Her China Boy

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Ngyuen knelt, gritting his teeth as Verraine walked Brick around the room, laughing. “You remember? I met Ngyuen through GimmeCupid, and he was really showing me off when we first got together.”

Brick chuckled in amused contempt. Brick had been getting laid regularly all his life. He could call a girl up on GimmeCupid and just say “I’m six foot five, one eighty, I get laid all the time, call me” and she would. One had gotten so upset that Brick dumped her, she’d left her panties on the windshield of his Lexus.

“You know, Ngyuen was a goddamn virgin when you met him, right? I mean, he was so hot to have you, motor boating his mouth between your tits at the dinner table, showing off for me, ’cause he finally got some.”

Ngyuen looked up at Brick and Verraine leaned over and slapped him, hard. “Eyes on the floor, Chink-boy.” It was hard growing up as an Asian male in America. Ngyuen’s sisters had had tons of boyfriends, but Ngyuen had been alone for so long.

Even after he worked out and got in shape, girls just wanted to talk to him about why Brick and the other guys treated them so badly. It had been horrible, and he’d been really resentful. He’d gotten a nose piercing, an earring, even a tattoo, but it hadn’t mattered, really.

Brick had often told Ngyuen that he jerked off too much. Brick’s feeling was, it reduced your male energy. But it’s easy not to beat your meat when you have girls hanging off you, right?

Ngyuen did jerk off. In bathrooms, coat closets, all sorts of stuff. Once he’d been thrown out of a deb ball because he was pounding his piddle and peeking in the Women’s restroom.

And then he’d met cute, auburn haired Verraine through the Web, and she was so hot. A little overweight, but big hooters and a gorgeous smile. She wore her hair up in a beehive from the Forties, and it really turned Ngyuen on, although…

He’d always had these fantasies about being dominated by hot big-breasted girls with their hair up. Why had he told Verraine this? Why wasn’t Ngyuen happy that he wasn’t the pathetic little Asian virgin anymore?

The first time Verraine kuşadası escort had spanked Ngyuen she’d tried to take it easy on him, but he’d been so annoying, “topping from the bottom” and giving her instructions as he lay across her lap, his boxers around his ankles.

So then she went nuts on him and made Ngyuen scream!

Ngyuen had had a hard time giving up jacking off when he wasn’t with Verraine, and so when he’d mentioned chastity belts, she’d been eager.

Previously, she’d beat the shit out of Ngyuen whenever she found a sticky Kleenex or a skin mag around his apartment. She’d gone the whole round, getting his dick pierced and then locked in a tight plastic gadget.

And Ngyuen had told Verraine about his jealousy of Brick, and how Brick and his other friends had bullied him in “friendly” way during the university years.

Flicking Ngyuen with towels in the locker room, shaving off his eyebrows and putting makeup on him when he was passed out, that kind of thing. Just good natured roughhousing, although it only went one way, of course.

Verraine had laughed and had teased Ngyuen. “You know, now that you’re locked up, maybe I should let Brick fuck me. He’d like to. I know you and I just started getting it on, but I think you do better as a little queer. Not that you’d go back to jerking off as a single guy, but be locked up as MY little queer.”

When Verraine had taken Ngyuen’s chastity belt off and rubbed his penis with her stockinged toes, continuing in this vein about how he could be the hated Brick’s butt boy, Ngyuen came all over the floor.

But it was a fantasy, right? Like when she joked about bringing his hot little secretary home as a surprise and letting her see what Mr. Liang was like off hours.

She’d kidded about putting Ngyuen in a frilly dress with full makeup and having him jump rope in front of his gorgeous, gum popping typist, and it had turned him on a LOT.

Veri had even forced fucked larger and larger dildos in his mouth, locked as they were around her waist. Then she’d go for his little skinny yellow ass, and joked kuşadası escort bayan that after her male friends got interested, he would be so loose he could no longer hold in his shit…

“A lot of my friends think your sister Soo Ling is so cute. Maybe I can get you dolled up in make up and a dress and you can be their little Lotus Blossom.”

But it was all in fun, right?

And then tonight, in the middle of their session, Ngyuen naked and kneeling, and Verraine dancing around with the whip, the doorbell had rung, and Verraine had let Brick in. And what could Ngyuen do?

“So let me get this straight.” Brick laughed. “He was so thrilled that he was finally going to maybe compete with me, he had a chick of his own, finally, and you won’t let him bang you at all?”

“That’s a big part of it.” Verraine said, laughing. “And these tits, that he was all over on the date we went to together? They aren’t for him anymore. No more kissing my honeys, right Ngyuen?”

Hot tears running down Ngyuen’s humiliated cheeks, he nodded. But his penis was swelling desperately in the tight chastity cage.

Verraine unbuttoned her top and wow, she wasn’t wearing a bra. She rarely undressed in front of Ngyuen these days. There were the pretty, full breasts.

“Don’t you wish you could kiss and cuddle these again, China Boy? Wouldn’t you like to humiliate me again by motor-boating my cleavage in front of your friends?”

She paused, and bent over to where Ngyuen was kneeling, and gritted her teeth.

“You’ll never touch them again. And look, you sap. Look how pitiful you are. Naked in front of your so-called best friend, who you bad-mouth just because he kicks your ass once in a while? I oughta let him sodomize you.”

“Wait a moment there, Verraine.” Brick said, a little startled. “I don’t swing that way. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Is Ngyuen a homo?”

Ngyuen looked up. “No, I’m not, dude, really.”

Suddenly he bent over, as Verraine had kicked him in the stomach.

“Shut your trap. Focus on my tits and how you’ll never escort kuşadası get to kiss them again. How’s that make you feel.”

Ngyuen was crying, but his dick was tremendously hard, as he thought of what a submissive little piggie he was.

“Here, I’m going to let Brick kiss and suck on them. You want to, Brick?”

Brick looked at Ngyuen and shrugged and cupped Verraine’s right breast in his hand and began sucking on it. “Yup, that’s prime beef there, honey.”

“Brick, I know you won’t butt-fuck Ngyuen, but I’ll let you go to town on my tits if you sit down and let Ngyuen suck your dick.

It’ll be more fun than you think. You can just focus on me. Think of it, a long, sloppy blowjob, and these nipples, nice and pink for you.”


“Ngyuen’s told me how you get so pissed because your girlfriend just gives your penis a couple of licks and then wants to be fucked. He laughed about it.”

“Did you, after I confided in you, you little yellow shit?”

“But Ngyuen will suck you for an hour. I trained him on my hairdresser.”

Ngyuen protested. “You’re going too far, Verraine. I can’t do that. I think I should get dressed-“

Brick watched as Verraine took Ngyuen into the kitchen, waving her long blacksnake whip.

There was a tremendous screaming and the sound of leather hitting flesh, and then Ngyuen burst back into the room, covered in long welts. His naked body looked like it had been attacked by bat weevils, or something.

“Muh-Master Brick, please let me service your penis while Miss Verraine allows you access to her breasts…”

Brick could see the combined pain in his former friends’ eyes. First, he couldn’t touch her beautiful tits anymore, his beloved Verraine. Secondly, Brick would get to suck on them, while Ngyuen fellated him, which must be repulsive…and of course Brick might tell their friends.

Brick should get Ngyuen out of there but…

Fuck, he’s a wimp, and those breasts are PRIME.

Brick stepped out of his pants and he and Verraine sat on the couch, cuddling and necking as she unbuttoned her top fully and her full breasts came tumbling out.

Verraine snapped her fingers and Ngyuen shuffled forward. His eyes were clogged with tears and mucus, and his skin felt terribly savaged, but he was so goddamned excited by his new role…

And she might let him jerk off later on…maybe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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