Heaven and Hell

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“I’m not sure about this,” Ella called to me above the noise of her hairdryer.

“You’re the one who agreed to go. If you’d asked me I’d have told you to say we’re busy.” I shifted on the sofa and flicked aimlessly through the channels full of celebrities I’ve never heard of.

The hairdryer noise ceased and a few seconds later Ella appeared at the doorway of the living room.

“Going like that are you?” I joked as she pulled her bath robe tighter. She’s always been conscious of her body and even though we’re married it’s still a task to get her naked.

“At least I’d know what I was wearing. I hate fancy dress.”

“So you should have said no! Plus it’s not fancy dress, it’s a costumed masquerade party,” I said, reading from the invitation on the coffee table.

“Same thing,” she said as she perched on the arm of a chair. “You know I couldn’t say no. She’s my boss.”

“She’s not really your boss, is she? She works with your boss.”


“At head office.”


“Where you don’t have to see her,” I said with a stare that let her know I blamed her for dragging me along.

“I’m going to finish getting ready,” Ella sighed and left the room.

I took another glance at the invitation. It didn’t give much information other than the theme of Heaven and Hell and an address. Obviously I’d looked on Google maps but all I could see was that it was a big house in a street of big houses. All of which had high hedges and large gates that prevented nosy people like me from seeing much online.

I watched TV for a bit, almost dying of boredom, before the doorbell startled me. I waited for Ella to answer it but soon realised she must have been upstairs.

“I’ll get it then,” I muttered to myself as I rose from the sofa and went into the hallway.

I opened the door with a smile and an enthusiastic “Hello” and hoped our guests would believe the fake sincerity.

“Hi, you must be Ella’s husband. We’ve heard so much about you,” said the woman already pushing past me.

“Nice to meet you,” said her companion as he nearly crushed my hand.

“Where is she then?” she asked as she peered in every door she could find.

“Upstairs I think…”

Before I could say Ella would be right down, she had rushed up the stairs.

“You’ll have to excuse Collette; she gets very excitable about parties like this. Well, I’m sure we all do.” He smiled as though I was part of an in-joke.

“Oh, absolutely.” I shut the door and showed him into the living room.

From what I had glimpsed of Collette, she was a reasonable looking woman in her early forties, although she dressed in a way to make her appear more youthful. Her short blonde hair framed her glasses nicely and she seemed to be in decent shape. Not that it had been easy to see under her long coat and the bag she clutched.

“So you’ve been married for less than a year then?”

“What? Oh, yes. Only a few months,” I replied.

He had already sat down in my place on the sofa and was glancing at the TV.

“Married life is great,” he said. I still didn’t know who he was.

“So you’re married to Collette then?”

He looked at me as though I were stupid. “For nearly twenty years now. Can’t believe you watch this shit,” he said as he pointed to the screen.

“I don’t really. It’s just there’s nothing on.”

He picked up the remote and typed in a number. “You don’t even have the footy channels? Jesus. I wouldn’t let Collette control me like that. Tell you what, you get us a drink and I’ll get our costumes ready.”

“Yeah, sure.” Nobhead.

I went and took as long as I could to get us a beer from the fridge. This was going to be a long night. Still, if it was a big party then we could always sneak away from them. Or maybe just kill him and bury him in the huge garden. I eventually carried the cans through to the living room.

“Jesus,” I said as I saw what he was wearing.

“Not quite,” he grinned and took a can. He was dressed in a monk’s habit. It looked like an oversized brown bath robe tied with rope. “There’s yours,” he pointed to the other habit on the table.

I put my beer down and picked up the costume. I got my arm halfway into the sleeve before he commented.

“You don’t wanna do that. You’ll be roasting.”

“So you aren’t wearing a shirt underneath?”

He scoffed. “Wear as little as possible.” He opened his habit to show me what he had on, or rather didn’t have on, underneath. All he wore was a pair of white underpants that left little to the imagination. Coupled with a physique that said he regularly frequented the gym it meant I was more than reluctant to strip off.

I removed my shirt and slipped the habit on. Only then did I take off my jeans and socks. Letting him see my slim upper body was one thing but I wasn’t going to let him see my boxers or chicken legs too.

With the habit on, I then had to put the sandals on. I hate sandals and they only added to my discomfort.

“Perfect,” he said.

I picked up my escort wallet but caught his gaze which told me I’d made another mistake. “Won’t I need it?”

He shook his head. “Drinks are free, you have your ticket.”

“What about ID?”

“It’s a masquerade party. Surely the whole point is to be anonymous?”

I placed my wallet back on the table. It was probably too late to ask his name so we sat in almost silence drinking and watching what he wanted to. Eventually we heard footsteps on the stairs.

“Is heaven ready to see hell?” Collette called from outside the room.

“Absolutely,” her husband replied.

Collette entered almost dragging Ella behind her. I could see why and my eyes went wide at the sight. They were dressed as devils although that was little more than a set of silk horns they wore. Collette had on fishnet stockings, a red corset that fitted well over her small breasts and a black thong. She made a point of giving us a twirl to see her little devil tail. I tried to avoid looking through embarrassment.

Collette’s husband wasn’t embarrassed to look at her or Ella. She was dressed in things even I struggle to convince her to wear. A black underbust basque covered her stomach beneath a red and black bra. Always self-conscious of her large breasts, Ella had one arm up to cover them but it was futile. She wore black stockings that accentuated her legs. Despite her own thoughts, I’ve always found Ella’s body sexy. Medium height, not too skinny but no real excess fat anywhere. As Collette turned Ella to show her tail, I saw the only victory Ella must have had. The basque had come with a thong but instead she was wearing black French knickers. She looked incredible but it felt awkward that it wasn’t only me watching her.

“Come on then, let’s get going,” Collette said enthusiastically.

She went out first with her husband not far behind. I took the opportunity to pull Ella to one side. “We don’t have to go.”

“It’s a bit late now.” I could tell she wanted to stay.

“What if we go but make an excuse to leave early?”

“OK,” she nodded.

I picked up my keys and followed Ella outside. Before I’d turned to lock the door, Collette pushed past me, holding Ella’s coat that she hadn’t managed to get on.

“We’re only going from the car to the house and back. It’s warm enough to leave it behind.”

I looked to Ella who was obviously struggling to think of a reason to protest. “We were going to put our keys in her coat,” I said to Collette as she stepped back outside.

She snatched the keys from my hand, locked the door.

“Nonsense. Damien will drive.”

I was dumbstruck as she placed the keys behind a plant pot and dragged Ella to the car.

I had hoped the ride would give Ella and me a chance to plot our escape. Instead she was in the back seat with Ella whilst I sat in the front alongside Damien. Quite appropriate really, travelling to a Heaven and Hell party with a man named after the son of the Devil.

From what I could overhear, Collette spent most of the journey telling Ella how wonderful the night would be. For most of the ride I was subjected to Damien showing me every feature of his car, from the music system to the built-in sat-nav and DVD player. Each thing he showed me was followed by me having to tell him our car didn’t have it. Apparently if I kept working hard I’d be able to afford a car like his. I think he meant to come across as encouraging and friendly. Instead he seemed smug and annoying. I was almost relieved when we reached the road full of huge houses. All of the gates appeared the same but we soon slowed at one and waited as the gates slowly parted.

The tyres crunched over gravel as we slowly drove up the long driveway. Before it opened out to where people had parked, we saw a masked man waiting for us.

“Time to put these on,” Collette said as she handed each of us our mask.

I looked at mine. It wasn’t some tacky cardboard thing I had expected. Instead it was well made and covered in silk. I put it on and it sat surprisingly comfortably over my face. It covered my eyes and there were elongated pieces at the side to cover my cheeks. Only my mouth was exposed and it suddenly made me feel anonymous. I glanced back to Ella, who forced a smile from beneath her mask. I hoped it would at least make her a bit more relaxed.

With our masks on, Damien drove slowly up to the waiting man. He pressed the button to make the window open and the man leaned in.

“Your invitations, please.”

Invitation. Shit. I didn’t have it. I panicked and then that turned to joy. I didn’t have our invitation. We wouldn’t have to go in!

“Sorry,” I said to Damien. “I think I left ours at home.”

“Good job I’m observant,” he smiled as he waved two invitations in the air and handed them to the man. “Picked yours up when we left.”


The man waved us on and Damien drove to the side of the house where we parked on a gravel forecourt alongside a dozen other cars. We got out and Damien locked the car before leaning underneath it.

“Problem?” I said hopefully.

“Just hiding the keys. Can hardly keep them in my pants can I?”

“He can’t keep anything in his pants,” Collette quipped.

They laughed and strode off towards the door. I took Ella’s hand and we nervously followed. It looked like a large Georgian house that wouldn’t be out of place on a period drama. My knowledge of architecture is poor though and so I was still surprised by the size of the hall we stepped into.

There had been carved pumpkins outside but inside was amazing. Fake cobwebs covered the place and there were skeletons and creepy crawlies everywhere. There was even a witch’s cauldron with smoke billowing out across the floor.

There were also people. Lots of people. Monks moved around, barely distinguishable from one another. It would have been hard to tell Damien and me apart if he hadn’t been twice my size. As for the women, they were all dressed in what is normally reserved for very occasional bedroom play. Ella was comparatively overdressed as corsets and stockings were everywhere. One woman passed us and smiled. I tried not to smile back in case Ella saw and thought I was enjoying the fact that she had foregone a bra in place of red tassels on her nipples.

“Let’s get some drinks,” Damien said.

We passed the stairs and went to the rear of the house. It was only as we entered the kitchen that I realised something was different. Ella was taller than me. I looked down and saw that she had on a pair of red shoes with a three or four inch heel on.

“Where did you get them from?”

“I leant them to her,” Collette said. “Can’t have her wandering around in flats at a party. A girl needs to show off!”

Ella never wore heels. Besides, she was showing off enough as it was. I almost felt bad for taking so long to notice. Mind you, there were a lot of distractions.

Collette handed us each a cocktail she had poured from a punch bowl that had been made to look like another cauldron. It tasted fairly nice although the edge was probably taken off it by my attention being on two women on the other side of the kitchen. One was pouring shots onto her neck and the other was licking them off as the liquid reached her cleavage.

“I don’t feel so uncomfortable now.”

There were a few guys egging them on to do another shot. The drinker refused, much to their annoyance, but they swapped places and got a cheer.

“I said I don’t feel so uncomfortable now,” Ella repeated, closer to my ear.

“Well that’s good, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I was worried all the attention would be on me,” she pointed to her breasts.

“My attention is on you,” I smiled.

“Oh, clearly,” she said as she nodded to the shots girls.

“Sorry, I…” I stopped my apology when I saw her smirk.

“Don’t worry, I was watching too. Can’t believe anyone would want all that attention on them.”

Collette turned towards us. “Some people enjoy it. I suppose they know that they’re turning people on and that excited them.”

“I suppose,” Ella said.

“Come on, plenty more to see,” Collette said, leading us back to the hallway. “The rooms downstairs are nice and relaxed if that’s what you’re after.”

What we were after was an excuse to leave.

“And upstairs?” Ella asked.

“That’s a bit more…full on,” she said.

“Well I’m not ready for anything too scary just yet,” Ella said.

“Best not to rush into things too quickly,” Damien told us. “Only go up there when you’re ready. We’ll definitely go up but then that’s us.”

The last sentence really wound me up. It was almost a challenge.

“We’ll go up at some point,” I said confidently.

“Great!” Collette exclaimed.

She showed us around the downstairs rooms, there must have been five or six, each themed slightly differently. There was a witches’ coven, a ghost train, a graveyard and a few rooms done up like horror film sets. After our tour that seemed to last forever, we were left alone by Collette and Damien who made it clear they had spent far too long downstairs with us. Thankfully by that point we’d had enough drinks for it not to bother me too much. My mind was firmly focussed on things other than pleasing them. I’d spent most of the night staring at my wife in her sexy outfit. Whenever I’d looked away to take my mind off it I’d only got an eyeful of some other scantily clad woman. There seemed to be women of all shapes and sizes here. It had obviously helped Ella to feel less self-conscious.

We found ourselves in the witches’ coven. It was basically a sitting room with a number of couches and chairs around. They were covered in throws that had stars and moons sewn into them. Yet another cauldron spouted smoke which billowed across the floor. Music played softly although it was chilling classical pieces to add to the atmosphere.

We found a spot at the end of a sofa. I sat down and Ella sat on my lap. The rest of the sofa was occupied by a couple who probably didn’t even realise we were there. They were engaged in a long and passionate kiss and in the darkness I could see her hands disappearing beneath his habit.

Ella had sat so that her back was to the couple. Other people were in the room but it was dark and so most things would go unnoticed. I pulled her head towards mine and kissed her. Our tongues met and I immediately felt a surge of excitement through my body. I pulled her in tighter and moved my lips to her neck. She loves to be kissed there so I knew it would turn her on. I delicately kissed the skin, my tongue gently licking. After a few seconds I heard her moan into my ear. My hand reached up her leg and caressed the exposed skin between her stocking and her knickers. Still kissing her neck I eased my hand further up her thigh. Moving it slowly, teasing her as I got closer and closer to my goal.

She leaned her neck away from me. Her hand pushed mine away.

“Stop,” she whispered.

I had worried that the other people would have put her off. I suppose it was inevitable.

“I need the loo,” she continued.

I sighed. There wasn’t really much arguing with that. She stood up and I walked out of the room with her, my hands around her waist holding her as close to me as I could. We reached the hallway and she spun around to kiss me again.

“Hurry up,” I said. “Then we can go back in there.”

“We could just go home,” she smiled.

“We’d need to find Collette and Damien.”

“They’ll be upstairs,” Ella said.

I looked up and even through my mask she could sense my disappointment.

“I thought you said you were going up there anyway?”

I rolled my eyes as she reminded me of what I’d said to Damien. “I’ll go and look for them while you go to the bathroom.”

“Thanks,” she kissed me on the cheek and walked off to the bathroom.

I started walking up the stairs and suddenly felt self-conscious. It was stupid but what Damien had said made me nervous of making a fool of myself. I pulled up the hood of the habit to achieve a little more anonymity.

I reached the landing and had to decide which way to go. It was even darker up here than downstairs although there were less people. Downstairs everyone seemed to wander round but up here there was barely anyone on the landing. One man walked past me to the right and headed down the corridor. I followed him but he glanced back so I made a point of choosing a different room to him. The door was open so I stepped inside. It seemed to be a bedroom although there was no bed in it. There was a mat or rug on the floor with a crudely drawn pentagram on it. The room was lit by imitation gas lamps although much of their light was obstructed by the men and women who stood around the walls. I took my place alongside another man to see what they were watching.

In the centre of the room, stood at the pentagram, was a man. He seemed to be in charge although he did not speak. It crossed my mind for a moment that this could be actual devil worship although that was quickly dispelled. He looked around the room and motioned for someone to join him. A woman stepped forwards into the light. As she knelt in the pentagram I recognised Collette. Evidently we wouldn’t be leaving soon. I pressed myself back against the wall and watched, wondering what was going to happen.

The man before her pulled at his rope and let it fall loosely to his sides. Then he parted his habit. He was naked beneath. Even in the faint light I could tell that he was partially erect. Collette lifted her hand and took hold of his dick. She slowly stroked it, almost as though she were afraid of it. As it grew harder, she held it firmer. Then she leaned forwards and closed her mouth around the tip. There were gentle moans from around the room. I glanced at the figures in the darkness. Some were touching themselves, some each other.

I looked back to Collette. Her head moved back and forth as she sucked at his cock. Her cheeks tightened each time she drew it further into her mouth. Then he held his hand up and pointed to another point on the pentagram. Another man stepped out from his watching place and stood on the mat. He opened his robe and pulled his already hard dick from his boxers. Collette acted as if it was normal. She turned and leant forwards to engulf his cock into her mouth. I watched as she licked the shaft while her hand cupped his balls.

Another man joined them. He too was sucked by Collette as she continued to serve them as a room full of people watched. I felt my own dick pressing against my boxers. A fourth man joined them. On it went. The woman who had invited us here, my wife’s boss, was her knees in front of four hard cocks. I realised there was a fifth place to be filled. The temptation flashed across my mind for a brief second but I couldn’t do that to Ella.

Ella. I’d left her downstairs. I realised I had to find her. I had to tell her what I’d seen. As the fifth man stood before Collette, I left the room to search for her. Barely two steps out of the door I caught a glimpse of her as she reached the top of the stairs. She glanced towards me but either didn’t see me or didn’t recognise me.

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