Helen of Joys

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It had been several weeks since Helen and Paris had eloped from Sparta and Helen escaped the hard hand and salacious ways of her husband Menelaus who had left her to go to a family funeral. Helen was renowned for her exquisite beauty and had been pursued by many suitors; however, her father had arranged a marriage between her and Menelaus because he was wealthy and held high rank in Sparta. He, however, was flirtatious and unfaithful to Helen many, many times, including the time he was away at the funeral.

Early in her life, because of her rare beauty, Helen was kidnapped by men and delivered to an old man who ravished her young body. Helen’s brothers with a small army rescued Helen and took her to Sparta where she lived in the town of Aphidna.

Sorrowfully, Helen’s experience was a repeat of her mother’s who was both flesh and blood but immortal, too, because her father was the god Zeus, father of the gods, and her mother was the beautiful Leda, Queen of Sparta. Queen Leda was ravished by Zeus who came to her in the form of a swan. Thus, Helen was egg-born, and since her father was a god and her mother was a mortal, Helen was both flesh and blood as well as immortal.

When Menelaus had gone to attend the family funeral, young Prince Paris, son of Priam who was king of Troy, visited Sparta and at first sight fell in love with Princess Helen.

Menelaus was enraged when he returned home and found Helen and Paris had eloped. Hastily Menelaus gathered a group of stalwart warriors such as Odysseus and Acamas along with an army to set sail for Troy in pursuit of the pair.

It may have been Menelaus had not been so upset with Helen’s deserting him than it was about his manly pride having been hurt.

Therefore, looking back in time, it is, indeed, a tantalizing enigma to create a story about Helen, Princess of Sparta, whose face, it is said, launched a thousand ships. However, as with other such persons throughout history such as Robin Hood and King Arthur, the truth about Helen of Troy most likely lies somewhere between myth and history.


Helen stood on her spacious balcony outside the East wing of her luxurious and very exquisite bedchamber that had sitting rooms with baths off to either side. It was made entirely of the whitest marble, including the floor that felt cool to the feet, especially on hot days that often came to Troy; although, usually there were fair, cool breezes blowing out of the north from the Aegean Sea to moderate the temperature.

An arched, double-wide doorway led from Helen’s bedchamber onto the East side of the balcony that extended around three sides of her quarters, and between it hung white, shear, curtain hangings that blew with the breezes that let air into the rooms. There were also windows on the North side where there was always shade, on the East side to catch the morning sunrise, and on the West side to give view to the setting sun. Each window also had the same kind of hangings that were in between the bedchamber and balcony. The South end of Helen’s room led to the interior of the castle’s Great Room and Dining Hall.

Helen, as Princess, had everything any woman would envy and could desire. However, Helen was not happy. Since coming to Troy with Paris, she feared the pursuit of her husband Menelaus and his mighty army who would have set sail, bound for Troy to take her back to Sparta in disgrace and dishonor. The fact that Menelaus had been unfaithful many, many times was of no consequence in a man’s world. Only women were scorned and chastised for adultery or living a promiscuous life.

With these thoughts troubling her heart, mind, and soul night and day, Helen stood on her balcony looking across the land towards to the west of the Aegean Sea and the port of Troy, as she watched the golden sun slowly sinking as were her spirits. She knew Menelaus’ ships were sailing southeast bound for Troy.

Nevertheless, troubled in mind and soul as she was, she felt the cooling shore breeze caress her face and body that was clothed in a filmy, shear robe of pale pink. It was so shear the outline of her shapely body was quite visible as the sun’s parting rays of light created a shadow of her body through it. The breeze, pressing against her breasts, made her nipples hard and erect, and instinctively Helen brought her hands to her breasts and cupped them gently at first but then began to massage them, thinking that possibly turning her attention to her carnal lust and desires that were both strong and many could set aside her worries and quell the fears in her troubled mind, even if only for a short time.

Helen lifted her breasts and felt the weight of them, and while she held them in the palms of her hands, she rubbed her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. She also brushed her sensitive nipples softly with her fingertips, flicking them back and forth and pinching them from time to time. With mounting sexual arousal, Helen pulled her altyazılı porno nipples beneath her robe forward, extending her breasts from their natural, lovely shape, and twisted them in circles. Sexual images in her mind sent wanton desires throughout her body, especially in her vulva.

The lips of Helen’s vulva were already becoming engorged with blood, making them full and ruddy in color. Vaginal lubrication wet the outer edges of her vagina. Her large clitoris, growing hard and erect beyond its protective hood, tingled with sexual excitement.

“Oh, myyyyyyy. That feels so good. I love it when my pussy is excited with hunger for sexual gratification, creating the need for an orgasm,” Helen mused.

With those kinds of thoughts running through her mind, Helen brought her hands down from her breasts and slid the fingers of her right hand underneath the band that held the filmy, translucent robe together and pushed, sliding the band forward with the back of her hand until it opened and fell onto the patio. The breeze blew between the two pieces and separated them slowly until they wafted in the air, opening them apart. Helen shrugged her shoulders backwards and in circles until the rob fell gently and silently from her body, settling in folds around her feet. Helen now stood outside on her balcony quite naked.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Helen sighed, sliding her hands down her sides and onto her full, round hips.

She felt how warm her body was compared to the cool, evening air. Goose bumps rose up on her arms and around her pastel pink areolas on which her nipples stiffened. Helen stretched her fingers outward, making a fan of them and then moved them inwards over her abdomen that was pleasingly full and well defined. When her fingers met in the middle of her mid-section, Helen excitedly, but slowly, moved them down between her legs and onto her very, curly, light blonde pubic hair that covered her pussy from crease to crease on her legs. Helen loved to touch her womanhood, to feel her pubic hair covering her mons veneris, and then to work her way in between her pussy lips, both large and small. This really turned her on and got her juices flowing.

Helen worked her fingers from her mons down to her vulva and toyed with her sensitive clitoris, rubbing it with her fingertips and flicking it back and forth to change the sensations. However, each movement…every movement—carried Helen further and further into her sexual fantasies and wanton desires, her goal being to have her orgasm(s). She never knew if she would have just one orgasm or many since she was multi-orgasmic.

From her vibrating clit Helen pushed her fingers between her pussy lips and slowly slid them downward to her vagina, feeling the lips opening in front of her fingers as she moved them down and then having them close behind them with each movement. She did this until her fingertips came to the top of her vagina which she felt was already very wet with her pussy cream.

“Oh, yessssssss. I knew I’d be wet down there. I could feel the wetness even before I started my downward journey to my vulva,” Helen moaned.

As Helen hissed out her erotic feelings, she slowly inserted the first two fingers of her right hand into her gaping pussy, and to help things along, Helen spread her legs so there was an avenue for her fingers to use to enter her vaginal sheath.

Helen was so wet she was able to insert her fingers as far as they could go, feeling the ridges beyond the entrance of her vagina and then the soft tissue just beyond the ridges. She didn’t know what it was or what to call that sensitive place in her pussy. She just knew it felt good.

With such digital attention, Helen began to pant as she slid her fingers in and out of her vagina, trying to work her way to having her orgasm, but no matter how far she went inside herself or how fast she worked her fingers in and out, she never got herself over the top. She’d be close but not close enough. She was left hanging onto the edge but not able to get herself off. Helen was becoming more and more frustrated as time passed, and she tried so hard to cum, but the harder she tried the further away her orgasm retreated until she was lost in total frustration.

Finally, Helen decided maybe something she had in her bedchamber would help her cum, so she called for her handmaid Cassia whom she had brought with her from Sparta, a beautiful girl with fine features that were set off by her very dark hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes that curled at the tips, but most of all her luscious lips. Her eyes often seemed to look right through Helen’s or to let her know she knew what she was thinking or wanting.

“Cassia, would you come here please. I need you to get something for me,” Helen called again.

This time Cassia heard Helen calling and went directly to do her mistress’ bidding.

Cassia walked onto the balcony off Helen’s bedchamber where she stopped and stood in utter surprise and awe when she saw her mistress mobil porno standing stark naked with her legs spread apart, her robe lying at her feet, and her fingers shoved into her creamy pussy. Oh, it wasn’t that she had never seen Helen nude before. Often she was the one who helped Helen bathe and apply her toiletries. However, this was something totally different. There stood Helen, Princess of Sparta, all covered with sweat and breathing deeply because she had been finger-fucking herself so she could bring herself to orgasm.

With as much control as possible, Cassia steadied herself both inside and outside and asked, “Yes, Mistress Helen. Is there something I can do for you?”

Helen looked deeply into Cassia’s discerning, brown eyes, knowing she didn’t have to explain to her what she was doing. It was quite obvious what she was doing. Finger-fucking herself!

Trying to control her own emotions and breathing, Helen looked directly at Cassia as she was being looked at, and with quasi-regal demeanor, Helen, speaking slowly, said, “Yes, Cassia, there is something you can do for me. Obviously, you can tell what I am doing. I’m sure you play with your pussy, too, when the urges come. Don’t you? After all we are both women. Aren’t we?”

While still fixing her eyes on Helen, Cassia answered her questions, “Yes, we are both women, women with needs…sometimes physical as well as emotional. And, yes, I often play with my pussy in order to cum and get sexual release when self-love is the only way to be satisfied. I guess I could get men to be with me sexually, but from an early age I discovered I wasn’t attracted to males but to females. Therefore, I have enjoyed sexual trysts with some of the other women in Sparta as well as in this palace.”

Cassia waited to see whether Helen would look surprised or berate her for having such sexual liaisons, but when Helen said nothing, she asked, “And, yes, Mistress. What is it you want me to do for you, not sure where this was going to lead?”

“Cassia, I want you to go into my bedchamber and over to the stand by my bed. Slide your hand onto the first shelf and bring me my dildo. You do know what a dildo is…don’t you?” Helen asked.

“Oh, yes, Mistress Helen, I know what a dildo is. I have one myself,” replied Cassia.

“Good. Then you aren’t surprised with what I asked you to do. Are you?” asked Helen.

A slight smile crossed Cassia’s face, and there were small creases at the corners of her luscious lips. “No, Mistress, I’m not surprised nor shocked with what you asked me to do. It’s quite obvious what you were doing when I came onto the balcony. So, if you don’t have anything else to say to me or have me do, I’ll go do your bidding, get your dildo, and bring it directly to you.”

Helen smiled back at Cassia, feeling just a little self-embarrassed, but she felt quite relieved now that Cassia’s eyes told her that what she had just seen was done without being judgmental. However, her sensual needs were great, and she wanted something to help make her cum and get the sexual relief she needed so badly.

Cassia turned around and left Helen standing naked on the patio while she dashed through the white curtains into her bedchamber. She went over to the stand next to Helen’s large bed with which she was quite familiar since she often went to put things on or in it or get things from it in her service to Helen.

Cassia stopped at the stand by the bed and put her hand into the shelf below the marble top. She touched something hard, round, long, and cold that she knew by the feel of it was Helen’s dildo. When she had it in her warm hands, she saw it was made of the finest white marble with light blue veins running through it. It was as long as the width of four hands and as thick as a woman’s wrist. She also saw it was flat on the bottom but came to a very smooth, tapered round knob at the top. It was, indeed, phallic in design, the kind one often sees in Indian culture and statuary.

Before taking it to Helen, Cassia wrapped her left hand around its base, feeling its cool smoothness, and ran her right hand up slowly to the top until only the head was visible in her closed fist. Shivers ran throughout Cassia’s body at the very thought of its use, especially since she’d used her dildo so often in herself or had another woman use it in fucking her vagina. She knew the joy of sexual release it brought a woman. However, with a sigh Cassia turned around and took the dildo out to Helen whom she found still fondling herself with her pussy, cream-coated fingers between her legs, wanting to keep her sexual emotions alive.

“Here you are, Mistress Helen. Your dildo,” said Cassia as she stretched her hand towards her.

Helen took it into her hands, brought the head to her lips, and kissed it.

With a sheepish look upon her face, Cassia watched Helen kiss the dildo and asked, “Is there anything else I can do for you, Mistress Helen? Anything at all?” Cassia said suggestively by sex izle emphasizing the word ‘anything.’

“Not right now, Cassia,” Helen replied appreciatively, and as Cassia was turning to leave dejectedly, Helen continued, “but I might need you to do something for me later.”

Cassia looked quizzically at her mistress and said, “Yes, Mistress Helen. I’m here whenever you want me and for whatever you want of me.”

Having said that, Cassia turned and left the patio once more, leaving Helen alone as more of the sun was quite low on the western horizon, promising a beautiful sunset. Growing shadows from roof overhangs and corners on the palace made their presence known on Helen’s palatial balcony. Tall cypress trees stood tall below, and there were hills of olive trees growing on the hillsides that would provide fruit and oil for the palace.

Helen felt the dildo in her hand. She felt its coolness. She felt its roundness. Holding the bottom in her left hand, she, as did Cassia, measured its length by sliding her dainty right hand up from the bottom to the top and rolled it over sensually. She then slid her hand back down as she lowered her mouth onto the head and wrapped her red-colored lips around it.

Helen savored the feel of it inside her mouth. She swiped her tongue across the tip and changed its coolness with the heat of her salivating mouth. When she knew the dildo was very wet, she brought it down between her legs to put it into her open vagina. However, she first slid the head over her trembling clit. From her clit she continued down between her pussy lips until she reached her vagina, and when she was at the entrance, she thrust the dildo she had in her hand easily inside her. Helen took about nine inches of the dildo inside her vaginal sheath, leaving only the end she held in her hand.

Shudders of carnal joy flowed throughout her body wave after wave, lifting her sexual tension higher by degrees.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, let your servant enjoy the fruits of her labor, the culminating thrill of her orgasm, I pray,” said Helen. “And, Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, join her in aiming the arrow of carnal joy straight and true.”

By thrusting the dildo in and out, Helen heightened the intensity of her sexual arousal and felt her orgasm forming from deep within herself. She squeezed her thighs together to tighten the pressure of her vaginal sheath on the dildo, pushing it to the back of her womb past her cervix and out again over the soft, spongy area at the top of her vagina, and almost out to the entrance.

With each thrust Helen finally felt her orgasm coming, and to help it along she reached up with her left hand and used her fingers on her throbbing clit, rubbing it as fast as she could from side to side and being almost overwhelmed by the over-sensitive tissue of her clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, yes. Now. Let it be now. I shall NOT be denied my orgasm,” cried Helen as she finally, finally, felt her flesh erupt at her clit and around the dildo.

Helen was inundated with pure wanton pleasure as her clit throbbed and liquid ran out of her urethra and vagina. Now she felt as if she were on Mount Olympus in the company of the gods, and there she wanted to stay in order for all her pent up frustrations to vanish and bring her peace inside herself at last. After all she was half-goddess, a daughter of Zeus.

This orgasm was something she hadn’t felt for such a long time. Ever since she and Paris had eloped and fled from Sparta to Troy she had been on edge and feared the dire consequences that would befall Paris and her should Menelaus and his army make it and reach her. Deep down inside she knew if he did, there would be a terrible war between Sparta and Troy.

Helen looked down between her spread legs and saw a large amount of clear fluid that had shot out of her vagina and urethra during her orgasm lying on the marble balcony floor. It looked like water to Helen, but whatever it was Helen was exhausted after her orgasm. Her legs felt weak, and her whole body trembled. She breathed irregularly. Her heart pounded in her chest. However, this is quite normal after a woman experiences an intense orgasm such as Helen experienced.

Helen’s subconscious having weaved her into a euphoric, erotic state of mind was wont to give her up. However, Helen slowly withdrew the dildo all covered with her pussy cream and ejaculate from her vagina brought it to her face. She first put it to her nose and smelled her musk, and then she brought it to her mouth and licked the tip with her tongue. Once having a taste of herself, Helen opened her mouth and took it inside as far as she could and savored her womanly cream. She sucked and licked on the dildo until it was completely clean of all pussy cream and love juice.

“Ahhhhhh. That was so good. I love to cum and feel the sexual release and contentment it brings afterwards,” Helen whispered to herself with half-closed eyes.

However, Helen’s contentment and peace were transitory. Her conscious self worked its way through her peaceful subconscious and brought back her fear for herself and her future. Once more tears filled Helen’s eyes as she sobbed her sorrow into her hands with which she had covered her face.

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