Henry’s Home for the Summer Ch. 06

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This is part of a series and will make more sense if you check out the earlier chapters first. The story involves female domination and bodily functions, so if either of those offends you, please read no further. All characters are 18 or over.


Robbie, Kathy’s slightly younger brother, had barely become accustomed to being under the supervision and control of Margaret Ames, the 30-something young woman who had been hired to be Henry’s governess for the summer while Henry was home from college. Since Robbie’s mother, Lenore, was duly impressed by how effectively Margaret had brought Henry to heel, she retained Margaret to do the same with her 18-year-old son.

Margaret had utilized Kathy, Robbie’s 19-year-old older sister and Henry’s girlfriend, in her effort. Having just caned Robbie for insulting Kathy, she placed him under Kathy’s direct supervision for the rest of the day and made it clear that Kathy would accompany him to the bathroom, where he would perform all ablutions in the seated, feminine position.

Both women responded when Robbie, having held out until he was becoming desperate, told Kathy that he needed to use the toilet.

“What do you need to do?” Kathy asked insinuatingly.

Robbie’s face was crimson when he responded that he needed to do “both.”

“Tell her exactly what you need to do,” Margaret snapped. Then she added, “You will use the terms ‘go wee-wee’ and ‘make a doody’ when you answer Kathy’s question.”

The 18-year-old boy was not accustomed to being treated so childishly. But he had more to learn from his feminine tormentors.

“Miss Kathy,” he began, hoping to access his sister’s warmer side, “I need to go wee-wee and make a doody. May I use the toilet now?”

Kathy looked at Margaret who nodded affirmatively and answered, “We will take you to the bathroom so you can see how this will work.”

“Please, Miss Kathy,” Robbie now pleaded, “I don’t want to go in my…panties.”

Both Kathy and Margaret smiled as Robbie acknowledged for the first time the fact that he had been made to wear panties, pink ones at that, under his male clothing.

They walked with him to the bathroom, choosing the one Kathy had picked out for herself, which was decorated in pink, femmy patterns and had a small toilet seat which made it difficult for a male sitting on it to fit his equipment under the front of the ring.

Robbie was told to sit himself on the seat after taking down his trousers but not his panties. He felt awful sitting there ready to relieve himself but forced to sit with his panties up. Wearing the pink panties and having the girls watch him in them as he squirmed made him feel even more self-conscious.

“Do you think it is time to allow him to pull down his panties and tinkle?” Kathy asked Margaret, as if she were posing a major philosophical problem.

“He can do with waiting a bit more,” Margaret said calmly. “You know that boys usually can hold it in better than we can.”

Robbie winced and then let out a cry when he involuntarily, or so it seemed, let out a tiny leak of pee into his panties. The women immediately had him stand up and they saw the small wet stain on the front of his panties.

“This naughty boy has started to pee in his panties,” Kathy said sharply to Margaret.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I really am,” Robbie pleaded. “I really do need to go, sis.”

“You will continue to call her Miss Kathy,” Margaret reminded him. “And I better not see any more pee come into those panties or you’ll be a sorry young man.”

She then told Robbie he could pull down the panties, sit on the seat, and pee, but that he better not get the seat wet and he was not given permission to make a doody yet.

Robbie thanked her and sat down, but his fear now made it difficult for him to start peeing, although he was under severe pressure from an overfilled bladder.

“You’d better start or I will revoke your permission and make you wait until later,” Margaret said. “These boys are quite troublesome in their asking to pee and then not peeing.”

Finally they both heard his stream start and suddenly, Margaret said loudly, “Stop peeing right now!!”

Robbie had trouble obeying but casino oyna he somehow clamped his sphincter closed and it strained more than when he had started.

Margaret remarked to Kathy that it was good training to make him start and stop a few times.

Finally he was allowed to finish and he was told to shake his penis so he did not drip pee into his panties. He renewed his request to make a doody.

Margaret had him stand and get back on the toilet facing the back with his ass cheeks facing them. Then she told him to hold his cheeks open for her inspection. She put on a plastic glove and felt his anus, probing inside with one finger until it touched the bowel movement inside waiting to be permitted to emerge.

“He definitely does need to go, Kathy,” Margaret said to Robbie’s sister, who was having a hard time restraining herself from giggling at the amusing situation of her brother being made to hold his poo in until given permission by the imperious governess.

Then Margaret told him to go ahead and position his asshole over the toilet seat opening and do his business.

He carefully adjusted his position so that his anus was now over the bowl opening and strained to start the defecation. It took a few moments but Margaret and Kathy watched with gaping eyes as the thick brown turd slid quickly out of Robbie’s small puckered anal opening.

Then he made another one and when it tailed off in a point, he said he thought he was finished.

“You will be allowed three sheets of toilet tissue to wipe yourself clean,” Margaret intoned, “and you had better make sure you use them carefully as you will be inspected.”

Robbie was amazed at the degree of interference the women had reached in their supervision and control of his bodily functions as he carefully used each sheet to wipe his anus. He looked at the first sheet and saw that he had apparently a sizeable quantity of fecal matter around his anal opening so he rubbed thoroughly and lengthily with the second and third sheets.

Then Margaret took a white cloth and rubbed over his anus and pushed the cloth into his hole.

It emerged with a brown smudge at the center that came from inside his anal ring.

“You have failed the inspection,” she announced.

“Miss, please, you pushed inside,” he whimpered.

“That’s where you should have cleaned,” she admonished him, “instead of wasting the tissue on the outside when it was already cleaned.”

“Boys are so messy and incapable of keeping themselves clean, it sometimes seems,” she said deprecatingly to Kathy.

“He’s always been disgusting,” Kathy confirmed with a barely-suppressed grin.

“Maybe we should have him jerk off,” Margaret said whimsically.

Robbie’s face blanched as he foresaw being required to masturbate embarrassingly for these women.

“Yes,” Kathy answered with alacrity, “I remember once I caught him jerking off into a pair of my panties he had taken from the laundry hamper.”

“Maybe we should make him wear your soiled panties, Kathy,” Margaret said. “It would probably turn him on.”

Robbie was now wondering whether his friend Henry had gone through this kind of initiation. He cursed his mother for getting him into this awful situation.

Kathy helped advance the progress of the occasion by reaching under her skirt after she had turned away from Robbie, still seated on the toilet, and pulled her lime green panties down and off.

Margaret took them from her and held them in front of Robbie’s face.

“Here,” she said bluntly. “I want you to play with your little thing until you spurt into her panties.” Before handing them to him, she placed the crotch over his nose. She could see where Kathy’s vaginal secretions had stained the gusset and Margaret was glad that the panty crotch obviously bore a strong feminine smell.

Robbie winced at the forced intake of his sister’s vaginal odor from the worn panties but he then began to rub his penis, which had already become quite erect from the excitement his discipline had aroused. He spit into his hand and rubbed his penis with those wet fingers and suddenly he ejaculated and managed to do it right into the panty crotch.

Kathy and Margaret canlı casino told the humiliated boy how well he had performed and then Margaret told him to remove the pink panties she had made him put on earlier. When he had done so, she handed him Kathy’s lime green ones, filled now with his cum, and ordered him to pull those up tight.

Robbie was amazed at the sadistic imagination of his governess, as well as his sister, but did as he was told.

“Doesn’t he look cute in your panties?” Margaret asked Kathy coyly.

“Yes, he looks surprisingly girly,” Kathy commented with equal lightness.

“Would you like to spank him for his dirty asshole?” Margaret asked her.

“I guess so,” Kathy answered and beckoned Robbie with her little finger to come and get across her lap as she sat on a dressing stool in the commodious bathroom.

First, she told him to pull down his panties: “You don’t get spanked on your panties, you silly boy.”

Robbie subjected himself to this added punishment and assumed the position across Kathy’s skirted lap.

Kathy pushed her skirt up far enough so that she was able to ensnare his flaccid penis between her thighs.

Robbie grimaced as he felt his sister’s powerful legs clamp on his member but resigned himself to every humiliation the women might have in store for him. Summer would end before long, he thought, in a rare hopeful moment of thought.

Kathy began to spank him and made sure that her skirt did not go up far enough for him to see her bare pussy, since she obviously had removed the panties he was now wearing.

Margaret had other ideas, however, and Kathy was to find out that in some ways, her role was not entirely her own to define.

After Kathy had spanked both of his bottom cheeks alternately and they had become redder, Margaret told her she thought he had been spanked adequately and bade Kathy stop.

Then she told Robbie to stand.

Kathy was still sitting on the dressing stool with her skirt partly up so that her bare snatch was on full display. She looked up and saw Robbie staring between her legs.

“He’s peeking at my crotch!” she wailed to Margaret.

“Indeed he was,” Margaret confirmed. “So we shall have him get a closer look.”

Kathy was confused by Margaret’s response—for a moment.

Then she watched in awe as Margaret instructed Robbie to get down on his knees and between Kathy’s legs and “licker her right in there until she cums.”

Robbie listened to the shameful order and wanted to resist because he cringed at the idea of licking his sister’s cunt. But then he thought that it might be interesting to get up close and personal that way and remembered how much he enjoyed the taste of his own girlfriend’s vaginal juices on his fingers when sniffed them after he had begun making out with her.

So he assumed the ignominious position of putting his face under Kathy’s skirt and moved up so he was staring at her hairy pussy, the dark hair on her mons extending over the pinkish lips that he moved ever closer to and now began to lick a bit cautiously.

“Get your face in there and lick me good,” Kathy ordered. “I want to feel your tongue inside.”

Robbie pursued his assigned task now with gusto. The pheromones from his sister’s pussy doubtless excited him and he licked her and got his face into the wet vulva until her cunt juice was smeared across his face.

Soon Kathy began to buck and writhe with pleasure from the tonguing she was getting. Margaret enjoyed watching the two attractive blonde siblings going at this slightly-short-of-incest activity.

Kathy came hard and squirted quite a quantity of her bodily fluids right onto Robbie’s already smeared face and into his open mouth. For a second, Robbie thought she had peed on him in her ardor. Then he realized that this fluid was not salty. He had never before orally brought a girl to climax.

Robbie had to take a moment to recover and Kathy quietly told him he could move back and stand up now. Having come, she was not as thrilled to have him still engaged in her intimate area.

“Were you satisfied with his performance?” Margaret asked in a non-committal tone.

Kathy was less able to restrain kaçak casino her emotions and despite her general distrust of her younger brother, she was still in a bit of an afterglow from her cum, which had been quite powerful.

“Oh yes,” Kathy gushed.

“I think we’ll put a butt plug in him and lock him into some nice tight Spanx for the rest of the night,” Margaret said brightly.

“But…it’s only six o’clock?” Robbie said, wondering what this latest indignity met.

“Naughty boys get early bedtimes,” Margaret announced to answer his unspoken question.

“Do you mean I have to go to bed…now?” Robbie asked.

“Of course,” Margaret answered sharply. “And if you need to pee or use the bathroom, you will have to get up and ask Kathy’s permission. If she feels you have behaved well enough to be given permission, she will unlock your Spanx and supervise you in the bathroom. I will using the bedroom next door so I wouldn’t try any funny business if I were you,” Margaret added with a knowing grin. “Now Kathy may be out for a while so you may knock on my door for permission as I will be here.”

She undertook the responsibility knowing that Kathy had a date that night with Henry. Soon the lithe, little blonde got dressed for her date, which involved her putting on fresh panties to replace the ones that Robbie had jerked off into. She picked out a cute maroon thong that exposed her charming bottom cheeks. Then she applied some of her favorite perfume to her knees and armpits and chest before donning her favorite skirt and blouse outfit for the date.

Henry’s parents were out for a late evening connected with his work so the couple decided to enjoy the chance to make out in Henry’s room. Henry was deliciously attentive to Kathy, for whom he had gained renewed respect on top of his previous affection, because of the training Margaret had provided.

For her part, Kathy enjoyed being with a boy she did feel strongly for, and for whom she had sympathized even when she had watched Margaret cane him. She hoped Henry would not hold that against her because now that she had exercised her authority that afternoon over Robbie, who was still her annoying kid brother, she was in the mood for some more meaningful sexual contact.

Henry was amazed that Margaret, in Kathy’s telling, had treated Robbie so severely and especially had had the younger brother lick Kathy to orgasm between her legs. But he soon realized that this had turned Kathy on even more than usual, and he knew his girlfriend was a hot little number.

He welcomed her to his bedroom, as girly as Margaret had made it, and the two crawled under the covers after quickly disrobing. Henry loved feeling Kathy’s tits, which had long pointed nipples now that she was excited anew. He then softly let his fingers roam down her torso and start to tease her hairy split. He was slightly surprised to find her so wet already but then he remembered that even though it was a while ago, she had cum fairly recently from Robbie’s oral ministrations.

Soon they were going at it hot and heavy. Henry had his fingers deep in Kathy’s cunt and she for her part was using her index finger to massage his prostate in his anal opening. Henry was afraid he would explode before his cock even was inside his girlfriend.

He turned her over and got between her spread legs and guided his member into her sopping, incredibly hot pussy. He started thinking that there was no place he would rather be than inside her warm, welcoming vagina. He began to thrust and he felt her vaginal walls press back on him in an increasingly powerful rhythm.

He wanted to give her some added stimulation so he used his finger to graze the very tip of her hard little clit and he felt her vagina get even warmer as he continued to fuck her. Soon they both felt the moment of crisis approaching and Henry knew that she was about to pop. He held off as best he could and heard her murmuring, “Now now now,,,” and then he did feel the cum welling up until it entered his cock and passed that wonderful point of his no longer being able to hold off.

Kathy gripped him with her fingernails pressing into his back and her legs curled around him. As they came down from their marvelous moment, each let out a breath and they kissed deeply. Kathy began thinking about how much her being allowed to dominate Robbie had made her day and now her exciting bedtime with Henry had made her night.

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