Her Game Her Rules

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Chapter 1: Her Plans

She laid in Her bed the idea building within for a game that she was going to play with her boot boy tomorrow. A little something to spice up their day. Something HOT, so hot infact that She was taking that matter into Her own hand. Her breathing caught and he knew what was happening but it was not for him to bring any attention to it. He was lying at the foot of Her bed, curled up slightly. It wasn’t too long before Her foot slid from the covers and found its way between his lips. She moaned and shuddered shortly after his lips began suckling on Her toes. She cried out loudly into the air and then Her head fell back to the pillow. She was starting to drift off to sleep when the words came from Her mouth. “Sleep tight My foot bug, you are going to need to strength for tomorrow.” The words were laced with some threatening tones and then a soft chuckle as if to Herself. She lifted Her fingers to Her lips savoring the taste of Her pleasure before rolling to the side, toes still in Her boys mouth and fell off to sleep. He on the other hand shivered, suckling on Her toes into the night.

When the sun started to warm him at the end of the bed he realized he must have dozed off. Her feet were now on his chest as he was stretched out a bit across the foot of the bed. She hadn’t awoke yet and due to his positioning he knew that he was to stay where he was until that occurred. Once or twice as he waited, his body feeling exhausted he felt Her stir. But each time She merely shifted and fell back asleep. After an hour or two of this She finally awoke, stretching out and pressing the ball of Her right foot into his lips. He kissed it deeply, and passionately holding his lips to the offered flesh until it pulled away. Moments later the other foot replaced it and She hummed leaning up on Her elbow and looking into his eyes.

“Foot boy, go and start the shower, and prepare yourself. You are to wash Me from head to toe as we have some errands to run today. Before I join you clean yourself and then kneel and await my presence.” Her voice was less ‘threatening’ than it had been the night before though there was still something in Her voice that worried him.

He made his way to the bathroom, She heard the water begin and she started to move. As he was washing She was gathering not only the clothes that he would wear at first but also a set for him to change into later. She smirked a little as She laid out a pair of Her silken panties for him. And then gathered Her outfit. Once all Her preparations were completed She made Her way to the bathroom. Stopping long enough to caress Her curves in the mirror She turned to the shower, finding Her foot boy kneeling at the end of the shower loofa in hand eyes directed to the floor where the water streamed down. The long tresses of his hair soaked as they dangled down past his shoulders.

She stood for a moment outside of the shower and then cooed gently taking the two steps that it took to the point She knew that he would see her bare feet. As soon as She stepped in the water was blocked from his body and now cascaded down over her. She hummed and smiled as Her well behaved little foot boy continued to kneel. His eyes still focused on Her feet which graced him with their image now. She watched as She flexed her toes and then chuckled maliciously as ‘Her’ cock started to enlarge. “Such a dirty little foot boy, I thought I told you to get yourself clean for me before I joined you in the shower. Now there you are your mind filling with dirty thoughts.” She scoffed at him as he squirmed a little on his knees but still did not reply as She had not asked for such. The slight sneer on her face faded. “Well what do you have to say for yourself foot boy?”

Finally he was able to apologize, “I a-am s-sorry Goddess.” His words stammered, and then She raised Her foot as he continued to try and stammer out a response. She pushed Her toes between his lips to silence him once again and to raise his eyes up Her beautiful body until they were looking one into the others eyes.

“Quiet slave boy, or I may just change my mind about our game today, and I am sure that you wouldn’t want that.” She smirked down at him and saw that he was already so pliable in Her hands. “Now, you may wash your Goddess, my boy, but please, take your time.”

She pulled Her toes from his doting lips a slight pop accompanying as he had already started suckling on the digits that were stuffed into his mouth moments earlier. He had raised the loofah in his hand up towards Her requesting some soap. She grabbed the loofah and settled the foot back to the floor, making sure to drag it down and catching the hardness that bobbed out in front of his body. His gasp drew a smirk on Her lips and a barely containable chuckle in Her chest.

As she pulled the loofah back full of suds and soap She looked down at his body. Letting out an audible chuckle as he reached up towards it She snatched it back away. The look on his face was priceless She thought to herself as She began alsancak escort to rub the item over Her body, paying close attention to Her breasts and nipples as they hardened under Her hands. “Poor boy, did you think I was meaning that you were going to get to wash ALL of me.”

His eyes turned away a little and then his cheeks reddened. She laughed out loud this time lifting Her leg and catching the tip of ‘Her’ cock once again. “Had you been cleaner when I joined you, there may have been a chance, but a dirty boy like yourself doesn’t deserve to wash a divine body.” She continued now, cleaning down Her stomach and then between Her legs moaning as the sensation rocketed through Her. She was going to have to use him before they left for the day, that much was for sure now.

“Take it,” the words came down from Her, laced with a husky desire. “Clean my legs and feet, bug. And then out with you, dry off and meet me next to my bed.”

He took the loofah from Her and began to run the suds down Her legs carefully caressing every curve of Her left. Slowly making his way from the top down, over Her thighs ever so slowly as he could. Her knee and shin came next and then Her ankle, as he reached down She lifted Her leg a little once more allowing him to wash the top and bottoms of Her foot and each toe individually.

The deep red polish that he was ordered to paint Her toes earlier in the week was still there he mused silently. He had paused momentarily and the water washed the suds away and he was once again kneeling in stunned awe of the beauty of that foot. His eyes followed as he realized there was movement and Her toes gripped Her toy pulling down and forcing him to reposition. Settling his bottom onto the cold tile floor he gasped and shuddered. Releasing ‘Her’ cock she lifted Her foot once again pressing the toes into his lips.

It was then, and only then that he started to worry. She smirked once again and then lowered Her foot, the ball connected first and pressed the hardness into the shower’s floor. Then She shifted Her weight towards him and drew a deep moan from his throat. “The other leg now foot bug,” She replied to the moan. He now worried what She had planned as She didn’t usually play with him like this in the shower. Usually She would get him worked up but the touching would stay to a minimum. He fumbled with the loofah and then reached up to begin washing at Her upper thigh once again. This drew a moan that he wasn’t expecting and Her weight shifted adding more to Her throbbing cock.

He moaned once again and continued getting to Her mid shin and then he started praying that She wouldn’t lift it, worried of the pain that it would cause. But sure enough She did and the pressure built immensely. As he washed Her foot She casually shifted Her foot once or twice each time drawing a gasp from Her foot toy. She then shifted a little more and rested the foot in the air on his chest, which to his relief reduced some of the pressure on his now aching and raging hard on.

She pressed a little harder on his chest and then reversed Her course settling Her foot back onto the tile floor. She then lifted the one that was on his hardness and lifted it, baring the sole to him. “Kiss it bug, kiss it and then go await me.”

He tilted his head back and pressed his lips into Her sole humming deeply and pressing his nose between Her toes. She smirked and grasped his nose and then using Her foot pushed him away. He stood shakily dripping from the water and the torment and grabbed a towel and went to kneel beside her bed, starting at the only thing in his ‘pile’ of clothing.

Back in the shower She brought herself to Her first orgasm of the day, knowing what he had saw and knowing what other plans that She had in store for him throughout the rest of the day. This was going to be a wonderful and terrible day for Her foot boy.

Chapter 2: Her Pleasure

The water spattered on in the shower, and he could hear Her moans. He knelt still next to the bed looking at the sapphire pair of panties that was all that was laid out for him to wear today. She had told him that they were going out today, and this was terrifying to him. To be seen in public in nothing but a pair of panties. He knew that wearing these would surely show off the raging hard on that he would be sporting through the feeling of that silk on ‘Her’ cock.

His mind started to wander then, of that time all those years ago. He had been in approximately just this place kneeling before Her as She sat, one leg crossed over the other Her toes dangling between his legs. Her foot dipping and coming back up stroking the hardness between his legs. Back then it had still been his cock. Though that day, She cooed sweetly down at him as She drove him absolutely mad with desire. “Foot boy, do you know what day that it is.” He nodded and answered Her, “Yes Mistress, it is the anniversary of the date that you took me as Your own.”

She smiled and her foot sped up a little, ayrancılar escort “why yes my boy it is, and for such a special day I thought that it would be nice to exchange gifts.” Her foot sped up some more and he moaned loudly She knew that he was getting close. “So would you like to open your gift foot boy?” She cooed softly feeling Herself getting wet. Her boy knelt before her moaned and nodded expectantly, then Her foot paused, just as he was about to cum.

“Hmmm, I don’t know maybe your gift will change. Let us see what you got me boy?” He shuddered at the words, and blushed a little. He hadn’t gone to get Her anything and his mind reeled. He wanted to give Her something special but there was nothing that he could have gotten that wasn’t already Hers. Then it dawned on him, he looked into Her eyes deeply and as he did Her foot slowly started stroking his cock.

Now that he thought about it that was the last time it was his infact, and maybe at that moment it had become ‘Her’ cock. She moaned as he offered Her the gift, his orgasms, in perpetuity, his cock was now Hers. She smirked and ran Her toes down ‘Her’ cock drawing a deep moan and two words “Good boy” and he came, hard, all over the top of Her foot which trickled down towards Her toes. As he did She lifted Her now dirty foot and held it up to his lips. “Now be a very good boy and clean up your mess.” He cringed and his nose curled a little and She used Her gift for the first time. “You will clean up this mess or I will not allow you to enjoy any of my orgasms from my cock for a week foot boy.”

A week he thought chuckling slightly to himself, that was almost standard by now, and then he was yanked from his revery by a soft cough and the scent of Her body wash so close to him. He shuddered a little wondering how long She had been there and looked up seeing Her standing very close to him. She stepped over a little Her legs now spread and the scent of Her early pleasure wafting to his nostrils. He hadn’t realized that his hand was on ‘Her’ cock and he whimpered. She clicked Her tongue and then moved his hand from that hardness allowing it to almost comically waggle back and forth. “That was not a good boy. I didn’t tell you that you could play with MY toy did I foot boy. Just for that you are going to bring me to another orgasm, using your tongue before you dress me.”

She slid a leg over the terrified male’s shoulder and then drew his face between Her thighs ever so slowly relishing in the idea that She was about to cum all over his face. As he was pulled closer to Her She gasped. The feeling of his hot shuddering breath hitting Her wet lips. She shifted backwards slightly resting Her weight onto the side of the bed and then with Her heel pulled him fully in.

He drew in a deep breath just before She forced him in and was overwhelmed by Her scent and then his tongue darted out lapping into Her. The taste was divine as he had told Her early on in their relationship, and that was when he started calling Her Goddess. She moaned deeply as his tongue delved within, flickering here and there over Her nub and then down, and deep between Her folds. Her other legs slid around clasping Her foot boys head and squeezing slightly each time he his just the right spot.

As his tongue found the correct places and pace She began to moan louder, shifting Her hips back and forth against his face, alternating his tongue between Her clit and deep inside Her. She pulled him in harder as Her walls started to pulse around his tongue. Her lips spread and covered his mouth and nose, Her thighs grasped him and She rode his face, enjoying the struggles that began as his oxygen started to wane. She came hard on his face marking him once again, just as he thought he would faint She pulled Her legs away and forced him back with a foot to his chest once again.

“That almost makes up for your indiscretion foot boy,” She said down to him sliding Her foot down his body, and drawing a soft moan as he still tried to regain his breath. “To the end of the bed so that you can START dressing me boy.” As he dropped to all fours and crawled to the end of the bed his ears turned red as he realized that She had stressed the word ‘start’. Once he was kneeling again next to the bed She took the two steps over. She picked up the first piece of Her clothing and held it out to him. One pair of deep red lace panties, he extended his hands to take the fabric into them from her and She lowered them just enough so that he could accept them into his palms. He shifted on his knees and held them out to Her allowing Her to slide each of Her beautiful feet into them. As he lifted them up Her legs she stopped him at Her knees, “Stop, you are to kiss your way up my legs from there as you finish putting my panties onto my body.”

He leaned in and pressed his lips first to Her left leg and then Her right just above the knees and pulled the lace up Her legs. Repeating the steps until he had gotten up to Her hips. Here he kissed balçova escort all the way across from Her left hip to Her right his breath tickling Her skin slightly and as he passed the center drawing a soft half moan from Her lips. She was enjoying this ‘foreplay’ oh so much and couldn’t wait for the payoff and the terror that was quickly approaching now.

She smiled down at Her boy and then lifted Her leg cupping the toes under his swollen balls to draw another moan from his throat. She smirked as his eyes opened to look into Her own, “So naughty boy, it is time that you stood so that you can help me on with my bra.” Following Her instruction he slowly stood, Her foot continuing to press encouragingly into his balls. He leaned over to grasp the matching cups of Her bra just in time for Her hand to lace into his hair. Pulling hard and drawing his face into Her nipple with a gruff “Suck” as the only word that was required.

He suckled Her hardened nipple to coos and moans from Her lips while her hand fished down finding ‘Her’ cock stroking it to draw a moan into that nipple. She would let go each time that She knew that he was getting close until She was satisfied that he was extremely desperate to cum and then She pulled his lips from Her breast. Her chest heaved and She released his hair and extended Her arms allowing him to slide the strap up one side and then She turned to take the other. Then smirking at him She stepped back and clasped the front clasp Herself.

“Blouse now slave,” It wasn’t often that She would call him that but he knew that She was feeling very dominant when She did. He leaned over and grasped the silken fabric of the deep blue top, the plunging neckline would show off Her spectacular cleavage. As he stared when he gently slid the blouse down Her arms and over Her head She smirked again noting the look in his eyes at what She was showing him.

She was not in an overly vocal mood at the moment as She was too busy listening to Her property watching his reactions and drinking in his ever increasing desire. “Skirt” was Her next word and he dropped quickly back to his knees grasping the black and white diagonal striped skirt off the bed. He held it out and once again Her bare foot slid through and teased at the hardness that was all Hers. He moaned and faltered a little before he would recover and slide the skirt up Her legs and over Her hips.

Once She was mostly dressed She took a seat on the corner of the bed. She pulled a pair of long socks off the bed and held them out letting the toes tap Her boy in the nose. Her foot teased at Her cock once again getting him closer and closer to one of Her orgasms. His hips bucked a little and She pulled Her foot away. “Put them on m foot slave, then you are to put on those silken panties.” She knew that he was close and knew that this was about to be the moment she had waited for.

He took the socks from Her placing them on his thighs and then taking one of them. As he lifted the first he looked up towards Her watching as She lifted the foot from its position on the floor in front of him. As it stretched out the toes pointed, he leaned in pressing his lips to Her toes and humming softly as he did. He shifted back and Her toes stayed still, She smiled a little though then forced Her lips back to a smirk and wiggled those toes. “That was a good touch boy, but now on with it.”

Lifting his hands he slid the sock on at her toe and wondered at why on such a warm day She would choose these socks, they were thicker than what he had expected. As he slid the sock over Her heel She cooed slightly, and then once he had finished guiding the sock up Her leg he returned to grab the other sock, before his hands could lift it Her other foot was already at his lips pressing in for its kiss. He kissed the toes gently and then watched as they retreated from him so that he could slide the sock up Her leg. As he started to near Her thigh he heard something odd, it almost sounded latin and sounded like a chant. As She continued it seemed that her foot was growing in his hand, getting larger, but then He realized it wasn’t that She was growing oh now, he was shrinking.

He yelped, and started to protest, his eyes starting to fill with tears. “G-Goddess p-please, I d-didn’t mean to” She lifted Her foot and pressed it into his face enveloping it entirely with just Her right foot and silencing his complaints. “I don’t care bug, you were naughty, and you have to be punished, the sentence will be painful, of that I promise.” He whimpered into the soft cotton of the sock as it pressed him to his back and she started to stand covering him completely by the time the shrinking process had completed. Her toes dwarfed his body, this was what she had been waiting for. She reached down, slipping Her hand between Her panties and skin and enjoyed Her own pleasure once more while pressing the bug at Her feet into the floor, enough to scare but never enough to harm… Yet she thought to Herself, not yet…

Chapter 3: Her Boots

She smirked as She came down off Her orgasmic high, wiggling Her toes slightly as She happily felt the squirming of the bug sized slave beneath Her foot. She cooed and pressed a little harder feeling him squirm even more trying his best to really move beneath Her. She chuckled deeply and then peeled Her foot from his body.

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