutched to her chest and her cat crookshanks setting on her trunk.
“took you tow long enough,” he said pulling out her wand.
“Well go on put your bags over there so I shrink them” Harry and Ron placed their bags next to hers, Ron shooing the cat out of the way. “Menescularuis” she said. With a loud pop the shrunk to the size of snuff boxes. Harry Ron and Hermione placed their trunks in the pockets of their winter robes. Let’s go. Harry draped his invisible cloak over himself and his friends and they set off. With the marauder’s map clutched tightly in one hand t Harry led the way to the front gate.
“Ok we’ll find the thresals and make a quick be line to my mom and dad’s house” said Harry pushing open the gate. They walked out a few feet into the deep snow. Suddenly Harry tripped over something.
“Harry, are you ok?” said Hermione rushing to his side.
“Yeah what the heck did I trip over.” he said looking at what had snagged his foot. At first glance it looked like a large black rock but then Harry gaziantep eskort bayan noticed it was breathing.
“It’s a boy “said Hermione pulling back the shear black hood that cover his face.
“And he beautiful.” Harry and Ron rushed to see what was she was talking about. There under layers of black fabric laid a boy with long twilight black hair. “Harry we have to get him to the hospital wing.” said Hermione. Harry nodded and picked the boy up.”

“Have you all been stuffing your ears with troll wax!” yelled McGonagall. Harry Ron and Hermione were all sitting in her office. The young man they had found outside was safe in the hospital wing if only the same went for them. “After I deliberately told you were all to stay in your dorms.” Harry opened his mouth to argue but McGonagall raised her hand for silence. “Now I will not take any points from your house” she said. Hermione gave a sigh of relief. “But for your actions you are banded from all school outings and you will show our guest the ways of Hogwarts. “Wait a moment” said Harry.
“So we’re babysitting. McGonagall nodded. “Now out and t bed with you. Oh and potter our guest Nero will be sharing a
Bed with you until we can make room for him.” Harry grumbled under his breath as he Ron and Hermione left. The boy was standing across from them.
“Thank you for saving” he said. His voice was a beautiful tone with an accent that sounded like Latin. “You have no idea how long I had been traveling.”
“You’re uh welcome” said Harry. He found it impossible to be angry at Nero.
“I’m Harry potter, this is Hermione and… the drooling mass over there is Ron” Ron gave Harry the finger but only after wiping is mouth. It seemed that Harry wasn’t the only that Nero was having some emotional effect on. Harry led Nero up to the Gryffindor common room. He took in every thing with the wonder of a new born child. “This place it is beautiful,” he said running his had over the side of the fireplace. “Where do we sleep Harry.” that sentence suddenly made Harry feel a bit turned on and it seemed he wasn’t the only one. Ron slowly set down his face a bright red. “We sleep right up these stairs.” said Harry taking Nero by the hand and leading him up the staircase.

Harry lay in bed, Nero at his side. They had all gone to bed early. He knew that even though this whole thing had happened while everyone was sleep the whole school would know about it by the first class. Nero set up and looked around. Harry could have sworn his eyes had glowed red/gold for a second. He looked at him and Nero smiled. “Harry thank you again for coming to my rescue.” he said. He leaned over and kissed Harry on the lips. Harry gently pushed him away.” hold on umm…” he said trying to calm himself. He was getting a boner and just from kiss. He wasn’t supposed to react this way from a kiss from another guy. “I… don’t think…” Nero nodded his head. “I’m sorry where I’m from a kiss is a friendly gesture. It means different hear am I right.” he said laying back down. Harry let out a long sigh. Nero giggled. “I’m sorry for making you get excited.” he said rolling over and going to sleep. Harry slapped his forehead. Nero had noticed his erection.

“hey potter I heard you got caught trying to sneak out last night an came across a little something.” said draco as Harry and Ron walked up to the potions class door. “so where is he” Harry ignored Draco and continued his conversation with Ron. Suddenly everything fell silent. Harry look behind him and saw coming down the dungeon corridor was Hermione ad Nero. He was dressed in an outfit fit for an Egyptian goddess. His legs where bare of hair as were bare arms and chest which was coved by only a bit of black and green fabric that connected to the on around his waist with a gold ring. Another hung around his neck. Gold bangles circled his wrist and ankles. Draco’s jaw was practically hitting the floor.
“He wouldn’t ware the school uniform I found for him.” said Hermione shaking her head. “he said it was too baggy and he would talk to the head of our house about it but for now he would where that.” Harry and every one for that matter had no real complaints about seeing Nero dressed so exotically.
The door to the potions classroom swung open and snape stepped out. “all of you inside NOW!” he said taking his usual head count. He took a doubled take as Nero walked in behind Harry. “may I ask what are you wearing.” he said grabbing on to Nero’s arm. Nero glared at him said something so low Harry couldn’t hear. Snape let go o his arm and they walked into class. Nero set next to Harry. “Oi potter” said draco turning around in his seat. “What did snape say to your boy friend?” Harry was going to retaliate but Nero told him to turn his head. For some reason Harry had to do as he was asked. He turned his head and heard all the slytherine at the table in front of him gasp. Harry looked up and Nero was staring at him with the most innocent look. But the
Draco’s table was giving him the most terrified glances.
“It seem because of potter and his pitiful group we have a new student.” said snape.
“Nero python.” Nero stood up and gave the class a low bow. “any question for our guest” said snape. Seamus raised his hand. “Where are you from because those clothes don’t look like anything from here.” he said.
“I’m from a tribe in the Amazon.” said Nero. “I was seent to Hogwarts for a better magical education.” another hand in the air this time it was Draco.
“My father said that people in the Amazon have special magic.” he said now regaining his usual sneering smile.
“Yes it is true,” said Nero getting up again and walking to the front of the class. “Ron would you come up here please.” without a moment’s hesitation Ron was striding to where Nero stood. A low beat flowed thought the class and Harry realized it was coming from inside his head, coming from Nero’s mind. Slowly Nero began to belly dance around Ron who seemed dumbfounded. He slid against him. He snapped his finger and Ron set down. He snapped them again and Ron began to dance around the class like a ballerina. Harry stopped laughing. Nero was giving Ron commands not just with the snapping of his fingers but in pousletounge. Only Harry noticed. Slowly after Ron was now under his spell Nero redirected his spell on Harry. “I know you understand me Harry.” said Nero not moving his lips. He was inside Harry’s mind. “Please don’t fear me, I wont you to be with me.” Nero snapped his fingers again and the music stopped. Ron came out of his trance and looked around.
Everyone was laughing and even Ron joined in realizing they where laughing at him but not knowing why. He and Nero set down on either side of Harry Ron telling Hermione how it felt to under Nero’s spell. “Harry did I do good” said Nero. Harry nodded and smiled at him. “You were wonderful. We hardly ever get to laugh in this class.”
Nero slid his hand down Harry’s thigh and into his pants. Harry didn’t say a word, he didn’t want to. Nero massaged his cock slowly with his thumb and index finger. Harry gave a low sigh. For the rest of the period Harry could hardly concentrate with Nero playing with his cock under the table. Ron and Hermione kept asking him if he was ok because he continued to give off low groans and sigh and the occasional throwing back of his head.

That night Harry Ron, Hermione and Ginny set in the common room by the hearth. Harry was lying in Ginny’s lap as she played with his hair. Ron set at Harry’s feet with his head across his ankles. Hermione was in the sofa reading a large book called magic of the Amazon. “Has anyone seen Nero” said Ron. Harry looked around. Sure enough Nero was no where to be seen.
“He said he wanted to take a bath.” said Fred and gorge coming down stair. “We recommended the prefect bathroom.” Harry lied back down and dozed. Nero was a big boy he cold take car of himself. Hour pasted and one after another everyone left for bed until only Harry, Ron and Hermione where left.
“Ok” said Harry jumping up. “he’s been gone to long I’m going to look for him.” Ron and Hermione nodded. Ron ran upstairs and got Harry’s invisible cloak and the map.
“We’ll stay up and wait for you.” he said handing them over to Harry.
The trip to the prefect bathroom was a short one. “Pine fresh” said Harry as the portrait slid aside to let him. The bathroom was full of a sweet perfume and the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. At first he thought it was the portrait of the mermaid but as he looked around he realized she was giving a very heated and hate filled glance at a corner of the great bath. Nero set with his eye closed singing.

“Alas my love you do me wrong to leave out on this winter’s dawn. Far sweep love to and all in know. In leave you now for the snow.” he sang. Harry set at the edge of the bath pulling off his cloak. “I thought I heard you.” said Nero opening his eyes. He glided through the water towards him. Harry put his hand in the water and Nero held it in his own. Harry smiled, leaned in and kissed him. Nero pulled him not the water. They rolled around in the bubbles; they wrestled until Harry was soaked. He pulled off his cloths and threw them out of the tub. Nero pressed his body against his and moaned. They continued to wrestle around for a few more minuets until Harry pulled himself out of the tub. “Wow that was… fun” he said lying down of the dry marbole floor. Nero lied next to him with his head on his chest.
“Harry do you think I’m bad.” he said tracing Harry’s nipple with his finger.
“No why would I” he said sitting up. “You’re a cool person and I like you.”
Nero smiled then pinned Harry to the floor. He mounted him and began to rub his ass against Harry’s cock.
“It this ok then, is this cool.” he said. Harry took hold of his hips and helped them move.
“Ginny cant’ find out ok” he said

Nero kissed Harry from head to toe working his way to his now aching hard cock. He licked the head teasing Harry, and then ran his tongue down the shaft. Harry moaned as Nero played with his dick like an ice cream. Finally he placed it in his mouth. Swallowing it all. Harry was about 9, inches to be exact and Nero had no problems fitting it all in his mouth. He sucked slowly, working Harry into frenzy. He had the poor boy writhing under him. Nero placed hi thumb right on Harry’s rose bud and pushed. With the pressure of the thumb and the perfect way NERCO was sucking his dick Harry knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from Cumming. Nero pulled away as if sensing Harry’s approaching ejaculation. He smiled ad let Harry relax be fore continuing. Harry pulled Nero’s head away from his cock by his hair and kissed him. Nero seemed to love Harry’s roughness. It was Harry’s turn now. He kissed a quick path down to Nero’s hard tanned and almost hairless dick. As Harry licked at Nero’s piss slit he noticed he had a tattoo on his in thigh. It was a skull surrounded by roses something was behind the roses; coming out of the skulls mouth but Harry was too rapped up in lust to think about it. Nero’s dick was the perfect size, and the perfect length for Harry’s mouth. Not to big but not at all small. Maybe about 11 inches and a little fatter then Harry’s. Harry sucked slowly on Nero enjoying the salty taste of his cock and the lovely sound of his moans. Nero bunked his hips trying to drive his dick deeper into Harry’s mouth. Soon he was fucking his face.
“Bend over “said Harry firmly. Nero gave a smirk but didn’t budge. He wanted Harry to make him bend over and Harry was all to willing to give him what he wanted. He grabbed Nero by the hair and waist and turned him over. “Fuck me potter” said Nero in a regal tone. Harry pressed the head of his dick on Nero’s asshole and found it wonderful wet. His dick slid right in, but the hole was still tight and Harry loves that above all. He gave a few slow thrust enjoying looking at his cock slide in out of Nero’s tight ass. Then he sped up. Nero screamed in pleasure. He arched his back as Harry fucked him faster and faster. He loved it when he pull his hair and rammed his cock in to his ass to let him know he wasn’t finished. Harry reached around and jacked Nero off at the same speed he was fucking him that was too much Nero gave on last moan and came all over Harry’s hand. Harry licked his fingers and found the sweetest taste. The taste and the sight of such purely white cum made Harry want cum too. He sped up his trust making Nero beg him not to stop. Then he exploded right in his tight ass. One shot, two shot, and three shot one after the other. Harry collapsed on the ground. Nero laid his head on Harry’s chest and they stayed like that for hours until they both fell asleep.
“Harry, Harry wake up mate.” a voice. Harry opened his eyes and looked around. He was back in the common room in the boy’s dorm. Ron Seamus and Hermione where all setting on the side of his bed looking at him. “About time” said Seamus? Harry was scared out of his mind. Had someone found him and Nero asleep in the prefect bathroom and both them back here, or had they come stumbling through the portrait hole in a drunken passionate embrace. “how did I… uh get back here” he said fearing the answer. “don’t your remember Harry.” said Hermione “you when to the library to find Nero and ended up falling asleep.” Ron nodded.
“Nero saw you on his way back and carried you all the way to you bed.”
Ron pointed at his bed and there was Nero sound asleep. “I let him have my bed and I slept on the couch down stairs.” said Ron massaging his neck. Harry realized he was wearing a clean and dry school uniform. His hair had been combed and his glasses were shined. “Come on you two” said Hermione. “Seamus has already left without us. Harry got up then paused. “What about Nero.” he said looking as his secret lover. ““We tried to wake him up three hours ago and he wouldn’t budge he would just roll over hiss at us then go back to sleep.” said Ron. Harry couldn’t keep his mind off Nero as he Ron and Hermione made their way to the grate hall for breakfast.

Nero smiled in his sleep

To be continued

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