Hate Sex

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Sierra sat on the edge of her bed, brushing her long, orange-red, waist-length hair. The plain white T-shirt she wore was intentionally too big so it would cover her tiny blue panties. Long, slender legs were folded neatly beneath her slim body and gray-green eyes were half shut in relaxation. Freckles were splashed across the bridge of her small nose and full, rosy lips were soft and relaxed. At least, they were until someone knocked rather violently on her door.

Sighing gustily, Sierra jumped up and pulled on a pair of shorts. Walking over to the front door of her apartment, she yanked it open to find none other than Chester Wilson, jackass extraordinaire.

Standing at 6’5″, he was extremely well built with shaggy blonde hair, snapping green eyes, and the most sarcastic mouth Sierra had ever seen on someone so very serious. Being from Texas, he had a habit of dressing like the cowboy he was back home in blue jeans, white tank tops, flannel shirts, and his black cowboy boots and hat with a plain silver buckle on the front. He also had a belt buckle, a Texas Longhorns logo that virtually dragged everyone’s eyes to his crotch and his admittedly sizable, denim wrapped package. In other words, he was gorgeous to the point where most women ignored his nasty personality in favor of getting in bed with him. While it took most women a rough tumble or twelve in bed with the man to realize his jackassery, Sierra had hated him on sight.

At the moment, he leaned against the doorway, blocking the way out with his arms, though his legs were crossed at the ankle in cowboy fashion. His blue flannel shirt was rolled up to his elbows, exposing strong forearms with a dusting of pale blonde hair on the backs. He was scowling at her.

Sierra scowled right back. “What the hell are you doing here, Chester?” She could practically hear him grinding his teeth, though he didn’t answer. “If you’re not going to deign me with a reply, then kindly remove yourself from my doorway.” She went to swing the door shut, but one strong hand caught the edge of the wooden plank and shoved it back open, knocking Sierra back a step. “Chester, what the hell?!”

“Why don’t you like me?” The question was abrupt and took Sierra completely by surprise.


“Most women love me. They roll over to, sit up, and beg to be with me,” Chester snapped. “Except you. You’re like the lone coyote in the dog pack. Why?”

“Maybe because you just compared women to dogs and me to a fucking coyote,” Sierra snapped, growing angrier by the second.

“But see, here’s the thing,” Chester continued as though she hadn’t spoken. “I can’t stand you, either. You’re loud, brash, cuss way too much, drink too much, and are rude to most everybody you meet.”

“No, I’m rude to you,” Sierra replied. “I’m polite to most everyone else. Now, go away.”

Again, he ignored her. “I hate everything about you. You’re too pale, you’re freckled, you have red fucking hair, you’re too skinny, and too tall.” Sierra subsided to simply glaring at him, forcing back tears. She hated him, but it still hurt to hear him criticize the things she loved about herself. “Only things you got good going for you are your breasts, ass, and legs. Maybe if you were short, a little fatter, with blonde hair and blue eyes and no fucking freckles, I could understand it. But you ain’t, so I can’t! It don’t make any damn sense!”

“What doesn’t make any sense?” Sierra asked, voice low so he wouldn’t hear it shake. He still heard and noticed the tears in her eyes.

“God fucking dammit!” He slammed Ankara travesti his hands against the doorway. When a door down the hall opened to see what the commotion was about, he pushed Sierra back into her apartment and came inside, shutting the door behind him. Leaning back against the wood, the cowboy took the city girls face in his hands, wiping escaping tears away with his thumbs. “I hate everything about you, but I can’t stand to see you cry. Even if you look beautiful with tears in your eyes.

“I hate your red hair almost as much as I want to see it spread across my pillows. I hate how pale your skin is almost as much as I want to see, kiss, and lick every inch of it. You make me laugh when you cuss someone out at the top of your lungs and watching you swig a beer makes me ache.

“I hate how tall you are, but I get the feeling that I might love the fact that I won’t have to bend myself in half to do this.” He pressed his mouth to hers in a hard, angry kiss. When he let go to look down at her, he added, “And I hate gray eyes, they look rained out. But seeing yours all glazed over like they are now is breathtaking.”

“My eyes are gray-green,” Sierra snapped, internally shaking off his kiss.

“Why do you have to argue with me?” Chester asked, waspishly. “Gray-green, gray-blue, or gray-purple, they’re still gray and I hate gray.” Letting go of her head, the cowboy snatched her wrist and dragged the girl into the living room, stopping in the middle and turning around so he could talk. “Everything that makes you you makes me too angry for words. I hate everything about you. So why the hell do I hate it when you cry? Why the hell do I want to beat the shit out of any man who approaches you with less the honorable intentions? And why the hell do I want to fuck you until neither of us can think?”

“Stop shouting at me!” Sierra cried. It took Chester a second to realize that he had been shouting, his voice steadily rising with each word. “You rude, egotistical, loud-mouthed bastard! I had never met anyone who made me want to punch a wall every time they opened their fucking mouth until the day I met you! How the hell someone can be both left and right is beyond me, but you somehow manage it. A homophobe whose best friend is gay. You take the fucking cake.

“On top of that, you’re getting a degree in Bio-Chemical Engineering, but you must be the dumbest person I know with all the stupid shit you do! You have a moonshine still in your basement, your car is illegal for the streets, you street race in construction yards, and your pit-bull doesn’t even know a simple fucking sit command!”

She paused in her rant, panting for breath as she glared up at him through eyes that glittered with unshed tears. “You barge into my apartment, call me ugly, and then tell me you want to screw me in the same breath! And you wonder why I hate you! It’s a wonder most women don’t, you jackass! You’re cruel to all the girls you date, but you only ever chase stupid girls because you know the smart ones wouldn’t touch you with a 100-foot pole! Lucky you, stupid girls seem to lean heavily towards being pretty, since you refuse to look an average girl in the face because you think she’s ugly. And outright unattractive girls you make fun of!

“You’re an asshole and I wish I’d never met you!”

“For the record, my dog speaks French and you are the furthest thing from ugly.” Chester grabbed her head and dragged her close for a hard, angry kiss. Sierra didn’t even make an attempt to pull away, grabbing the collar of Konya travesti his shirt to drag herself up a couple more inches. Chester grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and yanked it up, sliding his hands across the soft, smooth skin of Sierra’s back and sides.

Picking the girl up in his arms, Chester carried her to her room and dropped her on the full sized bed. Pulling off both shirts in one move to reveal a lightly haired chest and treasure trail, the cowboy dropped them and his hat on the nearby desk, then opened his belt and pulled the leather strip off. As the heavy buckle hit the ground and Chester toed off his boots, Sierra threw her brush off the end of the bed, yanked off her shorts, and rose to her knees at the edge of the bed. Slapping his hands aside, Sierra opened his pants and shoved them down, then raised an eyebrow.

“Commando? Really?” The blush that rose to her cheeks made her freckles fade a little. Chester’s cock stood a tall 9 inches and was an inch thick with a slight curve to it. If Sierra had ever cared to call a penis beautiful, this would be it.

“Shut the hell up,” Chester snapped and yanked her shirt off of her, then shoved her onto her back so she was flat on the mattress the long way. Pale skin almost glowed under her lamp light and full, C-cup breasts swayed lightly, seashell pink nipples puckering in the cool air. Yanking his socks off, Chester climbed up onto the bed and roughly removed Sierra’s panties, tossing the blue cotton aside like so much trash. Pining her down by her left shoulder, Chester leaned down and kissed her fiercely, hard enough to bruise her mouth. Sierra grunted and pushed at his shoulders with her hands. Annoyed, the cowboy let go of her shoulder to catch both wrists and pin them over her head one handed.

A struggling, squirming girl beneath him, Chester made his way along her jaw and throat to Sierra’s breasts, where he sucked a taut, pink nipple into his mouth. “Ah! D-don’t do that!”

“Do what? This?” He gave her tit an especially hard suck and the girl yelped.

“Yes, that!” Sierra snapped. “It feels weird!”

“Tough shit,” Chester told her. He roughly palmed her breast and squeezed it, forcing the nipple to pucker out. Sweeping his tongue across the pink nub, he sucked on it twice, then pulled it into his mouth and suckled, making the young woman squeal and squirm. Pulling back, Chester tugged roughly on her thighs until they spread, forming a cradle he gladly rested in, the hard length of his cock flush against her heat. Sierra lifted long legs and wrapped them around her cowboys hard waist, tugging him closer.

“God, you’re such a slut,” Chester growled.

“Asshole,” Sierra replied. “I hate you. Why can’t you just fuck me and have done with it?”

“And give you the satisfaction? I’d rather torture you, first.” Chester pinched her nipple hard enough to hurt and made the girl yelp in pain. His grip on her wrists tightened until her bones rubbed together.

“Ah! You bastard!” Sierra yanked on her wrists, but only caused herself more pain. Chester let go of her breast to slide his hand between her thighs, thumb pressed against her clit. He made small, slow, circular motions that made Sierra flinch, then moan. “What are you-Ah!” He squeezed her wrists again, but didn’t stop rubbing her clit, forcing her to feel pleasure and pain simultaneously.

Struggling, Sierra managed to work a hand free and used it to grab Chester’s hair and pull on it. The man hissed in pain as he was forcibly dragged sideways. With a grunt, he took İzmir travesti his hand from her crotch and grabbed the offending hand by the wrist and slammed it back into the pillows. After a moment of struggle, Sierra finally laid still, red hair spread beneath her in a wild halo, long bangs covering her left eye, right eye glaring.

“Chester, I swear to God,” she growled.

“Shut the fuck up, Sierra,” Chester snapped. “You’re so fucking uppity.” He jerked his hips into hers, his cock sliding through her outer labia to touch the heat inside. “You can’t shut your fucking mouth for five minutes.” Another thrust drew a moan from the young woman. “Can’t take orders from anybody.” A third thrust slid across her entrance. “Continually pissing me off.” A fourth thrust caught the edge of the opening. “So just shut up for a fucking second!” One last thrust had most of the head inside of her. Sierra moaned and twitched her hips, forcing even more cock inside. Chester started pushing against her, slowly making his way inside of her.

Inch after inch sliding in to her, Sierra squirmed and pushed downward, trying to force the slightly too large cock in faster. When he was finally buried so far he couldn’t go any deeper, Chester stopped. Sierra didn’t. “Hold still,” the cowboy growled.

“Shut up and move!”

“I can’t! You’re too tight!” Chester grabbed her hip to pin Sierra down. “If I try to, I might hurt you. We have to wait until you stretch out a little.”

“Oh, for the love of!” Sierra flopped back into her pillows. “Top drawer on my nightstand.”

“Hold still,” Chester growled as he reached over and pulled it open. Inside was a menagerie of toys and one bottle of lube. Easing his way back out of Sierra and sitting up, the large man poured some of the slick liquid into his hand. Sierra pushed herself up onto her elbows and watched as he spread it over the length of his cock. Impatient, she pushed his hands aside spread the lube across the whole of his cock with gentle, eager hands, cupping his balls a moment and gently tugging on them before she pulled him back on top of her.

Maneuvering his cock so it pressed against her entrance again, Chester eased his way inside of her, burying his dick in the wet heat of Sierra’s pussy until he was sunk to the hilt inside of her. Even with the lube easing the way, however, she was still unbelievably tight, the hot walls of her pussy pulsing around his cock as she squirmed beneath him. Holding her tight against him, Chester pulled himself out until only the tip remained inside. Then he thrust, hard.

Sierra cried out as she was emptied and filled over and over in rapid succession. With Chester’s cock pistoning in and out of her, the med student could barely think. Her nails dug into his skin as she scratched and clawed at him, leaving red, stinging streaks down his back.

“Fuck!” Sierra moaned, straining to keep up with Chester’s ferocity and failing. Finally, she gave up and let him fuck her past thought beyond cursing him.

With an annoyed grunt, Chester growled, “Do you ever shut up?”

“Fuck you, you prick,” Sierra squeezed out past her moans.

Chester, feeling his climax building quickly, gave her a squeeze around the ribs, knocking the air from her lungs to make her shut up. “Shut up, you fucking little annoyance!”

Fighting for breath, Sierra squeaked “shit” before she was rocked with her orgasm. It hit her hard, driving her nails deep enough to break skin as she sharply arched her spine, impaling herself further onto Chester’s cock as he reached his own climax soon after, balls pulling in tight as he came inside her. Both collapsed to the bed, Chester rolling off of her.

The two college students took deep, wheezing breaths as they stared at the ceiling.


“Shut the fuck up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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