Help From My Best Friend

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“I hate men. They’re all scum,” I said to my best friend over a glass of wine.

“What did Brett do now?”

“You know, the usual.”

“I don’t know why you stay with him. All he does is make you feel bad about yourself. Which is absurd. You’re a beautiful, curvaceous woman, and he clearly likes twiggy girls.”

She was right. I had been with Brett for three years, and he always made me feel bad for not being a smaller size.

“As a matter of fact–“

“Yes Tamara?”

“Nothing, never mind.”

“No, tell me please.”

“There’s something I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time.”

“OK, what is –“

“Fuck it.” Then her lips were on mine. I had never kissed a woman before. I noticed her lips were incredibly soft, and full. That is about all I had time to notice before she pulled away.

“Umm, is that what you wanted to tell me.”

“Yes! I am tired of seeing you get used and abused by that asshole. You are way too good for him. I just wanted Sincan Escort to let you know you have options.”

“Noted.” We went back to our glasses of wine.

A few minutes later, she said “It doesn’t have to be me, or even a woman. I know once upon a time you considered yourself bi-curious…”

She was right, back when I was about 20/21 years old, I had a definite curiosity about being with a woman. I was 26 now, and I still hadn’t explored that side of me. Tamara was an open, proud bisexual woman. She had given me something to think about. She left a few minutes later.

I got ready for bed, the whole time thinking about that kiss. I wish she hadn’t stopped. I wish I could have at least felt her tongue dueling with mine.

The next day, I made a decision. It was time to end my relationship with Brett.

He, of course, did not take it well. “I spent the last three years of my life with you, and you just dump me like that?”

“You never made me Escort Ankara feel good about myself, sexy.”

“Maybe if you lost a few pounds, you would feel sexy.”

“Good-bye Brett.” And that’s how I knew this decision was for the best. I didn’t feel sad at all when he walked away. I called Tamara right away. “Can you come back over tonight; I need to talk to you.”

“Of course, I’ll be there around eight.” It was around two. I had six hours.

After a quick stop at the grocery store, I went home and shaved, everywhere. Then I took a long hot bath, sipping on a glass or two of wine. I took the time to brush my long brunette hair and apply a bit of makeup. I put on a matching red bra and panty set, with a matching red silk robe. I cooked her favorite meal, garlic butter steak, scalloped potatoes, and broccoli.

She knocked at my door a few minutes past eight. I opened it and greeted her with a kiss. “Wow, what’s the occasion?”

“I broke up with Brett today.”

“Hallelujah!” Eryaman Escort Bayan Then she kissed me, this time with tongue. I pulled her into my bedroom and my bed. Starting with my lips, she kissed every inch of my skin she slowly revealed. I had never felt anything so sensual. Once I was nude, and fully warmed up, I returned the favor. When we were both naked, Tamara took the lead. She laid me down and spread my legs. Making her way up from my ankles, she slowly made her way back up to my center where I was throbbing for what was next. And when her pretty pink tongue finally made contact with the part of me that was longing for her attention, I could not hold my lower body down. I bucked while she ate and when she inserted her two fingers in a come-hither motion and stroked. My favorite part though was when the shaking ended, she came back up to kiss me again. I was turned on all over again tasting myself on her. Tamara was a very good instructor when it came time for me to return the favor.

Eventually we got around to eating the dinner I cooked. “Delicious,” she said.

“Not as delicious as you,” I replied.

She was my first woman, but not my last. I can now say I am an open proud bisexual woman.

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