Having My Dad’s Boss…

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Having My Dad’s Boss Up My Ass

I first met him at the beginning of June of that year. He was my father’s new boss in the office. An arrogant man of about forty years who obviously had a humongous ego. My father invited him over to our summerhouse for the weekend. He thought that getting friendly with him would help his faltering company position.

He was called Tom. He was proud of his body and never failed to show off when taking a swim at the pool. He was surprisingly well built for his age with rich black hair. Only some of his chest hair was grey. He was pompous and strong willed and I was surprised my father could stand him. It was obvious he needed him.

The worst part, thought, was his look. Ever since the first time I met him, he would give me that strange look that would make me feel uneasy. I was 18 at the time, having celebrated my birthday only a month ago, around the time I finished school. I was very shy but certain that I was straight as a nail, and his strange interest in me made me uncomfortable. I was a good looking kid. About 1.70m tall, with a nice firm body, black hair and green eyes, I had my share of flirts but was too shy with girls.

Anyway, things changed in July. He was a regular now. He would come every Friday night and go at Sunday. He would look at me audaciously every time my parents couldn’t notice and even “accidentally” grab my ass a couple of times. I should have said something but was ashamed. What would I say “Dad your boss grabs my ass all the time”? I thought they would never believe me. And then it was too late.

It was Saturday morning and my parents wanted to go to a nearby village for groceries. Tom was still asleep when they left, so they told me not to wake him until 11 or so. At 10.30 I heard his shower and knew he was up. After it stopped, I went upstairs and knocked at his door. I was supposed to tell him they were at the village and that we should take his car and meet them there at two.

He told me to come in and I did. I left the breakfast tray at his coffee table, and as he was still at the bathroom, I waited for a couple of minutes until he came. To my astonishment, he was stark naked. His body was still glistening from the water he hadn’t dried and I have to admit it was impressive. What caught my look thought, was his cock. It was big, about 9cm long when soft, and thick. Uncut and full of veins, it looked as thought it could fuck its victim silly.

He didn’t mind covering himself. Instead, he casually went at his bed, sat at the edge and started sipping some coffee. I tried not noticing and went on to tell him what my parents told me and then answer his questions of idle talk, like how it felt finishing school and what was next. His eyes were nailed on me, stripping me and his cock was getting longer and harder by the minute. It was hard not fixating on that 17cm rod that was obviously getting harder by me.

When he was finally done with breakfast and put his cup down, I decided it was time to grab the tray and make myself scarce…and fast. He had different plans for me. silivri escort He got up before I did and walked across the room to where I was sitting, his throbbing cock dancing around ahead of him.

Standing right in front of me, his crotch was at my face’s level since he was a tall man of about 1.90m. His cock was very close to my flashed face and I could smell a strong manly scent from the precum that was oozing through the peephole.

“Take it in your hands kid” he ordered, and grabbing my hand he put it on his burning rod. It was hot and hard and I didn’t know what to do. “Jack it off real nice boy. This boy is hard for you and you have to make it soft again”.

“I don’t want to”, I pleaded weakly, but he wouldn’t have it. He grabbed my fist and moved it up and down around his hard shaft. He was looking straight at my flashed sweaty face with his eyes slightly closed in pleasure.

Drops of precum were falling on the floor as I hesitantly jacked his rod for about ten minutes, producing a wet ominous sound from the thick staff. He was obviously aroused near to explosion because he took my unwilling hands away and, grabbing his tool, he started beating it off fast.

He was aiming straight at my face when he shot his thick, rich load. I tried to avoid it, surprised at its mass, but could not. He was holding my hair hard, making sure I could not escape the shower he had in store for me. I just managed to close my eyes before his cock erupted on me.

Glob after glob of cum landed all over my face, making a white mess out of it. He came across my face, covering my nose and eyes completely. A stray shot had even hit my forehead and hair, whereas many shots had landed on my lips and chin that I tried keeping sealed.

As his orgasm subsided, he told me to keep my eyes shut unless I wanted them burned by his salty seed, and to open my mouth. It was time I acted like a good boy and cleaned his cock from the remaining cum. I, blinded and ashamed, with cum dripping from my covered face on my t-shirt, firmly refused even when I could feel his bulbous cockhead touching my lips, gently trying to make its way through and into my mouth.

He wouldn’t have this, thought. He grabbed my nose and kept it closed with his hand even as I tried to back off and breath. Finally, the lack of air made me crack my lips. It was all he needed. With a thrust, his still hard cock made its way past my lips and into my mouth. I gagged and tried opening my eyes but could not avoid getting my first taste of man cock. It was strange and salty, but not unpleasant. He ordered me to use my tongue as he started going in and out slightly.

Knowing I would do it anyway, I started licking his shaft clean. His cum was thick and I almost gagged but managed to clean the rod, but he kept thrusting in and out with increasing force, until he was fucking my face like a madman. His cock was rock hard again and shoving itself all the way to my tonsils. I gagged and tears came to my eyes, but he laughed and said I was his sweet little boy bakırköy escort and that I should learn to control my gag reflex if I wanted my dad to keep his job.

The threat made me stop any resistance. He held the back of my head and then made me drop on my knees on the floor in front of my chair, his cock still buried in my mouth to the balls. Kneeling, I got the facefuck of my life. He pumped in earnest, calling me his slut, his bitch, his boy toy.

Having just cum a short while ago, he now lasted a lot. He was planting himself deep in my throat and pulling out for like twenty minutes. My jaw was numb and hurting and I wanted to cry, when I felt his rod throbbing in my mouth. Without taking his cock out my mouth, he came in a torrent of cum, straight down my throat. He came long and hard and kept my head steady so I had to drink his cum to the drop.

He withdrew with a plop, and smeared the leftover cum on my cheek. With my jaw and knees hurting, I tried standing up but heard him order me still. I could hear him stepping away but couldn’t see him. My eyes were still cum covered. Then I heard the unmistakable sound of a camera taking shots. He told me they were for his personal album.

While taking shots, he told me he would have made me suck his cock much earlier had he known I was 18. He had only found my age out during our talk. My baby face had made him think I was 16 at most, and it was a pity he had lost so many weekends before finding out the truth.

After a while he offered to clean me up. He took my hand and guided me for a few steps. He asked me to kneel on the floor that was supposed to be right outside the shower and bend so he could use the shower on my face. The moment I knelt he grabbed my hands and pulled them together. I gasped in surprise and then felt something cold on my wrists. It could only be handcuffs!

With a cloth that proved to be his shorts, he wiped the cum of my eyes. I could see that I wasn’t in the bathroom. I was still in his bedroom, kneeling in front of hi bed. My hands tied around the bed’s foot, so low that I couldn’t get off my kneeling position. I was tied down on all fours and he sat right in front of me on the beds corner.

He was still naked and playing with his cock. He picked it up and presented me with his hairy balls. He ordered me to lick them good and I did, helpless and cuffed down right in front of them.

After a couple of minutes he got up and came right behind me. He pulled my shorts and pants of, leaving my ass naked right in front of him pointing up as I was kneeling on all fours. My asshole was already half open as I was bent over and I could feel the air at its opening.

“I know you would have let me shove my cock in your ass boy, but I thought I shouldn’t take any chances of hurting you. If you resisted, I would just force my cock past your sphincter and rip you apart. This way I won’t hurt your tiny hole baby…”

I was feeling exposed and vulnerable. I could not avoid the coming sodomy, and felt my skin goosepump. halkalı escort He started playing with my ass. He would part my globs and smack them around or pinch them, Lay his burning cock on my crack and pretend fucking my asscheecks. He kept them apart and admired my tight untouched hole. It was obvious he would rip it apart forever in the next minutes.

He suddenly got on his feet and grabbing my shirt, ripped it away leaving me there naked and bent, ready for deflowering. He then kneeled slightly, placed his hot cockhead on my asshole and started pushing, holding my cheeks apart, his fingers deep in their round firm flesh.

I started screaming as it was physically impossible for this cockhead to penetrate my asshole. It was at least twice as wide and I was unaccustomed to taking rods in my rear entrance.

Thankfully he stopped and got behind me again. He spit on his fingers and started opening my sore anal ring with two of his fingers. After he had played with my asshole for a couple of minutes, he got up and went to the breakfast tray. I saw him taking a big glob of butter and coming back. Then I could feel the cold butter entering my asshole. That was when I realized I was getting hard myself.

After stretching my ass with his fingers he placed cockhead at my entrance again. He was bending over me, his face next to mine, his hand on my cock, his other hand on the floor…and pushed.

He pushed hard and fast and broke me in with force. I yelled as my now-stretched asshole gave way to his conquering cock. Inch by inch, his monster stretched my rectum to the limit. He would whisper to my ear that I was tighter than my father and I could feel his body sweating from the effort.

He only stopped when ball deep in my anal passage. His pubic hair scratched my asshole, and I thought I would stop breathing. I was stuffed mercilessly, impaled by a strong vicious fucker. And then the real fucking commenced. He fucked me with long hard thrusts, busting my ass open forever. He lasted about half an hour, but since the first five minutes, it didn’t hurt anymore. I was so open that he would fuck me with speed, making me cum on the floor twice.

He would either pump me bending over me holding my shoulders, or kneeling behind me, his hands on my waist and hair. I started sweating like a bitch in heat, understanding that I loved getting sodomized like a two bucks whore.

He shot his load in my rectum filling it to the limit, panting and gasping with lust. He pulled out with a sound resembling a bottle uncorked, and uncuffed my hands. He pulled me to kneeling position and squeezed his last drops of semen right in my open waiting, now willing mouth.

As I licked him clean tasting my own ass of his cock, I could feel his load dripping down my legs.

He helped me to the bathroom as I couldn’t walk straight and entered the shower with me. He said it was time for cleaning up, but first he would give me his special “golden shower”. He pushed me yet again on my knees and with a sound of relief peed on my face and chest with force. Completely subdued now, I tasted his pee and licked his cock dry.

As you can imagine the rest of the summer was full of fucking and I spent it mostly on my hands and knees. His innuendo for my dad was real and he had him watch in several occasions. He even had him fuck his own son once. It was an interesting summer…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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