He and She

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He looked down at his work and smirked. They were both naked, and she was on all fours on the floor, a pillow under her knees, blindfolded and wrists cuffed together. All in all, a very appealing picture, he thought to himself as he slowly circled her. She was breathing heavily, so wet it nearly dripped down her leg from earlier when he had stood behind her in this position and fingered her. He hadn’t let her orgasm, but at least she was plenty warmed up. Finally, he stopped in front of her, tracing the tip of his cock across her lips. She darted her tongue out and shifted forward, trying to engulf him, but he stepped back, leaving her to whimper disappointedly.


“Please what?” He asked, grinning.

“Anything, god, please anything, just do something to me…”

He chuckled and nodded, moving around behind her and resting his hands on her hips. Once he was in position he thrust in quickly, making them both moan loudly at the entrance. Her head leaned back in pleasure, and he reached forward to hold her hair, pulling out slowly before thrusting back in hard.

“Oh, god…” she groaned, almost dipping her head instinctively, which only led to more of a grip on her hair.

He continued thrusting, only making it through a couple more slow ones before it was just too much. He sped up, pounding her fast, savagely, mumbling under his breath “god yes… oh, yes… fuck fuck…” Her words, meanwhile, were soon indistinguishable, a rapid stream of babble. Had he been in another state of mind, he might have forced her to beg for him, but they were both too far gone for that at this point.

After an especially hard thrust and a slight tug on her scalp, she came loudly, moaning “god yes yesyesyesyes…” She loosened under him, but he wasn’t done yet. He released her hair, her head dropping in exhaustion, and grabbed both her hips, slamming into her body, pulling her back onto him with every thrust. Now that she was done, he was entirely focused on his own enjoyment. It wasn’t too much longer when he came, filling her with a moan, almost a growl. He thrust throughout his orgasm before stopping, relaxing slightly, and kissing the small of her back as he pulled out. She sighed when he did so, and he moved to unlock her cuffs, lying on the floor. She curled up next to him with a contented sigh, before saying quizzically “blindfold?”

He chuckled and kissed her forehead, responding “you’re not quite done yet…”


She would have blinked in confusion, but well, she was still blindfolded. Instead she merely waited to see what kuşadası escort he would do, though it was only a few seconds before she felt a pressure on her shoulder. Well, that was a fairly obvious instruction.

She slid down his body slowly, savoring the feel of skin on skin. He, in turn, felt no need to rush her… she’d get there eventually. Her hands traced down his sides until she could tell by feel she was in the right area, shifting her head slightly she felt his length brush past her chin. She began to lick hungrily, cleaning him of their shared juices and swallowing them down. While he had been softening, he soon began to stiffen under her attention. Once she was satisfied his head was entirely cleaned off, she dipped and licked his shaft, all the way down to the base and even licking up a few drips that had made it onto his balls. When she finished entirely, she rested her head on his thigh, relaxing, contented.

They lay there like that for a bit, one hand stroking her hair almost tenderly as he thought his next move over. Finally he thought of something and pulled gently. She responded quickly and lay by his side again. “Lay here for a moment, pet,” he murmured, she nodding obediently as he left. She was a bit confused, not sure what was coming, but waited patiently for him to return. When he did come back, he ordered her to tilt her head up slightly, and they both smiled as he placed the collar on here. She was a bit surprised when she heard the leash snap into place, though. She felt him move to standing next to her, and tilted to look up at him, vision denied or not. “Crawling, master?” She asked timidly.

“No, that’s all right pet. You can walk.” She nodded and stood, head tucked slightly as he led her to the bedroom. She was a bit grateful for the leash, really, or else she would have been terrified to walk blindfolded. As it was, she was thankful for their relatively wide hallways. When they got into the room, he led her to the bed, adding “lay down” as he took the leash off, though the collar stayed on. She lay and did her best to relax, though she was clearly a bit nervous, or at least anxious to see what he was going to do next. She let him position her hands over her head and cuff the wrists together with the same padded cuffs he had used earlier, looping the chain over a post on the headboard. Fortunately, the bed wasn’t long enough to really stretch her arms, as he also spread her legs and tied each ankle to a bedpost. Again, he grinned down at his work as she whimpered and squirmed slightly, quickly turned on again, even if kuşadası escort bayan only in anticipation.

She felt his weight on the bed, then his breath ghosting over her collarbone, his lips kissing down her breast. It wasn’t long before he was gently suckling on one nipple, making her back arch before he continued down her body. She groaned slightly, realizing his goal when he kissed her navel, not sure she wouldn’t rather have his cock again. Still, she jumped slightly when she felt him bite her inner thigh, the sensation stronger because she couldn’t see his motions, had no idea what to expect next. He teased her a bit longer, licking up the inside of her leg before finally letting his tongue tap her clit once, his hands sliding to her thighs to hold her at least mostly in place. She sighed in pleasure at the contact, her earlier thoughts expelled as he began to lick slowly, long pointed strokes on the upper part of her slit. It wasn’t long before she was panting for more, and he dipped his head a bit lower, tongue entering her slightly on the upstrokes as he sped up. “God, yes… please… more, more…” She whined and moaned louder as he continued to speed up, though the chances of her orgasming again so soon were low. He knew that, of course, and eventually slowed down, licking up and swallowing a few last tastes of her before pulling back. She sighed again, but knew better than to protest too loudly.

She smiled, however, when she felt him slide up her body, his mouth biting her neck lightly as he slid into her. She nearly purred as he began to thrust into her, not too fast, not too hard, but a pace she could appreciate after so much stimulation. He soon released the bite, kissing up and down her neck as he pushed into her. Not nearly long enough later, however, he kissed her hard and pulled out, her legs twitching reflexively at the loss. “Why…” she gasped out when he released the kiss, though he cut her off with his lips again.

“All in due time, pet,” he responded, sliding off the bed. He untied her ankles first, massaging them gently as he did, and then unlocked the handcuffs. “Now,” he said, “roll over onto your stomach.”

She was confused for the umpteenth time this evening, but obeyed with a meek “Yes, sir.” She moved to go to all fours, but he smacked her ass just hard enough to sting as she did so. “I said on your stomach.”

“Sorry, sir,” she replied, lying down flat as she felt him return to the foot of the bed, spreading and tying her legs to the bedposts again once she had adjusted. He got back onto the bed, escort kuşadası his weight pressing down gently on her as he moved atop her back. She felt something cold on her ass, and then groaned as she felt his head press against her asshole. Even with the lube and her juices on him, it was a tight fit, and he went slowly. After a bit, though, the head popped into her, eliciting a gasp from both of them. He paused, pushing a strand of hair out of her face with one hand.

“Are you alright, my pet?”

She breathed slowly for a second, then nodded. “Yes, sir. Please, give me more, sir. Please?”

He chuckled above her, amused and gratified at her submission. He began to slide his length in slowly, pausing whenever he felt too much resistance and pushing on when she felt ready. She let out low groans throughout the process, her muscles alternately clenching and relaxing (and occasionally making him pause and moan as well). After a bit, he was all the way inside her, and he grinned with a bit of animal lust, not that she could see. He slid back out slowly, before pushing into her again, a bit harder, a bit faster. Her head arched back and she moaned when he struck bottom again, which only encouraged him to speed up.

Between the situation, the sensations, and their sensitivity from earlier, it didn’t long for either of them to approach orgasm. She hadn’t thought she’d be able to again that night, even, but it was an entirely different set of nerves being stimulated right now. Soon he was slamming into her, or at least as much as her ass allowed, groaning out “fuck… yes… yes, god yes, take it, my bitch…” Meanwhile, she under him had began to explain in detail how much she was his bitch and loved it, but it came out more as “yes master I ohhh god unghhh… yesyesyesyesYES!” she yelped as she came, her muscles clenching him tightly and setting him off. She groaned and shook under him as he held still deep in her ass, filling it with pump after pump of his seed… a surprising amount, considering it was his second orgasm of the night. He sighed and relaxed as he finished, lying gently atop her before pulling out as slowly as possible.

She lay silent on the bed, mentally recovering as he untied her ankles again, taking a moment to gather herself together. By the time he got back from cleaning himself off in the bathroom and using a hand towel to wipe up the worst of the drip from her ass, she was mostly coherent again. He lay next to her, untying the blindfold and setting it on the bedside table, to be put away later. “Now,” he said, pulling the blanket up over the two of them, “you can be done.”

She blinked rapidly, her eyes adjusting to the light, then looked at him pretty and sighed. “Aww,” she murmured in mock disappointment, “do I have to be?”

He laughed out loud and kissed her forehead, nodding. “We’ll see in the morning.”

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