Her Awakening Ch. 11

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Thanks again to all who have sent feedback. If you have any suggestions for future chapters, feel free to share them with me. I have used a few from the past. I hope you enjoy this latest chapter.


Jake looked at the display of his cell phone and recognized the number as Penny’s. He let the voice mail pick it up and contemplated whether to call her back, or continue to work the woman in front of him for what he wanted this evening.

The woman in front of him was Trisha, a 39 year old executive from his job. She was nice looking, but no knock-out. She was small, maybe 5′ 3″ and a little round for her height, but she had curves in all the right places. Her butt was round, but not huge. Her legs were short, but shapely. And of course her tits seemed to be way too big for her small frame. Since his recent experiences with Penny and Victoria, Jake had decided that he was most interested in older woman. He had ignored Trish’s little sexual comments in the past, but now, he was a bit more interested. However, he was not sure how good Trish might be. Penny was a sure thing and nasty as he could find.

They were at a bar near their work enjoying a drink and shamelessly flirting with each other. Jake thought to himself, “Should I blow this off for Penny, or should I pursue this and see how good this old broad is?” He decided, he would do Trish, and if it was disappointing, he would call Penny later. He put the phone down and Trish asked him who it was.

“Just some other broad.” He stated matter-of-factly. He had learned that the more competition these older ladies thought they had, the more things they were willing to do.

“Oh really?” She said back with a bit of distain in her voice. “You need to call he back?” She snapped, as she turned away from him, figuring she would get an apology.

“You know what? I wasn’t going to, but I think I will now. I’ll see you at work tomorrow.” He said as he stood up to leave. Jake had seen this play before, and he was not going to let her get away with it.

“I’m Sorry.” Trish said. She was now the one apologizing. “Don’t go. I didn’t mean to act like a jealous girlfriend. Sit down; I will buy you another drink.”

“I got her!” Jake thought to himself. There would be no need to call Penny tonight. “Not long from now, I will have Trish face down in her bed begging me fuck her silly.” He thought. He sat back down and ordered another Jack and Coke.

Trish let out a sigh of relief and again began to apologize for her behavior. She had been flirting with this hunk of a boy since he started working there, and she wasn’t going to screw up her chance to have him.

Jake sat back and sipped his drink and acted aloof. He now knew he had Trish right where he wanted her. As she continued to apologize, he almost ignored her. She in turn began to heap all kinds of attention on him. She flirted with him. She laughed at everything he said. Then she placed her hands on his leg and began to massage his thigh as she came on too strong.

Soon she invited him to her house and Jake accepted. They drove separate cars to her house and when they got inside, Trish excused herself to go to the restroom. Jake made himself comfortable and waited for the inevitable.

When she returned she sat next to him and started some small talk. It wasn’t too long before Jake was bored and got right to the point.

“You gonna suck my cock or what?” he asked.

Trish didn’t even act surprised. She leaned over and began to unbuckle his belt and pants. Within second, she had his semi-hard cock buried in her warm, hungry mouth. She was no amateur, she sucked and licked and stoked his growing shaft like a pro. His cock grew to its full length in no time.

Jake grabbed the back of her head and began to push her down hard on every down stroke. His cock went deeper and deeper and deeper every time. Soon her nose was feeling the tickle of his pubes and her throat the push of his cock head. She was pleasantly surprised at its length and girth; she couldn’t wait to feel it in her pussy.

“Yeah baby, that’s it, suck my cock good. You been waiting for this for a long time huh?” he said.

Trish just continued to swallow his pole. Jake grabbed her hair and pulled her off.

“I asked you a question.” He snapped. “You’ve wanted my cock for a long time huh?”

Trish just looked at him and continued to stroke his rock hard member with her small hand. “Yes.” She admitted.

“You’ve wanted to fuck me since you first saw me huh?” He teased.

“YES!” she gasped.

“Tell me how bad you want my cock.” He told her, still holding a handful of her hair.

Trish was taken back by his demeanor. She never expected that. His dominance brought back many feelings that she had long forgotten.


Trish was always a curious young lady when she was discovering herself as a teenager. When she lost her cherry at 16, it was just the beginning of a long, fulfilling journey to womanhood. She had a few different partners for the remainder of her high school days, and she discovered she really enjoyed sex and all the pleasures it brought. She learned how to suck cock, and she Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort had intercourse in many different places and positions. She was a smart girl and was accepted to a university a long way from home. Her parents sent her to get an education, and an education is what she got.

Trish was a good student, but when studying was over, she relished in the fact that mom and dad were not there to curtail her activities as they had in high school. She and her dorm mates had lots of fun every chance they had. Trish and one girl in particular, Holly, became quite competitive sexually. They both were attractive and on more than one occasion they had competed for the attention of a certain guy. When they both met Kevin at a frat party, the Battle Royale commenced.

Kevin was tall, good looking and best of all, rich. Both girls pursued Kevin openly that first night, but Trish was the one who ended up in his bed. When she began to brag about it the next week, Holly made it her mission to take him from Trish.

After dating for a few months, Trish discovered that Kevin had been cheating on her with Holly. When she confronted Kevin his only reply was, “She does things you don’t.”

“How do you know I won’t do what she does?” Trish replied. “I would do anything you asked.”

Kevin was a devious rich kid and saw this opportunity to have even more fun than he was already having. “You would huh?” he asked

“Yes, try me.” She retorted

“OK,” he said, “Get down on your knees and beg me to suck my cock.”

Trish dropped immediately and looked up at Kevin. “May I suck your cock please?” She asked.

“I said beg me!” he snapped.

“Pleeeeeease, let me suck your cock.” She pleaded.

Kevin took out his dick and fed it to Trish. As she sucked he began to humiliate her.

“That’s a good little slut” he told her. “Suck my cock good.”

Trish sucked like she had never before, determined to show him she was worthy of keeping around. Kevin continued to take advantage of the situation.

“Get up slut, take off your clothes.” He told her.

Trish stood and stripped. He bent her over the bed and fucked her from behind hard and fast.

“You like that?” he asked.

“Yes.” She answered.

“Tell me how much you like my cock.” He told her.

“I love your cock in my pussy.” She replied. “Don’t stop fucking me.”

“Tell me what a cock whore you are.” He told her.

“Oh yes, I am a cock whore. I love cock. I want it all the time.” She moaned, not believing what was coming out of her mouth. The excitement of it all had gotten to her. She had never been turned on so much in her life. She moaned and begged to be fucked the whole time.

Not wanting to waste the opportunity he had, Kevin pulled his cock out of her pussy and placed it at the opening of her ass, and started to push it in.

“NO!” Trish shouted.

“Shut up slut!” he hissed, and he pushed it in.

His cock was not real big, but it still hurt her virgin ass. He slowly found a rhythm as she sobbed from the pain and humiliation. However, after a few minutes, the pain subsided, and Kevin again began to talk nasty to her and her arousal returned. Trish even began to push back into Kevin as he drove his unit into her anal passage.

“You like my cock in your ass huh?” he said.

Trish just moaned.

“Tell me.” He shouted.

“I like it!” she gasped. “I like your cock in my ass. Please fuck my ass harder.”

Kevin obliged her. His rhythm picked up and he fucked her long and hard until he was ready to cum. Then he ordered her to turn over on her back. He grabbed his cock and stroked it until he came all over her nice big tits and face. Then ordered her to clean herself up and eat his cum, which she did.

That began a two year Domme/Sub relationship. Kevin treated her like a piece of meat to be used and abused. The more he used her, the more she learned to like it. He fulfilled all her needs sexually and she grew to love it and need it. Her devotion to him and his cock were uncontrollable.

However, one day Kevin decided he was done with her and brushed her off. This was devastating to Trish. She didn’t know how to handle it. She sulked and moped for months. Eventually she committed herself to her studies and graduated high up in her class. She didn’t date for several years. Then when she finally did, she sought out nice guys and told herself she would not let that happen to her again.


Trish heard the alarms going off in her head. “No!” she thought. “I can’t let this happen again.” She tried to get up, but her body was paralyzed. Jake looked at her as he still held her hair.

“Tell me!” he scolded her.

The demand in his voice was stimulating. Her already wet pussy was now tingling with anticipation. She looked him square in the eyes and spoke.

“I want it. I want your big cock. Give it to me please. I need it. Tell me what a slut I am, I love it.” He was a little surprised at the extent of her nasty talk and her submission.

Jake guided her face back down onto his rigid member. “That’s what I thought. You are just another old nasty broad, a slut like all the rest.” He told her Trish felt all her desires rushing back. All those feelings she had tucked away, never to be felt again took over her body. She devoured his cock like a hungry whore. She reached under her skirt and found her wet panties and started fingering her clit through them. Jake used her mouth to ready his cock for her pussy and Trish ate it up. Not long after she started fingering herself, the first orgasm hit. It was incredible, she could not remember the last time she felt such an explosive one. She screamed as much as she could with a large cock filling her mouth.

Jake could feel his own orgasm approaching and as Trish came down from hers, his rushed to the surface. He exploded in her mouth.

“Swallow my cum!” he spat. “Take it like a good slut.”

Trish did as she was told. Every drop of his seed went down her throat and she savored the long forgotten flavor. When he was through, Jake pushed her off and ordered her to strip for him.

Trish rose and very seductively removed every article of clothing she was wearing, enticing Jakes cock back to life the whole time. When she finished, Jake ordered her to finger fuck herself as he watched. She drove two fingers in to her horny hole as she fingered her clit. Jake watched as her full breasts shook with every motion. Trish had three fingers inside and was fast approaching another orgasm when Jake stood up and ordered her to bend over the back of the couch.

Trisha turned and did as she was told. Jake walked behind her and positioning himself behind her. Placing his cock at her opening he drove it all the way in.

“YES!!!!” Trisha gasped.

Jake pulled back and slammed it back in.

“Oh my!” She moaned. “Your cock is so big.”

Jake pounded her again.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” She cried.

“You nasty old slut. You love cock don’t you?”

“Yes, Yes I do. I love cock. I love your cock. Fuck me like the slut I am.” She cried, falling further into her old submissive tendencies.

Jake just grabbed onto her hips and pounded her pussy for all he was worth. He was somewhat surprised at how fast Trisha had turned into a cock loving slut, but he loved it. He knew this would be a fun fuck whenever he wanted it. He was enjoying the fuck when he was once again surprised by Trisha.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass.” She screamed. She had not been this turned on in years, and it just came out.

Jake gladly indulged her. He pulled his cock from her pussy and started pushing it into her dark hole. Stopping briefly, he spoke, “Beg me!”

“Pleeeeease, put it all the way in. I want your big fat cock in my ass.” Trisha pleaded.

Jake drove it all the way in and began forcefully pumping her asshole. Trisha screamed and moaned with every thrust. Soon she had another orgasm. Her body bucked and shook as it coursed through her.

“Oh yes, Fuck my ass. I’m Cumming!” She screamed. I love big hard cock in my ass. Fuck it hard. Cum in my ass. I want to feel it fill me up.”

Jake couldn’t believe his ears. Penny and Victoria had nothing on this nasty old broad. “Do all 40 year old broads like sex this much.” He asked himself. He drove his cock in deep and reached under Trisha to squeeze her tits. He grabbed hold and mashed them with his large hands. Then he pinched her nipples hard, as he began to grind his cock deep inside her tight asshole.

Trisha squealed with delight, “Yes, pinch my nipples. I like that. Play with my big tits.”

Jake felt his balls tingle and he shot his entire load inside her bowels. As he grunted and she felt his warm spunk fill her, Trisha begged for it, “Oh yea, give me your cum, fill my ass with it. I love the feel of it inside me.”

When he was spent, Jake pulled out and walked around to the front of the couch, ordering Trisha to clean his cock. She licked him clean as the cum dribbled from her hole and down her pussy and onto her leg. Jake put his clothes on and headed for the door.

“See you at work tomorrow.” He said with a giggle in his voice.

Trisha stood up, and then collapsed on the floor. She reached down between her legs and scooped up the cum oozing form her and licked it. Enjoying the taste as well as the moment, she thought to herself, “Boy am I in trouble. That was the best sex I have had in forever, and I the only thing I want is more.”

Penny decided Jake was not coming over to play with her and Victoria, so instead of wasting the night, she decided she would just have some more fun with Victoria. After bringing her home from the store, Penny had made Victoria do as before, and when they got in the house she ordered her to strip, get on her knees and then she put the leash back on. Leading her around the house the rest of the day had tormented Victoria because it turned her on to be treated this way, and because Penny had not allowed her to remove the but plug. Whenever Penny wanted to move, she made Victoria follow. Victoria’s big fat tits, would sway back and forth as she crawled around the house, and the butt plug would stimulate her. Penny would then grab the base of the plug and grind it into her ass until Victoria was almost creaming from her pussy. She used the riding crop on her mercilessly all day, smacking her pussy lips and her ass until both were tender to the touch. Then when they returned to the living room, she ordered her to sit on the floor next to the couch. This was even more torture for Victoria as her heels would push the plug in further. The whole day Victoria was on the verge of climax, but Penny would not let her.

Penny got up again and grabbed the leash, “Let’s go Tramp.” Pulling Victoria down the hall, she led her into the “play room”.

“You have been a good tramp today; I think you deserve a reward. Penny made her sit again. Then she raised her skirt, revealing her smooth wet pussy. She sat on the edge of the bed, and ordered Victoria to make her cum.

Victoria crawled to her and planted her face in Penny’s sex. Savoring her smell and taste, Victoria pleasured her mistress as best she could. She licked, and sucked and nibbled the aroused organ until Penny was screaming with delight.

“Good girl, Penny like’s that. I’m going to cum real soon. Keep that up my nasty little tramp. Yes, Yes, Yes.” She praised Victoria.

Victoria just lapped it up, like a dog drinking from a bowl. When Penny grabbed her head and mashed it into her groin, Victoria knew she was close. She bit down roughly on Penny’s clit and Penny screeched with pleasure as she came all over Victoria’s face. Jake’s cum was the only flavor Victoria liked more that Penny’s cum. She devoured the fluids as they ran from Penny’s hole.

When Penny had recovered, she ordered Victoria to her haunches again and made her way to her dresser of goodies. She reached in and pulled out her favorite strap-on. Turning to Victoria, she spoke.

“Your turn my tramp.”

Victoria beamed with excitement. She couldn’t wait to feel that inside her. Little did she know it would be one of the most stimulating fucks of her life.

After putting on the dildo, Penny instructed her to come get it ready. Victoria eagerly sucked it full of her own saliva. Then Penny instructed her to bend over the bed. Victoria felt Penny approach her. When Penny grabbed the base of the butt plug and wiggled it a bit, Victoria expected her to remove it. Imagine her surprise when all of the sudden she felt the big slick rubber cock fill her pussy while Penny still played with the butt plug.

The surprise almost immediately turned to extreme pleasure as Penny drove her fake cock into Victoria. It was a totally new and wonderfully stimulating feeling. Victoria screamed with delight. She had heard of double penetration, but had never experienced it. The two intruders rubbed against each other, separated by only a thin layer of skin. Victoria was so aroused from her long day of torment, that it was only about ten stokes before she was Cumming all over penny cock.

Victoria screamed and moaned out while her body tingled and shivered. When she finished, Penny just continued to probe her holes. Pounding her pussy with her fake dick, she began to talk.

“You like that my nasty slutty tramp? You like having both of your holes filled? She asked.

Victoria instantly moaned an approval.

“You are mine now, tramp. I am going to use you and teach you how to obey. I am going to use you as a toy. Parade you around to all my male friends and watch as they treat you like the cum loving slut you are.” Penny told her, as she furiously pounded her holes from behind.

Victoria wasn’t paying much attention to what Penny was saying. Her bottom half was so aroused, her head was not thinking. She heard the nasty talk, and it just brought her closer to Cumming.

“You want to be my nasty slut?” Penny asked.

Victoria just moaned, “Yes!”

“Maybe next time we can invite three men over and we can fill all your holes.” Penny suggested.

Victoria heard that. She imagined three men ravishing her body. Sucking a cock and being fucked in her other holes. The image was more than she could imagine. That plus all that Penny was doing to her made her second orgasm explode through her.

“I’m Cumming!” Victoria announced. Her body shook again and again as Penny relentlessly fucked her the whole time.

As Victoria recovered, Penny removed her fuck tool and grabbed Victoria’s leash. “Come my tramp, I need a bath and I you will be giving it to me.” She told her.

Victoria rose then withered to the floor to be led on her hands and knees to the bathroom.

Penny ordered her to run the bath. When it was ready, Victoria helped undress Penny. Penny removed the collar and the two women entered the huge tub. Victoria didn’t need any instruction. She grabbed the soap and with her hands, she lathered Penny’s entire body. Victoria admired Penny’s body and enjoyed the whole experience. She ran her hands over Penny’s perfect tits. Penny’s nipples were hard and Victoria teased them a bit. Running her hands down her flat stomach she reached her smooth pussy. Victoria lingered there for a few moments, slipping her fingers between the lips. Finding her clit she rubbed it a few times. Then she lathered down her hard shapely legs. Moving to the rear of her body she returned up Penny’s legs and to tight smooth ass. Victoria massaged it for a long time, wishing her ass was as nice. Then she washed Penny’s back.

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