Her Jealous Sister

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Sally was my girlfriend at the time, and we enjoyed a healthy relationship. We had it all; walks on the park, we shared a love for sports and walking was a favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon. Let me tell you a little bit about sally. She has long dark brown hair, slightly curly, creamy smooth skin, and a very innocent pretty face. Her shoulders flow into the curves of her smooth body, small waist opening out into creamy white hips and a small cute ass, perfectly round and nicely sized. Her flat belly is complemented perfectly by her beautiful breasts, a 34 C, perfectly sized and pert. We were only 19 when this story took place so she was fresh and innocent to boot.

Anyway this one Sunday, autumn afternoon we had just returned from a walk on the hills with our dogs. As we walked down the path to her parents house, a warm glow embraced us as the cool air gave way to the familiar sensation of home. We went straight through to the kitchen and made ourselves a cup of cappuccino. Her parents were away, but I could hear her friends talking to her sister Rachel in the next room but as her delicate yet curvy frame bent over to stroke the dog I felt myself harden in my pants, warm blood returning to me after the cold walk. I pulled her to me by her hips still bent over, and pressed my hardening member into her ass. She turned around and kissed me deeply pressing her large round breasts into me. We took the coffee and walked upstairs bidding good evening to the guest in the front room on the way past. To my delight I could see Emily, Beth and Rachel her sister, They were all very hot. Emily; blonde long legs, slim tanned, Beth; curvy, brunette, petite, massive breasts and Rachel, her older sister; very hot, black hair, perfect round tits and an ass to die for shown off perfectly by that little skirt she had on. Rachel waved as we went past the doorway to the front room.

“She don’t know what you’re about to do to her lovely little sister does she?” sally whispered softly into my ear, as she bit her bottom lip and walked upstairs letting that perfect bum take my attention. Now sally was very jealous of her sister- always yalova escort a little threatened by her beauty and got very paranoid about me talking to her. It was ok though in fact I found it quite cute. I didn’t even attempt to answer back and just followed that ass expectantly. As we approached her room she started to unbutton her pants and put her back against the wall. I slid my hand round her creamy white waist and my fingers found the top of her ass crack. I tickled her here and stroked her buttocks as her jeans slid down her long smooth legs. She loved me to play with her bum and she giggled a little. She took my hand and led me to her room where she immediately lay on the bed and pulled me on top of her, leaving the door wide open.

“What about the door Sal, I’ll just…..” I started

“No, leave it open I like the risk factor” she finished.

I couldn’t believe what she was saying- she wanted to fuck with every chance that her sister or friends could walk in! she started panting heavily as I lay on her feeling my dick straining against my jeans. She didn’t hesitate to free it, as I revelled in the sensation from knowing that my most private part is in someone elses hand. She gave great hand jobs and she wasted no time in starting to pump up and down my cock with her delicate fingers, sending waves of pleasure through my body. She wanted me really hard before I fucked her. She’d been waiting for this all day I though to myself. As I felt myself start to come, I took her small hand and kissed it before starting to massage her pussy with it through her knickers. I could feel the heat and moistness through the fabric and she gave a low rumble of a moan. I giggled at the idea that the guests downstairs might be able to hear her, and started freeing her from her thong, exposing her curvy smooth ass, for anyone who walked past to see. We were both completely naked now, and I traced my rock hard cock up and down her ass crack, just as she liked it. I loved the feeling of it, she could feel my heat and hardness on her delicate crack. I pushed a little and I sank in between edirne escort her warm buttocks, she pulsed and moaned, before pushing back a little pushing the head of my cock against her anus. I massaged her ass with my cock and felt her breasts, those large orbs in my hands as she threw her head back in pleasure.

I took out my cock, as she didn’t like full anal penetration, jus teasing. She turned round to face me and I could see the lust in her eyes. She pushed me backwards and slid on top of me, her pussy dripping with juices. She took my dick and delicately placed it at the entrance to her pussy. I saw her face change with the sheer pleasure of seeing me fill her up, her mouth gradually opening and a soft moan. I started pumping in and out of my girlfriend, gripping her perfect ass cheeks as she rose up and down my shaft in ecstasy. After a short while of this she climbed off me and my nob slid out with a slap against my stomach. She grinned and climbed back onto me backwards as she once again sat on my prick this time her exposed ass facing me and her facing away. She rode me again pumping up and down with passion as I stroked her beautiful ass cheeks I could tell she was really horny today. She was moaning and gasping like she had never done before.

What happened next took me by surprise she climbed off me just in time as I was about to cum, lay down on her side ass pressing on my leg and passed me a jar of Vaseline.

“I want you to fuck my bum with them downstairs” It almost made me cum at the thought of it. Still I lubed up my dick with the Vaseline and placed a few smears just around her anus, before placing my dick at her hole. She moaned at the slimy sensation as I pulled her hip close to me. She felt her hole being penetrated as I slid up her bum, I felt her ass cheek touch my stomach as I was fully inside her. She moaned so loudly,

“Yeaahh fill me up, fuck my arse”. I pumped slowly in and out, before pulling out and blasting my load all over her buttocks. And massaging it in. she smiled and gasped as we lay in each others arms with exhaustion.

We erzurum escort must have fallen asleep like that because the next thing I heard was girly voices coming up the stairs, possibly on the way to the spare room I thought. Then I realised what they were saying as they approached.

“I can’t believe it, haha, is he totally naked?” one of them had seen me and ran down to tell the others. Now when they came in they saw the empty bottle of jack daniels from the night before and must have assumed we were so drunk we fell asleep. I played along, keeping my eyes closed as they took polaroids of us in our “drunk” state. Until I realised I was getting hard again. Now sally was totally asleep and she is a very heavy sleeper, so she remained oblivious.

Suddenly I heard giggling as my cock rose and they shushed each other so as not to wake us. I couldn’t believe it when I felt one of them prod it and “its big isn’t it hehehe” and then I heard what must have been Rachel’s voice saying c’mon girls lets go. They got up and left the room amongst much giggling. Shortly I was jacking off over the idea of what had just happened when I heard footsteps again outside so I quickly “passed out” again. I opened my eyes enough to see Rachel walking in the room slyly and sitting down next to me. She had come back for more. She shook me softly to make sure I was still asleep, before taking my still hard dick between her lips, and sucking off my nob. Little did she know it had been in her sisters ass a few hours before, that turned me on so much that I was rock hard in her mouth. But she didn’t stop there, she must have wanted some pleasure for herself as she climbed up onto me and slid her panties down.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, she was taking advantage of me and I loved it. She slid me into her and started rising up and down her, looking over at her naked sister, thinking how jealous she would be if she knew. I could tell she wanted to moan in pleasure but quite soon I felt her spasm and tighten around my cock meaning she had come. I had lasted a long time, as my dick was tired from the workout it had received before. She must have wanted me to come, as she turned around and started stroking her ass with my dick. Dirty girl liked the same things her sister likes! That was too much for me to take and I blasted all over her ass cheeks- hot threads of sticky cum. She smiled and slinked out of the room pausing to kiss us both goodnight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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