Heidi’s Way

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“Oh how can I thank you?” Heidi exclaimed.

She had been made redundant three months earlier and had spent most of that time moping around her house as she was right now in a dirty white tee-shirt and old blue denim shorts. Her long brown hair was a mess that she had quickly pulled up into a rough ponytail.

But her ex-boss had just called by unexpectedly to say that he’d got her an interview for a fantastic job, and she knew that with his recommendation she had every chance to get it.

Jack was a cool, good looking guy, but unfortunately he knew it. Right then he was sitting on the old sofa in her small house wearing an expensive dark grey suit over a blue shirt, no tie and with one too many buttons undone. He somehow managed the rugged look despite long hours in the office.

“How can I thank you?” she repeated, trying to hide her excitement.

Suddenly Jack’s eyes changed from their usual dreamy confidence to something closer to nervous, flicking around the room as if unsure on how to proceed. Heidi as always was hanging on his every word.

He finally spoke, “This is going to sound weird.”

Heidi was intrigued as she looked at the guy who had done so much for her and who she had looked up to for so long.

“I’ve always meant to ask, “he stuttered, “Why do you have a cage in your bedroom,” he pointed towards the heavy cage with intricate bars of shiny steel that he had seen in the corner of the woman’s bedroom.

“It was in the garage when I bought the place, it looks cool doesn’t it?” she replied.


“What do you use it for?”

“Just throw my clothes on it really,” she giggled as she gestured around her less than tidy house. The cage itself had several pairs of old jeans and tops strewn over it right then.


Heidi was confused.

Jack was looking uneasy, “Can you lock me inside for a bit?”

“What?” Heidi laughed out loud, “Why?”

“I know it’s a strange request.”

“Yeah,” she replied, “It sure is.”

Jack tried to laugh along.

“I saw it at your party last year and it looked cool,” he tried to explain,” I just kinda wondered whether you used it to lock people inside.”

Heidi was now on her feet, “Not usually,” she laughed with a slightly bemused look on her face.

She had looked up to this guy for so long and had only asked if she could ‘do something for him’ in the vague hope that he might ask her out. She hadn’t expected this, but she was intrigued to see where this would go.

“I guess I could lock you up for the night,” she replied slowly and then kicked herself for using the words ‘for the night’. Those words were from her fantasy.

“Cool,” he replied, trying to sound just that.

The cage was an unusual arty object, four foot long, three feet wide and just over two feet high, but despite its decorative appeal, it was hugely heavy and obviously escape proof.

Jack stood at over six feet tall and towered over Heidi’s own five foot ten figure.

“Will you fit?” she asked.

“Let’s see,” he replied, his confidence returning.

Heidi pulled open the barred door that opened on hinges and formed part of the front of the cage. Jack climbed inside and lay on the bars that formed the bottom of the cage with his arms and legs crunched up in the confined space.

“Tighter than I thought,” he smiled, using the space in the open doorway to manoeuvre himself.

“You sure you want to do this?” she asked.

Jack pulled his arm inside and she swung the heavy steel door closed. A strange feeling of power ran through her body as she watched him try to get comfortable inside the tiny cage.

“Perfect fit,” he panted.

“You sure you want me to lock you in?” she asked, flicking a stray hair back behind her ears.

He nodded.

With one bare leg propping the cage door closed, Heidi reached up for the large padlock that she used to lock her bike. Then in a totally matter-of-fact way, she threaded the padlock in place through the cage door and locked it.

“Shit, I should have checked I still have the key,” she smiled.


“Only kidding,” she giggled.

Heidi stood up and watched Jack struggle to get comfortable in the small confined space. He had always seemed so intimidating at work, but in the cage with his wide eyes gazing up at her he suddenly looked vulnerable and so fucking sexy.

“What do we do now?” she asked.

“Well me, not very much,” Jack said as he clanged painfully against the bars and peered up with obviously aroused eyes.

Heidi looked down at his eyes with a little resentment. He was using her to fulfil some crazy fantasy, but she wasn’t sure what was in this for her.

“So you’re giving me permission to keep you in there until morning?” she checked.

“Yes,” he breathed, his cock throbbing, “Even if I beg you to let me out.”

“Should be easy, you always told me I was stubborn,” she replied.

Jack was görükle escort now swallowing on a dry throat as he looked out on his ex-employee with a totally different perspective. She was standing right by the cage and her legs seemed even longer than usual and her old denim shorts seemed almost offensively short.

He moved to hide his obvious erection, but again the bars that formed the base of the cage dug into him.

“Can I have something to lie on?” he asked.

“Yeah ,” she said as she unbuttoned her shorts and watched his startled reaction. She slowly slid them down her long legs, picked them up and dropped them into his cage.

‘Maybe this would be fun,’ Heidi thought as she moved forward and used the proximity of her black silk underwear to intimidate her uber cool ex-boss. He didn’t know what to say or where to look and the look of panic in his eyes was making her tingle.

She picked up her phone and took a photo of Jack crunched inside the cage holding her shorts.

“You can use them as a pillow,” she smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Good, now I need to shower.”

Heidi walked to her bathroom where the mirror told her that he was staring at her butt. She closed the door behind her and turned on the hot water.

‘Fuck’ Jack whispered as he watched her incredible legs walk away. He had often daydreamed about this timid brunette when they had worked together and he had been intrigued by what the cute girl in the tight skirt might do with the cage in her bedroom. This had been such a sexy fantasy, but the reality was scary because in reality she was ten times sexier and he had absolutely no control.


Heidi was buzzing as she rushed her shower and redressed in her shortest black negligee with black panties beneath. She blow dried her hair and applied a little discrete make up. She had spent several years trying to impress Jack on a professional basis and now she had the chance to impress him personally. This was also her chance to repay some of her frustration.

“You still there?” she asked in her huskiest voice as her damp bare feet padded back.

“Wow,” Jack replied, as he viewed her outfit from a unique position.

Jack’s hand had almost reached through the bars to touch her leg, but then stopped at the last moment. With entrapment on her mind, Heidi stepped forward, her legs now touching the bars and waited.

Jack’s mind may have been able to figure out the company’s strategy, but he had no idea how to deal with her body.

He finally reached through the bars and his fingers brushed against the outside of her left thigh. She had always loved his hands and their touch on her skin didn’t disappoint. She felt his fingers slide up and around and trace the hem of her underwear.

Heidi still hadn’t come to terms with her power and what she should do with this arrogant sexy man and she just stood there enjoying his touch as he continued to incriminate himself.

“I should report you to HR,” she breathed.

Jack pulled his hand back inside the cage.

“Take off your shirt and trousers,” she ordered, her legs opening just a little.

The man beneath her struggled and fought to remove his clothes. He had just removed his cufflinks and she held out her hand to take them from him. Silver with black swirls; very expensive and very sexy.

Jack finally passed his clothes through the bars from where Heidi used her bare foot to flick them away out of his reach. He was slim with muscles shaped in the gym and now completely naked apart from black briefs.

“You look kinda cool in there,” she smiled down as she turned and perched on the edge of the steel cage.

“You look gorgeous,” he called up.

“Thank you,” she glowed, “And you have all night to watch me.”

“Maybe I can do more than watch?”

It was the wrong thing to say and Heidi could feel the resentment welling up inside her, “First you want me to play out your crazy fantasy and then you change your mind and expect me to sleep with you.”

“What, no that’s not…” Jack started but then stopped as his words didn’t seem to form.

Heidi stood up, turned a full circle and then looked down at him.

“Why do you assume I’ll want to sleep with you,” she asked with purpose, “Fucking guys.”

Jack would have left if he could, but he couldn’t.

“I’m sorry.”

Heidi stared down at him, well aware that she was making him feel uncomfortable.

“I’ll go to the interview in the morning and if I get the job then ‘maybe’ I’ll release you from the cage.”

“What?” Jack looked up with pleading eyes.

“Assuming you don’t spent the rest of your life in this cage… then maybe you can ask me out to dinner,” Heidi continued with the tiniest trace of a teasing smile in her eyes.

Jack was in shock. This wasn’t how Heidi was supposed to react.

Heidi continued, “If I accept your invitation to dinner who knows where things may lead. görükle escort bayan But sleep with me tonight? Sorry darling… no chance.”

Jack was embarrassed as he read the hurt and frustration in Heidi’s eyes.

“I’m sorry Heidi, just let me out and I really will make it up to you.”

A smiled slowly crept across her face, “Oh Jacky, if only it was that easy.”


Jack started to push at the padlocked door, but then stopped as Heidi pushed her bare foot through the bars. His lips automatically kissed her foot sending a wild sensation up her leg and into her body.

“Goodnight Jack,” she breathed before walking back to her bed, taking a sleeping tablet and passing out.


Heidi was soon asleep, lying on her bed with no sheets covering her body. She was lying on her side, her knees drawn up slightly.

Jack couldn’t sleep, he was both too uncomfortable and too turned on. With his head pushed up against the underside of the bars forming the top of the cage, he was just high enough to see Heidi’s feet, her legs and her bottom. The rest of her body was hidden. He watched intently as he breathed in the scent from her shorts.

Maybe he had taken advantage of the woman who had seemed so quiet in the office, so obedient and so vulnerable. In real life she clearly wasn’t the timid woman that he had known. She was strong and confident and now had a hold over him. She had taken several photos of him in the cage and he had no idea whether they were now on Face Book.

He grabbed the padlock and pointlessly tried to break it with his hands. His hands then touched his erect cock and within seconds he had climaxed and he panicked as he tried to clean himself up. He then used the bottle of water that Heidi had placed by the cage. He first drank its contents before filling it up again with his pee.

Heidi was still asleep and he was still her prisoner and neither of those things were likely to change until the morning. He pulled his jailers shorts over his head to cut out any light, made himself as comfortable as possible and tried to sleep.


The next morning, Heidi woke as the sunlight streamed into the bedroom. She stretched, combed back her wild hair and knelt up on the end of the bed.

The sunlight hadn’t woken Jack, partly because he had barely slept all night and partly because he was wearing Heidi’s denim shorts over his head. ‘Okay’ she thought to herself as her eyes moved down to his erect cock that pushing out of his designer briefs. Her eyes moved down to his legs that were bent and contorted, his feet unable to push between the narrow centred bars.

She showered and brushed back her shoulder length hair which she wore loose. She dressed in her best white blouse and tightest knee length grey skirt. She had often worn this outfit when she worked for Jack and she was looking forward to his reaction when he woke.

“Hi,” she almost shouted as she tapped his cage with her shoe.

Jack turned, knocked against the bars and pulled the shorts off his head.

“I know that some people wear a blindfold at night,” Heidi smiled, “but my shorts?”

“Heidi,” he replied in a daze.


“Nothing,” his voice trailed off.

He knew that Heidi had far too much dirt on him for him to try anything. He just had to hope that she got the job and let him out of the cage. Then he would take her out to dinner; staring at her barely dressed body all night had made him see her in a whole different light.

“I have my interview with your friend Julie at 9am,” Heidi checked, rereading the email on her phone, “I really hope I get this job,” the stress in her voice was clear.

“So do I,” Jack replied.

Heidi knelt down as far as her skirt would allow and looked at him through the bars; she had enough dirt on this guy to do what the hell she wanted.

“I assume you’re happy to stay in there until I get back?”

Her clear blue eyes pierced him through the bars, “Good luck?” he smiled.

“Don’t worry I have a good luck charm.”

Heidi pulled on a fine silver chain that encircled her neck until a key that had been hiding between her breasts popped out.

“That should bring you luck,” he replied.

“If it doesn’t, this key goes down the nearest drain.”

“Oh fuck, I’m taking you out tonight.”

“We’ll see,” she smiled.

Picking up her handbag, Heidi left her house, engaging the alarm and the deadlocks. If Jack did somehow manage to escape from the cage he would be picked up by the police. She dropped her house keys into her purse and walked to the train, her black heels clipping noisily on the pavement.


Jack struggled to a kneeling position and started to think. This had been fun and he was definitely going to sleep with the woman, but first he was going to break out of the cage. He pulled back his right leg and kicked out at hard as he could at the end of the cage. bursa escort His bare foot ached from the impact with the bars, but the cage remained solid.

‘This is ridiculous’, he cried as this time his hand struck the bars.

He then hit the padlock which bruised his hand and then kicked out and punched with both hands and both feet. ‘Fuck!’ he cried as the bars seemed to close in even further around him. He had to close his eyes and control himself, there was no way he could get out of the cage until Heidi unlocked him.

Why had he asked this woman to lock him up? To satisfy a kinky fantasy; he had just assumed that he would be in control. Heidi wasn’t the pushover he had anticipated. She was confident and more than a match for him.

He pulled her used shorts back over his face and breathed in her scent. His breathing calmed as he pictured the body that had previously filled the shorts. He started to laugh out loud and touch his cock.


Heidi returned less than two hours later. She unlocked the front door and deactivated her alarm; Jack had evidently not strayed from his cage. She returned to her bedroom and used the cage as a seat.

“You look amazing,” Jack breathed as he looked up at her tightly wrapped butt perched on top of him.

“Still glad you asked me to lock you up?” she asked.

“Did you get the job?”

“Yes! Thank you so much!” Heidi exclaimed, the relief of earning money again so she could start paying the backlog on her house was just too much to hold in.

“And thank you for this,” Jack smiled, “I know it’s kinky, but fuck its sexy.”

“My pleasure.”

“Can I come out now?”

Heidi shook her head as she stood up and unzipped her skirt. Jack looked up, his body aching and his eyes begging. She let her skirt slip off her hips and into a pile on the floor. Jack’s eyes were aroused as he became an even more desperate victim of Heidi’s Stockholm syndrome.

Encouraged by the look in his gorgeous, but now desperate eyes, Heidi unbuttoned her blouse one button at a time and dropped it to the floor. She was now naked other than for her black bra, which contained the key to the cage and her black panties which strained to contain her curves.

“My shorts please,” she asked, a teasing smile dancing on her lips.


“My shorts please Jack.”

His cock was telling him to hold out, but his body was screaming at him to do whatever it took to get out of the cage.

She took the denim shorts from his outstretched hand and stepped into them, “Still warm I see,” Heidi smiled as she eased them up her legs and into place.

“I thought you were… I mean we were…” Jack breathed.

Heidi raised her eyebrows and stared down, “You were thinking what?” she asked.

“You know… You and I?”

I’m just getting changed Jack,” she gave him her best teasingly innocent look.

Jack smiled and sighed, burying his head in his hands as Heidi hid the rest of her toned body beneath an old white tee shirt. She crouched down in front of the cage and smiled.

“Leant your lesson?” she asked.

“If I say yes can I have those shorts back?”

It was Heidi’s turn to sigh as she sat on her bed, crossed her legs and looked at his crumpled aching body. He was just as sexy, but also just as annoyingly arrogant.

“You do ever hope to get out of there?” she asked.

“What do you want me to say?” he cried out in exasperation as he painfully inched around to face her.

Heidi walked back to the cage to stand almost above his head.

“Maybe don’t ask me to strip before asking me out?”

Jack looked up at her short shorts.

“So near and yet so far,” she breathed,

“I’m sorry… Stockholm syndrome?” he offered as an excuse.

“Try again.”

“Heidi, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?”

She rested on the edge of the cage and pulled the key from its hiding place and unclipped her chain to free it from her neck. She could see Jack’s hand twitching, desperate to touch her, but as much as she wanted that, she had a point to make.

Jack passed the test and waited patiently below her, resisting entrapment by her long tanned legs that were tantalisingly close. In return, Heidi slid her bare foot between the bars and pushed against his cock. It only took a minute.

She spun around and knelt down by the cage.

“Thank you Jack, I’d love to,” she smiled with her big blue eyes and partly red lips.

Jack was transfixed on the key that she twirled between her fingers before finally inserting into the large padlock. Click. She removed the lock and swung open the door.

Heidi stood provocatively close as Jack eased his aching body through the small door and out between her legs that were almost baring his way. She watched with growing arousal as his strong body unfolded, twisting and stretching, careful not to touch her legs. He was now on his knees, resting against her bed for support, and finally up on to his feet.

He looked just as sexy, but way less arrogant as he smiled as her and caught his breathe. Lesson one had gone well.

“I’ll see you tonight,” she whispered as she gave him a kiss on the lips and pointed him towards the door.

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