Health 101 — Female Oral Ch. 02

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The girls were as hesitant as I expected they would be, so I selected the next most brash and flirty virgin in the group, after dear Amber, of course. Part of the screening process before college students are admitted to my class is a thorough medical examination, and I knew for certain that every girl admitted still had her maidenhead. As for the boys, I had to take their word for it, but I have a sixth sense about this and I was quite sure that none of them had enough experience to have already developed bad habits which I would have to break. It is unfortunate that this requirement alone eliminates most of the incoming 18-year old freshman students.

“Cynthia, please take your hand off of Jason’s cock and assume the position in front of me.”

Cynthia flushed, dropped Jason’s cock, which she had been vigorously stroking as he leaned back against her in the circle of students around me, and knelt on the stool in front of my spread legs. “Sorry, Professor Crumpet. I didn’t realize that I was, you know, actually doing that….”

“It’s quite all right, Cindy,” I told her. “Quite a natural response to the fine demonstration you have just observed. Now let’s see if you have been paying attention. You may resume where Andy left off.”

Cindy’s tongue was a great deal more agile than Andy’s, and immediately I recognized a future expert at work. Delicately, she traced the tip of her pointy little tongue up and down my slit, parting my inner lips. Then she gently but firmly drilled her tongue into my overheated snatch, helping herself to some of the hot juice that was flooding my steamy cunt. When she had lapped up everything she could squeeze out of me, I expected her to go straight for my clit, but instead she playfully wiggled my inner lips with her tongue, sucked them one at a time into her hot little mouth, and nibbled them gently. I could scarcely stop myself from squirming in anticipation as she made her leisurely way toward my insistent clitty, her tongue exploring thoroughly along the way. She made little side trips to the insides of my thighs and the outer folds of my pussy, and I realized that she was greedily licking up the cum that Andy had spurted all over my crotch. When, after what seemed like an eternity, she reached my throbbing clit and took it delicately between her lips, I nearly screamed. Despite my best efforts at self-control, a tiny orgasm rippled through my cunt and I felt Cynthia’s facial muscles form a broad smile as she began rapidly fluttering my clit with her sarışın porno tongue.

“Cynthia! You may take a break now,” I managed feebly. A monster orgasm was beginning to build deep within my cunny, and I wasn’t entirely sure that the class was ready to witness that. On the other hand, I wasn’t entirely sure that I could resist going for it.

Cynthia rocked back on her heels, a broad grin on her dripping face. “I made you come, didn’t I, Professor. Didn’t I?”

I sighed and wiped the perspiration from my glowing forehead. “I think you may take credit for that, Dear. It wasn’t exactly a full orgasm, but it was a definite preliminary event. Now we will review our physical responses so far. What have you all observed about my physical indications?”

“Your nipples are really hard,” said Andy. “I noticed that when I was eating you.”

“Good, Andy. Anyone else?”

“The skin around your breasts and up your throat seems to be blushing,” Jennifer remarked shyly.

“Excellent, Jennifer. Flushing of the skin in that area is often a sign of extreme female excitement. Anyone else?”

“Your clitty looks a little bigger. And your inner pussy lips too.”

“Good, Jason. And so it is. So let’s review. Overt signs of female sexual excitement are: Flushed skin on the breast, neck, and perhaps forehead. Perspiration. Enlarged clitoris. Nipple erections, of course. And if anyone was looking at my toes, they would have noticed that they positively curled up with joy when Cindy sucked my clitty. Internally, even more is happening. My cuntal muscles are positively thrumming with anticipation, and my juices are certainly flowing. There is a great deal of tension building in my pelvic area and thighs. I am ready to orgasm quite violently.”

“Would you care to continue, Cindy dear? It is not required. I’m sure that someone else would be willing –“

“No, please, PLEASE let me finish it, Professor,” Cynthia begged. “I want to feel you really come.”

“You may do so then, Cindy. But before you do, everyone should be aware that they are about to witness the orgasm of a mature and extremely experienced woman. You girls cannot expect to come with this intensity at this point. If you did, you would probably lose consciousness. It took me years of patient practice and literally millions of repetitions of the Kegel exercise to attain this level of ability. And in that regard, let’s take this opportunity to observe the Kegel reaction up close. sex hikayeleri Cynthia, please hold my pussy lips apart while I do this.”

Cynthia gently spread my sopping cunt and I vigorously contracted my pelvic floor muscles. The class murmured as my vaginal opening gaped and then snapped shut like a goldfish gasping for air. “I cannot overstress the importance of frequent daily repetitions of this exercise,” I said sternly. “For both men and women. Girls, the strength of your orgasms will increase exponentially. You will also gain the ability to literally milk the come out of your male partners using nothing more than the muscles in your cunts. Boys, your orgasmic intensity will increase as well, and eventually you will be able to spurt your come nearly across the room, which will be gratifying to both you and your partners.”

“Now, Cynthia, before you begin I would like you to slide your middle finger into my cunt so that you can feel my internal responses. Class, you will NOT do this to each other. As I have repeatedly told you already, there will be absolutely NO vaginal penetration this semester. You are not ready for it. Next semester, if you are selected to continue with this course of study, we will examine and practice various penetration techniques. Is that perfectly clear?”

Choruses of “Yes, Professor” ensued. I have to keep a tight rein on the little beasts at this point, or they will rush right into fucking and destroy their own potential before they have even properly begun to learn the basics.

“You may proceed, Cindy. Be prepared; I am going to allow myself to come, and I believe it will be quite a spectacular one.”

Cindy’s finger sloshed into my juicy cunt and my powerful muscles grasped it gratefully . It felt very nice, but I longed for a thick cock to be there instead. Sigh. We have to settle for what we can get. Then she began lapping at my overheated pussy like a dog drinking water. She flattened her tongue and lapped at my clit, then brought it to a point and slithered it under my clitoral hood. I began to squirm as she sucked my clitty part way into her hot mouth and lashed it unmercifully with her talented tongue. Before I knew it, I was racing for the peak, was over the top, exploding with joy. I must have screamed as the first wave hit me, although I was not aware of it. My muscular cunt clamped down on Cindy’s finger and as she tried to pull it out of me she accidentally hit my G-spot. I howled and she drew şişman porno back in surprise, just in time for a hefty spurt of my pussy cum to splatter her upper lip and drip into her mouth. Spasm after spasm racked my cunt, and I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her face back into my sloppy gash to make her finish the job. She had great instincts. She willingly resumed her clitty sucking, decreasing the intensity as my contractions subsided, and stopping completely when I shuddered uncontrollably and collapsed, sobbing for breath.

“Oh, Cindy,” I gasped, when I was able to begin to think again. “You did such a fine job. I can’t remember when….You may remove your finger from my pussy now, dear.”

Cynthia gingerly pulled her finger out of me, although my pussy was still sucking on it like a baby with a pacifier. She carefully examined the fragrant juice coating her finger, and then, with a smile, inserted it into her own mouth to clean it off. “Mmmmm! This tastes wonderful,” she exclaimed, turning to face the class. “But I think my finger may be broken.” She removed the abused digit from her mouth and examined it critically. “That thing slammed down on me like a steel trap.”

I groaned and hoisted myself into a sitting position. Thought of trying to stand up, but with the way my knees were trembling, decided against it. “Now, class, we have just about enough time to involve everyone in a practice exercise,” I began weakly. “If you have any questions, you may ask them, although I’m afraid I’m not thinking very clearly right at the moment. We will review my orgasm during the next class period.”

“For now, I want three of the girls to sit up on their desks and the other three girls to kneel in front of them. Good. Now three of the boys should stand behind the girls on the desks to make sure they don’t fall over backwards, as their sensations may become quite intense. Yes, they may lean back on you and you may gently massage their breasts as you do this. The other three boys should kneel next to the girls who will be performing the exercise, so that they can observe at close range. After exactly three minutes the kneeling boys will replace the kneeling girls, and then you will all switch off and start over. It is not necessary to try for orgasms at this time. That will be your homework assignment. Excellent. You may begin.”

The sound of vigorous slurping and the fragrance of virgin pussy juice filled the room as I once again collapsed back onto my desk. I had meant to give Cynthia the benefit of my extensive experience by eating her out myself, but I hadn’t the strength. I smiled as my hand strayed to my dripping pussy, which was still contracting with aftershocks. I would reward Cynthia sometime soon, in the privacy of my office, I decided. Yes, I would definitely do that.

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