Heaven Help Her

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It’s been too long. She’s starving, she needs help. Suffering from a ravenous hunger taking over, famished, crawling out of her skin. Pacing, confined and bound in abstinence. She is craving to be fucked, she suffers from bouts of hysteria, brought on from extreme self-control. It’s reached its’ breaking point, its feening now, and out of control. I think I’m losing my mind. What I’m fiending for is a good, filling, hard, deep fuck. To knock me into next week, to fill me deep, up to my throat.

I’ll be your good girl and take it hard and deep, anyway you want it. Just take all of it and fill me deep, is my only request. Spread my limbs; spread my legs apart, gaping open. To be knocked so hard, that I forget what day it is, that I am left disoriented, dazed. Knocked to the ground, knocked out.

She goes looking, a predatory prowl she sets out on. She knows what she wants; she’s been looking for a long time, never finding a suitable prospect. Until…the flash of eye contact. One glance. That was it, she found him.

She spots him as she walks to board her evening train home. Their eyes meet. No words. Just a silent exchange and that was it…it’s on. He knows it and she knows it. It was instinctual. A wafting scent of desperation she is permeating and his spine goes stiff, straightened.

Erect and alert, struck by an innate impulse. It’s enough to wipe the courteous grin from his face, as he greets passengers. Now hypnotized by this curious impulse. He knows what she is craving. He can smell it, he senses she needs help.

He’s obliged, his natural obligation, his duty. He knows she’s in need. And he answers her summons. He’s been delegated, an enlistment. Out of mutual needs and a place of respect…two consenting adults, with needs.

She’s seen him once before, boarding the train, but not like this, there was a connection this time. He wears all black attire, a director on her evening train and as she passes by, his eyes follow her, studying her. She’s has a tall, willowy frame, striking, mid-thirties, jet dark hair. She carries an air of self-imposed dignity, intimidating and fierce in her stare.

Her gait, a thin weary swagger; looking visibly famished, he can see it, starvation and exhaustion in her walk. Heaven help her. She takes a guess which car he services. She glances back at him just before she enters the rear car, questioning her choice.

Their eyes meet again. It was a glance and a single head nod from him and she boards the rear car. She takes her seat. Pulls out her ticket and waits for departure, waits for him to come by to collect her ticket. Feeling like she is ready to erupt from anticipation, short panting breaths set in.

Finally. Departure.

The train slowly gains speed as it pulls away from the station. There he is, he’s entered the rear car. He’s tall, domineering in stature and presence. Solid and hard bodied, velvet milk chocolate skin, he could dominate her, put her in her place, make her the cock loving whore she’s aching to become. And that’s why she enlisted him, she desires to be dominated, desires to drop the dignity, and the put together.

She is seated about midway through the car. He makes his way toward her seat, checking passengers’ tickets. Finally, he gets Ataşehir Öğrenci Escort to her seat. He turns and looks down at her, seeing her blouse is unbuttoned; revealing her firm breasts. He sees her ticket in hand.

And says to her, “Ticket please.”

She replies loudly, “Let me find it.”

She takes her left hand to edge of her blouse and with the tips of her fingers, slowly rounds them around her full, B’s, pulling back the edge of it to reveal more of her soft ivory skin, grazing her own breasts, touching herself. Watching herself and then glancing up at him, with heavy sullen eyes. Her eyes begging him, please help me.

He’s watching.

His body is blocking the view of her seat, granting her permission and privacy to continue. She needs fucked, worked good. He replies an obliging head nod, and passes by, continuing to check passengers’ tickets and then exits the car.

The train is at full speed now. She waits several minutes to ensure passengers are settled into their commute, books, newspapers, email. And finally…it’s time.

She rises, bag in hand, with the intention to move to another car, or at least lead on that way to other passengers onboard. She exits the rear of the car and finds him waiting, in the passage between the cars, its dim. The roar of the train is deafening.

There’s a pause. And then, he grabs her wrist, jerks her toward him and shoves her up against the side of the car, jerking her like a misbehaved canine on a leash, he holds her there, pinned. She loses her breath in that moment, fearful from his sharp movement.

He dominates her. He wants her to know that. He wants her to know he’s going to fuck her up, wreck her little virginal pussy. Own it. Still pinning her, arms stretched above her head, his forearm pressed diagonally across the length of her back.

Her breath is short, stifled, barely moving. Her eyes wide and darting. Alert, her body frozen, questioning, fearful. The front of her body pinned against the side of the car, he moves closer, in behind her, his cock is erect, he lowers into his legs, leans in and presses his cock up against her, pulls her hair back and moves in closer behind her ear.

He whispers, “Is that what you wanted?”

She lets out her breath, exhaling in relief. Her body softens. She begins to breathe…hard, her heart picks up, beginning to pound in her chest. She feels a rush of arousal. She widens her feet and arches her back, an invitation for him to continue.

Her body aching, please, God, please help. He begins thrusting his cock behind her pussy. Warming it up, getting her hot. He wants to take his time. Thrusting and grinding. She’s aching to feel his cock filled inside of her.

He reaches his left hand around her waist, drops it to palm her womb, pulls her toward him, and shoves her down hard, to grind harder against his cock. Her hands still pinned, immobilized overhead, he reaches inside her blouse, slipping his fingers under her nude lace bra, with the base of his palm stretched across her breasts, clutching them, palming them.

Thrusting his cock, leans in and places a kiss at the fold of her neck and shoulder. Breathing hard on her neck and behind her ear. He lets her turn around Ataşehir Çıtır Escort to face him, still clenching both wrists above her head, blouse unbuttoned. He reaches to palm her breasts, and thumbing for her, cherry sized nipples.

He takes his foot and kicks her feet apart, a cue to widen her legs, demanding it, right fucking now. She obeys, her pencil skirt is restricting. He pulls her skirt up just enough so he can slip his hand underneath. He runs it up her thigh; following the top of her stocking around the circumference of her tight thigh. And then slides his fingers under the edge of her panties and pulls them aside.

He begins stroking her pussy with his thumb. He takes his middle finger and dips the tip of it inside of her, he wants to feel how wet she is, how tight she is, see if she’s ready for his cock to penetrate her, to slide inside of her. He begins fucking her with his finger, teasing her with his finger. Just the tip, sliding it in and out. His eyes close in anticipation to slide his cock inside.

She’s tight. Really fucking tight. And small. He’s going to wreck her little pussy. He fantasizes how her pussy is going to hug his cock. Grip it, clench it. He meets her eyes with a half sober gaze. His face moves closer to hers. She smells him. She breathes him in. Takes all of him in.

Their tongues meet, no lips, tongues clenched together, still fucking her and teasing her with his finger. He wants to make sure that pussy is hot, and ready for his cock. She’s getting wetter, she’s almost ready. Her pussy is juicy and wet, he can’t resist, he needs to taste her. He slides his middle finger in his mouth, licking her saliva clean from his finger and has to have more.

He drops to his knees and frantically, takes both hands to the hem of her skirt, forcing it up. He’s overcome with fever for this pussy; an uncontrollable fit. He throws her leg over his shoulder, rips her panties aside, and buries his face in her pussy. Wiping her saliva all over his face, wearing it, covering his face with it. He wants to wear her pussy. He’s smitten with this pussy.

She’s touching herself, pinching her nipples. She’s ready for his cock to penetrate her, her stomach in knots, dizzy and feverish. He begins licking her pussy. Long, sweet strokes. And finds her entrance, he moves his tongue from side to side and barely begins fucking her with his tongue, teasing her. He reaches up and clutches her breasts, stands up and thrusts his tongue down her fucking throat. Choking on his tongue, loving the way her pussy tastes off his tongue.

Finally she’s within reach, his cock is within reach, and a free hand, he allows her to touch him. She plunges her hand down his pants, grips his thick black cock. Alas, just what she’s been aching for, her head tilts back and her eyes roll back in her head. Jesus Christ. His fucking cock. His throbbing cock. Her mind is racing, oh my God, oh my God.

Stroking it.

Stroking it.

Oh My God. I have to wrap my mouth around you. I have to have you in my mouth. I want you to shove your cock down my throat. She drops to her knees, like a good girl. Slowly unbuckling his belt, taking her time, very careful, with these delicate goods. Glances up at him, a silent Ataşehir Elit Escort stare, reassuring him that she will handle with care. Unbuttoning, still staring up at him. Pulling down his zipper, very, very delicately, revealing him, all of him.

Oh my God. Beautiful you. Your beautiful cock. She takes her tongue to the underneath side, at the base, starting at the base, taking her time, licking all the way to the tip. Teasing the tip with the tip of her tongue. I am your trained, cock whore. Panting and enslaved. She inserts his cock into her mouth. Both hands on the back of his thighs. He begins fucking her mouth. She wants to choke on his beautiful cock. Her hair in his hand, shoving her head harder onto his cock, gaging her on it

He’s ready. It’s time. He takes her by the hand, lets her up from her knees, makes her stand up. He lifts her up, placing her seated on the hand rail that runs parallel to the car. Pulls her skirt up to her waist, slips his hands under her knees, motioning to bring them up, she holds them there. Her breasts out of her blouse, nipples hard and erect, he pulls her panties aside.

Her pussy is pulsating, begging for his cock, ready to receive it. He circles her vulva with his fingers, spreading her saliva all over her pussy. His tongue shoved down her throat. He loves this pussy; it’s his for the taking, to make it his. He strokes her pussy, massaging, and spanks it gently, licking her tongue. She’s panting. She’s ready, ready for him.

He’s holding one leg; she’s holding the other, gaping, ready. He begins to penetrate, embedding his cock, holding her vulva apart so he can enter her, slow. At first, slow. Just the tip. She’s tight. So fucking tight. Hot. He’s in. He’s all the way in. She’s so fucking small. Its hurts all the way in. She needs to be opened up, she needs to have her little pink pussy stretched. She lets him in. Her legs gaping open. Jesus Christ. He’s fucking her, just what she needed, creaming on his cock, streaks of cream dripping off his cock. Just what she was begging him for.


Fucking her hard. Nailed. Just the way she wanted it. Breasts popping out of her blouse. Just like she wanted it. Fucked. She pants, thanking God. In relief, she feels it again. He’s working hard for her. His back is damp, beads of sweat rolling down his back and running over her fingers, she’s getting wetter and wetter; creaming on his cock, her saliva is dripping off of them. She loves the way their skin looks together, contrasting skin tones. Sweat and breath.

Breathing and throbbing together.

He’s taking it, making it his. Claiming it, marking it. Just what she needed. Jerking her hips in sync with his, animalistic, an involuntary response, her body knows what to do. Massaging his cock, enticing him to produce something. And finally, she gets what she needs, his cock begins swelling up inside of her, she feels it, it’s coming, she feels it and begins to shake with involuntary convulsions. It’s coming; she’s ready to receive all of him; to fill her up.

He whispers in her ear, “Are you ready?” “Are you ready for Daddy’s cum?”

Like a good girl she replies, “Yes, Daddy.”

He obeys, deposits inside of her, leaving it for safekeeping. Her head falls back, eyes rolling to the back of her head, eye lids fluttering. Hips in convulsion. She gets her fill.




To feel it again.

To be filled deep and filled up with her Daddy’s cum. It’s what she was craving. What she needed.

Heaven help her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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