Hawaiian Encounter

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The Hawaiian sun was hot. They had grown tired of their husbands ogling the bikini babes on Waikiki and decided to head back to the hotel. The thought of sipping a cool Mai Tai on the lanai was so much better then burning to a crisp on the beach while Jerry and Dan tried to pretend they weren’t noticing the parade of barely covered flesh on the beach.

Linda and Sheri had met the day before in the hotel’s lobby. It was Linda’s third time in Hawaii and Sheri’s first. The older woman had noticed the 41 year old brunette looking a bit dazed and confused as the concierge tried to explain how to get to H1 and why an island had an interstate freeway. The two women hit it off, and along with their husbands, had a great dinner together.

Neither of them wore a bikini – they were too, dare they say it, old, for that. That didn’t prevent them from showing off their boobs a bit. Linda’s red suit plunged down her chest to the point she need to be careful when bending over. Sheri’s black suit did its best to conceal her breasts, but succeeded only in covering about half of her chest.

“Wow, it is hot today!” Sheri complained as she sipped on her drink.

Linda nodded and continued to look out onto the beach below.

“I think I see the guys down there Sheri.”

Sheri stood up and leaned forward. The railing of the balcony pressed against her stomach.

“Where?” she asked.

Linda stood up and moved behind her new friend. They both shuddered slightly as Sheri felt Linda’s body press against her back.

“Over there” said Linda as she pointed to two guys sitting amongst the crowd below.

“I think you are right” Sheri grinned. “I can see Dan’s erection from here!”

They both laughed and then clinked their glasses together.

“Here’s to erections!” toasted Linda.

As they drank, both women could not help but feel the other’s eyes. Was it their imaginations, or were they ‘scoping each other out’?

“Hey, I have an idea” the older short-haired blonde said. “Let’s grab the VISAs and do some shopping.”

“Sure, why not?” responded Sheri. “But I need to get out of this suit and into something less revealing.”

“Probably a good idea” Linda replied. “I’ll burn to a crisp if I am not careful. Let me throw on a sundress real quick.”

“OK. I will meet you in the lobby” Sheri said.

“I’ll just be a minute” Linda stated as she walked back into the hotel room and began to pull the swimsuit straps off her shoulders.

“Ah…do you want me to leave?” Sheri said somewhat nervously.

“Only if you want” replied Linda as she looked at her friend.

“No. I can wait.” Sheri’s voiced squeaked a bit as she followed Linda into the room.

The school teacher smiled and pulled the straps of her suit down, causing her breasts to tumble free.

“Oh my God!” gasped Sheri. “Your breasts…they are fantastic!”

Linda grinned widely and continued to pull her suit down.

“One of my best parts” she replied. “But, I hate my tummy.”

Sheri sat on the orhangazi escort edge of the bed and watched the blonde pull her suit down over her hips to expose a somewhat sparse triangle of black pubic hair.

“I see you are not a natural blonde,” laughed Sheri.

“Bitch!” Linda said with a grin as she stepped out of her suit.

Sheri tried not to stare as Linda pulled on a pair of black panties, followed by a flowered Hawaiian sundress and tan sandals.

“There. Now, let’s go to your room so you can change.”

Sheri nodded and started for the door.


The brunette turned towards the voice.

“Do you really think my breasts are nice?”

“God yes” responded Sheri.

Linda smiled and opened the hotel room door.

Sheri led the way down the hallway to the elevator. Neither woman said anything as the elevator moved from the 17th floor down to the 15th.

Linda followed Sheri down to her room. She could not help but notice the younger woman’s hand shaking as she fumbled with the plastic room card. The green light on the lock finally came on and the door opened.

“I will just be a minute” Sheri said as she walked across the room to her dresser.

“Should I wait out here?” Linda asked.

“Don’t be silly!” the 5’5″ brunette replied.

Linda could feel her heart race as Sheri lowered her swimsuit down to her waist.

“Ummm, you have nice breasts also” Linda said admiringly as Sheri pulled the suit down.

“Notice anything about them?” asked the brunette.

“Well, actually, is one a little larger than the other?” Linda asked somewhat sheepishly.

“38B on the left, 38C on the right.”

Linda smiled. “I bet buying bras is difficult.”

“Oops!” exclaimed Sheri as she stepped out her suit.

Linda immediately knew what her friend meant as Sheri’s nipples suddenly pushed outwards.

“Cold?” asked the blonde.

“Uh…no” replied Sheri.

“What then?” Linda said nervously.

“You will think I am terrible” Sheri said.

“I doubt that. I feel the same way.”

Sheri’s voice trembled. “Are you turned on, just like me?”

Linda’s heart raced as she managed a weak “yes.”

“Do you really want to go shopping Linda?”

The 50-something blonde took a deep breath then turned towards the door.

Sheri’s heart sunk.

Linda’s right hand reached out for the inside door lock. Her wedding ring sparkled as she turned the lock.

Sheri looked at Linda.

“I have never….”

Linda turned back around.

“Neither have I.”

The older woman looked at the gold wedding band on Sheri’s left hand.

Sheri nodded, sending Linda her unspoken answer.

A smile crept over Linda’s face as she walked over towards the brunette. Her mind kept saying ‘no’, but her body was saying ‘yes’.

Linda reached out and cupped Sheri’s breasts. Sheri let out a soft gasp as gooseflesh popped up on her skin. Linda gently pushed her index and middle nilüfer escort fingers together, and then pinched Sheri’s hardened nipples between her fingers. Sheri’s gasp turned into a moan.

Linda stepped back. Sheri was shaking noticeably. With one quick motion, Linda pulled then sundress up over her head and tossed it to the floor. Her nipples were also erect, but not nearly the ½ inch protrusions rising from the centers of Sheri’s dark pinkish-brown areolas. Linda smiles as she pulled the black panties over her hips and let them fall down her hips and onto the floor.

Sheri’s eyes sparkled as Linda moved back towards her.

“We need to get this suit all the way off you Sheri.”

“But, I am too f…”

“Don’t you dare say it Sheri” Linda said in a half-scolding voice.

The brunette’s hands moved to Sheri’s waist and pulled the black suit down.

Sheri blushed.

“I look horrible.”

“Bullshit!” Linda replied as she lowered the suit down Sheri’s legs.

Sheri stepped out of her suit and took a deep breath.

“I see you like the bare look,” grinned Linda as she took in the brunette’s body.

“Yes. Both Dan and I like it.”

Linda took Sheri’s hand. Each of the women’s hand was trembling slightly and somewhat damp.

“Are you sure?” asked Linda.

Sheri looked into Linda’s green eyes. No response was needed.

Linda looked over at the large picture window overlooking Waikiki.

“Should I close the drapes?” asked Linda.

“Only if you want to” replied Sheri.

Linda smiled and gave a playful wave towards the window.

“Who knows? It might make someone’s vacation!”

They both laughed. It wasn’t that funny, but the laugh helped relieve the tension that was filling the room.

The two women sat on the edge of the bed. Linda lowered her had towards her friend’s right breast. The erect nipple was begging for Linda’s mouth. Sheri shuddered as Linda’s lips covered the round circle on Sheri’s boob. The brunette grabbed Linda’s hand as Linda moved her lips together and began to gently suck the nipple.

“Oh God” moaned Sheri as Linda’s tongue began to circle her areola.

Linda lifted her head and looked at Sheri.

Without saying a word, their lips came together. Both women closed their eyes as they parted their lips and allowed each other’s tongue to probe the other’s mouth. Linda moved forward. Their breasts squished into each other. Simultaneously, both women managed a muffled moan as their nipples met and pushed together.

Sheri moved back slightly and gasped for air.

Linda sat smiling.

As she had done so many times for her husband, Sheri moved to the center of the bed and laid back. Only this time it was not Dan. It was not even another man. She closed her eyes.

Linda crawled to the center of the bed then turned her body towards the end of the bed. Linda’s hands went to Sheri’s ankles. Sheri silently complied and moved her legs apart. Her hairless opening was türbanlı escort now on full display to the older woman.

Sheri opened her eyes to see Linda’s fur covered mound lowering down towards her mouth. Sheri wanted to cry out, but before she could, Linda lowered herself down and covered the brunette’s mouth. As if by instinct, Sheri’s tongue pushed into Linda’s pussy.

A loud moan escaped from Linda’s mouth as she felt Sheri probe her. Linda’s body tingled as the brunette’s tongue brushed against her clitoris. The blonde closed her eyes and raised herself onto her knees. Linda began to gently move her hips.

Linda’s hands covered her own breasts as she continued to move her pussy over Sheri’s mouth. Her eyes closed as she felt Sheri’s tongue circle her throbbing clitoris.

The humid Hawaiian air was suddenly filled with Linda’s moans. The moans turned into a loud ‘OH FUCK’ as Linda felt her pussy contract then begin to spill fluid onto Sheri’s tongue.

Sheri lapped furiously at the damp opening. She swallowed, allowing the juices from Linda’s pussy to slide down her throat. Sheri could feel her own pussy throbbing.

Linda collapsed down onto her elbows. Her head fell between Sheri’s legs. The brunette grabbed Linda’s head and moved it towards the bare opening. Linda took a couple of short, gasping breaths of air and then pushed her tongue past the swollen lips of Sheri’s pussy.

“Oh My God!” screamed Sheri as Linda found the brunette’s swollen clitoris.

Juices dripped from Linda’s pussy onto Sheri’s mouth as Linda’s tongue began to furiously dart against the miniature penis inside Sheri. Linda took her right index finger and slid it effortlessly into the canal immediately below her tongue. As Linda’s tongue circled Sheri’s clitoris, the brunette pushed her finger deep into Sheri’s vagina.

Sheri began crying. Not from pain or sadness, but from pleasure as Linda’s tongue lapped at her clitoris at the same time she was being finger fucked by the brunette’s long finger.

Sheri’s back suddenly arched. Her crying stopped as her eyes rolled back. Sheri lifted her hips up then let out a loud scream. It had happened. Juices spilled against Linda’s tongue. The brunette’s body began to buck under Linda’s as Sheri thrust her hips back and forth against Linda’s finger. Sheri felt her body completely tense. She let out of a final ‘OH MY GOD’, and then fell back against the bed.

Linda rolled off the brunette’s body. They lay next to each other, their bodies still trembling and covered with gooseflesh. Sheri’s nipples were so hard they hurt. Linda’s normally light-pink areolas had turned to an almost dark-pink as her own nipples pointed towards the ceiling.

Sheri managed to move first. She turned her body around and snuggled against her friend. Sheri’s breasts pressed into the blonde’s back.

Linda looked towards the window.

“Do you suppose anyone saw?” she asked.

Sheri giggled.

“Who knows” she responded with a slight giggle.

Linda smiled as Sheri’s hands reached around and took hold of her 40D boobs.

“I hope the guys are getting an eyeful down on the beach” Linda said.

“Me too” replied Sheri. “If not, we can let them sit down their tomorrow too!”

The two women broke into an almost uncontrollable laughter.

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