Heather’s Weekend as Cleopatra Ch. 02

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Chapter Two:

Heather/Cleopatra dried herself after her bath — it wasn’t nearly as much fun as having her Nubian slaves toweling her dry — and proceeded from the bath to the bedroom on the upper level of the house. Although she was naked, after her experience of the morning she was feeling more in command, more regal, with each step, so when she reached her bedroom door and hear feminine giggles coming from her bedroom she grew angry. Who would dare to enter her chamber?

She opened the door to find four women in her bedroom: a blonde, a brunette, a Nubian, and an Asian. Their hair bore the same gold beads as hers, and their eyes were made up in the ancient Egyptian way. They were topless, with breasts in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all wore the same sheer white linen skirt and their trimmed pussies could be seen as shadows against the filmy fabric. When she entered they had been sitting together applying makeup to each other and stroking each other’s hair with combs. She smelled their perfume and an undercurrent of sex… When they saw Heather they stopped what they were doing and dropped to their knees, bowing down in her direction. “Why are you here?” demanded Heather/Cleopatra.

A brunette leaned forward and looked up at her and said “We are your attendants, O Queen. We are here to serve you. We have wine and food. Mark Anthony will come later, and we can dress the Queen to receive him. First though, your crown…” The attendants stood up. Two of them, the Nubian and the blonde, their linen skirts softly swishing as they walked, disappeared into the closet and then returned, walking toward Heather holding the falcon headdress between them. Together they lifted the headdress up and settled it on her head, their fingers caressing her hair and naked shoulders as they trailed away from the crown and the girls stepped back. As they stepped away from Heather the brunette who was standing in front of her paused and then smiled seductively and said “We are here to please you, O Queen.”

Heather saw the brunette casting lustful glances at her mouth, breasts and trimmed pussy and she decided to indulge in a fantasy she thought would never come true. “Let’s begin with pleasure,” she said imperiously. “Show me what you can do.”

The brunette stood and came forward to where Heather waited – Heather noticed how long and thick the brunette’s nipples had grown. “This way, my Queen,” she said and led Heather to the bed and had her recline on more pillows than she could count. The attendants soon gathered around her and, one by one, let their gauzy linen skirts slide to the floor.

Heather felt the mask of command slip – the attendants were looking at her with such lust in her eyes, she knew any attempt to command them now would be useless. Almost simultaneously, the girls lowered their mouths to Heather’s body. A mouth met hers in a passionate kiss, a tongue thrusting into her mouth like a cock. Two mouths began sucking on her breasts, hands kneading them and pinching her nipples. A fourth mouth descended on her pussy, licking expertly at her clit and then easing off to bury its tongue deep in her pussy or to tease her rosebud with delicate licks that sent shivers throughout poker oyna her body. Slowly the girls changed positions, each one taking a turn licking Heather’s pussy and then sitting on Heather’s face so Heather’s tongue could dip deep inside them and she could drink their juices.

The feeling of mouths and tongues sucking, licking, and caressing her had her ready to come in minutes. As she shuddered and moaned through her first orgasm, the Asian girl between her legs paused for just a second in her attention to Heather’s clit, then began licking and sucking at her pussy, drinking up her juices. The intensity of the Asian girl’s actions caused her to heave her body upwards, forcing her mouth into the Nubian pussy that hovered over her face. The blonde and brunette continued to suck on her tits, and the sucking on both tits and her pussy pushed her over the edge again.

Heather lay back on the bed, moaning, then gasping, then whimpering. Suddenly, she remembered who she was – Cleopatra – and she demanded that the attendants get off of her. As the girls reluctantly pulled away from her body, Heather caught her breath. The attendants dispersed and then returned to the bed, one holding a wine decanter, another holding a golden goblet, a third with a bunch of grapes, while the fourth held a platter of round chocolate truffles. Heather pulled herself up into a semi-reclining position and allowed the attendants to pour her wine and to feed her grapes and chocolate. Having had her fill of the grapes and chocolate, Heather began to feed her attendants, first rubbing the grapes up and down her wet slit, and then allowing the attendants to wrap their mouths around the grapes and her fingers, sighing as they sucked on the fingers and grape in their mouth.

In the midst of this erotic meal there came a knock at the door. The Asian girl ran to the door and opened it, talked with someone I hushed tones, and then closed the door and came to Heather’s side. “Mark Antony is here and wishes to see you, O Queen.”

“Send him in,” commanded Heather, and then she had a thought – “No – wait! You and you, ” she gestured to the blonde and brunette, put down your things and come here and suck on my breasts!” She gestured to the Nubian “You – lick the Queen’s pussy!” The three attendants moved into position, one on each side of Heather’s reclining body, sucking on her full breasts, and the third between her legs, licking her clit while digging her chin deep into her pussy. Heather began thrusting her pussy onto the Nubian girls face as she told the Asian girl, “Now, send him in…”

The attendants joined in the spirit of the moment and all three began to moan as Don, clad in Roman armor, walked into the room and stood in front of the bed, wide-eyed and smiling, taking in Heather, naked except for the exotic falcon headdress, and the three women pleasuring her. “Enough!” Heather commanded, and the girls slowly and reluctantly pulled their mouths from her breasts; the Nubian peered back over her shoulder at Don, who could see Heather’s juices glistening on her face, and took one last, long lick of Heather’s pussy before withdrawing from the bed to rest at Heather’s feet.

Heather smiled then, and said “That armor canlı poker oyna is unnecessary here.” She gestured to her attendants: “Help him out of it…”

The attendants quickly surrounded Don and in seconds he stood in the midst of the girls, his hard cock standing out from his naked body. “Clean him!” Heather commanded, and two of the attendants kneeled and began licking his shaft and balls. “Now,” thought Heather, “I can give Don a little something for making this fantasy weekend possible.”

Heather rose from the bed. “You and You,” she picked the two attendants with the most voluptuous bodies – the blonde and the Nubian – and ordered them to the bed. Then she turned to Don and told him, “You will lie down on the bed.” She then ordered the black girl to lower herself onto his shaft, and watched as the girl straddled him and a dark hand grabbed Don’s white cock and positioned the cock head at her pussy. The creamy cock head slowly disappeared between the pink folds of the black girl’s pussy, and then she rose up and the now gleaming head popped out. She grabbed the shaft again and this time slid down half its length, letting out a low moan, then, after rising again, her wet lips stretched around Don’s cock and the glistening shaft disappeared deep into her sodden pussy.

It was so quiet in the room that Heather and the attendants could hear Don’s cock thrusting in and out of the very, very wet pussy. She moaned and he pulled her down until he was face to face with her and he began to kiss her passionately as his hips thrust into the black girl. “Now let him taste your pussy,” Heather commanded, and the blonde straddled Don’s head, facing the black girl. As she lowered her pussy onto Don’s eager mouth, the blonde leaned forward and began sucking on the black girl’s tits as the black girl moaned and ground her pussy against Don. After several minutes of grinding, sucking, thrusting, licking, and moaning, both girls began to come and their moans became loud and sharp cries of pleasure. As both girls gasped for breath, Heather reclined on a nearby chaise longue and said “Very good, now bring him to me.”

The attendants brought Don to the chaise longue where Heather was laying on her stomach, legs bent, her feet in the air, watching the action. She instructed them to bring him to the head of the chaise, in front of her, and to hold his arms. When they did so, Heather leaned forward on her elbows, mashing her tits together, and took his cum soaked pole in her mouth, swirling her tongue around his cock and balls to taste the black girl’s come, and then slowly began to bob back and forth, deep throating him. Don was moaning and she felt his legs buckle at the sensation, but her attendants held him so he couldn’t move away. She slowly let his rigid cock escape her mouth and then she told the attendants: “I want him inside me – put him inside me,” and she slid down to the edge of the divan and spread her legs.

One girl reached over her and spread her pussy lips, and the girls holding Don’s arms pulled him around the chaise, pushed him down on his knees, and guided his cock to Heather’s pussy, her hand lingering between holding his cock and pressing against Heather’s pussy, then finally internet casino letting go. Another attendant put her hands on Don’s buttocks and with a soft moan she pushed him forward so his cock slid slowly into Heather’s very, very wet pussy, sliding in to the hilt.

His cock felt so good… And he knew how to use it… Thrusting at differing speeds… making a figure eight of his movements so every thrust seemed to stroke her clit differently… As she threw her head back in ecstasy she noticed her attendants were watching the two of them… watching and rubbing their pussies or fondling their tits… They watched Don’s slow thrusts that drove Heather so crazy, and they watched as he squeezed her breasts and sucked and bit at her nipples. They watched as Heather pressed her breasts together between her arms and pulled Don down on top of her in a passionate kiss. Don picked up the pace and in no time she could feel an orgasm building inside her. She shuddered and cried out as she came, thrashing back and forth beneath him, her motions subsiding as the waves of orgasm receded.

As she lay gasping, trying to catch her breath, Don withdrew and rolled her over on the chaise. “Bring me some olive oil,” Donn said. And Heather saw an attendant’s feet disappear from her view. “Ready her ass for my cock,” Don ordered the attendants. Heather was expecting the splash of olive oil on her ass, but was surprised as the attendants took turn loosening her ass with their darting tongues before applying olive oil to Don’s cock. An attendant then spread Heather’s ass, while a second readied her with an olive oil-lubed finger, and then a third attendant guided Don’s cock to her rosebud. Don pushed slowly and Heather felt a cock head and a woman’s fist press against her ass – then Don’s head was in and she moaned loudly, but this only encouraged him and he began thrusting harder, getting more and more of his shaft inside her with every stroke. Now he was groaning in time with her moans, and still the attendants watched, all touching their pussies and fingering their clits at the sight of Don’s cock thrusting into their Queen’s ass. Heather could feel Don’s cock begin to swell, and then his strokes became more rigid and she knew he was about to come. Suddenly she felt his hot come shooting inside her and another orgasm racked her body and she felt a void inside her as he pulled out of her gaping ass and shot ropes of hot cum across her ass.

When Heather recovered from her orgasm, she remembered that she was the Queen Cleopatra. The two nearest attendants were ordered to lick the cum from her body, and began running their tongues across her ass, and one of them began to lick and suck at her rosebud, seeking and retrieving the cum from deep inside her. The two remaining attendants were told to kneel and clean Don/Mark Antony’s cock, which they did with enthusiasm.

When they had finished, she ordered Mark Antony to leave and told Don/Mark Antony that she would see him later in the evening and he would be punished for what he had done to a Queen of Egypt. She then told her attendants to leave her until sundown when they should return to dress her for the evening, “All but you,” she said, pointing to the black girl that had ridden Don’s cock, “and you” she said, gesturing the Asian girl. “You may stay and keep me company…” and the three naked women walked toward the bed as the other attendants filed out of the room.

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