Head Lifted for a Neck Kiss Ch. 03.5

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Alternate ending to chapter 3, followed by 4.5, see below.

Chapter one has been updated as of February 2018

Note: This story is a mix between a lovely romance and female domination, it belongs to the “gentle femdom” and “role reversal” category that emerged on reddit and tumblr a few years ago: extremely soft and caring femdom put into idealistic romance often marketed at teenage girls.

That’s an alternate shorter ending I wrote afterwards to stay closer to the spirit of the series. The real one goes very deep into tease and denial without leaving the atmosphere and building of the previous parts, and I’m definitely very proud of it, but I always thought of some light-hearted ending to fit more to the spirit of the first 2 chapters, and seeing people like the almost sexless first part convinced me to! Let’s say I rebalanced the doses of loveliness, kink and passion towards more loveliness!


As you can guess, I was nervous in the train, we opted to find a sex-shop where to buy the cage directly so that our parents would not have any hint of a clue about what could be the money spent this time. It was our first Saturday afternoon date far away from home, us two, traveling the nearby big-town where we just called some sex-shops and luckily found one to buy the cage I previously made the needed measurements.

I was very nervous when Lisa’s hand caressed my crotch in the elevator. We had talked about the way to do it before going. Lisa was so used to my devotion that she pretty much didn’t think I could be so moved by the few seconds I was inside her.

At first, when she saw how much I was glued to her arm on the morning with an innocent smile, “meowing” for real when she was petting my hair, she thought it was kind of a defense mechanism because it had been a bit too much although I loved every second of it, taking “half her virginity”.

She got it was okay when I told her how I felt. It hadn’t hurt me or pushed me too far at all but pretty much the contrary: made me totally unable to wait to be her “pure kitty” without the decently sized dick that vampirized part of the pleasure I felt at each of her little attentions. I just needed her very bad and was in a very emotive state because of the events of yesterday, the overall sexual frustration and the apprehension of the cage coming tonight.

It seems a bit weird to think I was craving for it to happen, with all that tension, but it wouldn’t be if you saw my face lightening up each time she passed by me while preparing breakfast; doing a little something with her hand or kissing my hair. I had even eaten sat on her lap as it fitted such a moment so well! Except that in that position, her breath in my neck as she makes me eat makes me slightly more than “tense as crazy”, able to tell her with all my might I don’t regret anything of yesterday and is dying to be caged and become truly “innocent”. I thought back of the guy I was before I met her at that moment, like on many others, but the feeling that this guy was further away from me than a star past the observable universe had never so strong; with her fingers tickling my shivering kitty neck while her other hands holds my stomach securely. I realized life would be pure heaven if every day was the last sweet moment before we go buy a chastity cage!

It all creates the atmosphere that’s the actual reason for this flashback, one when it’s all cute but intense and her hands can’t always help to wander next to my crotch… especially when I end the explanation of my feelings with my wish to be all hers without a hard dick in the way of my “kittyness”.

She’s so much into all of it now that she can’t help to tease:

“But I’m sure some innocent little kisses won’t be so bad still, right?”


I was leaning in the sofa, blindfolded and naked, full of goosebumps, music in my ears.

But I’m sure some innocent little kisses won’t be so bad still, right?

That sentence was turning in my head, after all, it had been hours Lisa has been cooing it in my ears.

The story is a bit long, once again… sorry but that’s just the almost last part of a story about teasing, so just get a taste of the wait I underwent this afternoon!

It just started when she got I was happy, and in fact waiting, to get locked this morning. It hadn’t hurt my feelings to feel her insides and make her cum like that, but just made me more vulnerable, and that sensation was heaven for me. Because of that, or despite that, probably both, she added the said sentence with a little wink and a very close hand, just before we went to the bedroom for the most innocent ever clothed neck play, like the first day but with a comfortable bed, no time limit and privacy!

So we finally went in town, losing all that little comfort for a moment, and well… the presence of people made uncomfortable to have these intimate thoughts. Without concertation, we had to adopt less socially dissonant mindsets to no feel too weird, so we were alaçatı escort again just going to buy a cage for my dick, making it useless, unmanning me, locking a poor unfitting member that hadn’t come for 5 days and ill-treated with no care at all for months. It wasn’t really “us” to think that way, but it was just more fitting in a train surrounded by unknown people. It was even pretty arousing as long as it was thought with a happy lovely voice that was eager of it, instead of a mocking humiliating one, even a kindly mean one made us guiltily horny or delighted.

But it remains that in the outer world of unknown adults, better be a proud man with his cock in a cage than a kitty resting on his girlfriend’s shoulder with her hand in his neck, sadly…

So we started to feel “locked” in our thoughts and interactions if we had to stay innocent for hours until the cage is definitively locked… without some mean smirks and pounding in my heart… as long as it’s all good and just make me a totally innocent kitty right away…

Maybe it somehow… … … missed something?

“Lisa… tonight, if you wanna see me squirm a bit before you do it… it’s okay too.” I whispered in her ear when I read the similar concerns on her face. She had a big smile and whispered back:

“Oh really? So… I’m sure some innocent little kisses won’t be so bad then, right?”

Now you know where it all started!

She whispered it in my ear again and again for the whole day, with variations in tone, emphasis on particular words, cuts after each syllable, on certain words, with a variation of tone… and she replaced some words, added others, pronounced the word “dick”, “cock”, said that’s what she wanted to kiss, licked my ear, added that it will be hard, added “probably like now”, added she hoped it wasn’t too uncomfortable, and did the equivalent of all this with text and emojis as many times if not more…


I saw mentally her delicious smile getting closer to me when I just saw black, as she kneeled to give me a kiss and tell me gently just after asking me to close my eyes:

“I want to tease you cutely, it will be very nice okay? I won’t make you wait or scare you.”

She blindfolded me as I pouted shyly she didn’t need to be so reassuring because I trusted her. Her smile got bigger and she replied in my neck.

“It’s part of the process to make you more vulnerable cutie boy. You surely wanna earn the right to store this male bulge in its metal house so you become a cutie kitty again, right? I gotta do this right!”

She gave my neck a kiss and put the music on my ears. Then she pretended to leave as she had just ordered me to not touch it when I undress… and she watched, biting her lips.

She blushed intensely when she saw me devotedly put my hands back on the sides of my body: the first image that popped into her head was a superposition of my real dick, that she was seeing for the first time, with her imagined version of yesterday’s mindblowing ending.

It took a second to twitch in desperation for a contact and her mind saw the action of removing it from her after she came, almost sorry. She looked at my testicles, slightly redder than my cock, all round and fluffy. She couldn’t help to already know by intuition it had to do with my arousal after today’s sweet but nasty relentless tease, and somehow the 5 days of holding up. Even if the swelling after days of wait is just fantasized by guys into it, they looked smoother than when she already grabbed them yesterday.

There has to be at least a little bit of truth right…! She thought, both excited and shy about these little round pink-reddish things that called for some sweet care, way more subtly and respectfully than that fat twitching sausage! That’s why they’ll be allowed to stay out in your new life haha!

I felt a soft blow in my neck and started to whimper helplessly as she stopped the music. The kisses started from my shoulder to my neck, not less than 10 in that short space. She went down, accelerated on my torso until arriving at the level of my cock and kissing my stomach a centimeter away from you guess what. From then, she went slow again, I started to wait for the promised kisses I got uncomfortably horny all afternoon for, and started to understand they wouldn’t come yet.

As my hopes for even the first kiss on one of my balls ended too, I began to fear that a single of her hair starts misbehaving and come over her face to brush my cock… I would have probably ended curled up it the furthest corner of the flat if that happened.

She got up to the other shoulder and made me wait five seconds before she slightly pulled out the left headphone and told me.

“I have a coin, let’s toss it.”

I waited anxiously and whimpered even more when she kissed my right ball without warning, with the very tip of her lips.

She started to kiss the shoulder she landed to, but climbed up my jaw with kisses as she undid my blindfold… alaybey escort after starting to kiss me lovingly.

“It’s too good to open your eyes isn’t it? Relax, soon-to-be-little-kitty.” She blindfolded me back before I opened them, and I realized how sexy that action was, “belonging” in its purest form. She reached the sides of my dick again and didn’t let it a chance, until she kissed my left ball and enjoyed seeing my head change side with a moan and some hesitation to bite my lips.

I waited anxiously for the rest and got my other ear free for a second to ear her voice.

“Prepare your neck okay? 3… 2… 1… … … … 3… … 2… … …”

“Gaaaahhhh!” I gasped as I felt a feather brush me gently for half a second, and got goosebumps and shivers all over.

“27… 28… … … 29” she told me mysteriously as she put my headphones off so that I hear more clearly, and she prepared me for another tickle in the neck while fondling the first place she did with two fingers. This time, she also used her fingers to tickle over the place she just woke up.

I slowly was made able to surrender several feather-tip brushes in my neck, and she started to expand her territory on my chest, my nose, my cheeks, 37, next to my eyes, my chest again, my right nipple, my left arm, 39; all that at the speed you read it… till she added a finger tickling with her second hand, between each feather ones on another random place of me, totally unpredictable:

Feather On my forefinger, fingers close to my right ball, the back of my newly closed hand, my nape right against the sofa, 46, between my eyes, around the precum puddle, on my neck ,on my neck, on my neck and on my neck, on my neck, on my lips, on my lips, on my neck, on my neck, on my lips instantly covering her fingers (did you get it right?) with kisses that didn’t help me squirm less… … … … … … 62, on my right nipple, next to my cock, on my left arm, on my little finger, 64, on my right ball, nowhere until I got in place again, on my neck, 77, on my neck with her kind reassuring fondling fingers again…

“78, I didn’t miss one since I’m doing it with the feather, I’m the all-seeing eye!” she teased as my cock throbbed again. “Are you in heaven? Do you want to say a word?”

I made “yes” with my head, then “no” and raised a hand to point at me, then made a heart and pointed at her, before putting my hands over her hips after some mental adjusting of her position.

“You make my heart melt…” she whispered in the air.

I pointed at me again, then stretched out, head lifted, simulating vulnerability, and pointed at her.

“Oh yes, I own you forever!”

She put her panties over my mouth and pulled back making me kiss the air, and she covered my mouth with a finger.

“No, no, no, horny boy; you’ll need consent first: pinch my leg for a little break, rub it hard if you’re feeling bad for any reason, do it once each.” she said as she lowered herself on my mouth so that the loss of atmosphere is as diminished as possible. She was sexily brushing my face with her buttcheeks when she put her panties down sensually with her hands.

And she took a seat!

And a second feather!


She’s really gonna do that…

I thought as only a feather was caressing my neck kindly. She was moving along my soft kisses, in peace. She was sharing it with me as my cock stopped twitching after I found my place and pace under her butt and pussy, and her pretty clit that seemed to have waited also seemed to love me!

She didn’t want to do “that” yet at least, as her caring look saying “I love you” silently was scanning my body, that wasn’t my property anymore at this point. Sometimes, gestures and position express as much as a bit of metal on the most important place.

She wandered a moment in the sky and wondered for how long I was gonna stay slow and calm as she landed on the ground before her own mind. She was in so much pleasure she took her time to open her eyes and form thoughts in her mind.

I think he believes I’m certainly not wanting for him to have a say on the matter… this one time especially… the most adorable of all kitties!

She got ready to activate her first torture engine and backed up at the last moment, while raising her pussy.

“Are you waiting that I control those kisses and that tongue’s speed?”

I nodded yes.

“Lovely! It’s good like that for a bit!”

She absolutely loved the barely perceptible changes she felt on her pussy as she had spoken, made me react with a nod and teased me a bit. The subtlety of the hints I was tensing again and the “nothing” it took to create that made her feel a wave of goosebumps.

A lovely wave of pleasure almost defeated her mind: I looked like I could be doing this for the two following hours without a second dedicated to something else that trying to perfect her warmth and pleasure, and there was no time limit to end anything, so… aliağa escort yeah… why…

A smile popped on her face, that “kindly mean one” I underwent all day, but even kinder… and even meaner!

But you’re not a kitty yet sweety boy, and I can see you slowly get crazy…!

“I even control the speed of your breath” she smirked as the started the foreplay to redefine my definition of “crazy”.

I shivered and involuntarily had a deeper breath she felt in her.

“And it gets you horny, doesn’t it?”

My cock twitched as an answer, ultimate proof of treason.

“That’s how deep I own you my cute little angel, ‘don’t even need my feathers… hummm yes, like that, my feathers, you heard cutie? With an “s”, that’s the mark of the plural in grammar, you.. heygh–! Hey hey there, hmmmmm yes, t’s’alright, ‘t’s’alright… good boy… not even usin’ it yet you know… that’s nice, so good cutie, so good. You know why grammar matters now…”

She breathed along with me for a moment, closing her eyes as my calmed down lips pleasured her with pure delight for both our sides. She brushed my reddish and goosebumpy balls with a feather to trigger a twitching that stayed “twitched”, contracted; and ran the two feathers on both sides of my cock, from the base to the head, feeling my lips closing on her, eyes contracted, breathing fast again.

One went on the sweet spot and the other tickled under the glans to prevent it to un-tense; I could now eat her full mouthed to hide a scream, an actual scream of orgasmic torture. Both feathertips were still turning frantically on the sweet spot and the other side. My first contact below the belt wasn’t over yet: since she sacrificed some orgasmic bliss she could keep having by bending on me like in a 69 position and replacing the feather on the sweet spot by a sweet kiss.

Her mind that was hot until it started to boil, slowly first, but not for long. The lid was trembling as steam and desire started to not be contained anymore to evaporate slowly but started to drool from every inch of her skin: She needed so bad to feel my lips on hers, and she doesn’t mean the wet ones! The simple idea to kiss me now made her pussy boil in itself. The original plan became absolutely not enough, and she started to desire to ride me right now, we were so horny anything less felt blend to her while I was in a state physics law couldn’t make possible to not want it.

Only symbolics were horrified, not believing to see the guards of our minds close the door in front of them and not looking ready to discuss at all. Everything we did until now was based on it, and passion always accepted to coexist peacefully, how unfair of it in that moment!

Lisa, totally overwhelmed, wanted to look at my eyes to read the “yes” or the “please, I’m dying” in them; but she saw my exposed neck in the process as I was arched and stretched all the way to the back in “after”glow, and she just… and she… and… hum… … … she jumped on it with her mouth and started to come almost as soon as she devoured it… my exposed neck all abandoned to her and for her.


“I somehow came too… inside I mean. I-I can call it an orgasm because it was better that any… orgasm I ever had with my hand. But I’m the furthest I’ve ever been from relieved now.”

“It was truly… inside, as you say, humm?” she cooed, smiling. “I still feel it under my leg!”


She was on me, covering my face and lips in kisses with some words between. Her smile, loving look and hair fondles engulfed me in my little haven of cute purring and vulnerability.

“Know what little sugar? I love when you don’t cum, and I love when we cum together, nothing could make me happier that hearing you say you had both!”


“Seeing the second case with my eyes, hearing it with my ears.” She teased and lifted my head to pass her fingertip on my neck and chin, gently. “A neck orgasm…”


“And… I’m soooo feeling the first case twitching under my thigh!”


“Kitty can’t stand my look anymore? Owww! Looking on the sides! Closing your eyes works best you know, but you can’t escape my words anyway!”

“Nhhh… hmmm… Lisa… can I know how your orgasm was…?”

“Oh! I had planned so much feather torment for you, till you make me cum; it was so… unreal, it built in 5 seconds! I wanted to sit back on your cock, to ask your eyes if I could and then to make love together… and any thought died when I saw your bliss that let your neck open to me. It was the best orgasm ever, even if I just humped on your pubes and thigh… it was inside too I guess, my love.”

“… … … I’m really happy then.”

She paused a moment too and looked me at while fondling me gently.

“… … …”


“Your sentences use such a level of language there’s no way to miss the meaning of what you’re saying!” she teased me while flicking my nose and left for a second to get the cage in its box and some ice.

I looked at her butt, her back and her legs as she walked, and thought there would always be a horny human boy imprisoned somewhere in my mind each second I’m with her and think of her. I looked at her whole front side when she came back happily and gulped at her naked beauty.

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