Heather Becomes a Sex Toy

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When I need to run away from the reality of my life in western Pennsylvania for a few days, I tell my husband that I need a break and I call my friend Richard. Last month, between the snow and the monotony, I needed to get away and so I called him. Richard was as excited as I was about my coming to visit and he told me that my timing was perfect, that the day I arrived there was a party he wanted to take me to.

My flight into DC’s airport was supposed to land at 6:00, but it was delayed so my Uber didn’t get me to Richard’s apartment until almost 9:00. We kissed and hugged briefly when I arrived and he handed me a package. “That’s your outfit for tonight” he said with a smile. I put it on and quickly realized that I was a long way from the hills of western Pennsylvania.

Richard escorted me to his car and we headed out. He told me how sexy I looked and that I should look forward to a very exciting night out. As we drove I tugged at the hem of my new dress because the dress was very, very short. It hardly covered my cleanly shaved pussy, and based on instruction from Richard, I was not wearing any panties. I felt very vulnerable and I was a bit nervous about arriving at the party amongst strangers with so much of my body on display. And not just the length of the dress. The back of the dress plunged quite low as well.

We pulled into the driveway of a nice looking suburban house. Richard wanted to arrive early so I had a chance to meet the couple who hosts this party. I shivered a little bit as I stepped out of the car and we walked to the front door. Before we got to it, an attractive woman opened it. She was the lady of the house. On the ride here Richard told me that she can’t get enough cock, and that her husband can’t stop playing with his female guests, so these parties are the perfect outlet for their combined fantasies.

I smiled as she welcomed us. There were a few men and one other couple in the main room. They turned to look at us as we walked in. A man, who Richard pointed out was Michael, the host, walked toward us. “I’m very happy that you have decided to join us.” he said to Richard as he looked at me. “You must be Heather, welcome to my party, it is nice to meet you.” He then commented that he liked my dress and asked if I wouldn’t mind doing a spin for him. His request made me feel like a sex object, and I really liked the feeling. He said that he loved the back of my dress, and he put his hand on the small of my back before letting it fall lower and slip under the material of my dress to my ass. After making small talk with Richard and groping me for a minute or two he said “Have fun” and he gave me a small kiss.

After being so warmly welcomed by Michael, we found a spot to sit for a while, and it seemed that every few minutes more people started coming in. There were a lot of single black men, and several couples of varying races. After a bit, I noticed a group Ataşehir Fetiş Escort of people making their way to one of the rooms. Richard put his hand in my hair, and kissed me. He then said “It’s time to see what really happens at these parties Heather”. Richard took my hand and lead me toward the room that everyone else had gone in before. When we walked in a few of the husbands were watching from the perimeter of the room and some of the wives were already in a state of undress. Directly before me, a topless wife on her knees was reaching into the pants of one of the black men. She wrapped her lips around him, and I watched in amazement as he grew in her mouth.

We stood at the end of the room and watched for a while. I was getting very turned on as I watched two men taking turns with one of the wives who was on all fours on one of the beds. Richard stood behind me and started playing with my nipples through the material of the dress. He easily pulled the dress aside exposing one breast and pinched the nipple making it rock hard. Behind me, Richard pressed his hips against my ass, and I felt how hard and turned on he was. I pushed back and wiggled my ass against him to let him know that I was ready to get the fucking I came to DC to get.

At that moment, a tall black man walked up to us and said hello to Richard. On the way here tonight, Richard had told me stories of how prim and proper women end up on their knees and backs at these parties. I wondered if this is one of those men responsible for that. My feeling was confirmed when Richard introduced me, and told me his name – Brian – which I recognized. I said hello as Brian leaned in to kiss my cheek, but all I could think about was how Richard had told me that Brian likes to go long and hard with the ladies that attend these parties. He leaned towards us again and said, “So, Heather, do you like what you are seeing?” I looked around the room once more, and more clothes have been removed. One couple was moving into position for a missionary fuck, and the woman’s legs were wide spread and her pussy was in full display for all in the room to see. You could tell that all she was thinking of was the hard cocks about to enter her.

I looked back at Brian, locked eyes with him, and with a small smile turning up the corners of my red painted lips, nodded my approval. He reached for my hand, and asked ” May I?” more looking at Richard than me. Richard nodded to him, and he took my hand in his. I instantly wondered if Richard had told him of my submissive tendencies. Will this evening take that turn? Will I be serving in multiple ways tonight? A shiver ran down my back as I hoped that all of this would come into play tonight. He pulled my hand and walked me over to a nearby accent chair in the corner of the room. He sat down and told me to sit on his lap. As I sat, my already short dress slid up and I knew that my pussy Ataşehir Gecelik Escort was exposed, so I crossed my legs instinctively.

As we watched two men taking turns kissing one women in front of us, Brian reached around me and slid his hand into my dress neckline and cupped my breast. The other hand went to my crossed thighs and pushed slowly but firmly between them as to move them apart. In response I uncrossed my legs and let his hand go where he wanted it to go. As people in the room watched, he pushed my thighs apart more and then slid his hand up between my legs and cupped my pussy. “I’m going to take you and you are going to do everything that I want, understand?”

“Yes”, I said both nervous and excited.

Brian then grinned and told me to stand up. As I stood up I again reached down to pull the hem of my dress, but Richard had been watching the whole time and said, “Heather, do not touch the hem of that dress. there is an empty room down the hall to the right that we can use, I want you to lift up the hem of your dress to your waist and walk in front of both of us so that we can watch your ass as you walk.”

I have never felt more like a sex object as I did as I walked out the door and avoided the grinning faces of the men in the room. As I headed down the hall Michael stood there looking me up and down and grinning. I trembled with excitement and nervousness as I reached the door and walked into a small empty bedroom. Brian and Richard walked in behind me and Richard closed the door and then took a seat on a small chair near the side of the bed. Richard then said to Brian, “She is all yours as promised.”

I turned to Brian and watched as he unbuttoned his pants and reached down into the fabric and pulled out his hardening cock. I stared at his cock because it looked like he was larger than anyone who had ever fucked me. “Get on your knees and suck me.” he ordered and took my small hand and placed it on his dark cock. He was thick and long as he hardened even more under my touch. I got on my knees and lightly stroked the exposed underside of his shaft before taking it into my mouth and sucking on it.

After several minutes Brian said to me “I understand that you haven’t been getting fucked by your husband the way you need it and that this is why Richard brought you here”. It saddened me that Brian was correct, but right now I had this wonderful cock in my mouth and I was feeling very naughty.

Brian then said “I’m here to give you what your husband doesn’t.” With that said, in one easy motion he tugs my small dress off my frame and it dropped to the floor. His 6′ something frame easily picked up my 5’1″ petite self and put me on my back on the bed. He set his body on top of mine, and I felt his cock pressing against my naked stomach. He knelt over me and took his shirt off. He lifted his hips and pushed his pants down until they Ataşehir Genç Escort were off. His dark firm body was naked and strong in contrast to my fair, timid married body. Brian took his large cock in his hand and said “Your husband doesn’t have one like this to give you, does he?”

“No”, I managed to say as my pussy was aching to feel that cock enter me. At that moment I was not thinking about western Pennsylvania. It had been so long since I had been fucked really hard like I need and want.

Brian was grinning and he spread my thighs wide, placed his dick at the opening to my wet smooth pussy and pushed forward. I felt the head of his thick dark cock push between my pussy lips as he filled me. I felt the sensations of being stretched, followed by the stroking of my inner walls by the big head of his cock. He pinched my nipples hard as he found his rhythm and rocked me back and forth as he kept plunging his cock deep into the folds of my soft, hot pussy over and over again. Normally a few seconds into his thrusting, my husband would be finishing up on the few occasions when he does fuck me, I was shocked and thrilled that Brian was still pushing and going strong for the longest time. He pounded me harder and the sensations started to build in my clit. The stretching, filling and stroking were pushing me towards an orgasm. I slipped down deeper into a slutty feeling and then I let go, climaxing tremendously hard around his cock, which seemed to be even harder than when we started. “You are a good married slut”, he said as he grinned.

Brian pulled out of me and ordered me on all fours. Brian pulled my hips up to his and once again slid into me, this time from behind. He started to fuck me and he spanked my ass hard as he quickened his rhythm.

“Do you love my dick Heather” he asked as he spanked me.

“Oh God I do” I told him as I felt my butt cheeks turn red.

“Tell Richard how much you love my dick Heather”.

I looked at Richard as Brian continued to ram in and out of me and spank my ass. “I love his cock Richard. I really love his cock.”

With that I give my body up completely. I wanted to be used, to be Brian’s sex toy, used for his pleasure in any way he wanted to use me. I heard myself say “Use me.” as he began to moan. He had been in me longer than I could have imagined, but I felt that I didn’t want it to end. I pushed back against him to take as much as I could of him not long before I fell his dick quiver and climax.

We stayed stuck together for a few moments before he pulled out of me. I rolled onto my left hip and quickly realized that my body was still aching for cock. Then I realized that sometime while I was being getting fucked hard, Richard had opened the door to the room. At the end of the bed was Michael and an older black man. They were both naked, very aroused and smiling at me. Michael looked at Richard and said, “You’re right, she does look like she needs a really good fucking tonight.” I looked over at Richard as he smiled his encouragement to me. I smiled back, and with the needing wanting ache between my thighs growing again, I laid back on the bed, parted my thighs and waited for my next instruction in how to be a sex toy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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