Helping The Teacher

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I sat in my seat as the bell rang. The classroom slowly begun to settle as the teacher left his seat and started passing out our graded papers. I am Claire, a senior in high school. I’m eighteen years old. I have blonde hair to my shoulders and piercing green eyes. I normally keep to myself, but I am slowly learning how to open up a bit.

I watched my teacher as he walked across the room. His name is Mr. Jones. He looks to be about thirty-something. With has dark hair and crystal blue eyes, many students have a crush on him, but I am wasn’t one of them. I wasn’t very interested in romance at that time. Graduation is more important right now.

Mr. Jones handed me my test paper and I noticed that I didn’t miss any questions; a perfect one hundred percent! I smiled to myself and noticed that he was still standing beside my desk. I glanced back up at him in time to notice him lingering a moment too long before he walked to the next student. I put the thought to the back of my mind as I internally celebrated the small victory of my test score.

Once school let out, I got into my car, a small used sedan, and drove home. I had nothing better to do that night. I unlocked my door and walked in to notice a note on the table; my mother would be out shopping and then spending the night with some girlfriends. I had the whole house to myself for the entire night. It was the perfect time for getting my homework done.

In my room, I pulled out my textbook, read a chapter, and completed my worksheets. I decided to pull out my test paper and glance it over; the one from Mr. Jones’s History class. The test was three pages, stapled together, but I noticed a fourth page in the middle of them and decide to check it out. This is what I read:


You are an excellent student. Because of your recent grades, I would like for you to come to my classroom and discuss an important matter with me that would help me out greatly. I think it would be best to wait until Friday, after seventh period. Please don’t tell the other students about our meeting. It’s our secret.

A. Jones

I pulled the letter off of my test and re-stapled it back together. I walked to the living room to leave the test on my mom’s reading table for her to see. Once I walked back to my bedroom, I sat on my bed. Now that my homework was done, I could finally relax. I folded up Mr. Jones’s letter and put it in the nightstand by my bed, where I usually keep my private things, such as my thought journal, my diary, spare feminine products, my favorite perfume, and a sexy pair of panties that my mother bought me for my sixteenth birthday.

I glanced at the panties, then got them out of the drawer and laid them down beside me. As I got off the bed, I began to remove my shirt. I slipped out of my pants as my feet hit the floor. In front of the full length mirror, my body looked gorgeous; curves in all the right places. At 5’4″, I was a healthy 130 pounds. My mother has raved over my body and said she envies me, but I doubted it. Her body looked just as good, for a tall woman.

I removed the rest of my clothing and grabbed my favorite panties from my bed. I stepped into them and admired my reflection in the mirror. My skin tone looked great against the purple lace of the panties. I am white with a light tan.

I made my way towards the bed and sat down, faced the mirror and admired my body. I turned back around and laid straight down onto my pillow. Sleep slowly overtook me as I lay there, daydreaming.

I woke up Thursday morning, showered, and drove to school. The day was uneventful and there was nothing interesting to report. When I got home, my mother praised me for my good grade on my history test and started to tell me stories of her escapades with her friends.

I listened intently for about an hour, but I eventually found myself in my room again, tired. I changed into my favorite pajama pants and tank top and fell asleep.

Friday morning, I did my usual morning routine and drove to the parking lot. Once there, I got out of my car and I turned to grab my bag. Strangely, I heard a sound coming from the car next to me, beside the passenger seat of my sedan.

I sat back down in the driver’s seat and sneaked a peek at the other car, a small, black Lexus. I looked in the mirror on my sun blinder and noticed some movement from the Lexus in my peripherals. I looked into the passenger seat to get a better look at what’s going on, without being too obvious. Then I hear a sound I recognized; a female giggle. I slowly lifted my eyes and peeked into the other car.

To my astonishment, I saw a fellow student, Amber, in the back seat of the car beside me, beginning to take her top off. I thought, ‘Doesn’t she care that there are other students walking around the parking lot?’ Probably not, but she did need to realize that teachers were walking around nearby as well. At this point, my curiosity peaked and I decided to move over to my passenger seat to get a better look at the gaziantep escortları other car. I didn’t care if Amber knew I was watching; it was probably what she wanted anyway.

Amber finally got her top off and I saw two obviously male hands caress her breasts through her bra. From what I could tell, the guy was lying down in the back seat and Amber was straddling him. I saw Amber’s head turn in my direction and I sunk into the floorboard of my seat. I decided, at this moment, to stop watching and just get to class.

I crawled into my back seat to grab my bag. My eyes wandered back to the car out of curiosity and, to my utter surprise, I saw the man Amber was straddling. It was the captain of the baseball team, James Wright. She was lying down on the seat with her butt in the air and he was pounding away from behind. I didn’t realize I was staring until James winked at me from the other car. Turning red with embarrassment, I grabbed my backpack and got out of my car.

I walked into my first class of the day, Geometry, just as the late bell rang. During the the whole class, my mind started wandering to the sight I witnessed going on inside that car in the parking lot. I noticed my body reacting to my thoughts and decided to go to the restroom to cool off. Upon leaving the classroom, I noticed James and Amber in the front office. Either they got caught or they were in trouble for coming in late. Seeing them again made my mind wander and my juices started to flow a little.

Upon entering the bathroom, I noticed that I was the only one. With a small half-smile, I entered one of the stalls and closed the door. My mind wandered back to what I saw earlier. I remembered the curve of Amber’s back as she took her top off and those masculine hands touching her breasts. Unconsciously, I began to unzip the side of my skirt and I let it fall to the floor. My other hand begun inching up my stomach, below my shirt. Once my hand reached one cup of my bra, I tucked my fingers underneath it. My other hand began to explore other regions of my body; my legs, my stomach, my shoulders, and eventually, the top of my panties. The white silky lace clung to my body and accentuated every curve it covered.

I slowly parted my legs as my hand dipped below the surface of my panties. My swollen clit begged for attention, but I decided to wait and began stroking the tops of my lips, teasing my body into submission. The hand in my bra found its way to the top of my panties and began stroking the top of my hand inside. I pretended that I was touching a man’s erection through his clothes as I began stroking harder and faster. At that moment, my clit couldn’t wait any longer. My fingers dipped inside my lips and I cried out in ecstasy. My other hand pulled my panties down a little bit for easier access. I couldn’t suppress a small moan as my fingers went to work. The other hand found my dripping slit. Plunging beneath the surface, my single finger intensified my pleasure. Slowly, my ecstasy began to mount and I felt the beginning of a climax. I couldn’t help but cry out as wave after wave of pleasure took over my body.

As I waited for my breathing to return to normal, I heard the door to the bathroom open and close. I froze; my hand was still in my panties. I heard heavy footsteps walk across the restroom and stop nearby. Before I could react, the door to MY stall opened. I forgot to lock the door! To my surprise, it was not another female looking at me, but a guy! And it just so happened that this guy was none other than James, the one I saw fucking Amber! I quickly tried to pull my hand out of my panties and shut the door, but James held the swinging door open, checking me out from where he was standing. With my hands finally finding their way out of my panties, I grab my skirt from the floor, but was interrupted by James. “Leave it,” he told me. I glance up, into his eyes. I could see the lust, as well as another emotion I couldn’t place.

I don’t know why I did it. I still can’t tell you to this day, but I grabbed his arm and brought him into the stall with me, kicking my skirt to the side. “Do you like what you see?” I ask with a new-found confidence. He nodded slowly, seeming to get a little shy on me. After what I saw in the car earlier, I wasn’t buying it. He just stood there, staring at my panties. I pulled his chin upward, so he could look me in the face. I decided to go for it.

I took a step towards him, pressing my body into his. He didn’t need any more encouragement and firmly grasped my butt, giving it a little squeeze. His grip was tender, but forceful at the same time. I gently touched his lips with mine. Slowly, his lips began to move against me, eventually slipping his tongue into my mouth, which made me moan softly. He pulled away from me and quickly unzipped his pants. I hooked my finger into the waist and slowly pulled them down.

To my astonishment, he was wearing the sexiest pair of black boxer briefs that I had ever seen. I slowly began to rub the front of his pants, causing his erection to bulge out farther and farther. He moaned softly as I continued. Once I could feel that he was fully erect, I decided to take off his boxers completely; the moment I had been waiting for. I hooked my finger around the elastic band on his waist and slowly pulled downward. I got on my knees to get a better look at what I was about to uncover. To my surprise, I had to dodge the erection as it almost hit my face coming out of the shorts. James began touching the head of his penis with the tip of his finger, spreading the precum around it.

I stood up and started to pull down my panties, but James stopped me by shaking his head no. He keeled on the floor in front of me and started rubbing my hips and then moving along to my thighs. His hard hands felt so good against my skin. He pushed his face closer to the front of my panties, making me breathe harder. Slowly, his tongue came out of his mouth and touched the front of them and I moaned in surprise and pleasure. He worked his tongue around my panties, getting them wetter than they already were. I grasped the back of his head and ran my fingers through his hair.

Finally, James slowly pulled them off, dripping wet, without taking his tongue away. As I felt him on my bare skin, another moan escaped my lips. It was the first time I had ever felt a man’s tongue anywhere near my vagina. As his tongue grazed my swollen bud, he slowly inserted his finger halfway inside me, which caused the most violent orgasm I have ever felt. I came so hard that I lost my balance, falling into his arms.

As he wrapped his arms around me, his lips found mine. We kissed passionately for a few moments before he helped me to my feet. Once I composed myself, James pushed me against the side of the stall, holding my arms in place. He started slowly touching his bulging erection into my wetness, teasingly. Finally, he let go of my arms and I guided him into me. As soon as he felt my tightness surround him, he began thrusting, pushing me into the wall with each thrust. I began to think to myself, ‘What if someone walked into the bathroom and heard us? What if Amber came looking for her boyfriend?’

As these thoughts swirled around in my mind, I could feel my climax slowly getting closer and closer. I could also feel James start pumping into me faster and faster, as his orgasm came closer. Suddenly, James brought his face into my neck and started licking in rhythm with his thrusts. This sudden movement brought me over the edge, causing the muscles of my vagina to contract, strongly. James moaned loudly and thrust into me as hard as he could, one final time. I could feel his semen coat the walls of my vagina. It was a new sensation to me; warm and thick.

As I backed away from him, I picked up my clothing from the floor and dressed quickly. I pushed past him as he was putting his own clothes back on, and left the bathroom stall in a rush. It was almost time for seventh period, already. I washed my face in the sink, hurriedly, and rushed outside into the hallway.

Thankfully, the hallways were empty as I exited the restroom, because I noticed, upon departure, that I mistakenly walked into the men’s restroom earlier, instead of the women’s. That explained why James found me there in the first place.

As I roamed the halls, the class release bell rang and, slowly, the hallways became crowded. I pushed my way through to my locker and began twisting the lock’s combination. Normally, the hallways were louder than today, but the Beta Club was on a field trip. The quieter atmosphere felt a little bit eerie to me until, suddenly, I heard a female voice shrieking across the entire first floor.

“What do you mean, you are breaking up with me?!” Many students in the hallway stopped and looked around, searching for the female voice. I recognized the voice to be Amber’s and I assumed she was talking to James. “I just gave you the best fuck of your life this morning!” Many students began laughing and teachers started darting out of their classrooms to find the culprit of the noise.

I grabbed my book and closed my locker. I really didn’t care for drama, so I didn’t want to stick around, in case James told Amber the truth. The walk to my classroom was fairly short, but with many students standing around talking, it took me a whole five minutes to get from my locker to my seat. Once I sat down and began getting my book and notebooks ready, I noticed two things: I was the only student in the classroom and Mr. Jones was kicking back in his desk with his feet propped up. He was reading a novel.

I was feeling exceptionally bold, considering the outcome of my bathroom visit, so I decided to ask the teacher a question, “What book are you reading?” It was a simple enough query, but not many students have the audacity and boldness to speak to teachers in a familiarized voice about something as personal as a choice of reading.

Mr. Jones looked up from his book and replied, “It’s a biography about one of our nation’s greatest presidents.” With my curiosity peaked, I asked, “Which one? There are many biographies about many presidents.”

He smiled and answered me, amused, “It’s about only the best one we have ever had; General George Washington!”

I giggled at his enthusiastic reply, which intrigued me, so I delved deeper. I said, “I am really interested in his policies, which would more than likely fix quite a few problems with today’s politics.”

The teacher nodded at my reply, “Good thinking, Miss Marvyn. I planned on assigning the class a report on Washington, but I suspected that not many would take it seriously. They’d probably just copy their report from the internet or something.”

After his statement, the rest of the students entered the classroom, sat down and started preparing for the class. Mr. Jones marked his page and placed the book in his bag, symbolizing the end of the discussion. For the duration of the class, my thoughts wandered both to James, my new bathroom buddy, and the letter that Mr. Jones gave me a couple of days ago. Suddenly, I heard the bell ring and I picked my face up from my desk. I seemed to have drifted off to sleep during the lecture!

I glance at my wrist and decided to make a stop by my locker and drop my things at the car. Then, I would come back to the classroom and speak with Mr. Jones. As I left the classroom, the crowded halls emptied, which gave me plenty of room to find my locker. As I begun to turn the dials, I heard footsteps walking up the hallways toward me.

To my surprise, the footsteps stopped right behind me, which blocked me against the lockers. I decided to ask, “May I help you?” and as I awaited an answer, I placed my books in the locker and closed it.

Before I turned around, the invader answered, “I believe there are a few things you can do to help me.”

I instantly recognized the voice as that of Mr. Jones! I nervously turned to face him, realizing that he was just a little bit too close. When I tried to turn right and walk away, he brought his arm against the locker to my right, blocking me in. I turned to face him again as he took a step back, which freed me.

Suddenly, he turned towards his classroom and walked in. Dutifully, I followed. As I walked in, I saw empty desks, but not the teacher. I turned around, prepared to leave, but I heard the door shut and lock just as I noticed Mr. Jones reveal himself. I opened my mouth to speak, but I couldn’t find any words.

I decided to sit down in one of the desks closest to the relatively large teacher’s desk at the head of the room. Almost on cue, Mr. Jones walked to the front of his desk and leaned against it, facing me. He begun to speak, but I was so enthralled admiring his features that I didn’t hear a word he said. “Did you hear a word I said, Miss Marvyn?”

I flinched at the sharpness of his tone and quickly looked him in the eyes. I stammered, “Um, no sir. I was thinking about some stuff. I apologize.”

In response, the teacher walked to the front of my desk and leaned forward, staring daggers into my eyes. “What is the punishment for students who don’t pay attention when the teacher is speaking to them?”

My mind went blank. I couldn’t think of anything but my own embarrassment and the words he just spoke. My mouth moved on its own, open and shut, but no words would come out. I guess he decided to take pity on me, because he immediately turned around and picked up a sheet of paper from his desk. “Students who don’t pay attention in my class are given a yellow slip to the principal. But because the principal has left for the day, I have to think of some other form of punishment.”

I nervously nodded and got out of my seat. “I will do anything you ask of me.” I just wanted to get it over with and find out the real reason why he wanted me there, via the note. With an amused look on his face, Mr. Jones walked to his closet and pulled out a broom and dustpan. “The janitors didn’t have time to clean my room today, so you can sweep the room while I finish grading papers.”

Quickly, I grabbed the broom and began sweeping the dirt from the floor. I never noticed how dirty a classroom floor was until that day. I collected a good many pencils and pens as well as chewing gum wrappers and empty soda bottles. As I picked up the dustpan for the final time, Mr. Jones walked around the room, inspecting my work.

As I turned from the trash can in the corner, I could see him looking at one particular spot on the floor. With his back to me, he bent over and picked up something I missed. I couldn’t help but check out his butt in his loose khaki pants. It was small, round, and obviously had some muscle in it. Usually, I am not the type to look at a man’s butt, but it was hard not to, this time.

As he rose, I noticed a paper ball in his hand. He waved it at me and motioned a softball throw, preparing me to try to catch it. As he threw it, I raised my hand and caught it perfectly, throwing it into the wastebasket. “Nice throw, where did you learn your technique?” I asked curiously.

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