Held for Ransom

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The first thing that Gavin was aware of when he woke up was that he had a hell of a headache. The next thing, when he opened his eyes, was that he had some kind of bag over his head. Then, in rapid succession, that he had to piss, he was sitting on a hard chair and that his hands were tied behind his back and that he was naked.

“Hey, it looks like he’s coming around.” a male voice said.

“Get this fucking bag off of my head, it smells like dirty jockstraps.” Gavin said.

“We can’t do that yet.” another male voice said.

“Okay, in that case…” Gavin replied. He then let out a long, blood curdling scream while at the same time opening his legs and pissing his bladder empty.

“Okay, wait, Motherfuck.” a voice said and the bag was lifted off of his head.

At first his eyes wouldn’t focus but then he was able to see, standing in front of him, two tall middle aged men, one black and one white in a dim, unfinished basement.

“We’re going to keep you here a while, until your family pays to get you back.” the white guy said.

“Jesus, my luck. In the movies the person gets kidnapped by Daniel Craig and Tom Hardy or George Clooney. I get the salt and pepper Boris Karloffs.”

The two men just stared at him, obviously unaware of what he meant.

“Untie my hands; I have to use the toilet.” Gavin then said.

“You’ll have to wait until we get things fixed up upstairs before we can do that.” the black guy said.

“Look, Snowflake, I ate Taco Bell last night and I need to go now. Otherwise, there’s going to be a real mess all over me, this chair and probably the floor. And I’m the prisoner so I’m not cleaning it up.”

The two men looked at him, and then one moved around behind him and untied him. When he was free, he stood up and stretched, arms over his head.

“I thought you needed a toilet so bad.” Gil said.

“I lied. I just wanted to be untied. Fuck, I’ve got a headache.” he said.

“That’s probably from where Gil bopped you on the head and knocked you out.” the white guy said.

Gavin felt his head and discovered a lump the size of a hen’s egg on top. Turning back to Gil, he swung his arm and slapped him full palm across the face. Gil looked horrified for a second, then brought his hand up to his cheek and cradled it.

“If you ever hit me again, motherfucker, I’ll rip your dick out by the roots and eat it raw in front of you.” Gavin turned to the white guy and bowed his head, parting his curly hair as he did so. “Is there blood?” he asked.

“No, there’s just a bump.” he said.

“Yeah, well, maybe next time I’ll just shoot your skinny ass.” Gil then said.

“Nobody is going to pay you anything for my dead body, bozo.” Gavin said. Then, becoming aware that he was standing in front of the two of them nude, he reached around and felt his ass.

“Did you two rape me while I was knocked out?” he asked.

“No, no, nothing like that.” Gil said, looking horrified.

“Well, you don’t have to act that way about it. I’m a good looking guy and I’ve got a world class ass. Why wouldn’t you want to rape me?”

“We don’t go in for the gay stuff.” the white guy said.

Gavin looked at the two of them for a minute and then he started to laugh. In another minute, he was laughing so hard that he had to sit back down on the chair.

“What’s so funny about that?” the white guy asked.

When he was able to reply, Gavin said, “For a couple of jokers who ‘don’t go in for the gay stuff’, you two really chose the wrong sissy. The next few days should be like a college course for the two of you.”

They both looked mystified as Gavin’s laughter finally ceased.

“Okay,” he said, “let’s see what kind of a place you picked to hold me captive in.”

Before either of his abductors could reply, he’d crossed the basement and started up the stairs. The two kidnappers hurried to catch up with him.

When they reached the top of the steps Gavin looked over his shoulder at Gil who was right behind him.

“You can touch my ass.” he said to him. “I know you want to.”

Gil shifted his eyes to his shoes instead of the plush buns in front of him. He had, actually, been wondering what it must feel like.

Gavin opened the door at the top of the stairs and stepped into a kitchen that looked like it hadn’t been updated since 1970.

“What a dump.” he said, looking at his two mystified captors. “Bette Davis. ‘What a dump” he repeated, making a smoking gesture.

They still just stared at him.

“Has anyone ever told you two that you’re a fucking laugh riot?” he then asked them.

“No.” was all the white guy replied.

“There’s a reason for that.” Gavin said.

He stood looking at his captors in the bright kitchen. Both of them looked a lot better than they had in the basement. They were both probably in their late forties, slim and muscular looking. Neither one was handsome but they were both attractive and exuded masculinity. And both of them looked like they had very promising bulges in the Bahçeşehir Escort crotches of their slacks.

They in turn looked at him. At 20 years old, he was in the first blush of manhood. His body had become taut and muscled from regular exercise and while he wasn’t bulked up, he was well built. His hair was a little long but it was a mass of loose, honey colored curls. And his cock, on prominent display, while average in size and length, was also beautifully shaped and proportioned.

Gavin leaned back and rested his butt against the counter while gazing at the two men.

“I must say, you two look pretty good in the light. I’ve always had a weakness for the daddy type, anyway. I think we’re going to become great friends.” He caught the white guy’s eye and asked, “What’s your name, you never did say?”

“I’m Ken.” the white guy said.

Gavin knew that the men were trying not to look at his nude body, even though they both kept casting glances his way.

“Where are my clothes and shoulder pack, by the way?” he asked them.

“They’re in the bedroom.” Ken replied.

“In the bedroom? You undressed me in the bedroom? And then you took turns raping my ass, I bet.” Gavin said.

“We did not.” Gil said. “We just undressed you so that if you woke up, you couldn’t run away.”

“And because you wanted to get a look at my goodies, right?”

Both men looked highly uncomfortable.

Gavin grinned and said, “Let’s get a look at the rest of this chamber of horrors.”

He stepped into the short hallway and walked to the front screen door, closely followed by Gil and Ken. As he stood looking out at the landscape he said, “Now this is what I call a depressing view.”

There wasn’t really anything to see, just parched land off to the horizon, a two lane road going by in front and a parked car, all under a sky roughly the same color as the earth.

“Jesus, this is the kind of place where people slash their wrists just so they won’t have to look at the scenery anymore. Please tell me you don’t own this place.”

“We rented it when we decided to grab you because it’s so isolated.” Ken said.

“Fuck, who did you rent it from, the Manson family? What a shit hole.”

Gavin turned away from the door and opened the door nearest him. It was a smelly closet. The next door led into a bedroom with a lumpy looking queen sized bed under the window. He went into the room and opened a drawer in the dresser and pulled out sheets and pillowcases.

“At least we have clean linens.” he said. He handed the bundle of bedclothes to Ken and said, “Go hang these over the porch rails and air them out.”

Ken just turned and did as he’d been instructed.

Gil, meanwhile, followed Gavin into the room on the other side of the hall. It was a living room, just as dismal as the rest of the house.

“This must be party central.” Gavin said to Gil. He pushed a door and was back in the sunny kitchen again. Ken reappeared at the same time.

Gavin crossed over and opened the refrigerator. There were eggs, butter, milk and a loaf of bread lined up on one shelf, the rest of the space empty.

“At least I can make us some scrambled eggs and toast.” he told his jailers. “Somebody is going to have to go to the store, though. I need whole grain bread and I have to have yogurt. Maybe some wine, too. I’ll make out a list.”

He opened a narrow door on the wall near the refrigerator and on a hook inside hung an old fashioned bib apron, a flowery print with a ruffle around the front and on the pocket. Gavin took it down, put his arms through the straps and tied it around his waist. His front was entirely covered but his back and rounded ass cheeks were on full display.

“Sit down, gentlemen, and let me cook breakfast. It isn’t even 10 AM yet. And my headache is much better, Gil, thank you for asking.”

Gil, as usual this morning, looked like he didn’t know how to reply.

The kidnappers sat down at the kitchen table as Gavin bustled about, washing dishes and then setting about making breakfast. He was humming to himself the whole time and finally, as he stood at the stove scrambling eggs, he began to sing.

“When my baby

When my baby smiles at me

I go to Rio

De Janeiro…”

Ken and Gil both watched, almost mesmerized. Gavin began to dance in place as he sang, shaking his hips and shoulders. The skimpy apron that he wore framed his smooth ass cheeks. The rounded globes shook as he danced; firm but not so firm that they lacked bounce. Ken and Gil, against their will, watched the movements and both felt the beginning of life stirring in their dicks.

Suddenly, Gavin stopped singing and stood completely still.

“Are you two looking at my ass?” he asked without looking around.

Ken and Gil both started then looked down at the tabletop.

“I thought so.” Gavin said. “You’d damned well better be.”

He began to hum again as he filled 3 plates with the food he’d prepared. He carried one plate over to Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan the table and set it down it front of Ken, and then before Ken could react he reached down and gave a squeeze to his half hard cock. Ken grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand away.

“Relax; I just wanted to see if there was any hope there.” Gavin said, drawing his arm back. He went to the counter and picked up another plate and carried it to set in front of Gil. Gil reacted by putting both hands in his lap, shielding his crotch from view.

“Too late for you, sucker.” Gavin said. “I could see that half hard in your pants from across the room. I already know you had a reaction.”

Both Gil and Ken looked sheepish as Gavin brought his own plate over and sat down. First, he tasted his eggs, and then added a little salt. He reached his fork over, tasted the eggs on Ken’s plate and then did the same to Gil’s. Afterward, he shook a little salt onto both plates and began to eat.

“Hey, Gavin,” Ken said, “you do realize that you’ve been kidnapped, that we’re holding you for ransom?”

“Well, of course, you big dummy. But you two are hardly desperate criminals and you’re both pretty cute. Besides, I want you to get some of my grandpa’s money.”

“You do?” asked Gil, amazed.

“Sure, why not? That old son-of-a-bitch has more than he can ever use, he should have to share it instead of just hoarding it. I intend to help you get some. Now, eat your breakfast before it gets cold.”

After a few mouthfuls Gavin asked, “So, how did you two meet?”

Gil glanced over at Ken before he replied, “In prison.”

“Oh, hell yeah.” Gavin said. “You bonded over some young boy ass you were raping, right?”

Ken gave him a disdainful look and said, “No, we shared a cell.”

“So, like, after lights out you took turns banging each other’s butt?”

“No.” Gil said.

“You did suck each other off from time to time?”

“No, we didn’t.” Ken said.

“At least jerked off together?” Gavin asked.

Neither Gil nor Ken replied and Gavin said, “What’s the point of going to prison if you can’t rape young first timers or else have big Nation of Islam dicks or big Aryan Brotherhood cocks running a train on your ass hole 24/7?”

“It isn’t like that where we were.” Ken said.

“Why were you in prison?”

“You’re not supposed to ask that but we were both in for forgery.” Gil replied.

Gavin looked highly disappointed as he said, “Fuck, a real pair of desperadoes.” Then he brightened up and asked, “Did you stab anybody while you were there?”

Ken and Gil both just concentrated on eating breakfast.

The three sat at the table, Gil and Ken with puzzled looks on their faces that hadn’t disappeared by the time Gavin rose to serve them each more coffee.

When he sat back down, Gavin asked, “So, what’s the plan?”

“We were thinking that we’d call your grandpa and tell him that we wanted $100,000 or else he’d never see you again.” Ken said.

Gavin sat up straighter in his chair, an annoyed look at his face. He looked at each kidnapper in turn and then he said, “$100,000. That’s all you think I’m worth? I’m the scion of the 3rd richest family in the country and you’re only asking $100,000 for my release. That’s pretty fucking cheap.”

He looked at each of the other men in turn and then he said, “You’re going to ask for at least a half a million and that’s pretty damned bargain basement. My bastard grandpa has more than that hidden in the safe in his office. You two can be pretty insulting, if you ask me.”

“We’ll ask for more, don’t get pissed off.” Gil said. “This is our first ransom; we didn’t know how much you are worth.”

“Okay, but you’d better ask for big bucks.” He smiled then and said, “Anyway, you two are too hot for me to stay mad at. How are you going to give him the ransom demand?”

“We thought we’d just call him up.” Ken said.

Gavin looked at them both again for a long minute and then he said, “And you know his private number? How are you going to call him? If he’s at his office, you couldn’t get through all of his staff if you tried. I can’t even get through. And, if he’s at home, forget it. The servants get paid extra to make sure no one reaches him at home.”

Gil and Ken just looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

“Fuck, it’s a good thing I’m here.” Gavin said. He got up and started rifling through the kitchen drawers until he found what he was looking for, a pen and a pad of paper. He started back to his chair, then detoured to where Ken sat and swung ken’s legs out from under the table and sat down on his lap.

“Now, I’m going to make out a list of what we’ll need. I’ve got money in my wallet, so don’t worry about that.”

He twitched his hips, settling more comfortably on Ken’s lap and began to write. Ken looked over at Gil, a helpless look on his face. He was all too aware of the heat radiating from Gavin’s ass onto his trapped crotch.

After a minute or so, Gavin finished Escort Bahçeşehir his list and said, “You’re going into town, Ken. Gil can stay here and guard me. Now, make sure you get my yogurt. If you come back without it, I’m going to spank you. And fruit. I need some fresh fruit. I even wrote out the brands you should get, so try to stay to the list. And a newspaper, try to get today’s ‘USA Today’. That’s generic; they won’t be able to fix a location from it. And the last thin, two throwaway phones. VERY important, don’t you dare come back without them. As a matter of fact, don’t come back unless you get everything on the list.”

He wrapped his arm over Ken’s shoulders and said, “Understand, Huckleberry?”

“I’ve got it.” Ken said in a low voice. Gavin squirmed a bit more on his lap and then said, “I do declare, it feels like I’m sitting on a two by four in your lap.”

He stood up and Gil saw Ken steal a quick glance at his butt.

Gavin went into the bedroom for a moment and then returned with $200 in his hand.

“This should cover it.” he said, handing the cash to Ken. “Get us some wine, too. I don’t care what kind, I just adore cheap wine.”

Ken stood up as if unsure what to do next and Gavin shooed him toward the front door.

“Get moving, we have things to do.” he told him.

After Ken had left, he returned to the kitchen where Gil was sitting and began the breakfast dishes. Gil watched him, mostly looking at the deep crease between his hairless buns.

When the dishes were stacked to dry, Gavin turned around and said, “Okay, Toots, it’s just you and me. I think I saw some magazines in that dismal parlor, we can at least catch up on the gossip while Ken’s gone.”

He turned and went through the door to the front room and Gil hurried behind him. In the room, Gavin was already bent over the stack of outdated magazines on the coffee table, sorting through them with his ass facing Gil. At last he stood up and tossed half of the magazines on the sofa, then sat down in the overstuffed chair directly across.

“You sit on the sofa.” he told Gil. “I don’t want you trying to get fresh with me.”

He started leafing through a magazine and Gil sat down and did the same. From where Gil sat, he was able to see up under the apron that Gavin still wore and he could see his soft cock and surprisingly large balls nestled between his thighs. He looked back down at his magazine, trying to read a story but soon was conscious of Gavin moving around. He glanced at him and Gavin seemed absorbed in what he was reading except he’d drawn one leg up and rested his foot on the chair seat. His cock and balls were totally uncovered and Gil could see the beginning of the deep crease of his ass under his ball sack.

He tried not to look, glancing down at his magazine again and tried to understand the printed words. After another minute or two, Gavin sighed out loud and squirmed again. When Gil glanced across at him, he’d thrown his leg over the arm of the chair and his ass cheeks were slightly parted. Gil was sure he could see the tight dark rosebud of his ass hole.

He was becoming highly uncomfortable and his dick, without his consent, was starting to harden and creep down his leg. He wished now that he’d been the one to go to town.

After a few more minutes, Gavin stood up and took off his apron.

“Jesus, they must have bought this furniture from a torture chamber that was going out of business.” he said. “There’s no way to sit comfortably on this chair.”

He dropped to his knees and rested his elbows on the chair seat while he looked at his magazine, which meant that his plump ass was now turned toward Gil. Gil could see his ball sack hanging between his legs and the dark furrow that divided his ass. He couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to stick his dick between them and watch it disappear. His rebellious dick was entirely hard and throbbing now.

Gavin started to hum again and sway his hips in time to his music. Gil sat and watched.

After another few minutes, Gavin looked over his shoulder and said, “Hey, I know, let’s play a game.”

Gil pretended to be absorbed in his magazine as he asked, “What kind of game?”

“It’s really fun.” Gavin replied, then wheeled around and crawled the few feet over to Gil and crouched between his thighs. “It’s my very favorite game. It’s called ‘We Get Your Dick Out And I Suck On It’.”

“I don’t think so.” Gil replied.

Gavin reached over and ran his finger along the hard piece of meat that was swelling beneath Gil’s pant leg.

“Your mouth is saying no but your dick is saying yes.” he said and began to tickle the tip of the swollen head under the fabric.

“What do you expect, flouncing your ass around in front of me and then talking about sucking my dick?” Gil said.

Gavin closed his hand around the stiff meat and replied, “This is exactly what I expect unless you’re dead already. No one will ever know. Come on, I give expert blowjobs.”

Perched on his knees between Gil’s legs, Gavin stared into his eyes and then reached for his belt. Gil grabbed his hands but then let him go and Gavin unbuckled the belt, unhooked the waist band and pulled down the zipper of Gil’s slacks.

“You’re going to love this.” he told Gil. “Now, raise your ass so I can get your pants off.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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